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in our window will remain another week, so call often and make your guesses as to the number of cakes used in- the U. S.
' ' Capitol Building, and you may be fortunate enough to get one or more of the $78.00 worth of prizes.
lotf IftlflAf'f'Zinf' K We notice from our guess recerd books during the past two weeks that many persons are estimating beyond reason, their guesses ranging from
V d J IlllpUl IX1IIL ten thousand to several million cakes. To put everybody right we wish to state that the display is not all soap, but one layer of soap and mirrors
built in front of a large frame work of lumber. ; In order that you may guess the exact number possibly, during this week, we will continue the sale one week longer before tearing
the display down, thus giving you an opportunity to make new guesses in case you have overestomated.
F&OZlf 5fl Ml tiff at we are ffermg some very special buying inducements during this contest, and that you receive a guess with every 25 cents worth purchased in any
LUSCll III IVIIIIU department of the store.
500 Men Porous and Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers, special, each 25c
Special Prices on Men's Straw and Panama Hats.
2450 yards Scotch and Lotus Lawns, in sale, yard. . 3c
5000 yards Linen. Torchon and Valencinnes Lace special, yard . 5c
For this sale only, choice of all the best Calico, yard .5c
2000 yards fine Bleach Domestic, yard wide (good as Hope), yard 7c
500 dozen Ladies mercerized Lisle Vests, each SC
1000 damask Towels," 17x40 inches, extra bargains at, each 10c
1000 yards Bleach Table Linen .......... ..... -?5c
296 heavy white Counterpanes, figured or plain 98c and $1.44
These Counterpanes are specials and are worth 50 per cent more. '
1900 yards Linene Suiting, plain or striped, special, yard 10c
40-inch India Linen, 12c kind, in this sale, yard 9c
36-inch Curtain Drapery, white or colored, yard. . 10c
500 Ladies Hats, Drummer's Samples, we bought at 50c
. Special Bargains in Mens
Special Sale Prices on Rugs, Mattings and Linoleums
9x1 1 Brussells Rugs, $12.50 values, in sale . $9.50
9x1 2 Brussells Rugs, $ 1 6.50 values, in sale .$12.50
9x12 Axminster Rugs, $25.00 values, in sale $19.80
Small Rugs in same proportion.
869 yards plain and fancy silk, All Reduced in Price
348 Ladies' and Gentlemen's Corola silk Umbrellas, $1.50 and $2.00 values, in sale $1.00
Extra Special Prices on Room-Size Rugs for this Sale.
10 and 12c Chambray, all colors, in Big Sale, yard &lAc
2000 heavy huck linen Towel, 20x44, each. 12 l2C
26-inch black guaranteed Taffeta, per yard 85 C
350 pairs Ladies' and Children's Oxfords and ankle-strap Slippers on bargain tables at
HALF their value.
139 Boy's Wool Suits, ages 7 to 16, in this Sale .$1.98
186 Men's all-wool Suits, former prices $10.00 and $12.00, Very Special $3.98
on the dollar, we now offer sit one-half regular price.
Suits and Ladies Shoes.
Hcpc Arc Our Free Premiums
After buying soap you are allowed additional estimates with purchases of merchandise in all depart-
ments. One guess with each 25c purchase
1st Premium, room-size Moquet or Axminster Rug . $25.00
2nd Premium, Ladies' or gentlemen's Fine Suit,
your choice . . ' . . . . . ,. 25.00
3rd Premium, Ladies' or Gentlemen's Low Shoes,
your choice . ... . 5.00
4th Premium, One Ladies' Fine Hat . 5.00
5th Premium, One Ladies' Fancy Silk Parasol 5.00
6th Premium, Six pairs Ladies' or Gentlemen's
Silk Lisle Hose . . . . . 3.00
VlIoipyaiiniV'BFJhilinis Conmpany,
, Miss Nora Nanney is visiting in Tren
ton. Mrs. Katherine Morris, of Fulton, is
in the city.
Miss Marjorie Adams is visiting in
Helena, Ark.
' Dr. W. A. Nailling was called to Pa
ducalv Tuesday.
Walter Keynolds was in Martin Mon
day on business.
- Everything dates from Dahnke's.
- Miss Pearl Hudgins is visiting in Mc
Kenzie this week.
Marvin Worley visited in Obion and
Elbridge this week. "
Mr. W. A. Mitchell, of Obion, was
in the city Tuesday.
The infant child of James Dickens
was buried Monday.
Dr. W. M. Turner has returned again
from Fort Worth, Tex.
Call 150 when you want Coal of any
Misses Oliver and Harper were in the
city shopping Saturday.
Miss Mariana Cox, of Fulton, is Mrs
Shlifer's visitor this week. "
Mrs. Joe Kodgers and children are
visiting in Kenton this week.
Mr. S. A. Rodgers made a business
trip to Memphis Wednesday.
Afra TJnbt. Rinehart. of Missouri, is
expected in the city this week.
Little Marsruerito Nailling is confined
to her room with rheumatism. .
FOE RENT Residence on South
Front. See S. D. Woosley. 10-2w
Mrs. Dora T. Reeves is the guest of
Mrs. V. E. Jernigan at Obion.
lr.'i3..M. Fields, of Hornbeak, was a
business visitor here last week.
Miss Rudolph, of Obion, is tho guest
of her brother, W. J. Rudolph.
Mrs. F. E. Arnn went to Dresden
Sunday to attend the burial of 1 her
niece, Mrs. Little. .... ,
Miss Mary Ella Harris, of Rives, is
the guest of Miss Lucilo Morris.
Mrs. Benifield, of Fulton, is the guest
of her daughter, Mrs. Fonzo White.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nailling, of Cayce,
were guests of Mrs. R. Green Tuesday.
Union City Ice & Coal Co. sell all
kinds of fuel.
Mrs. Nora Payne, of Shady Grove vi
cinity, was in the city shopping Satur
day. ,
Miss Pearl Floyd will next week go to
Milan to attend tho State Teachers Insti
tute. Miss Lula Phillips, of Vienna, 111., is
the guest of Miss Thomas on Harrison
Mrs. W. W. Lovelace and children
went to Kenton Saturday to visit with
Bon Air Coal, best and cheapest, at
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Parks, of
Trimble, were guests of Mrs. Clara Ed
wards last week.
Mr. Sam Brooks, of Atwood, is the
guest of his niece, Mrs. W. L. White,
on South Ury street.
Dr. T. D. Edwards was called to Pa
ducah Saturday on account of the seri
ous illness of his mother.
That cool place Dahnke's.
Mr. Harry Edwards and sister, Miss
A va, left Monday for Greenville, Miss.,
for several weeks' visit.
Mr. Walter Fry, of New Haven, is
in thecity, in the employment of the
American Telephone Co.
Messrs. Thad Lee, Robt.R. Brans
ford and Whitesell Harpole left Monday
for a trip to New Mexico.
Little Miss Ethel Taylor, who has
made her home with Mr. and Mrs. R.
J. McAdoo, has gone-to McEwing to
reside. ' ' i
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Tomerlin, of St.
Louis, are in the city visiting the home
of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Robinson on
Exchange street.
Mrs. Win. Hamilton and daughter
Miss Cassie, left Tuesday for points in
Texas for a few weeks visit.
Mrs. W. Z. Massengill and mother,
Mrs. S. A. Harrison, returned Monday
from a visit to relatives in St. Louis.
Miss Essio May Davidson, of Weath
erford, Tex., is the guest of her uncle
W. J. Davidson, on Harrison street.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Forester and lit-
Utfe daughter, Elizabeth, of Obion, were
the guests of S. F. Howard last week
'"All kinds of Coal at Union City Ice
& Coal Co.
S. F. Howard went to Crittendon's
Grove Tuesday and attended the funeral
service and burial of the body of his
old friend, Duke Crittendon.
Mrs. Pearl Morgan-Sydnor, of Cali
fornia, has-arrived in the city and is
visiting her mother and sister, Mrs.
Anna Morgan and Miss Bessie.
A large crowd of Union City people
attended the school exercises at Pleasant
Valley Friday night. They report an
excellent program, well rendered.
Revs. W. H. McLeskey, of Fulton,
and J. A. Mcllwain, of Dyer, were en
tertained at dinner Monday by Rev. and
Mrs. J. L. Hudgins at the manse.
Big Muddy Washed Nut Coal is best
for cooking. At Union City Ice & Coal
Mrs. J. R. Moffat, of Troy, and Mrs.
Cordie XJarth, o this city, will leave
next week for Corpus Christi, Tex., for
rest and recuperation in another climate.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Green chaperoned a
crowd of young people on a "hay ride"
Friday evening, and were among those
who attended the closing of the Pleas
ant Valley school.
In addition to tho teachers elected as
faculty of the City High School, Mr.
W. C. Masters, principal of the com
mercial department, was elected and has
accepted the position for another year,
saying that he wanted to continue his
work here, witli a number of young
men especially who had not finished
the course. - ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Whipple left Tues
day en route to Roswell, New Mex.,
whither they go for a change of climate
and for the purpose of benefiting Mrs
Whipple's health. Mr. Whipple will
remain for a few weeks after Mrs. Whip
pie is located for the summer.
Officer Resigned.
D. A. Peeler, who has been acting as
Deputy Sheriff for several months, ten
dered his resignation to Sheriff Easter-
wood this week, and Mr. Easterwood
will name his successor in a few days
Revival at Hickman.
Hickman, Ky., Juno 1. A revival
is in progress at the Christian Church,
this week, under the local pastor, Rev.
Blaney, and Rev. James Vernon, of
Henderson, Ky., is assisting in the
musical programme.
A Good School.
The Commercial intended to have a
complete report of the exercises at Pleas
ant Valley school last week, but failed
on account ot otner matters. itoi.
Robcy's administration has boon a groat
advantage to the school.
Obion Farmers Distressed.
The farmers of Uljion Lounty are
much distressed at the long continued
heavy rains. Corn is being injured by
the weeds and grass, and the strawberry
crop was much shorter than usual.
Wheat is looking good, but the acreage
is much shorter than usual.
The best of the good ones.
All the experiments of the Gover
ment food experts and the athletic
trainers of YaleAUniversity prove
that cereaneaterp are the strongest
and healthiestTjuaker-Scotch Oats
stands at the hearf of the list of cereal
foods. It is noi only the best food,
but it's the cheapest food on earth.
Packed in tins it will keep sweet and
fresh anywhere indefinitely.
Presbyterian Assembly Hears
Caustic Attack.
Come in and see our big bargains in
farm lands, timber lands, also nice city
residence proyerty.
Forester, Beckham & Forester.
Denver, May 24. Grace is not us
usually said over champagne and lob
ster a la Newburg.
"Family altars are not raised over
Persian rugs.
. "Students for the ministry do not,
as a rule, got their early training by
running steam yachts."
These remarks by Dr. Joseph W.
Cochran, Secretary of the Presbyterian
Board of Education, caused great inter
est in the Presbyterian General Assem
bly to-day.
Dr. Cochran, who is from Philadel
phia, spoke in tho afternoon on the
report of the Board of Education, which
deplored the lack of recruits for the
ministry. The report was read by Dr.
Edgar P. Hill, of Chicago, who stirred
the Assembly by his description of the
ignorance among immigrants, due, he
said, to tho fact that no Protestant do
nomination, and surely not the Pros
bytorian, had taken tho trouble to stir
up a surnctent number of ministerial
recruits to work among the people.
Why can't we got young men to
preach?" asked Dr. Cochran. "I'll
tell you. In the first place, there is
but little Christianity in the home. If
there is any it is gone by the time the
young man is ready for education.
"Does he go for his education to a
Christian school, a Presbyterian school?
No, he goes to a godless State Univer
sity, and when he returns to his home
town he puts religion at a low ebb.
And if you ministers find your churches
at low ebb know whore to place the
"The need in this Board of Education
is not for more money, but for men.
Now, we cannot Christianize these State
Universities, but we can put a shepherd
in charge, and in this way keep the
boys iu the flock, although they are be
ing educated at godless schools."
Lack of funds was told 'by the Amer
ican Tract Society and the .Board of
Freedmeu in their annual reports.
J. N. Sanders transacted business in
Troy Thursday.
Miss Edith McAnall,' of.Frotemus,
was here Friday.
Mr. Bud Moss, of Troy, visited his
parents this week.
The Misses Brice, of near Troy, visited
friends in this community Friday.
All roads will load to Bethel on the
second Sunday in June. All invited.
A large number attended the ice cream
and strawberry supper here Saturday
The Muse brothers entertained a largo
number of friends to an ice cream sup
per Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moss and little
daughter, of Troy, visited Mr. Moss's
parents this week.
Little Miss Beulah Killion, of Fre
mont, is tho guest of her sister, Mrs.
Matt True, this week.
Miss Virgil Smith and brother, of near
Troy, visited their uncle, Jas. Smith,
and family Saturday. Trixie.
Dahnke's in the good old summer
time is the time.
The Wherefore.
"Why should a bride wear such
enormous hat?"
Because it was the only way to trans
port it, spoke up the lady. I could
not get it in a trunk."
Boarding house on Court Square for
int. See W. G. Reynolds.
Church Services
Next Sabbath, June 6, is my regular
monthly appointment. Services at tho
Presbyterian Church, north First Street, ',
morning and night. The Sacrament of
the Lord's Supper will be celebrated at
morning service. All members of the
Presbyterian Church, with their fami
lies, are urged to attend. A cordial in
vitation extended to all. "Come with
us and we will do you good."
H. B. Zersow, Pastori, ;

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