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Drs. Moores & L
E.'Church St., Union C.
Telephone 144.
Drs. Moores & Long:,
E. Church St., Union City
Telephone 144.
n m
: is : : , . . .
- r- , -t ,,,,,, 1 1 : .
WiSSSrSSaSXr 31$ coatedsePtember 1.1897 . UNION CITY, TENN, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5,1009. . VOL. 18, NO. 46
have recently sampled the city with thig well-tnown and effective remedy. The results are astonishing, as we are realizing
:enormous sale on this preparation. We are also headquarters for all other Cough and Cold Remedies. This season is espec-
iriducive to pneumoniabetter stop that cough now before it's too late.
- May Be Mada a (State Game and
Fish Preserve.
A probable, ''solution of the Reelfoot
."'mnnt.hfl hivi ntrifafpf? tin K(;ifjiirnT
..- Carter 4o Shelby, resulting iri the mur
der of Captain Quentin Raiikiii and the
sentencing to death of many(yof his
murderers, may be found irr, a bill
which has- boon introduced in the
two houses of theXegisiature Cur
ving the week, by Senator 'i'MeRoe and
Representative MeDadev 'The bill pro
vides that the present fawners oede their
' riparian rights, in order that 'the lake
may be declared Common ' property.
The department of game, fish ;and for
estry, under the proVisiVww of 'the bill,
will ascertain and report to the present
session of the General Assembly the
terms under which this concession will
be granted. V
The bill follows:
i "An act to make and dedlare Reelfoot
not presented at the nnatjinee perform
ance at the Mary Anderson Theatre,
Chicago, Saturday,- Cawieron Cleniens,
the leading man in the sketch, having
been seriously .tshot by Willis Browner
another actor in the same sketch. Clem
ens is suffering from 'the fracture of both
bones in the left leg. Browne had been
given two weeks' .notice of dismissal.
A substitute bill for all pending
measures relating to the re-enlistment
of the soldiers of the Twenty-fifth
Regiment, who were dicharged without
honor following the Brownsville, Tex.,
' shooting up," was introduced in the
Senate by Senator Aldrich and accept
ed by Senator Foraker and other
Republican Senators, who had proposed
legislaton for the same purpose. It
provides for a court of inquiry to pass
upon the qualifications of the dis
charged men for re-onlistmont.
The grand jury of the District of Co
lumbia will continue its investigation of
the so-called Panama libel case, but it
ij)robable that interest in this matter
Lake a State game ad:fish preserve; t&iill be shifted to Uew York, as District
ascertain the terms and conditions upon
. which the easements .of -shooting and
fishjng on Reelfoot Lake will be cedod
to the State by riparlin owners. '
Section DL ?Bo it 'enacted by the Gen
eral Assembly ,of the State of Tennes
see, that Rqelfoot Lake, in Obion and
Lake Counties, Tennessee,-and the scat-...-..
; ...! i....:t,. ii,
distiaice of two hwndred yards from
-the borders of said lake and 'scatters,
and surrounding same, be and the
same is hereby declared a" State fish
and game preserve for the common use
: and benefit of all citizens of this State.
"Sec. Be it further enacted, That
said StMe game and fish preserve is
hereby set-aside for the vise and enjoy
ment of all citizens .under rules and
regulations for shooting , and fishing
in conformity w.ith the general game
and fish laws of Tennessee now existing
or hereafter enacted, the same to be
established) and enforced by the depart
ment of game, fish and forestry, and
which rules and regulations shall giv
to all citizens of Tennessee equal rights
and privileges without discrimination
in favor ot any. ,
"Sec. 3jJe it further enacted, That
-the 'department of game, fish and for
"estry shall, as soon .as possible, ascer
tain 'and repqit to this sessiou of-4he
General Asseiifbly of Tenjiessee the
easemenis ror .snooting anu nsning upon
such property'Cas they may o'wn or
claim. . , -. v"J
:iSec. 4. That this act take effect and
be enforced from and after its passage.
the public welfare requiring it,"
- The present week will see the battle
ship fleet, "homeward bound." For
some time these mighty ships have been
drawing jiearer to the American shore,
but wheu anchors are weighed Saturday
the command will be "for Hampton
Roads direct." The warships, some of
which are at Gibraltar, will sail Satur-
. day afternoon for the port of final des
tination. The voyage across the Atlantic
will be made leisurely, in order to give
ample time to perfect the programme
of welcome on February 22. This wel
come heme promises to be as imposing
as the demonstration of December 16,
TJ07, 'when the. great fleet of fighting
ships sailedWay. The third squadron
of the .Atlantic fleet, Rear Admiral Ar
nold commanding, will meet the return
ing ships and .afford them proper escort
on the last day of ' their voyage.
George, Bue, brother of Fred Busse,
Mayor of Chicago, accidentally shot and
killed Mrs. L: ;C. Tiickeoman, 32 years
old, of Milt. si. JT. Y. ' Mrs. Tuckerman
was visiting iti the. home of her father,
Brig. Gen. A. "r Girard, retired who
lives in the -;us (iartment building as
Busse. May ' ise was present at the
lime of th jotiVig.. Busse was show
injr hi- servant how to handle the
hi- -i -When it was discharged.
,ki the Bnbway," a One-act comedy,
; iituW-'d ,-- ih" headline attraction, was
Attorney Jerome Jias been advised the
Federal authorities are disposed to let
him take the initiative in any possible
prosecution through the Stjite courts.
A remarkable demonstration in trib
ute to the memory of . Arthur S. Cheney,
the American Consul, and Mrs. Cheney,
who were killed in the earthquake at
Messina, was. made by "the Italian so
cieties of New York Saturday w'hen the
bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Cheney reached
that city on board the steamer Venezia.
After four hours of debate the omni
bus claims bill was passed by the Sen
ate. It carries an appropriation of
about $3,000,000. The bill having been
favorably acted upon by the House will
now go to conference with the many
amendments that have been- placed
upon it by the Senate.
Gov. Tatterson has reappointed Tully
Brown to be Adjutant General of Ten
nessee; John Thompson, Commissioner
of Agriculture, and R. L. Jones Super
intendent of Public Instruction. The
appointments have been confirmed by
the Senate.
In the Federal Court at Richmond
Judge Cochran ruled that the :action of
the Postmaster General in stopping
the mails of the York Distilling Com
pany, of Newport, before it bad been
proven guilty of fraud, was unlawful.
The postotlice at Scottsville was en
tered by burglars, the safe blown open
and several hundred dollars in money
and stamps, . besides several registered
letters and a mail pouch, taken. There
is no clew to the robbers.
The Carlton (Texas) State Bank was
entered by burglars, the safe blown
open and $10,000 stolen. The robbers
escaped, leaving no clew.
" '' ''"' ; ' ' ' ' MJJJ, ,lllllllu,
... i
4 J j
: " '(V7;fy
iimi'i'MfiwrmiiiiiniifflrMWKMh iiiii'hi iiMiimiiiiiiwwiiiiiiii
Leading man of the Manitou Co. which opens at the Reynoldes next Monday
y lor an engagement oi tnree niglits.
i opuiar prices hoc, 30c, ana ouc. iauies iree Monuay mie lady
with each paid reserved-seat ticket.
For Chronic Coughs and Colds a
Prominent Atlanta Physician Says
Nothing Jpiuals Vinol.
"I want people to know that I be
lieve the most valuable cod liver oil
preparation, the . best body-builder,
health-restorer and strength-creator
known to medicine to-day is Vinol.
'I advise Vinol in my practice, and
fid it has no equal for healing coughs,
colds, bronchial troubles and sore lungs.
'Tbave used Vinol in many cases of
indigestion, mal-assimilation, and for
patients who have no appetite, were
anaemic and run-down, with splendid
results. I have also found Vinol to be
a boon to the aged. y
'I believe Vinol to be well worthy of
any honest physician's endorsement."
-Dr. J. E. Ennis, Atlanta, Ga. . ;
' Vinol contains no injurious drugs,
but it actually does ntaui peptonate
of iron' and all the medicinal, curative
lements taken from fresh cods' livers,
without a drop of oil to upset the stom
ach and retard its' work.
Those who try it and receive no ben
efit may have their money returned on
demand. ' -
Niles Drug Go., Union City.
k .
Supreme Courf Benders Drastic De
Washington, Feb. J.. The case of the
Continental Wall Paper Company vs.
Lewis Voight & Sons, of Cincinnati
was to-dtjy decided by the Supreme
Court of the United States in Voight's
favor. The suit was brought by the
company on a debt of $55,000, the
payment of which was resisted on the
ground that the paper company is a
trust. In effect the decision holds that
an admitted trust organized contrary to
the Sherman anti-trust law cannot use
the court to collect debts.
Justice Harlan's opinion dealt in de
tail with various phases of the case. It
was based on the third defense of Voight
that the company is part of a trust. He
started out with the proposition that the
Continental Compahy is within the pro
visions of the Sherman act, which, he
said, is clear from the facts set forth in
its defense. He then went on to show
that this corporation is a representative
of a combination which would have the
effect not only of restraining but mo
nopolizing the sale and manufacture of
The Continental Wall Paper Com
pany," he said, seeks in legal effect
the aid of the court to enforce a con
tract for the sale and purchase of goods
which it is admitted by the demurrer
was in fact and was intended by the
parties to be based upon agreements
that were and are essential parts of an
illegal scheme.
, "We state the matter in this way be
cause the plaintiff in its demurrer ad
mits for the purpose of the case the
truth of. all the facts alleged in the
third defense. "
Further along Justice Harlan says:
"This suit is not based upon an im
plied . contract of the defendant com
pany to pay for goods that it purchased,
but in fact is based upon the agreements
to which both the plaintiff and defend
ant were parties, pursuant to which the
accounts sued on were made out and
which had for their object and which it
is admitted had the effect to accom
plish the legal ends for which the Con
tinental Wall Paper Company was or
ganized. If judgment be given for the
plaintiff, the result will be to give the
aid of the court in making effective the
illegal agreements that constituted J:he
forbidden combination.
The question is whether the plaintiff
company can have judgment for the
amount of an account, which it is ad
mitted by demurrer, was made up with
the knowledge of both seller and buyer
with direct reference to and execution
of certain agreements, under which an
illegal combination, represented by the
seller, was organized. "
Saying that a judgment m favor of
the company would give effect to agree
ments 'constituting the illegal combina
tion, Justice Harlan said,
we hold tnat sucli a judgrjient can
hot be granted without departing from
the statutory rule, long established in
the jurisprudence of both this country
and England that a court will not
lend its aid, 'in any way, to enforce or
to realize the fruits of an agreement
which appears to be tainted with ille
gality, although the result of applying
that ' rule may sometimes be to shield
a defendant who has got something for
which as between man and man he
ought perhaps to pay, but for which he
is unwilling to pay."
In conclusion Judge Harlan said:
, "Upon the whole case and without
further citation of authority, we ad
judge upon, the admitted facts that the
combination represented by the plain
tiff in this case was illegal under the
anti-trust act of 1890, w'liich is to be
taken as one intended, and whiuh would
have the effect directly to restrain and
monopolize trade among the several
States and with foreign States and that
the plaintiff cannot have a judgment
for the amount of the account sued on
because such a judgment would in ef
feet be in aid of the execution of agree
ments constituting that illegal combi
nation. We consequently bold that the
Circuit Court of Appeals properly sus1
tained the third defense in the case and
rightly dismissed the suit."
The case was decided against the com
pany by a majority of only one. Jus
tice Holmes delivered a dissenting opin
ion, and in doing so stated that Justices
Brewer, White and Feekham concurred
with him. 5
Justice Holmes undertook, to show
that the illegality of the general con
tract of Voight with the paper company
taken by itself did not make any spe
cific sale illegal, and he contended that
it does not rnatter as to the legality of
the sales, whether a previous step was
illegal or not. ' H
A Pity.
fellow has
a magnificent
"Say the rest of it. "
'And he uses it wholly to worry with.
Nothing more." "
A bill creating a new division in the
middle Federal judicial district of Ten
nessee was passed by the House. Court
is to sit at Cookville.
v . 1873 to 1906.
I spent 33 years in the practice ahd
study of pharmacy in the German and
English language and consulted the best
medical boards in the world before I se
cured the prescription for Quick's Cough
Medicine. J. C. Mendenhall, pharma
cist. If not better than any other for
coughs, colds and lagrippe the Red Cross
Drug Store will refund your money.
Senator Taylor, in a Letter, Discusses
. Their Relation.
Washington, Jan. 31. Senator Tay
lor has expressed his views on the rail
road question in a very concise marine
in a letter to lion. Geo. A. Post, who
is president of the Railway Business
Association, whose membership consists
of the leading railway magnates of the
country. The letter to Mr. Post is i
reply to his soliciting Senator Taylor';
lniiuence relating to railroad-ami indus
trial development in the South. In
this letter Senator Taylor expresse
what he thinks the people should do
and what the railroads should guaraute
to do, in order to bring about the bes
legislation to all concerned. The lette
is as follows:
I am impelled to make some re
sponse to your letter because I find tny
self so nearly agreeing with your en
thusiastie, endorsement of the resolu
tions of the Southern Commercial Con
gross at its recent session in Washington
relating to railroad construction in tl
South and counseling conservative leg
islatiou by the States. The statement
that the South has, and must have
more railroads needs no enlargement
and the further equally important state
ment that the Legislatures should safi
guard railroad investment with just
conservative and generous legislation
admits of no contradiction. The rai
roads constitute the main instrumental
ity of commerce and their prosperity is
the first essential indispensable to pub
lic prosperity, and that the people who
depend upon railroads, and the railroad
that depend upon the people, in exact
mutuality, should be at enmity
business solecism, a civic absurdity and
!i suicidal policy. Why should the an
tagonism longer exist?
As for myself, I am sincenTy in fa
vor of according to the railroads the
fullest and completest control over their
own affairs and such liberal latitude in
rates as will insure most adequate re
turn upon investnu'nt and pay to oper
ators, not merely as meir just rignt, out
to enable them to keep their own facili
ties to the very highest notch necessary
to minister fully to the increasing de
mand upon them as the surest means
to quicken industrial development
mean this in its fullest sense, and I have
an earnest desire to be a useful friend
of the railroads, provided they will meet
me half way in mutuality of concession
The resolutions of the Southern Com
mercial Congress meet my heartiest ap
And now, without going into the
obvious reasons for it, I want to propose
in addenda, which, in my judgment,
involves the very crux of the situation
and the remedy, and which, if it can be
honestly consummated, will solve the
railroad riddle and restore perfect con
fidence between them and the people,
with all the incalculable benefits to both
that it implies. Let the railroad power
and the government, representing all
the people, enter into a solemn treaty
spat, the people on their part under
taking to guarantee the railroads:
1. Immunity from interfering leg
islation. " .
' 2. Unhampered management o f
their affairs.
"3. Doiy generous profit on actual
capital invested.
"The railroads upon their part guar
anteeing: "1. Total political abstinence.
"2. Equal rates and treatment of all
patrons. '
3. To engage in no other business
than common earners.
There are two fundamentals, and if
the railroad magnates could get together
in conclave representing the principal
roads and elaborate a plan upon a basis
something like this and pass it up to
Congress to put in legal form, and if it
is done in such manner and form and
with such hostages on the part of both.
as will gonvince the country it is to bo
rightly adhered to, it will be an effect
ive settlement of the most vexing com
mercial problem of all the ages and
bring peace and prosperity into com
mercial affairs.
"Within my political life the South
has increased its manufacturing capital
nine times over, its manufacturing val
ues six times over, its farm products
three times over, and its exports nearly
three times over, altogether being an
increase from a total value of one and
one-half billions to the marvelous total
of seven and one-half billions. And
this is but the, breaking of the crust.
With the transportation problem settled
and with the sail roads working in com
plete harmony with all the other indus
trial activities, it hath not entered into
the mind of Southern men to conceive
of the riches and development the next
ten years will show.
"The plan I propose is the surest,
shortest way to it and there must be a
truce between the legislative poer and
the railroad power befort' 'he railroads
can fully perform their gKtt function
and meet the fullest requirements of in
dustrial progress."
Good In Both.
I have only praise for the beanery.
The food
Is good,
Although not surrounded by greenery.
Some prefer a hotel to a beanery.
The score
Is more,
But they can afford finer scenery.
Worn Out.
That's the way you feel about the lungs
when you have a hacking cough. It's
foolishness to let it go on and trust to
luck to get over it, when Ballard's Hore-
liound Syrup will stop the cough and
heal the lungs.
Price 2oc, oOc and $1.00 per bottle.
Sold by Nailling Drug, Co.
, The Usual Thing.
"What's the proper thing at a wed
'Wish the pair happiness, and tell
everybody else there's no earthly chance
for it."
Queer Flowers.
I saw a cowslip by
A river's brim.
"Oh, careless flower,,'.' quoth I,
"You cannot swim."
I heard a crocus then,
A sad display
For blossoms or forvnen.
I went away. -
And Hawking. Spitting. Snuffles
Must Go Too.
Hyomei (pronounced High-o-me) will
give the sufferer from catarrh joyful re
lief in five minutes.
It is such a remarkable cure, and so
positive in its action, that the Red Cross
Drug Store goes so far as to guarantee
it to cure catarrh or money back.
A complete outfit, which consistsof
hard rubber pocket inhaler, m bottle
of Hyomei, and a unique dropper foil
filling the inhaler, only costs. o.dol-
ar, and if an extra bottle is afterwards
needed the price is only 50 cents.
Hyomei is a healing, antiseptic bal
sam, taken from the mighty eucalyptus
trees in the health-giving forests of Aus-s
tralia, where diseases of the respiratory
tract are untj'jn.
All the sufierer has to do is t inhale
the antiseptic air of Hyomei over the
inflamed parts where the germs are en
trenched three or four times a day.
It cures coughs, colds, asthma, hay
fever and croup without stomach dosing.
Cures Dyspepsia.
Your money back if St don't Gives im
mediate relief from heartburn, sour stom
tch, stomach distress and sick headache.
50 cents a large box at .
Red Cross Drug Store.

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