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Has the exclusive sale in Union City of the
; celebrated
I Golden Gate Coffee
Teas, Spices and
They are guaranteed to be the best ever olfered
lor sale to tne people or wis county. jgj
You will find our store headquarters for all
the good things to be had in any market
Two Phones--204 and 230
Three Delivery Wagons
on long time. Low
rates. See or write
Union City, Tenn,
Delivered All Over Town.
The most delicious Coffee,
Tea, preserved and freshly
Canned Goods.
to be had this side of the
Rockies. Saying a whole lot,
but the people in these houses
shout a loud THAT'S SO !
Pleasing prices.
s so, too.
White Bros. & Co.
Successors to W. E. Walters.
Telephone 421.
' -V, ft,
(This picture on the bottle.)
Guaranteed Quickest and best for
any kind of Cough, Colds, LaQrippe,
Bronchitis, Croup, Asthma, Whoop
ing Cough and Consumption.
25 mud BO cmnt Bottl.
Prepared by
Eiansiille, - Indian
Sold by Red Cross Drug Store
Friendly Advice.
"I dreamed last night that Ardupp
loaned me $10. I was surprised, too."
"I wouldn't say anything to him
about it. He'll want to make a touch
in return."
Big Muddy Washed Nut Coal is best
for cooking. 'At Union City Ice & Coal
Use Jersey Cream Flour. None better.
Wheels of Justice Suspended Until
May Term.
Prisoners, except two or three, have
been taken away from' the barracks, a
number of soldiers have taken their
leave, there are some sad faces among
the lasses, but peace and quiet are re
stored and business proceeds with the
usual serenity and even.tenor.
The Adjutant General has issued or
ders for Capt. Capell and company of
twenty to remain at the barracks in Un
ion City and a 'detachment of militia
numbering twenty at Camp Nemo,
Reelfoot Lake. These soldiers are sta
tioned here. until August. The young
men have already formed pleasant as
sociations and are practically at home
with friends. " .
Of the prisoners in the barracks
Judge Jones ordered to be transferred
as follows: John Batliff, Will Wag
ster, Bob Lee,' Jess Ljnder, O. D. El
dridge, Jim Keesucker, John Wrady
and Jack Keesucker were taken to the
Weakley County jail at Dresden; Ed
Marshall, Ed Boney, Eufe Boney, Will
Keesucker, John A. Williams, Tip Ran
som and Ben Williams were taken to
the Dyer County jail at Dyersburg, and
Tom Johnson, Bob Lee, Ed James,
Eufe James, Erve Burton, Commodore
Pride and Joe Johnson were placed in
Obion County jail. Three men were
left in the barracks and one was released
on bail. There are to be no prisoners
left in the barracks shortly and the sol
diers will have an easier time.
Bon Air Coal, best and cheapest, Un
ion City Ice & Coal Co.
Church Notice.
There will be preaching at the Pres
byterian Church, North First street,
next Sabbath, 7th inst., morning and
night, by Rev. II. B. Zernow. Mem
bers and their families are urged to at
tend. A cordial invitation is extended
to all.
The Baptist Church.
The services at the Baptist Church
next Sunday will be conducted in the
absence of the pastor by Bev. W. . B.
Clifton, of Martin, Tenn. Bro. Clifton
is a very fine preacher and you cannot
afford to miss hearing him.
E. L. Watson, Pastor.
Notice to Colored Teachers.
You will be required to take an ex
amination in the reading course next
school year before you will be granted
a certificate. The books in the primary
department are Hewett's Pedagogy,
published by the American Book Co.,
Cincinnati, for 85 cents; Brigham's Geo
graphic Influence in American History,
published by Ginn & Co., Atlanta, for
$1.00. Thj books for the secondary
department are McMurray's Method of
the Recitation, published by the Mac
millan Co., Atlanta, for 90 cents; Tap
pan's History of England's and Ameri
ca's Literature, published by Hough
ton, Mifflin Co., Boston, for $1.20.
' C. L. Ridings, Scpt.
t Baby Hands
will get into mischief often it means a
burn or cut or scald. Apply, Ballard's
Snow Liniment just as soon as the ac
cident happens, and the pain will be re
lieved while the wound will heal quick
ly and nicely. A sure cure for sprains,
rheumatism and all pains.
Price 25c, 50c and $1.00 a bottle.
Sold by Nailling Drug Co.
See "Happy Hearts" at Bransford &
W. D. Harrison was in Kentucky this
week on business.
TT W "Nn.vlnr Tina rtofni-ruvl from ft
visit to his sister in Missouri.- '
Mrs. E. M. Whipple is in Nashville
visitinff her sister. Mrs.. Bovd.
Mrs. Hunter Griflin' went to St. Louis
this week to -visit her sister, Mrs. Claud
. J. S. Cleek, residing near Clayton, has
returned from a visit to relatives in Bod
ford County. ':'
Miss Lucile Moss has returned from
Martin after a pleasant visit t her sis
ter, Mrs. Phillips.
The best laughing show booked at
the Opera House this season is Sis
Perkins," Thursday, Feb. 11.
Mrs. Bandy, of Paragould, Ark., is
visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.
Glasscock on Exchange street.
Miss Allison, of Dyersburg, was in
the city this week attending the meet
ing at the Christian'Alliance Chapel,
Miss Laura Brown, of Hickman, and
Miss Melinsa Martin, of Holly Springs,
Miss., were visitors m thacity Monday.
Lots of good specialties, singing,
dancing and good music. Hear Sis'
cornet solo. At the Opera House,
Thursday, Feb. 11.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hunt, of Paris,
were in the city this week visiting their
daughters, Mesdames L. H. Lockhart
and K. Kimberlin.
Miss Lucile Wells has returned from
a visit to her brother, S. D. Cochran,
in Louisiana. She was accompanied
home by Mr. Cochran.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ruffm and chil
dren, after a visit here to attend Mr.
Pettus' funeral, have returned to their
home at Doniphan, Mo.
It's an old saying the more you laugh
the longer you live. See Sis Perkins"
at the Opera House Thursday, Feb. 11,
and you will never die.
Watch out for the' cyclone of fun ma
kers with Sis Perkins'and a big com
pany of clever people at the Opera
House Thursday, Feb. 11.
Miss Susie Eichards, accompanied by
her uncle, D. E. Penick, went to Arkan
sas City this week to become a teacher
in the high school at that place. She
will be with her sister, Mrs. Geo. Lacey.
Little Miss Virginia Penick, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Penick, who has
been very sick with measles and result
ant complications, is recovering, aim
the friends of the little girl are. greatly
Miss Nellie Bowen, of 'Jordan, one of
the conductors of the series of services
at the Christian Alliance Chapel this
eek, is preparing for service as mis
sionary to Korea, whither she goes at
an early date.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Latimer, of To
ronto, Canada, were in the city this week
visiting Mrs. Latimer's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. D. G. Byrne. The Canadians
are en route to Florida to spend the re
mainder of the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wheeler and fam
ily leave this week for Petersburg, Fla.,
to spend the remainder of the winter
season. They visit Florida again for
the various climatic advantages, espec
ally for the benefit of their son's health.
Mrs. Clarence Reynolds, accompanied
by J. C. Beynolds, of the Palace Hotel,
her father-in-law, and her son, Charley
Hill, left Tuesday afternoon for Citron
elle, Ala. Mrs. Reynolds and son will
remain for a season at the health resort
to enjoy the benefits and comforts of
the climate.
A clean and refreshing comedy that
has made more people laugh than any
play ever produced. Bring the old
folks. They enjoy a good laugh,
and they will enjoy more fun looking
at "Sis Perkins" than any show they
have ever seen. At the Opera House,
Thursday, Feb. 11.
W. H. Griffin, editor of the Obion
Democrat, left this week for Nashville,
having been given an assignment as re
porter in the Carmack trial by the Asso
ciated Press. Mr. Griffin has been do
ing work for the Press in the Nightrider
trials here, and is trying to shape his
business so that he can arrange for a
permanent contract. "
F. P. Glass, connected with the Glass
Scott Grocery Co. , has entered the rail
road service again as dining car conduc
tor on the M. & O. between St. Louis
and New Orleans. Mr. Glass' interests
in the grocery store have been left to
Mr. Scott. The young man has made
numbers of warm friends in Union City
who will be pleased to see him move
along in railroad circles to the very best
Have you tried that new Swiss Style
Chocolates at mnnke sr
Mrs. Hardy Ligon visited Hickman
this week.
'Jas. T. Chiles, of Obion, was in the
city Tuesday. ; .
Mr. Oscar Crews and family have
moved to Nashville.
. Bon Air Coal is best. Telephone 150.
C. V, Jones was a business visitor in
Eutherford Tuesday.
Mrs. Geo. Botts, of Rives, was a vis
itor in town Tuesday.
Mrs. Lexie Parks has returned from
a social visit to Nashville. v
Get a copy of "Happy Hearts" (two
step) at Bransford & Andrews.
Nat Murphy, of Obion, was a busi
ness visitor in town Tuesday.
. Mrs. Enloe Chiles attended the-Ag-new-Harris
wedding south of Rives
Mrs. Posey and Miss Wingo chaper
oned a skating party at Pursley's pond
Monday night.
Telephone 150 when you are in a
hurry for coal.
Mrs. Taylor and daughter, of Ken
ton, were in the city visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Rogers this week.
C. A. Goodloe and family, of Alamo,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. A.
George and family this week.
Mr. M. Glasscock has returned from
Lake County and Missouri, . where he
has fanning lands and interests.
No credit at Pearl Cafe from Feb. 1.
Walters will keep no accounts.
Mrs. J. T. Harpole, of Dyer, visited
her daughter, Mrs. H. M. Golden, and
family on Exchange street this week.
Mrs. Harriet Tarns and Mrs. W. E.
ocates, at homo on Home street, are
both recovering from a recent illness,
which is pleasant information to their
many friends. '
Coal Coke Wood Call Tel. 150.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Crockett rthd
children, of Yazoo City, Miss., were in
the city visiting the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Edwards this week. They
were en route to St. Louis to visit Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Edwards.
The very disagreeable weather last
Friday afternoon prevented the meeting
of the W. C. T. U. in the home of Mrs.
Edwards. The next meeting will be
with Mrs. Woody, Friday, Feb. 19, at
2.30 p. m. A good attendance is desired.
Our business is strictly cash from Feb.
1. Will Walters' Pearl Cafe,
Mr, and Mrs. J. E. Ramseyer, just
out of a series of services at the Chris
tian and Missionary Alliance Chapel
here, leave this week en route South
and West traveling towards California.
Thence they will return over different
territory towards Mr. Ramseyer 's home
in Indiana, and a year hence probably
back to Union City.
Reserved Seats.
J. C. Reynolds has arranged with
Bransford & Andrews to take charge of
reserved seat sales for Reynolds Opera
House. Advanced sale of tickets for
theatrical attractions will therefore here
after be found at the Dependable Jew
elry Store on First street.
i in
I ;
for the correct
With j:
and Tcr
v v
arsln rate
o ;
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
Card of Thanks.
We want to return our humble thanks
and heartfelt gratitude to the many kind
friends who assisted us during the sick
ness and death of our loving mother.
May God's richest blessings rest upon
you all. Addie Roberts.
Marriage Licenses.
Mort Reed and Ada Murry.
Joe Cook and Maggie Jones.
Tom Walls and Fannie Tate.
Sanders Daniels and Eoxie Jackson.
Marshall Vaughn and Cora Holland.
J. H. Chapel and Clara Jane Rutledge.
Jas. Ledridge and Birdie A. Ward.
Lem Norman and Gertrude Hopkins.
W. W. Agnew and Miss Margaret
Harris. , 1 -
M. A. Cunningham and Florence
Jackson. ' .
Death of Francis Duncan.
. Francis Duncan, aged 25 years, died
at the home of his brother, Mr. James
Duncan, Thursday, Jan. 28, 1909, at
6.30 p. m., after an illness of about two
weeks of measles and pneumonia. He
leaves an aged father and mother, three
brothers, one sister and a host of other
relatives and friends to mourn their
loss. '
Frank was a boy of strong character,
blended with a warm and kindly nad
ture, always ready and willing to do a
kind deed for any one, and will be so
sadly missed by all who knew him. .
May God help the bereaved ones to
bear this great sorrow.
The remains were interred at Antioch
A Friend, I
In Plain and Fancy Ginghams,
with or without boVdcrs.
New Cambric and Percales
with plain and fancy borders.
All New White Goods -swing
into line at low prices. ;
New Fancy Embroideries
for shirt waist fronts, in blue,
v pink and white., i -
We will continue to sell 'all
winter stock at reduced, prices.
All our Millinery Stock ;
at less than half prices. "
Remnants and Odd Lots
you will find on our counters
at bargain prices. , '
Few Tailored Suits
former prices, $12.j0 to $15.00, at $7.5Q
When Union City Citizens Show the
Certain Way Out.
There can be no just reaso why any
reader of tltfs paper will continue to
suffer the tortures of an aching back,
the annoyance of urinary disorders, the
dangers of diabetes or any kidney ills
when relief is no near at hand and the
most positive proof given that they can
be cured. Read what a Union City cit
izen says:
H. T. Dunn, veteran, living ont East
Matthew street, Union City, Tenn.,
it.. i t i
says: Jiy wire was suDjeci w ueau
aches, pains through her limbs and
back, and a weakness of the kidneys,
which was very annoying. At times it
was hard for her to stoop, lift or rest
comfortably. On using Doan's Kidney
Pills she was soon cured of the disease'.
I have also taken this remedy and have
found the best of results."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Uo., isunaio,
New York, sole agents for the United
States. '
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. -
Attention, Company E. .
Company E., N. G. T., U. C. V.,
will meet at their armory in Union City
Saturday, Feb. 6, 1909, at 10 o'clock,
for the purpose of drilling and to trans
act such other business as will be of in
terest to the company. By order tf
W. B. Stovall, Lieut., Com.
Mobile, Ala., New Orleans, La., and
- Fensecola, Fla.
Low rates for this occasion via the
Mobile & Ohio Kailroad. Tickets on
sale Feb. 17 to 22, inclusive, limited to
return not later than March 1, 1909.
For full particulars apply to nearest
ticket agent .of the Mobile & Ohio Rail
road Company. . , '
Minns Her Arms. -
. "What would the Venus of Milo say
if she could speak?'.' . -
"Just what most women would say,
That she was a perfect wreck.. And
there would besome truth in it in her
Cream Veriifee
!j il
rtWAKt Of IMITr. !. -5. :
THt genuine rntmnto cn
Baliard-Snow L!r.u...l
; Sold at Nailling Drug Co.
American and Foreign Marble and Granite Monuments
Get our prices on all kinds of Cemetery Goods, Curbing,
Building Stone, &c. All work finished ir 'rst-class style.' r
West of Semones & Sons' Foundry. UNION CIIY TENN
Storm Damage. "
The City School was suspended Mon-
day on account pf damage tJJ the build
ing by the snowstorm.'- The skylight -in
the dome w-as" broken in several
places; but repairs were"l juadend
school opened promptly Tuesday morn-'"8-
' ' ' ' . .-"
.100,000 Prescriptions. '
I compounded 100,000 prescriptions
from eminent physicians educated in
Europe and America before I discovered
the prescription from which Quick's
Cough Medicine is compounded. . A
wonderful medicine -for coughs, colds
and lagrippe. J. C. Mendenhall, phar macist
since 1873. . Sold on a signed
guaranty by Red Cross Crug Stor.
- ....-'
Suspicious Man. 7
"Hubby, I'm going in for the sim
plelife." .
'.'Does that call for anything new in
the way of gowns?"
Fresh oysters at Dahnke's.

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