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; Ours is the Grocery business, we work 1 at it , and
we -study it. For wenty-fiye years we have hardly 1
thought about $nf thing elseand now we think we
know our: lesson f ly well. Have a good business,
thank you; and the best stock, the prettiest and : the
cleanest store any v Here in these parts. ' Ladies can
vear -silk skirts wliile shopping here and never soil
them, ' By the way it matters not what coffees and '
tteas you haVe beenXusin'g, I say to you that the
Mff Gate Coffee
Spices and
are Better.
, " ' ". . vv "... : 'iv.Jv- ' ' . '' - . '.-
They are' guaranteed to be the best ever otfered
for sale to the people of this county.
You will find oiir store headquarters for all
, .the good things to be had in any market
Two Phones--204 and 230
E.' F. Grissom
Three, Delivery Wagons
Mr, Bell and wife, of Rector, Ark.. I A clean and refreshing comedy that
are,,, we understand, with relatives at has made more people laugh than any
Rives this week. ' . ; , . : ' ' .., play ever produced. Bring the old folks.
; Miss Gus Dodson has gone to Linden They enjoy a good laugh, and they will
to attend the burial of her brother-in-law,
Mr. Sheffield.
Messrs. W E. and L. Q. Logan, of
Woodland vicinity, called Monday and
paid their respects. : :
Mrs. C. T.' Jarrell, of Humboldt, was
in the city Sunday visiting her friend,
Mrs. T. Ff Stubbs
Miss L. P. Milam has -returned from
quite a pleasant visit with Mrs. Moore
and family at Obion.
Guy Nailling has located in Obion,
assisting Messrs. Courtney and Beck
ham with their cafe.
Mrs. Vic. Albright will be at home
enjoy more fun looking at Sis Perking
than any show they have ever seen at
the opera house. One night, Feb. 11.
V. E. Hudgins, a law partner with
Judge F. W. Moore, will continue
the practice of law at the office occu
pied by Moore & Hudgins. The part
nership, interrupted by the appoint
ment of Mr. Moore to the judgeship of
the Court of Civil Appeals, will con
tinue as heretofore under the same firm
.. John A. Haynes, who has been con
nected with the Union City Hardware
Co. as salesman for some time, leaves
this week for Murfreesboro. It is under-
1 . i , I
m a lew aays irom a prolonged visit stood that hk hr(jthcr A. j. Hayne8;
with friends at Waverly. will fill the vacancy. The latter Mr.
Miss Rhine Joynen left Thursday for Ha
a week's stay with her sister, Mrs. J.
D. Hubbs, in Mayfield, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Chapel are en
tertaining a v;ry sweet little daughter,
born to them last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. McAdoo went to
Rives Tuesday to attend the marriage
of their niece, Miss Harris.
Miss Mattie Sanders, of Kenton, was
the guest of bcr grandparents on West
Church street, city, last Monday.
Dr. M. W. Moores has returned from
" . a '.
S -'Mr, S.-A. Rodger is in Memphis. ,
W. L.,White went to CJayton Mon
day. - - ,
... . -
E. C. Hawes is with his family this
"week. :
' Mrs. J. W. Pardue is very sick this
- week. .'' ""
Mr. Will Cowden spent Sunday in
the city. ' .
! Vernon White was in Martin Wed
- Wm. Ramsey has returned from
"-' h. . H. Lockhart spent Sunday with
v.his family,;v ' ' ..
v- Mr. Joe tfailling, of, Cayce, was here
Wednesday. ' . '
Miss Inez Dahnke has returned from
.a viwit to'Fulton.
JVIr. B. Rodgers and little soil visited
an JKenton Friday.
J. C. Burdick was a busines visitor in
'JIashville this week. " v
., Rev. J. H. Thomas, of Rives, was in
. the city Wednesday. '
.Mrs. Chester Irvine, of Rives, was a
.caller here Wednesday.
J. W: Freeman, of Troy, was a busi
ness visitor iere yesterday. '
R. E: .Craig made a business trip to
. Louis ithe first of the week.
Mr. Burnett, of Rives, was a busi
ness Tkitor here this week.
Mr. ana -Mrs. uoraon , Jenkins are
entertaining a very fine baby son.
Miss Mary Johnston, of Dyersburg,
was a visitor in the city this week.
Union City after an absence of several
months. g
Mrs. Nannie J. Wood
Monday morning between the hours
of live and six God sent his message to
the sick chamber of Mrs. Fannie J.
Wood, and in its flight it bore her gen
tle spirit to its heavenly home above.
God has takon rom us a kind lov
ing and patient mother and dear friend
only to be transplanted in a far more
grand and brighter home which is pre-
a visit to Fayetteville, having attended Pared for uod 's children only.
the marriage of a cousin in that citv. For tlie Past six years no one knew
Mrs. J. L. Hudgins was called to her but she and her Mastor llow Sreat was
r.1.1 lmmo in tii;,., r,i, her suffering, and as long as I have
count of the serious illness of her moth
Mrs. Dnr.ii ft
j. r. uiover, ot tne vicinity of uiav- i. i
ton, was a business visitor here Monday.
-J. C. Burdick returned Wednesday
from a few days' business trip to Nashville.
in Kenton, after a pleasant
to her sister, Mrs. W. J. David-
known her I never heard her express
one murmur of her misfortunes, of the
life of an invalid, and often have
sought her sick room to be met and
greeted always with cheerful heart,
No one could tell what her feelings
were, for seeminsrlv she was hannv
HI- XT 11 TTTI . Tl w i I " " x
. ijiiwj ut xui vaney, Her smiling face was her greeting of
is this week entertainine a week-end .i ji i T .i i
J?JZ Wlf S T ST' Party' C0-P-S -"her of young if she in all her afflictions could b(fso
. I " 1 A J T 1 -111 ... - . .
Dr. Shame, of Obion, was the . TT '' . ?l mnM.mU fier Me of ermg-how could w
u:,a w ,r T , . now tneir regular meeting next Mon- who are so blessed with good health
IX II If. I.IIIH I 1 ...... . ,
01 I (Iflv IllCrhf. O t 'tiKio ilatitxt mnm I m-rw-vf I on,! l... 1 ,
tant business. free from nare haw
Miss Dessie Nicliols of Lilac street, c y Jjne8 Hardy & Lclfish a8 t0 nlurmur when she ha( g0
m v.8m..g xurs. xruue xurner Jones gtorefi) k miayinf, kave of ab. many afflictions and bore them so lov
sence for ;a 'few days. He was in Ruth- ingly, so long and so patiently? How
J. 1. Wheeler, of the country near erford Tuesday.
Woodland, was a business visitor here ri)a -
,r . Its an old sajing the more you
Monday. , , . ,. r,.
kins at the opera house February 11
and you will never die.
Elder L. L. Briggans, of Henderson,
will preach atthe Exchange Street Chris
tian Church on Sunday, Feb. 14. A
cordial invitation is extended.
Paid-up Capital - - -Shareholders'
Liability -Surplus
and Profits - -
- 60.000.00
- 17.500.00
Gives Depositors the Largest Security
of Any Bank in the County.
Deposits are solicited from $i.oo up, with the
assurance that the hJank holds itself under obliga
tions to accommodate any depositor when called on
so far as within its power lies
:::::::: :: :: ::::::::
of his daughter, Mrs. E.
. The best laughing show booked at
the opera house this season is Sis Hop
kins. Feb. 11.
W. H. Wheeler, of the Hickman
country vicinity, was a business caller
here MondayJ
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Curlin, of Hick
ory Grove, Tenn., visited Mrs. Ben Cur
lin Thursday.
Mr..W. W. White and family left
Rives this week for Angleton, Texas,
where they will locate, and the good
wishes of aitimerous friends go with
'.. Mr. House, of Obion," is the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. ( John R. Pitts.
,. Mr. and Mrs. Williams, of Pmliir-nh.
are in the city' visiting friends.
Mr. aujMre,vJas. Ownby visited in
Martin Tnesday and Wednesday.
Mm. K.' Grwiand little daughter.
Willo, .-fv Thursday in Fulton.
Miss Vera Johnson, of McKenzie, is
the guest of Miss Tearl Hudgins on
Church street. Judge F. W. Moore went to Jackson
Mrs. Nat Murphy and baby were the yesterday to be present as associate jus-
Sundav guests of Mrs. Knox Everett tlce on the bench of the Court of Civil
great must her reward in Heaven be
trod saw she needed rest and he called
her to his world where no sorrow, no
pain and no trouble can blight her life
Mrs. Wood, as I knew her for the
past three years, was a pure Christian
woman. Twenty years ago she pro
fessed her faith in Christ and had since
been a true and devoted member of the
Baptist Church. She was laid to rest
Tuesday at Shady Grove Cemetery, Rev.
Newbill preaching her funeral.
She leaves one sister, Mrs. Fannie
Faulks, of Hickman, and three chil
aren, ijeake, Raymond and Lena to
mourn their loss. A Frikxd.
near the city.
Jimmy Hogan lute a dope line on
$G5,000 at Milwaukee. Hogan has been
employed at Gibbs' barn and is some
what of a Celtic wit.
J. L. Ranson, Jr., was in Nashville
this week attending a meeting of the
Tennessee Furniture Directors and Em
balmers Association.
Appeals, his .first duty as a member of
the court.
Jno. W. Bennett, C. L. Moffatt. J.
Mules and Horses for Sale.
Sixty head of five-year-old medium-
size mules, also ten young work horses.
Will sell for cash or on good note pay
able Dec. 15, 1909. Further partieu-
W. Brantly, and Walter King, of Troy, lilrs address J. F. fe S. L. Dodds Co. or
Unequaled Clubbing Offer
$2.00 for $1.50
Two First-Class Publications, Supplying the Needs
' of a Family, Offered at a Great Reduction
from Combined Subscription Price
The Commercial ... t . . . . .
Uncle Remus' s The Home Magazine . . -
Publishers' price
By special arrangement with the publishers,
we make the greatest of offers. It cannot
last long.
Both Sent
One Year
Small, indeed, is this outlay for the actual needs of the home in reading
matter. .
i ; '
- THE COMMERCIAL is published every Friday morning. It i devoted
to the interests and to the local news of this county and nearby territory. In
size it is six columns, and eight to twelve pages. Subscribe and' do not be dis
appointed. UNCLE KVMUS'S THE HOME MAGAZINE. Every reader is a
booster of 1 1 j u eat magazine, founded by Joel Chandler Harris, and overflow
ing with stt-i , .r,d from cover to cover. You would not regret the outlay if
this m.-!f a . re represented the entire price paid for the combination. It is
unlike an v , . and it's coming each month will be a joy to the entire family
circle. A, big book, with stories and pictures, and withal a treat which can
never be lftown unless you read it. It's a hard magazine to miss,
rders for subscriptions should be addressed:
THE COMMERCIAL, Union City,Tenn.
attended the Masonic Grand Lodge
meeting in Nashville last week, return
ing Saturday.
The Third National, one of the coun
ty's strongest banks, has an advertise
ment in this week's paper. Bead care
fully what the officers have to say of a
splendid institution.
J. P. Ownby has been offered and
has closed a contract with a Nashville
firm, which will hereafter make him a
knight of the grip. Mr. Ownby's
Union City friends take pleasure in his
Bev. L. G. Landenberger, of St. Louis,
will preach in the New Church House of
Worship on Sunday, Feb. 14. Subject
at 11 a.m. : Prayer;" evening, "Peter's
wife's mother healed of the fever. " Sun
day school at 10 a.m. All invited.
W. G. Reynolds was in Nashville last
week attending the State convention of
the Anti-Saloon League which was in
session at the First Baptist Church in
that city. M KeynolWs is a member
of the State committee of the Anti-
Saloon League.
J. Al. Caldwell, of this city, went to
Chicago Wednesday to sign agreement
with the American Steel and Wire Co.
to represent them as traveling salesman
in East Tennessee and Kentucky terri
tory. Mr. Coldwell will enter upon his
work immediately and we wish him
abundant success.
From the vicinity of Old Republican
t i . I
we nave receivea some items among
which W. E. Logan and son visited
Dresden Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey
Logan were in town shopping Tuesday
and Arthur Frazier and Emmett Steph
ens have returned from Texas. To
Blue Ribbon we would suggest that we
haven t room to mention all those who
J. R.
Donnell, Hickman, Ky. 43-4
jno. 1 to acre farm, 3j miles east
Union City, 4-room house, 20x20
barn shedded all round, good young
orchard, good water, 0 acres in cul
tivation; can be bought at $50 per
acre. A bargain for some one
wanting to locate near the city.
No. 2. 150 acres of fine bottuin
land, 4 miles southeast of P;dslev;
can be bought at $21 per acre; worth
$20 as soon as cleared.
No. 3. 105 acres fine land, 2 miles
east of Rives, 37 acres in cultivation,
lo acres deadened, 2 tenant houses
and 20x20 barn, good black land.
can be bought at 25 per acre.
No. 4. 700 acres fine bottom land.
in timber, 7 miles west of Obion;
10 per acre, or ?4 per acre for the
timber; will exchange it for good
town property.
Five-room cottage, in good condi
tion, lot 100x130 feet, well located,
good barn, coal and wood houses, all
for f i,aoo.
Four-room cottage, almost new.
lot 100x132, good barn, hen house,
coai ana wooa nouse, located near
the High School. $1,500.
Good 2-story house, with lot 70x
20, corner Ury and Mercer sts. , in
northers part of city, for only $2,000
300 acres good land, well improv
ed, 190 acres in cultivation, 2-story
house and new barn: 3 miles east of
Rives, at $40.00 per acre.
For information apply to
IT 0 1Tb C? FV& T
Ask Your Grocer for it
DaMe-Walker Milling Co.
Ask us for prices when selling your grain.
:::::::: :: fir::::::;;
League Conference.
The Memphis Conference Epworth
League will hold a League Conference
n Un ion City May 13-10. A more ex
tensive announcement will appear later
League Conference.
The Executive Committee of the
Memphis Epworth League Conference
met in Humboldt Saturday, Jan. 30.
The meeting was called to order by the
president, Mr. H. L. Disheron, and af
ter a short devotional exercise the date
for the next League Conference was dis
cussed. We decided to have the Con-
rence May 13-15, inclusive, at Union
City (the place for meeting having been
settled at our last Conference). We
have arranged a very interesting and j
attractive program and are expecting to
have some very able and inspiring
speakers with us. The Conference will
begin Thursday night, May 13, with a
reception given by the local chapter.
Most of Friday will be devoted to ad
dresses on the different departments,
and on Saturday the vice-presidents and
superintendents of the departments will
have some institute work. We want to
make Sunday the best day of the whole
Conference. On that day we are to
gather up the fragments and feast on
the good things that we have received.
A Member.
An Open Lake.
Petitions are being circulated and nu
merously signed praying the State to
negotiate cession for Reelfoot Lake,
and to make it a public hunting and
fishing preserve.
Walters Cafe strictly cash after Feb 1.
Card of Thanks.
To those who kindly assisted us in
the hour of trouble with tender hands
and healing words we acknowledgo
from hearts overflowing with gratitude,
trusting that He who watches overall
will visit you with abundant blessiugs.
Mrs. M. S. Marshall and Family.
The first crop of Burley tobacco in
Virginia was sold Monday at Rich
mond. One farmer averaged $1S.'J3 for
his crop.
Roams for Rent
Furnished and unfurnished.
Board at $3.50 to $4 00 per week
A fine line Cigars, Smoking Tobacco
and a Fine Line of POST CARDS
always on hand at the
J. VV. COLE, Proprietor.
Walters' Cafe
Strictly CASH after February 1. Get
the pay-cash habit, and not have
the collectors 4 to worry you.
Phone 49 Opposite Union Depot.
come over for a few hours chat.

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