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With Ca. t.ain Allan's Blue Sox
- O:- By Seid Waddell. ' V
r " . In the beginning the Antelopes took
to pasture with the following line-up
(per order) : Waddell ; Capt. Allen-
Connors; Briggs-Alexander; Faircloth;
Ilawes: Pace-Connors; Capt. Allen;
Ex-Capt. Caruthers and Church.
Present date finds the above muster
making good with the exception of one
or two positions where a leakage is
inevitable; while the easting of lots in
the dim future is left absolutely with
the old man with the scythe. Eight
here a very favorable and complimetary
batch of dope could be unloaded upon
a good majority of the Blue Sox tribe,
but it has beeu deemed advisable that
' we check up a little just yet and tarry
the said dope until Capt. Allen wipes a
few of the anomalies out of the clan
A few recruits have priorly been
affiliated, and the same number have
left the field of action and wandered in
to pastures new. Callahan's exit from
second left the position admissible to
Faircloth who has taken it up with
tolerable results. The clan looses a
good man in Briggs, who had a flawless
reputation at first, but was elicited into
the Paved Streets of Industry soon after
the tri-fall of Humboldt. During the
bigger part of the season the place
he left behind him will be held by
Alexander, a big, wholesome-looking
representative of balldom who is rapidly
falling into line and doing extremly
good at the position, as well as making
a spirit-stirring reputation with the
The Antelopes pulled the lid off the
season with the Original Bloomers at
the bat and Capt. Allen doing the arm
spinning; a melee which had it'i
disastrous results owing to the fact
that the elan, assembling for the first
time, had almost everything else but
practice, anent the lachrymal con
ditionof the celestial country. In
spite of this occurence, however, they
were in a healthy condition, cap-a-pie
for the Humboldt turn-out, and took
all three of the games without giving
the other side so much as a run. The
twirling for this series alternated be
tween Connors and Capt. Allen.
mi . i i
i ne game at juiton resulted in a
great break-off for the Blue Sox ; but a
few days following the aggregation
added another cluster of scalps to their
belts in a battle royal with Hickman.
The count here was 5 to 1 with the
lesser towards the visitors.
Marked-Down Prices On
All Ladies' Wash Suife.
Get ready for the hotter weather of July and August and at the same timte save money by
taking advantage of this splendid offering of fine Linene and Linen Wash Suits. They are
beautifully made and represent the latest styles of the season. We cannot gve detailed de
scriptions, but assure you that you will find the assortment large and will have no trouble in
finding something that will please in every particular. And then the unusual price reductions
on all the garments will make it well worth your while to buy at this store.
Unusual Bargains in Fine
New Millinery.
This is positively the greatest millinery offering of the season. We bought 500 sample '
hats at only a fractional part of the original manufacturers' prices, which enables us to name
buying inducements that have heretofore been impossible. These goods represent the very
latest ideas in shapes and trimmings and are without spot or blemish and the range of styles is
so great that you cannot fail in finding just what you want. , . "
A selection from this lot will mean a saving or from one-third to one-half of your money.
The locals entertained the Hickman
boys Friday. The visitors put up a very
good article of the national sport, but
were too light for Pitcher Connors.
A clean game, very enjoyable, but
they succeeded in 'getting one more
home, while the locals were making
McKenzie came again Tuesday.
They were here early in the
season and were not allowed even a
look at the home plate. They went home
worried and have never been satisfied.
For two months they have been on the
hunt of a man who could go up against
Connors. They thought they had
spotted that man and requested another
The visitors appeared in some better
form than on their former visit, but
Mr. Connors was by far too heavy for
them, and they were unable to con
nect at the proper time. At the finish
the figures read 9 and 2.
Mr.Jones, the Dresden twirler, pitched
a nice game. He is just from Vander-
bilt, where he played the earlier part of
the season.
You can mail to me the article taken
from my store Saturday, and all will be
satisfactory. Nothing said.
D. P. Caldwell.
Real Vaudeville at the "Lyric "
Manager Cox, of the popular "Lyric"
theatre, has been fortunate to secure at
great expense the celebrated comedy
sketch team of "DeGroote and Lang
try," to play a special engagement at
his theatre for three nights, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday of this week.
DeGroote and Langtry are just off
the big Eastern vaudeville circuits and
are most favorably known from coast
to coast. Here is what the "Newbem
Tennessean" has to say about their
.'mungvi u:ui Ul Ule lUfhy
uieatre nas tiie best bill at his popular
playhouse this week that the people of
Newbern have witnessed for some time
Jus feature act tins week is DeGroote
and Langtry which act he was fortunate
enough to secure immediately after
the successful run on the Eastern
vaudeville Circuit. 11ns clever team is
by far the best that has been seen here
this season. Ed. DeGroote is a com
edian of the first water and on last
night' kept the audience in a continual
roar from the time, he went on the stage
until the curtain fell on the act. Of his
clever wife (Leah Langtry) it can be
said that she possesses an excellent
voice of rare culture and pretty and
winsome as she is talenied. "
Marked-Down Prices on Men's and
Women's Tan Low vShoes.
We bought heavily for this season on tan low shoes and find that we are overstocked and
should unload at once, hence this announcement. There is nothing so cool and so consistent
in hot weather dress as a pair of nice tan oxfords, and this sale affords you a splendid oppor
tunity to provide yourself with one or more pairs at particularly economical prices. We offer
you the very choicest picking, of the season's best styles, too, and the assortments are large
and complete, not just a few odds and ends from which no one could find a fit.
Morgan-Verhine Company
The Big' Store.
" . . 1 J
Help Us Beautify.
The Woman's Civic Improvenien
League has been organized for the bet
tennent of Union City by getting the
city cleaned and beautified. Each mem
ber will first look into her own back
yard and see that it is in proper con
dition before she urges her neighbor to
join her in the general work of seeing
that Union City is placed on the list of
clean towns.
Mr. J. P. Adams, chairman of the
street committee, and Mr. Jno. Semones
chairman of the sanitary committee
have entered heartily into the work, and
there is no reason why, in a few weeks
our home town should not be one that
every man and woman who loves clean
liness should be proud of.
It is now only a little more than two
weeks until the Fourth of July celebra
tion, when thousands of visitors will be
here, and it is the intention to have the
work so well under way by that time
that when the parade goes through the
streets the remark will be made: "My,
how clean Union City is." We will
not wait until after the Fourth to clean
up in order to make it one job, but the
streets, alleys and parks must be already
in good condition. First get your own
home in order and then come out and
help us make the clwaning-up process
general. Tiie League.
Death of Mrs. Nell Kroger-Smith.
The people of Union City learn .with
regret news of the sad death of Mrs.
Nell Kroger-Smith at Memphis.
Particulars were not learned. Mrs.
Smith was a sister of Miss T..n.m
Kroger, Chicago, and Mrs. Marran.t
Krogcr-Moore at New Albany, Miss.,
the Kroger family formerly residing in
this city.
Coal at summer rates. Call 150.
Officers Elected.
The Board of Directors of the Union
City Training School met Wednesday
and elected officers for the ensuing year:
G. T. Taylor, President, and D. P.
Caldwell, Secretary and Treasurer. The
Board also voted to purchase suitable
location for the erection of a id,,,
doniitory for the school.
LOST Between A. B. Campbell's
and G. S. Hardy's residence, a gold
necklace with cross attached.' Finder
return to Pauline Caldwell andl receive
A number of names on our subscrip
tion books were dropped this week on
account of arrears. This was made
necessary by a recent ruling of the Post'
office Department in Washington. It
is not a matter of choice. There are a
great many of our subscribers whom
we would like to favor by continuing
their names on our books without cash
and wait upon their pleasure for the pay
but Uncle Sam has forbidden it, and it
is thus that we are compelled to drop
them. We have repeatedly notified you
that we must either collect or have a
notice from you that the paper N can be
continued. A neglect to comply with
these regulations forces a discontinuance
of the paper.
The City Council.
The regular meeting of the Board
of Mayor and Aldermen was held
Tuesday night.
A report was made by the joint
committees of the Civic League and the
Board, resulting in arrangements for
cleaning up the streets and alleys of
the city and the purchase of cans for
use of the streets. The work of
cleaning and cutting weeds is now in
Semones fc Sons, who have been
awarded the contract for installing
heating plant at the City School build
ing, filed contract which was approved.
A petition from citizens requesting
the purchase of grove south of Palace
Hotel for children's playground was
referred to committee.
Cumberlands Win in Illinois Courts.
Rev. J. L. Iludgins received word
Wednesday that Judge A. W. Lemis,
f Saline County, III., had decided the
leasant Grove Church case in favor of
le Cumberland rresfoyterian Church.
Thus Illinois falls in line with Tennes
see, Indiana and Missouri, while
Georgia, Kentucky and Texas courts
ive held in favor of the Presbyterian
Church U. S. A.
Obion County Medical Society
Following is the program of the Obion
County Medical Society, which meets in
Obion July 7, 1909:
10 a.m. Call toorder by President.
Roll call.
Reading minutes of previous meeting,
Report of committees.
10.30 Call for regular program,
(a) Department of Medicine Dr.
F. Darnall, chairman.
Prophylaxis Dr. V. J. Jernigan.
1. Diarrhoeas of adult life
Prognosis and treatment Dr.
B. Sharp.
Discussion Dr. S. E. Chandler.
2. Diarrhoeas of children
Prognosis and treatment Dr. H
T. Butler.
, Diet and Hygiene Dr. F. W. Wat
Department of Surgery Dr. D. M
Pearce, chairman.
Colles Fracture
Causes and treatment Dr. P. W,
Prather. '
Discussion Dr. J. A. Howard.
Punctured wounds of the sole of the
Cause and treatment Dr. J. L.
Discussion Dr. W. F. Roberts.
Department of Obstetrics Dr. J. B.
Havner, chairman.
Causes and especial dangers Dr,
M. A. Blanton.
Management Dr. J. J. Wells.
Lacerations of the Perineum
Preventive and management Dr.
J. B. Havner.
Some results of the neglected peri
neum Dr. J. F. Darnall.
Ben M. Snioot etal. vs. John), - no;
In obedience to an interlocutory . -cree
made and entered in . the above
styled cause at the June term, i'joy, I
will offer for sale to the highest and be-t
bidder, in front of the east door of the
courthouse in Union City, Term., on
Saturday, the ;
at 1 o'clock p. m., the following' de
scribed real estafe or town lots: Siruated
on the southwest corner of Ury and Vine
streets in the town of Union City, in
Obion County, Tennessee, and bounded
as follows: Beginning at the southwest
intersection of said Ury and Vine streets,
and runs thenee west with said Vine
street 1731 feet to a stake; thence south
1231 feet to a stake, the northwest cor
ner of the manse of the Methodist
Church in Union Citv; thence east with
the n. b. line of said manse lot 17.3t
feet to a stake on said Urv .--street, the
northeast corner , of said manse lot;
thence north with said Ury street 123
feet to the beginning. Said lot has two. :
dwelling houses on same. Said lot will
be divided before said sale and the di
mensions be made known on dav nf
sale, and the same will be sold sepa
rately and minimum price on the two
lots together is fixed Iby the court at
One-third cash and the balance on n.
credit of six and twelve months, taking ,
notes witn approved personal security v
and a lien retained on said property for
further security, notes bearing interest
from date. . '
This 9th day of June, 1909. '
,0 ot S. F. HOWARD, Clerk. 7
"'01 By H. M. Golden, D. a S
A. J. Harpole, Sol, for Compl'ts. '
Non-Resident and Attachment Notice. , :
Fleecy Jane Davis, by next friend, W
H. Wicker vs. Rice A. Pierce,
In die Circuit Court for Obion County,
Tenn. Attachment suit. ( t
The plaintiff, Fleecy Jane Davis, hav
ing, by her next friend, W. H. Wicker.
obtained and caused to be issued by Jas.
M. Hickman, Clerk of the Circuit Court -of
Obion County, Tennessee, an original -attachment,
returnable to the January
term, 1909, of the Circuit Court of Obion
County, Tenri., against the estate of the
defendant, Rice A. Pierce, upon affidavit
of the said plaintiff, by her next friend,
W. II. Wicker, that said defendant was
justly due her in the sum of $10,000.00
damages, for the seduction of and breach
of promise to marry her, the said Fleecy
Jane Davis, for recovery of which she
had sued defendant, and that the defend
ant had removed himself from the State
of Tennessee and concealed himself so
that the ordinary process of law could
not be served upon him; and the said
attachment having been levied upon the
defendant's property, subject to the life
estate of Mrs. F. P. Pierce, the same be
ing certain real estate situated in the 15th
Civil District of Obion County, Tenn.,
and an order of publication having been
made by tiie court at its May term, 1909,
New Perfection oil stoves Voin:
K. -I T i ' tUllili-
Brothers In Trouble.
In Number Seven near Mount Telia
t Monday John Caudel seriously in
jured his brother, Marvin, with a knife.
John and a little brother were disputing
and Marvin went up to the room to
pacify them, with the result that Marvin
was stabbed in the shoulder. The boys
are the sons of Fred Caudel.
First Christian Church.
Next Sunday night at the First Chris
tian Church the pastor, Rev. J. J. Castle-
berry, will preach on the subject be was
to have spoken on last Sunday night,
"The Angel in the Moon." Also serv
ices Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. A
cordial invitation is extended to all.
Now is the
prices on coal.
time to
Call 150.
get summer
Prize Shooting Gallery
Don't fail to visit the new amusement
parlor now open in your city. Four big
prizes given away each week to the one
making the highest score in ten shots.
Prizes awarded every Saturday night.
Call around and try your skill and win
a handsome prize. It's just like getting
money from home. Good music, fine
rifles and smokeless cartridges. Every
body welcome.
Mrs. O. B. White Entertains.
A recent enjoyablo event was the re
ception given by Mrs. G. B. White in uPn affidavit of plaintiff, by her attor-
honor of her guest, Mesdames Paschal ney' 1 at aefendant was a non-resident
Harrison and R. Rip1,n,-f r,t ir( of th.e State of Tennessee, and had ab-
' scouueu anu aosenteu nimseit
so that
uuu wits ueauuiuuy ueco- the ord narv nrocess of law i,M nr.
rated in a profusion of cut flowers and be served upon him. Now therefore, in
ferns. ... pursuance of said order and attachment,
Mrs. White was assisted in receiving thif PuWicatiofaismade inTheCommer-
t, Tir;ca ni: t it , ua'i a newspaper puonsned in union
by Miss Oliver, of -Martin, and the City, Tetin., for four consecutive weeks,
hostess. . land Raid iMortart Pino A p;,,-
The i informality of the occasion hereby required to appear before said
added greatly to the enjoyment A c,ircult Court, at the courthouse in Union
feature of the afternoon was a charm- 2niL.. s i.
,., . . . First Monday in September,
ing musical program, both instrumental M,f . . SJ .L
and vocal, rendered by Miss Oliver, ment suit, or the same will be proceeded
who is a new favorite with local music with ex parte.
lovers. The large diningroom was adow J. A. RFrcvrcs
with American beauty roses, the table Clerk of the Circuit Court for Obion
was handsome with its corner of linen
and cluny lace and center piece of a tall
cut glass vase filled with American
beauty roses and ferns. Places for the
guests were marked by cards and a rose.
A tempting menuo was daintily served
by the hostess.
County, Tenn.
By T. L. Lancaster, Deputy Clerk.
mrougn Sleeping Car to Chicago
Via Mobile & Ohio Railroad.
By virtue of an execution from the
Chancery Court of Obion County,
Tennessee, in the cause of Z. W.
Nichols et al. vs. J. W. Boyd, directed
to the Sheriff of said , cnnntv T will
Train No. 2 leaving Union Citv at sell to the hiehest bidder, for rnsli nf.
11.45 a. m. daily carries a Pullman the door of the courthouse in Union
drawingroom sleeping car, destined City, Tennessee, Saturday, July 31,
through to Chicago, 111., via St. Louis 1909. two certain tracts of land aHinin-
and the Chicago & Alton R. R. "Take ing each other lying in Civil District
the Chicago Sleeper north." For full No. 11 of Obion County, Tennessee.
nformation and reservations apply to and described as follows:
nearest agent of the Mobile & Ohio R. The first tract bounded on the north
R. or H. E. Jones, Jr., Traveling Pas- and west by lands formerly beloneinff
A if nr...... I.- iit , D
senger Agent, Meridian, Miss,
Jno. M. Beall,
Gcnl. Pass. Agent, St. Louis, Mo.
to Worsham; on the south by the lands
of L. Bingham (formerly); and on the
east by the lands of L. X. Wright's
heirs, containing GO acres, more or
The second tract begins at a stake in
said Wright's heirs (formerly) south
boundary line and Carter's northwest
corner; runs thence north 89 degrees
west 92 poles to a stake with two
hickory pointers; thence south 26 poles
and 2 links to a stake with white oak
To Courtney Henry.
W. E. Jackson. John A. Jackson
Mrs. Nora Burnett, P. G. Burnett,
and Mrs. Salhe Jackson,
vs. - i
Pauline Henry and Courteney Henry.
In the above styled cause, nendinsr in
the County Court of Obion Conntv.
Tenn., before A.J. Lawson. Countv pointers 3 feet northeast of said corner:
Judge, it appearing from the petition, thence north 89 degrees east 92 poles
which is sworn to. that the defendant to a stake in Carter's (formerly) west
Courteney Henry is a non-resident of line; thonce north 2(5 poles and 2 links
tiie btateof Tennessee, he is therefore l ule oeguinmg, containing lo acres
hereby required to appear on before the nlore. or less-
First Monday of August, 1909, w T ,g. llon,e place of
. xju, nnu ueiug me lanu con-
- v ' " V. ."I -J III 1 I L J1 I ..... j . . . I .TT I 1 I Tl 11 , -. 1 1
Obion Countv. Tenn.. at his office
1 1 1 m I
I'V ClftUHJdl llllll. ALIU I nml oiihinnt i-n 4I. 1 . 1
or the petition will be taken as con-
to the
fessed. It is further ordered that this
notice be published for four consecu
tive weeks in the Union City Commer
cial. This June 16th, 1909.
County Court Clerk.
F. J. Smith, Attorney for Petitioner.
rights of
J. W. Boyd therein, to satisfy said
This June 15, 1909. v
T. J. Easterwood,
Sheriff of Obion County, Tenn.
Stop at Carter's for fresh groceries,
cold drinks and take a look at the fruit
flowered, dishes.
F. P. Carter & Co,, Rives, Tenn.
1 il

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