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If you are interested in Real Estate, call to see us. We can offer you some excellent bargains in West Tennessee farm lands, or Union City or
Also timber and farmlands all over the country. We also represent some of the leading insurance companies of America. We have a lawyer and no
can abstract your title, write yourdeed and take your acknowledgement all in the same office. We- are proud to state that our business is increasing, a
for some of the leading men in the city and throughout the state, and when you are m the market to buy or sell call to see us. We can help you and y
your business. If you don't see anything in the following list that suits you, call at the office, or telephone 1 43. We have hundreds of them,
No. 77. One 6-room eottage in east
ern part of the city, lot 80x100; a bar
gain ftt $050 cash, j .
No 79. 7 room cottage, located in
north part of city on Cheatham street;
house iu kooU repair, good barn, coal
hou.se, chicken house, a bargain at
$1,000, half cash, balaneo 12 months,
6 per cent.'
No. 80, One-acre lot with two small
cottages on it, southern part of town;
price $700 cash.
No. 81. One nice 5-room cottage, in
good repair, on South Ury street; con
crete walk in front, lot 75x100 feet; a
b'g bargain at $1,050; half cash, balance
12 months, at 6 per cent.
No. 82. Seven large rooms, halls,
bath, front and back porches, two-story,
fine shade, center o town, near public
schools and four churches; lot 120x127,
too large for owner; plenty outhouses,
all in good repair, good garden spot; ask V
aliout it; a real bargain. See us for
price and terms.
No. 52. Co-acre farm, 12 miles west
of Union City, 46 teres in cultivation,
land is rolling but doesn't wash and is
in a high state of cultivation, good 4
rooni house, 2-rooni tenant house, new
30x40 barn, fine well, cistern and spring
on place, good 8x10 cellar walled with
brick and cemented, price, $1,500 cash.
No. 53. Ten-acre farm, half mile
west f the city, all in cultivation, 7
room house, good barn, henhouse,
smokehouse, good orchard, fine water
and shade, well worth the price, $2,500;
half cash, balance 12 months, 6 per
cent. , . .
No. 54. 108-acre farm, one mile east
of Union City, all in cultivation; good
house, new bum, running water through
the place; this ia a bargain at $80 per
acre; half cash, balance 1 and 2 years,
6 per cent interest.
No, 55. 100-acre fajm, 2J miles
south of Harris, Tenn.; 2 houses, one
4 rooms and the other 3 rooms, 2 good
barns, 85 acres iu cultivation; one-third
cash, balance 1 and 2 years; $30 an acre.
No. 56. 92i acres, 5 miles west of
Union City; 75 acres in cultivation, 3 or
4 acres in mixed orchard, good 5-room,
house, good 30x40 barn, place well
fenced and well watered; prico $5,000;
mt cash, balaneo 1 and 2 years, 6 per
cent interest.
No. 57. 227 acres, 5 miles southoast
of the city, ISO acres in cultivation, bal
ance in thnlier; about 50 acres overflows
from Obion river in high rises; fine level
land, houso and barn, also tenant
house; this is a bargain at $50 per acre,
one-third cash', balance 1 and 2 years,
at 6 per cent.
No. 58. 140 acres, 5 miles southeast
of Union City, all iu cultivation; ail good
level land, well- tiled, good 8-room
house, good fences, good outhouses,
fine large barn, nico orchard, beautiful
place to live; can buy it at a bargain.
No. 59. 143 acres fine farming land,
3 miles southeast of Kivcs; 128 acres
cleared, nice house and barns," under a
good fence, can bo bought for $65 an
List your lands with
Telephone 143. Walker
No. 83. 7-rooni, story and h half
house in northeast part of city, good
outhouses, barn and so on, ono-acro lot;
a big bargain at $1,550, ha.f cash, bal
ance 12 months, 6 per cent interest. . ,
No. 84. One nice 2-story, 10-room
house located on East Church street,
Kenton, Tenn.; lot very large, good
barn and outbuildings; $2,250; one-half
cash, balance terms.
No. 85. Two new two-story brick
busines bouses, 25x70 feet, in good lo
cation; price for the two $6,825) will sell .
or exchange for a farm. . -
No. 86. Nice new 5-room cottage, lot
100x132 feet, corner of Grove and West
College streets; price $1,350.
No. 87. Two 3-room cottages on
'Flower street, lots 70x105 feet each;
price $250 each for cash sale.
No. 88. One 3-room frame house in
the northeast part of the city, 00x128
foot corner lot; vity water, good barn,
can buy it for $500, half cash, balance
in eight months at 6 per cent interest.
No. 60. 346 acres, 125 in timber,
balance in cultivation, four miles from
Trenton, Tenn.; good 6-room house,
two good barns 80x40 feet, good or
chard, watered by wells and ponds, in
fair state of cultivation; price $10,000;
half cash, balance on good terms at 6
per cent interest.
No. C2. 950 acres bottom land, all
timber about 3 miles from Tolk Stat
tion; land will grow JO barrels of corn
as soon as cleared; a fine proposition at
$12 an acre. ,
No. 63. 311-acre farm, 4 miles
southwest cf Hives, Tenn.; 130 acres
cleorod, balance in timber; good rich
soil, 170 acres in bottom, 4-room house,
3-room tenant house, 40x50 barn and
good well; price 30 per acre, one-third
cash, balance 1 and 2 years at 6 per
No. 64. 159-acre farm, 140 acres in
cultivation, 19 acres in woods oa the
Troy and Dresden road, 6 miles from
Rives, 5 miles from Crockett, one mile
from church and school, near railroad
station; price $25 per acre, $1,750 cagh,
balance to suit purchases.
No. 65. 75 acres, 60 in cultivation,
highly improved, in three miles of rail
road station; price $65 per acre, one
half cash, balance one and two years
at 6 per cent.
' No. 66. 200-acre farm, located 3
miles west of Clayton. Tenn.; 60 acres
in cultivation, balance iu timber; 4
room house and a 3-roqrn house, good
log barn shedded all around, all up
land; will sell for $3,000, half cash,
balance 12 months at 6 per cent.
No. 70. 125 acres, 60 in cultivation,
fair improvements, in one mile of Clay
ton, Tenn.; price $24 per acre, half
cash balance to suit purchaser.
No. 72. 2,150 acres, all in timber,
fine bottom land, 16 miles ' west of
Humboldt, on the L. k. Ry. Price per
acre, $10,
No. 74. 1,000 acres good bottom
land, 100 in cultivation, jery good
houso and barn; $3,000 worth of oak
and cypress timber, on this land and it
us and if your price
No 80. One lieautifui 5-room cot
tage with S-foot hall, front and back
, porch, nice shade, concrete walk on two
sides, nice barn, lot 150x190 feet, nice
berry patch, yielded $97 worth of ber
ries this year; all improvements in fine
condition; price $1,800, half cash, bal
ance 12 months at 6 per cent. Located
on S. Ury street.
y No 90., One vacant lot on corner of
Pierce and Flower streets, 120x140 feet;
nice building lot, well fenced; price
$200 cash.
No. SI. Two houses and 3 lots, 2 of
them 65x97 feet, with fair houses on
them; the vacant lot is 05x95 feet, all
in tfio same block; will sell the whole
for $750, half cash, balance 12 months,
0 per cent.
No. 92. Vacant lot in north part of
town, 80x135 feet, an elegant building
lot; price $300.
No. 93. An elegant 2-story home in
east part of city, on Exchange street;
will make 10 barrels of corn to the acre;
can be bought for $12 per acre, half
cash , balance 1 and 2 years at 6 per
No. 75. 12-acro farm, located 2
miles north of the city; nice 6-room
house, plenty of nice shade, good 32x24
foot barn, shedded, a beautiful sub
urban home, $2,100 cash.
No. 76. 500 acresj 3 miles, from
Clayton, Tenn.; 50 acres in cultivation;
$500 store house on place; price $8 per
acre, one-half cash balance easy terms.
No. 77 62-acro farm, 1 mile west of
Kenton, Tenn.; 57 acres in cultivation,
5-room house, 2-rooni tenant house,
50x50 barn; $50 per acre, one-half cash,
balance terms.
No. 78. 370-acre farm, 3 miles east
of Dyer, Term.; 270 acres cleared, bal
ance in timber, 2 small bouses, 50x60
barn;-it is a bargain at $40 per acre,
one-third cash, balance 1 and 2 years,
6 per cent.
No. 79. 96-acre farm, 1 mile east of
Dyer, Tenn.; well improved, 2 fair resi
dences, 2 good barns, good orchard,
well fenced; price $75 per acre, one-half
cash, balance good terms.
No. 80. 12-acre farm, one and one
half miles, south of Rives, Tenn.; land
in high state of cultivation, nice 5-room
house, 12x16 smokehouse, 12x16 hen
house, good 40x50 barn, good buggy
house, a real bargain at $1,000.
No. 81. 100 acres, 2 miles of Troy,
Tenn.; 70 acres in cultivation, about 90
acres of this land is fine bottom land,
one and one-half story 5-rooni house,
well watered; price $40 per acre, one
half cash, balance easy terms.
No. $2. One farm, 2 miles south
west of Kenton, Tenn.; 76 acres, 70
acres in cultivation, 6 acres in orchard,'
8-room new house, 2 medium barns;
the land in fair state of cultivation;
$4,000, one-half cash, 1 ane 2 years,
6 per cent.
No. 83. 72 acre-farm U miles
northwest of Kenton; good 2-story brick
house, good barn, 64 acres in cultiva
tion, 3 aces in orchard, in good locali
is right we can sell it for you, for we are
all oyer the North and East.
- The Live Real Estate Men
can be bought for $2,000, half cash,
balance easy terms; lot 100x100 feet.
No. 94. Four-room cot tt age with an
acre lot, on Main street of Kenton,
Tenn., $850 cash.
No. 95. One vacant lot in good lo
, cation at Rutherford, Tenn., about half
an acre; a bargain at $200,
No. 96. Nice 6-room cottage on East
Church street,' Kenton, Tenn.; extra
large lot with good barn; $1,500; one
half cash, balance' 12 months, G pur
No. 97. Two-story brick livery barn
and contents; barn 00x100 feet, also 2
story brick store houso adjoining same,
25x100 feet on First street of Union
City, Tenn., $12,500.00, half cash, bal
ance 1, 2, 3 and 4 years.
JCo. 98. One 5-room. cottage on
Cheatham street, in good repair, lot 99
xl32, 20x30 feet buggy shed,, cow sta-
ty; 90 an acre; one-half cash, balance 1,
2 and 3 years, 6 per cent.
No. 84. 92-acre farm, 3 miles south
west of Kenton, Tenn.; 82 acres in
cultivation, fair 7-room frame house,
barn 50x50, well watered; a fine stock
farm; $3,200; one-half cash, balance 12
months, 6 per cent. ',' .
No. 185. 34-acre farm, 1 J miles south
of Kenton, Tenn., all in cultivation; 6
rooni house, log barn; a cheap place at
$1,250; $800 cash, balance 1 and 2
No. 80. 87-acre farm, 1J miles west
of Kenton, Tenn.; 77 acres in cultiva
tion, 8-room house, 2 barns; a beautiful
building site; $75 an acre,
No. 87. 170-acre farm, three-quarters
of a mile north of Kenton, Tenn.;
100 acres in cultivation, balance in tim
ber; 6-room house, good barn 50x60
feet under good fence; $37 an acre.
Terms. -,
No. 88. 10-acre farm, one-half mile
west of Union City; some improve
ments; $1,500.
No. 89. 162-acre farm, one-half
mile north of Gardner, Tenn.; practical
ly all in rultivation, well improved with
good house and 2 good barns, $65 an
acre; possession in 10 days. H
No. 90. 25-acre farm, 5 miles west
of Union City, with fair improvements;
an excellent truck and poultry farm;
No. 91. 120-acre farm, 2 miles
southeast of Union City, fine Jand, 110
acres in cultivation, fair improvements;
price $30 per acre. Terms.
No 92. 53 acres 5 miles southwest of
UniouCity; 40 acres in cultivation, with
fair improvements; $1,600.
No 93. Saw mill, located at Rives,
1 saw 60 in. and one 54 inch saw, 1 20
horse power engine and boiler, 1 cut
off saw,, line shaft, clutch coupler and
rigging for top saw, belts, inspirator
and pumps, in fact everything that be
longs to it; price $375.00 cash or its
No. 94. One roller mill, located at
Woodland, Tenn., 30x40 feet, 3 story
and basements, about 3 acres in the lot,
2-story shed room 20x30 feet, cooper
KINO, Manager.
ble and hen hoi
auce 12 months,
No. 99. One 5-ro
street, ?ust west c
church, lot 60x100 fee
No. 100. One vacant ilo c
of Grove and Third street, 66xlt,
prico $125. VL
No. 101. One 2-slory brick livery
barn on Main street, 50x100 feet, and
contents; also 2-story brick business
house on south sidelof saidjlbarn, 24x,
100 feet, iu good repair, all first-class
property, can be bought for $12, 500.00,
half cash, balance 1, 2, 3 and 4 years,
at 6 per cent; in Union CityjTenu.
, No. 101. Fine lot and 5-rooni cot
tage, on Mary street' Union City," next
to courthouse, Iot3l00xl05 feet, street
on three sides, alley on back, finest lo
cation for a modern hotel in the city
and wo need one veryjbad; price $5,000
shop 18x30 feet, all frame buildings, in
the finest wheat belt in West Tennessee;
.prico $3,500.00, half cash, balance 1
and 2 years, at 6 per cent.
No. 95, 623 acre farm, 3 miles of
Oakton, Ky., 200 acres in cultivation,
will make 12 to 15 barrels of corn' and
a bale of cotton to the acre, there
is $2,000 worth of timber now on the "
timbered land; price $15,00 an acre; all
black sandy loam, and most of it, over-
No. 96. 1040 acres 3 miles south,
of Rives, Tenn., 150 acres cleared, bal
ance in timber with most of the timber
sold; a fine body of bottom land, with a
new 6-room houso, 2-rooin tenant
house, new 40x70 foot barn; all black
and dark gray land; a- sp!cial bargain
at $20.00 an acre, half cash, balonco 1,
2 and 3 years, at 6 per cent; somo of
this land overflows.
No. 97" 869-acre farm, 3 miles
northeast of Hick man, 1-Ky., 50 acres
in cultivation, balance in timber, been
offeacd $500 for the gum timber on it
and tho cleared land rents for $4 an
acre cash or one-third of the crop; this
land overflows, but it is a fine black
sandy loam and will make 75 bushels
of corn or a bale of cotton to the acre,
, and they have only lost two crops in 20
years; now this is a bargain at $10.00
an acre.
No. 98. 100-acre farm, 5 1-2 miles
west of Troy, Tenn., 40 acres in culti
vation, balance in timber, 5-room resi
dence, tenant house, 38x60 foot barn,
can bo bought for $20 an acre, half
cash, balance 1 and 2 years, 7 per cent.
No. 99. 12-acro farm, 1 miles
south of Rives, Tenn., all cleared, with
new 5-room house, 2 porches, nice 40x
50 feet 1 )arn, 2 wells, good buggy house,
10x20 feet smoke house, 2 hen houses
12x16 feet; a beautiful place; price
$1,575, half cash, balance 1 and 2
years at 6 per cent.
No. 100. - 102-acre farm, half mile
from Oardner, Tenn., a good school ;
and church, comparatively all in culti
vation and produces well, good house
and barn, well worth the price, $65.00
an acre, $3,500 cash, balance terms.
in touch with land
Union City, Tenn.

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