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Oat Bj
Special Prize-$25.00 Ladies' Gold Watch
To be given away July 31st.
A Wheat Bass
A River's Tragedy.
Down by tho flowing river,
Tliere on the sands one night,
Where tho waters gleamed
Under the moon's soft light,
A sigh from a woman's bosom
Betrayed her presence there,
With the night dew of Heaven
Kissing her waving hair.
Forever the burden of pain so keen
Destroys all hope, it seems. ,
There's naught but the river with its
silver sheen.
The thought, Father, one thought be
tween, .
That offers rest to a. broken life,
The rest I crave after the touch v
Of wedded hand parted now
Divorced by only a man.
- And from her pretty hand -Slipped
a circle of gold
And fell on the soft wet sand.
Always she cried in the dusky gloom
With no thought of sunny noon.
One step nearer toward the misty stream
That onward swept while she in a dream
Wept and saw the shadow between.
O'er the beautiful hills and giant trees
The King of Day with his goblet of gold
Pierced the veils of dawn and smiled,
In his beautiful way, on the flowing river,
And briar roses that bloomed in masses
And lined the stream that rushed with
a swish,
With its burden of death a woman
fair s
With a thorn in her chestnut hair.
Tile in Roads.
Illinois has been experimenting with
under-drainage for roads for several
years, and in last year's report the State
Commissioners say it is impossible to
build a road over one of those seepy
slopes either of the hard or dirt kind.
With this information, and from obser
vation, and with tile on my farm, which
is the oldest in the county, caused me
to have to make a statement "in order
to show what I did with the money I
collected last year. The report is as
H. Dietzell $5 00
Lock Alexander... 5 00
W. P. Nash 5 00
Will Stalcup 1 00
S. S. Alexander 2 00
T. h- Brnnsford 2 50
George Nash 1 50
V. K. White 1 00
Torn Revnolds 3 00
Dorrell Harris - 5 00
M. E. Harelson 2 00
S. P. Harris 2 00
Hiiirh Curlin 1 00
"Will Warterfleld 5 00 $41 00
To Baker & Walker, 30 rods at 50c..$15 00
For tile 3 25
Extra work , I 00
forty rods at 40c ' 16 00
Pitzer & Bntts, hauling 1 50
Purslev. haulinn 3 25
All work done by me to date S 00 $48 00
Balance due. $7 00
Hardy & Whipple, gift of cull tile $17 50
This tile extends north from Mr. Law
son Caruthers' to Robt. Scott's home,
emptying in a cesspool at foot of slope,
2i feet below drain ditch, and will re
main in that condition until extended
As to its success: For five months last
winter the water ran over the top of the
rool. which is sufficient test. This line
is on one side only, being limited from
unbelief, although I tried to strengthen
their faith by offering (o give them back
their money if the tile did not run off
the water. I did not ask any one for a
nickel who was not interested. Now if
you don't believe I had a job, you try it.
I want to thank each and every one,
separately and collectively, for their aid
in this job. That this may be a test
job, I want the County Court to finish
it by putting in a line on the opposite
side with leads running across to the
opposite side through seapes, and get a
man to do it who knows how better
than I do.
I now ask our commissioner and con
tractor to actept this job as a present to
the county, and to keep the cesspool
clean, a job I have been doing, and a
very important one, as every one who
has tile knows. D. II.
Doctors Endorse It.
Lang Bros., Druggists, Paducah,
Ky., write: -"We sell more of Menden
hall's Chill and Fever Tonic than all
others combined, having retailed over
700 bottles in one season. It is pre
scribed largely by the physicians here."
Sold by Red Cross Drug Store.
for sale by
Alexander & Tisdale
Deering Building
In Memory of John William Brad
shaw. Death loves a shining mark, they say,
And one we loved has passed away
To join the happy angel band.
The smiling face we loved so well..
The voice that echoed in the dell,
The friend that we used to greet,
Has gone and leaves a vacant seat.
On summits of tho other shore,
Beside the bright and golden door,
The angel guides in robes of white
Lead our dear brother through the night.
The heart that ever seemed so free,
The form that all were glad to see,
The smile that always was so sweet,
Has gone and there's a vacant seat.
Farewell 1 dear one, fare thee well!
And where the happy angels dwell
I know you have found a quiet rest,
A home where all the pure is blest.
Real Estate Transfers.
J. P. Garland et al. to W. L. Alex
ander, lot in Union City, $4,500.
Will Taylor and wife to Josh Jones,
lot in Woodland Mills, $165. .
W. J. Goodman and wife to W. C.
Culberson, 100 acres in District No. 6,
W. B. Lanes to P. H. Lanes, interest
in land in No. 16, $50.
M. M. Morris to Thos. O. Morris, lot
in Obion, $200.
J. H. Ragsdale to W. P. Rogers, lot
in No. 13, $250.
E. M. Wilson to A. O. Corum, 75
acres in No. 5, $2,400.
J. F. Carter and wife to Mrs. Bettie
M. Harrison, lot in Union City, $800,
J. D. Swafford to J. D. Alexander et
al., interest in land in No. 2, $1,700.
T. D. and G. A. Bryan, to Mary Dud
ley, lot in No. 1, $150.
. '
Married Five Couples Sunday.
Fulton, Ky., July .26. Sunday
was a busy day for Magistrate J. T,
iutrell, inilton's far-fameu marrying
'squire. During the day he married
five couples from four different towns
in Kentucky and Tennessee. The first
couple, Miss Crostic and Hoyt Youree,
drove over from Moscow, Ky. They
left home telling their parents they
would attend church, but instead hast
ened with all speed to Fulton and were
married while sitting in their buggy.
Archie Johnson and Miss Viola
French, from Dukedom, Tenn., were
married next. The pretty bride is a
niece of Mr. Futrell:
The next was a double wedding, the
contracting parties being Miss Formey
Owens and Pleas Rollins, Miss Eva
Webb and Clem Pickins, all of whom
live in Wingo, Ky.
Miss Efne Wilkins and George King,
prominent Crutchfield, Ky., people,
made the fifth couple.
Marriage License.
Archie Johnson and Miss Viola
French. . - ' f,
Pleas Rollins and Miss Fljinie Owens.
Clem Pickens and Miss iva Webb.
George King and Miss Effie Wilkins.
Hoyt Youree and Miss Mary Crostic.
W. N. Covington and Miss Fannie
Hester Gray and Miss Arel Owens.
Judson Gray and Miss Delia Owens.
J. C. Henley and MissLula Hargrove.
C. L. Brock and Miss Florence Irby.
C. P. Mason and Miss Mamie Smith.
J. J. Allen and Miss Bessie Mason.
N. E. Holmes and Miss Willie Col
lins. .
Clarence Odom Miss Shellie Wilson.
C. O. Williams and Miss Tommie
Horace H. Hughes and Ruth Sim
John E. Church and Miss Ellen
H. D. Wilson and Miss Lena Powers.
What Merit Will Do.
Meyer Rros. Drug Co., St. Louis,
write: We believe that merit is the
prime factor in creating the demand
for MendehaH'a Chill and Fever Tonic.
It ranks among our best sellers." Sold
on a signed guarantee by Ked Uross
Drug Store.
When Doing: Concrete Wor
T. L. Dransford (EL Sons
Exclusive Agents.
Death of C. E. Cobb.
Chas. E. Cobb, one of the older citi
zens of Union City, died early Wednes
day morning, July 28, at his home on
West Church street, of heart troubl
and hardening of the arteries, aged 72
Mr. Cobb was a native of Maine and
located in this city soon after the war,
He was married to his first wife
Maine and to them was born one child
who died in childhood. Mr. Cobb en
listed as a Confederate soldier and it is
said served through the war as gallantly
and bravely as the bravest Southerner,
Evidently he followed the dictates
his convictions, otherwise he could not
have joined the Confederate service.
Mr. Cobb was born Oct. 2, 1830. He
was therefore nearly 73 years of age
About twenty years ago, his first wife
having passed away some years before
i he was married to Miss Dean, a sister
of Thos. Dean, of this city, and to them
were born four children as follow
Mrs. Harry Lorhe, of Blytheville, Ark
Lula, Eulalee and John Edwin Cobb
at home witli Mrs. Cobb.
Mr. Cobb was a member of the Metho
dist Church. For some years he was
engaged in the grocery business and
succeeded, but his attention turned to
real estate, and he accumulated ex
tensively in city property. Mr. Cobb
was always a busy man, but pleasant in
his business dealings, generous, hon
orauie, anu a citizen wno was very
generally and highly esteemed. His
service in the Confederacy and his
citizenship proved him to be a man of
good parts, and his departure is greatly
Services were held at the residence
yesterday morning, conducted by Rev.
Sellers. At the cemetery the Confeder
ate comrades took charge of the re
mains and buried them with Confeder
ate honors. The ritual was delivered
by Dr. F. M. McRee.
Obion County Telephone Notes.
The "Central Energy" proposition
is now talked of and many of our direct
ors and stockholders are of the opinion
that it can and ought to be put in
Give us the best possible service, is the
unanimous verdict. Jackson, Paducah
and all the larger cities use this system
Why not Union City? Let the good
people of Union City say so, and it will.
W e are busy selling the stock and
making arrangements to begin oper
ation. Operators and linemen will be need
ed soon and we would like to have
your application. Some have come in
W e want to begin with the first 100
subscribers and will have connection
now with most all of western Kentucky
and many in this and adjoining counties
in Tennescee.
W. G. Reynolds,
Pres. Obion Co. Tel. Co.
We use only the Best Ma
terial in Concrete Work.
T. L. Dransford CO. Sons
We are offering this week, ending Saturday evening, July 24, a1- 6 o'clock, 1 0,000
extra free votes with every $ 1 0.00 turned in on subscription, new subscribers, renew
als and back subscriptions. Next week, ending July 3 1 , the same offer, wr'th the ex
ception that the extra free vote will be rednced to 9,000, will be made. The extra
free vote will be given to everyone for every $ 1 0.00 turned in on subscriptions, as
stated. The third week the extra free votes will be reduced to 8,000 and diminished
1,000 votes each week until the close of the contest. i
As we have stated, this is the most important period of the contest. Everyone
can readily see that the vote offered for subscription this week is the largest at any
time during the contest and the largest that will be offered. The work done this we;ek
counts more than at any other time, hence it is important that those contestants who
are really in earnest to do
One of of the fine pianos can now be see in the Union City Bank & Trust Co.'s
building. See it. Examine it. Get busy, girls.
The Commercial, Union City.
A clerk-carrier civil service examina
tion will be held at the city postoffice
in Union City, Tenn., August 25, 1009.
For application blanks, instructions,
etc., call on or address the local secre
tary, Union City. Tenn. No application
will be accepted unless properly filed
with the secretary on or before August
When Union City Citizens Show the
Certain Way Out.
lhere can be no just reason why any
reader of this will continue to suffer the
tortues of an aching back, the annoy
ance of urinary disorders, the dangers of
diabetes or any kidney ills when relief
is so near at hand and the most positive
proof given that they can be cured.
Read what a Union City citizen says:
H. T. Dunn, veteran, living on East
Matthews street, Union City, Tenn.,
says: JVly wife was subject to head
aches, pains through her limbs and
back, and a weakness of tho kidneys,
which was very annoying. At times it
was hard for her to stoop, lift or rest
comfortably. On using Doan's Kidney
Pills she was cured of the disease. I
have also taken this remedy and have
found the best of results. "
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
To All Whom It May Concern.
Next Tuesday, Aug. 3, is the day for
the annual graveyard working at
Pleasant Hill. Let all who have friends
relatives buried at Pleasant Hill
come and bring your axes, rakes, mow
ers, etc. Let us come to put the cem
etry in 'good shape.
Very Creditable.
The Union City Bank and Trust Co.,
Union City, Tenn., makes a very cred
itable statement to the auditor at the
close of business on June 30. President
Whitesell and Cashier Herley are reli
able bankers who have the confidence
of the people of Obion County. Com
merce Monthly.
New Front.
The business house on First street,
occupied by Mr. Vaden's grocery, js to
have a new plate glass front. The
house belongs to Mr. Luther Park, who
is making the improvements.
! fit
I i tut -f
their best right now.
Church- Cooftsey.
Mr. John Church and Miss Ellen
Cooksey were married at the Baptist
parsonage in this city last Sunday even
ing, July 25, by the pastor, Rev. E. L.
Tho groom is a son of E. N. Church
and the bride a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Cooksey, of this city. They
are both held in popular esteem and are
congratulated by numbers of friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Church are at home at
the residence of the elder Mr. Church
on Palmer street.
LOST Silver, open-face, stom -wind
ing watch, between my home and
Shady Grove. Reward. J. A Cloar. It
Camping on the Lake
A party of young people chaperoned
by Mr. and Mrs. Will Herring and Mr.
and Mrs. Walter JVlcuord are enjoying
a few days at Reelfoot Lake this week
Among the party are Miss Cora Palmer,
Miss Keithley, Misses Phebus, Miss
Mamie Calhoun, Miss Kenna Compton,
Hugh Catron, Caesar Palmer, Grady
Palmer, Howell Palmer, Reece Alex
ander and Jas. Herring and children.
A Oolden Wedding
means that man and wife have lived to
a good old age and consequently have
kept healthy. The best way to keep
healthy is to see that your liver does its
duty 3G5 days out of 305. The only
way to do this is to keep Ballard's
Herbine in the house and take it when
ever your liver gets inactive. 50 cents
per bottle. Sold by Nailling Drug Co.
A Hot Time.
From what we understand the picnic
at Woodland Wednesday and Wednes
day night was somewhat like a Baccha
nalian festival. A great many who
thought they wanted to attend changed
their minds after reaching the scene,
and returned without ceremony. It is
thought that a religious revival could be
recommended at some location con
venient to those who attended and took
part in the picnic.
There is more Cntnrrh in this section of the
country than all other diseases put toirether, and
until the Inst tew years was supposed to be in
curable. For a srreat many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with
local treatment, pronounced it incurable, hcience
has nroven cntarrh to be a constitutional disease
and therefore requires constitutional treatment..
Hull's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F, J. Che
ney & Co,, Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitu
tional cure on the market. It is taken internally
in doses from 10 drops to a teasponful. It acts
directly on the blood and raucous surfaces of the
system. They offer one hundred dollars for any
case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testi
monials. Address: V. J. CHENkY & Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Drutrgists, 75c,
Take Hall's Famly Pills for constipation. I
The most valuable
of all the special
prizes will be given
away July 3 1 . This
will be a $25.00 la
dies' gold watch, to "
be given to the con
testant turning in
the most subscriptions-new
ers, renewals and
back subscriptions
from July 1 9 to
July 31, at 6 o'clock
p.m. This is the
best special prize to
be offered, and is
alone worth an ef
fort to win. All
girls can compete
for this, except the
winners bf the sil
verware and locket,
but all votes count
in the piano contest
on long time. Low
rates. See or write
Union City, Tenn.
We want boys and girls who want to"
earn money easily and quickly by so
liciting subscriptions to the daily and
weekly Memphis News Scimitar. Don't
think because you are small or young,
you can not take on this work, as you
can do it as easily as older persons.
We pay you the same as we pay men
and women. Your spare time working
for us will pay you handsomely, not in
watches, prizes or cheap premiums, but
in cash. Write us to-day for complete
outfit and how to make money easily.
Address, Manager Circulation, .
Premiums for Everything
The South does and can
grow at the
Memphis, Tennessee
Sept. 28-0ct. 9, 1909
Cash prizes for Horses,
Mules, Hogs, Fat Cattle,
Milch Cows, Sheep, Chick
ens, Ponies, Cotton, Grain,
Hay, Fruits.
Classes for amateurs and
professionals Big show for
Send for catalogue.
Tri-Slate Fair Association
S.MNeely, Pre. R. M. William. Sec.

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