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III . -
Some Swell Stationery
JUt5 I
- A
or let us send you a half
dozen boxes for a selection
Red Gross Drug $tore
Mr, Thad Lee is at Dawson Springs.
Davis was in Obion last week;
Mr,' Alva Reeves was in Obion Tues
Meet me at Dahnke's.
Dr, D. M. Pearee was in Fulton last
"week. '
Mrs. Thipps, of Martin, was a visitor
here this week.
Jas. K. Murphy was a visitor in St.
Louis last week.
Walters' hack line for Gibbs at 7 p.m.
Mrs. Nannie Little wild daughter are
visiting in Chicago.
Dr. W. M. Turner Sirs returned from
Fort Worth, Texas.
.. , i
Miss Ruth Maveety is visiting friends
" in Newbern this week.
Latimer & McCutdian, the cash shoe
Mrs. Ed Roberts and sister, Miss Vera,
went to Rives Sunday.
Miss Hattie Johnson visited friends at
Lane's Ferry last week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. White will return
. to Dallas, Texas, Friday. .
. Union City Trailing School begins its
22d year Wednesday, Sept. 1, 8:30 a.m.
Mr. and Mrs. IT. W. Scott, of Obiou,
" were in the city !ft week.
Mr, and Mrs. Claude Whitley are at
Creal Springs fur ten days.
Miss Gladys Jfebuey, of Obion, was
a recent visitor in the city.
Latimer & McCwtelian, the cash .-hoe
store. . "
Mrs. Chester Brwin, of Rives, was iu
the city shopping Tuesday.
Miss Carrie Moses, of Hornbeak, vis
ited friends here last week.
Mrs. Dr. Huat,of Mayfield, is in the
city, the guest & friends.
get summer
Now is the
prices on coal.
ne to
;11 150.
' Miss Gertrude lane has returned from
a visit to friends bib Martin.
Mr. Joe Rqgeie and children are
spending the wedk in Kenton.
Miss Ruth Caldwell is the guest of
Miss Theloia, Ckra-r iear Troy.
Latimer &. MoOutehan, the cash shoe
Miss Gertrude Layne has returned
- from a visit to Martin friends.
Mr. Ward Rudobjb, of Melber, Ky.,
visited relatives here last week.
Mrs. S. A. Rodgereaand children vis
ited near Hickman Wednesday.
Union City Traming.chool begins its
22d year Wednesday, .Sept. 1, 8:30 a.m.
Mrs. Chas. Burehard iis. at Martin for
a two weeks' visit with aelatives.
Miss Katherine Morris is convalescent
from the effects of a seete,cold.
Mrs. Malcom R. Pattewon is in the
-city at the home of her jaaimnts.
Latimer & McCutchaiv, fthe.cash shoe
Mrs. Ilaydon Tliomasson, ;tf Missis
sippi, is the guesfof relatives here.
Mrs. S. A. Rogers and children at
tended the picnic at Rives Tuesday.
Mrs. Geo. Harris, of Brazil., is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Annie B. Harm.
A! kinds of Coal at Union City lee
& Coal Co. ,
S. A. Rodgers, the mule buyer, was ua
the vicinity of Jackson Hill last week.
Misses Louise and Margaret Carter
are guests of Mrs. Arch Johnson at
Little Miss Evelyn Burton, of Fulton,
is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. E. C.
Hawes. '
Union City Training School begins its
22d year Wednesday, Sept. 1, 8:30 a.m.
Mrs. Harry Edwards and Mrs. D. A.
Edwards will return from Bersheba to
morrow. Miss Evelyn Bulton.of Fuiton, Ky.,
is visiting her aunt, Mrs. E. C. Hawes,
this week. -
Latimer & McCutchan, the cash shoe
- Misses Olive Duncan and Evelyn
Roddy are visiting friends in Kenton
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller Waddell have
returned from an extended trip to At-
lantic City.'' '
Union City Training School begins its
22d year Wednesday, Sept. 1, 8:30 a.m.
J. H. Faircloth, of Inka, Miss., was
here this week to attend the funeral of
G. S. Hardy.
Mr. John Fdnley, of Mississippi, was
a visitor this woek at the home of Dr.
T. D. Edwards. .
Miss Ruth Coleman left Tuesday for
Oran, Mo., :to begin teaching in the
high school there.
Mrs. R. Ireen and little daughter,
Willo Green, returned this week from a
visit in Kentucky.
WANTED TO SELL Good, sound,
gentle buggy horse. Suitable for lady
to dryve. Call for particulars this office.
Miss Bessie Coleman, went to Mai
den, Mo., Sunday to visit her sister,
Mrs. E. L. Coleman.
Miss Hattie Milam has returned to
her home near Glass, after a pleasant
visit to relatives here. '
W. A. and L. A. Smith, of Troy,
were in the city yesterday to attend the
funeral of G. S. Hardy.
Johnnie Sowell, the little son of Mrs.
T. E Massey, is improving. He has
been quite ill with fever.
Little Nina Richardson, granddaugh
ter of Mrs. Preston, is convalescent
after a -severe spell of illness.
Dantnonds are an exceptionally good
investment at present. The goods ad
vanced T per cent, last week. We re
sellug'Ours at old prices.
Bransford & Andrews.
Dir. H. R. Baxter, of Dresden, wae in
the c3ty '.this week visiting the home of
Mr. :and Mrs. F. W. Prestoa.
Mws Marcella Davidson, aSter -seventl
weektay in Dyer, has retanmed t Ihor
Iboume'airEast Harrison street.
J. L. llaguewood, of Rutherford, -we
im the icity this week attending rtfa
frajaersBf his friend, G. S. Handy.
Row. VW. C. Sellers reunned Utow
KeRfcuds:v this week to oanllsAOt
services mt the funeral of G. fi. Hardy
A. A. iPhillips joined a Reelfoefc Lake
aBrjiing jparty at Obion last -week :and
spent several days delightfully fifflsung.
Middle Tennessee.; . Judge Higgins is
known a$ a fine gentleman and a good
judge, and his appearance indicates
that this reputation is well founded. ",
Prpscntt. Ark.. Mrs. John Cald
well writes and incloses a picture of
their . new. home, a very attractive resi
dence. We would certainly be glad to
have'many such well kept and comfort
able residences in our own city. There
are numbers of good people here who
remember their Arkansas friends very
What vou want at a i'jwelry store is
absolute reliability. You have to de
pend on the jeweler's word for so many
things about which you don t Know any
thing yourself 'hat you should care
fully select the one to trade with. Our
house is a reliable one.
, :.. , Bransford & Andrews.
The families of M. F. White, W. W.
Mays, Oscar Forrester, J, E. Jones, ac
companied by a number of young ladies
Misses Lilly Nolen, Lilly Moore and
Oral Pace also Esq. S. F. Howard
enjoyed a picnic and fishfry at Sul
phur Springs last Wednesday. The
party spent the day in the woods in the
various out-door amusements and pleasures.
Mrs. E. J. Clifton, of Helena, Ark.,
and two little daughters, Ruth and Ruby,
are the guests of Mrs. J. R. Vaught at
Old Fremont. Mrs. Clifton was Miss
Emma Jackson, the daughter of G. W.
Jackson, a well known resident of Obion
Countv. " Mrs. Clifton and Mrs. Vaught
are sisters and this is the first time they
have met in twenty-three years.
Mrs. C. E.'Trevathan has returned to
Union City to locate among her friends
at home. ' Mrs. Trevalhan is now asso
ciated with Dr. H. B. Morton in the
practice of osteopathy, medical and
suggestive therapeutics. The partner
ship was formed at Brownsville where
Dr. Morton resides. Dr. Morton is one
of the reputable physicians of Browns
ville, and the arrangement affords both
the advantages of osteopathy and the
Trt-actiee of medicine, a combination
which is sometimes, probabfy often
times! very much desired. Dr. Morton
will be called to this city when needed.
Mrs. Trevathan has been located for
-some time in Weakley County, where
she has treated a large numln'r of pa
tients with excellent results. She is
well known in this city among her
friends, and has already rec&ired a num
ber of calls since her return. ,
School of Expression.
The Mariha Fowltes S&wJl -of Ex
pression in connection with 'the 'City
High School will be opened Sept. 7
an announcement of which appears ika
another columna. Miss Fowlfiaes retuwjs
to Union City ndiere -eie iis wJll 'known,
indorsed by tfbe liiigfeest ;awthority .s
"Miss Mantik Fowftes ihiw -.the .mg-ikrt
ideas, and the true gMosapliy of so&
developmemt. She differs from ithe orll
nary teaehers .of expression, just BS'th
genuine in everything differ from itfae
imitation. Mks FowiSkes' iiurterprctwf!
powers and genuine ilwe 'for 1he wotfk,,
added to a imagsMitie rpecsonrilry, mdkt
,her the artist that -ehe 3s,'' Both Low
ery, Impersoaaatar and Lectuwir, .Jack
son, Tenn.
"Oxfoni, X-1, Dee. -26 3Io more
artistic or classic prograaa codld be ren
dered than that prseine by fluss Mar-
store. I :am selling kodaks at eet to
loee out nicesent stock. D. P. CalJ well
Book Stone.
Miss Virginia Luten, of Kiekman,
was last week a visitor at the hotifl'of
Mr. and Mow. D. A. Luten ia the dfcy.
Mr. W. Iu Massengill, Jr., of Beati
mont,Txaa, s-the guest of his pareaits,
Mr. and Mrs. VVm. Z. MaMsengill, mear
Mr. Drew Lwten and nephew, Mr.
Walter Luten, felt this week to visit tlie
Seattle Expositwan and other coa
Mr. Smith Parks left the city for
Clarksdale, Mis., itcr several months
work here for the (Cumberland Tele
phone Company.
Robt. Lewis is at hoane from St. Louis
We are already showing a new line of
Ginghams, Percales, Calicoes
and Suitings
for making school dresses for children.
Our line of dress goods, fancy goods and tailored
suits will be larger and better than ever.
Our buyer has devoted his entire attention to
these lines while in the Eastern markets, in
order to give our customers the best
possible styles and values.
Kodaks ft will pay you to call iitt niy'kha Fowlkes, reader., at ieOxfwdbem-
inarv last Friday .eening. Eadi nnm-;
;fcer was voted the west in (turn xmw the
program closed, leaving the awlienee
iloud in their praise ajad lafiplause. The
sfe-iking indiridjiality Of Miss Fowlkes'
wcrrk was particulairfy evident in her
Buowning number, while Tennyson's
Bugle Song displayed the wonderful
deyth. and rangeof Im beaulif ul veiiie. "
Sleigh (N. C.) Nes aad Observer..
Important Meeting
M.t. Foster Hume, district superin
tendent of the Cumberland Telephoae
& Tdlqgraph Company, is to be here
Saturday and meet with tlie stockhold
ers fTilie Obion County Telephone
Compaay at 10 o'clock. The stock
holders -and all interested friends are
called M;eet at the above-stated time
at the courthouse to confer with Mr.
Hume" in ref ard to better service, bet-
and is one of the applicants in the civil j ter iustrumeats, more through lines
service examination for clerk -carrier at I between the towns within the county
the city postoffiee. I for free sen ice aad a satisfattory farm
ers' rate. If these and other matters
ran lip nronerlv adiusted the Obion
We guarantee our diaiwonds to be
what we say they are. We buy them
loose so that we may examine them
and weigh them exactly. People who
buy mounted stones have to take the
dealer's guess at the quality and weight.
Bransford & Andrews.
County Telephone Company may con
sider the advisability of not building at
present. W. G. Reynolds,
Pres. Obioa Co. Tel. Co.
Miss Dora Garrison, who has been'
Swallowed a Door Knob.
ATV S.im Clnvs. who lvos northeast
visiting her sisters, Mrs. Joe Rogers and I oftQwn in tlie vicinity leading to Jor-
J. Davidson, returned to ner ; d f dayg a20 kiuej a SiX.foot
- ,7 -
I snake and, discovering a large lump in
Mrs. W
home in Kenton Saturday.
- - i jiuinv v '"m o J.
Prof. R. H. Bond, of Minnick, was fog body about midway between its head
in the city this week canvassing for the
office of County Court Clerk. He is a
worthy nun and a popular candidate.
Judge Higgins, of Fayetteville, was
in the city this week, mingling with
the people of this city as a candidate
for the Court of Civil Appeals from
and tail, cut the siake open expecting
to find a frog or a rat. Nothing of the
kind, but a plain white door knob. The
knob bad been left in a hen's nest, and
this, together with the fact that some
eggs had been missed, accounts for the
Joss of the door knob.
Don't fail to give us a
looK before you buy.
Miss Littleton Entertains.
Oik Thursday evening Itest, from Sto
11, JKTiss Lila Littleton entertained :a
number of herSriends wi& a lawn fete
at he: homccn Church street. Tlie
,lawn ras lighted . up with .Japanese lan
terns and was .indeed a very pretty
scene. Games were playei, music was
had -od at a kite hour delightful re
freshn9nts were served, after which all
departed for their homes, ithanking the
hosted -for -such t pleasant.evening.
The out-of-town guasts were Miss
Iona iBsmduraiit, of Cairo, , aaid Mr. Hal
Hobsott, of Treirtan.
Parmers Erchange Bank.
The Tsarmers fEichange Batik was or
ganized cn this ct-y on Tuesday after
noon at the courthouse with the elec
tion of the following officers:
Director: S. F. Howard, Cato Da-
is, Jr., H. P. Moss, W. L. White, M.
F- Garrigadi, Sterling P. Stone, 3f. W.
Whipple, W. C. Farrjs, Harris Tarks.
President, W. C. Farius; vu presi-
deut, N. W. Whipple cashier, B.arris
Si-?veral committees m re appointeal to
secure building and to jnake preluta.u
narv arrangeusents for tlie opening of
the Jtank.
Popular Excurion.
The I. C. R. TL Co. will run a special
excursion' train from Covington and in
termediate points to Louisville on Tues
day, Aug. 31, 190i, returning Thurs
day, September 2. The train will pass
Gibbs at 10:30 a. m. and the round-trip
fare will be $3. Separate coaches for
white and colored will be provided. No
baggage will be checked for this train
and no tickets will be sold on the train.
This is a great opportunity to visit
Louisville at low rates.
The Cotton Gin.
The Union City Ginnin Company
will have its cotton gin and building in
this city completed in a few days. The
machinery will be installed and every
thing ready for business long before
cotton picking time. The gin is located
north of the Union City Canning Co.'s
cannery. The 'greater portion of the
building is now completed.
Tent Meeting at Troy.
Rev. Meadows, of Trenton, is in
charge of a union tent meeting now be
ing conducted at Troy. The meeting
is largely attended.
We handle a complete line of Heinzes' Can and Bottle Goods
.,, . . . ALSO gasolene;
give: us vour order
Drs. Trevathan & Morton
Union City and Brownsville, Tenn.,
Offer their services in the practice of osteopathy,
medical and suggestive therapeutics.
At present Mrs. Trevathan is located in Union City with offi
ces at the residence of Mrs. Mary Cary, South First street. After
Sept 10 she will be found at her residence, 201 High street.
Mrs. Trevathan will be assisted in her practice here by Dr.
Morton, a reputable physician of Brownsville, when the services
of that gentleman are required. Mrs. Trevathan has lately been
engaged in treating Weakly County patients with the most sat
isfactory results, and returns home again greatly pleased that
she is enabled to offer the public the advantages or a larger
experience in her work. 23-4t
BY PROF. A. D. STEWART (Vanderbilt).
Sen! f Expressi3m
(Emeror College, Keane, N. Y nd other masters) :
In connection with the Public School. Oratory, Dramatic Art,
Public Readings and Physical Culture.
Fall Term begins September 7, 1 909. Send for Circulars.
Also Studio 2 1 7 1 -2 South First Street

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