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Union City,
EPTEMBER 29 and 30.
Judge J. E. Jones.
Judge Josopli K. Jones,' who becanie
a national character by reason of his trial
of the Nightriik'rs at Union City, is a
candidate for re-election
We are informed, that a hard fight is
being made, and will be made against
Judge Jones deserves re-election with
out a fight.
It is unfair that he should be com
polled to go upon the stump from town
to town in bis district, and bear the
burden, and labor, and expense of a
When Judge Jones went into the Night-
rider case, he took his life into his own
hands. He encountered opposing forces
and obstacles that would have appalled
4. man of less courage. As he saw his
duty, he attempted to discharge it to
".'the letter.
A unique situation confronted Judge
Jones. An oath-bound secret organiza
tion formed in his district. They held
their oath to be above the law of the
land, and instead of obeying legal an
thorities, took orders from men who
were striking at the roots of society
They did murder, and they claimed
they had a right to do it. They assassi
nated a lawyer, and, in so many words,
stated to the court: "What are you
going to do about it. "
Judge Jones' election should come
from the asking for the office.
His friends in the district should
make his campaign for him.
Of course, any lawyer has a right to
run against Judge Jones, but it does
seem that his opponent should curb his
ambition to succeed him this time. To
defeat Judge Jones will be to give ap
proval to the acts of those who at
tempted to throttle the law in Obion
We do not know whether Attorney
Ge,neral Caldwell of that district is a
candidate for re-election. If he offers,
he, also, should be returned.
The Commercial Appeal knows little
of Judge Jones' personal politics, and
cares less. It makes no difference to
us whether he is a Tatterson Democrat,
a. squaw Democrat, a State-wider, or
local optionist. He is a good Tennes-
ean: lie is an nonor to tne oencii
In spite of the fact that the Supremo
Court reversed the decision of his court,
Judge Jones.did put the fear of the law
into the hearts of the lawless, and the
lawless should not be permitted to re
joice in his ueieat Commercial Ap-
(No. 3910)
First National Bank
in the State of Tennessee, at the close of
business September 1, 190'J.
Loans and Discounts $191,810.30
Overdrafts, secured and un
secured 6,049.88
V. S. Bonds to secure circu
lation 50,000.00
Bonds, securities, etc 2,400.00
Banking House, Furniture
and Fixtures 4,000.00
Due from National Banks
(not reserve agents) $12,929.09
Due from State and Private
Ranks and Bankers. Trust
Companies and -Saving's
Banks 3,795.27
Due from Approved Reserve
Agents 12,388.95
Checks and other cash items 261.22
Notes of other National
Banks 2,130.00
Fractional Paper Currency,
Nickels, and Cents 42.41
Lawful Money Reservb
in Bank, viz:
Specie 10,651.35
Jegal tender notes 14.000.00
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer (5 per cent, of
Capital Stock paid in
Surplus fund
Undivided Profits, less ex
penses and taxes paid
National Bank notes out
Due to State Banks and
Rinkers 4.280.00
Individual Deposits subject
to check 173.159.57
Cashier's checks outstand
ing 2,000.00
Total $312,958.47
State of Tennessee
County of Ohion.
I, Walter Howell, cashier of the
above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
Walter Howell, Cashier,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 9th day of September, 1909.
. J. A. v hipple,
Seal. Notary Public,
Correct Attest:
L. S. Parks,
H. A. Beck, Directors
E. V. Caldwell,
Card of Thanks.
Dear Friends: We desire through this
paper to thank each one of you lor the
assistance rendered us during the illness
and death of our little boy, for the kind
words of sympathy given us in our be
reavement, and for tiro many beautifal
flowers placod upon the grave of our
less you all."
erbebt Egberts.
darling.. Ala-
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J. W. WQOSLEY, Sec, Union City, Tenn.
The Civic League.
Our last regular meeting was so in
structive wo are loth to let it pass with
out some little notice.
,,Iu. response to an invitation from our
president, Mrs. Eice A. Pierce, we were
honored with a very interesting and in
structive address by Mayor GardnexIthe
subject of sewerage being freely :hnd
fully discussed. 1
Mayor Gardner fully and forcibly con
vinced us of what a herculean task it
would be to undertake to sewer the
town at present, under financial diffi
culties. 'Tis well that our enthusiasm
should be tempered with the cool, sound
judgment of some strong man.
Mayor Gardner also, in a clear, lucid
and entertaining way, explained to us
the obligations of the board to the town,
thejr financial condition, so that every
one present could easily grasp the situ
ation, his remarks being occasionally
interspersed with good humored banter
which created a ripple of laughter dur
ing the entire afternoon, the occasion
being so pleasant that quite a good deal
of business had to be postponed until
our next meeting, the most important
being the next movement towards im
proving the appearance of our little city.
At a former meeting Mrs. Preston sug
gested an ornamental fence around the
park, while our president advocated and
suggested an arch at the main entrance
illuminated with electric lights.
Having been criticised some by those
who favored beautifying the town to the
exclusion of everything else, we are be
ginning to turn our attention from clean
ing up, disinfecting ditches and stag
nant pools, etc., to the artistic and
beautiful, yet we realize we must be
made clean before we can really be
made beautiful proper, and this brings
to our mind a little impromptu address
at a former meeting by Mrs!" A. L. Bre
vard, prefacing her remarks from a quo
tation from David Copperfield, which so
aptly applied to the question being dis
cussed. On being asked what to do with
David, was answered with the sage re
mark, "Wash him." Mrs. Brevard
making it applicable to our town said,
Wash it." She also alluded to a fact
that niany did not know, that she her
self and Mrs. Pierce were the first ladies
in Union City who had succeeded in
raising funds to furnish something orna
mental and useful for our little town.
She also spoke of the g -rous response
to their appeals for funds by many of
6lr most prominent citizens.
Now we hope by another year to be
able to furnish some marked improve
ment in our town. Just watch the Civic
League grow and expand; but oh, you
Union City. A Member.
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Face Burned. "
The friends of the good lady regret
that Mrs. E. N. Church, while canning
tomatoes this week, was painfully in
jured. Mrs. Church was sealing a can,
which exploded, and the hot liquid
splashed in her face, burning her badly,
especially around the eyes.
Hoppity Hop.
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"Ye Singin' bchooi iteglnment."
An entertainment on the style of the
"Deestrick SkuleK" but representing an
old fashioned singing school, when they
taught by minims, breveand crotchet5'!
and made the bashful swains and timid
maidens rise and fall up and down the
scale by means of fa-sol-do-sol, etc.,
will be given in Eeynolds Opera House
on Friday evening, September 17, for
the benefit of the Confederate monu
ment fund. This is a cause in which
every patriotic citizen of Obion County
should help.
Early in October the monument will
be erected on a spot to be selected by a
committee of well known ladies, and
will consist of a granite base, sur
mounted by a shaft of Tennessee mar
ble, which will support the figure of a
Confederate soldier executed in Italian
marble. '
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Then watch it closely. And above all
tilings don't let it suffer for any length
of time with worms that is fatal. If
it's complexion gets yellow and pasty, j
if it yr f listless, cross or peevish,
ielhool f
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, Public Readings and Physical Culture.
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thin, suffers with flatulence, give it
White's Cream Vermifuge. Tbe-only
cure that never fails and has no bad ef
fects. Sold by Nailling Drug Co. '
Corn Light Bread.
Take meal sufficient to prepare a good
sized dish of mush, add to this hot wa
ter, not boiling, and stir to the consis
tency of thick mush. Leave-standing
in a warm place for ah hour, then add
to this one quart of milk warm water.
Stir in meal again sufficient to make a
stiff mush which cover up and keep in
a warm place out of a draught until it
rises, which will require several hours.
In the meantime, should water rise to
the surface, take meal and flour mixed.
sufficient to thicken (a saucer full will
suffice) and stir into the quantity, re
turn it to the warm place and in a com
paratively short time it will rise and be
ready for the next process. Have the
vessel or vessels well greased with lard
and a paper in the bottom. Keep the
vessel warm. To the preparation add
one cup of sugar, one egg, one heaping
teaspoonful of baking powder, one heap
ing tablespoonful of lard (melting it be
fore adding) and salt as for other bread.
Beat the mixture well together and
pour into the vessel, placing it in a
good hot stove and bake as cake or
other bread. -
I have never failed since learning how
to make corn light bread by this recipe.
Mrs. M. E. Edwards. ,
First Christian Churck
Eegular preaching services at tl First I
Christian Church Sunday morning at 11 1
o'clock and Sunday night at 7
-aI Both
services win oeconuuetea by tare
r ii i t
J. Castleberry. A cordi . ere
is extended to all.
J. W. Thorn.
' J. W. Thorn, a citizen of thiky,"
died last Thursday, Sept. 2, 1909, at the
age of 74 years. . ' .
Mr. Thorn was for many years a citi
zen of Number Six, residing two miles
north of Troy, where he conducted a
farm successfully. He was twice mar'-,
ried, his first wife having died many
years ago. He was married again, the
last time to Mrs. Hornbeak who lived
in the vicinity of Woodland Mills. For
some years Mr. Thorn has been in de
clining health, resulting in his death
last week. Two sons survive Mr. Thorn.
Deceased was a member of the Metho
dist Church and a man of good quali
ties. He was quiet in his habits, -honorable
and highly esteemed.
The remains were conveyed Friday to
Mount Ararat for burial. Services were
conducted by Eev. Joyner, of Troy.
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