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' y . , ' . v I J
J-jOUSE CLEANING time is here and you are sure to want something new for your home. We devote our
entire second floor to Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, Linoleums, Lace Curtains and Window Shades.
We are showing Rugs, all sizes, in Brussels, Velvet and Axminster.
Druggets in about fifty styles.
Seventy-five rolls new Mattings, just received direct from China and Japan.
Window Shades in all desirable colors and qualities.
Lace Curtains from 75c to $6.00 per pair in white, ecru, red and green.
In addition to our regular line rugs we carry "Crex" Grass Twine Rugs in all sizes from 18x27 inches
to 9x12 feet.
' Ask to see our "Petrolene," the correct imitation of Hardwood Floor at about one-tenth the cost.
Cut to Order Carpets
A great many people prefer an allover carpet to a rug. We are prepared to fill your wants. We carry
a complete line of carpet samples in all qualities, and can get you a carpet made up in from two to five days at
prices cheaper than we could sell if we had to carry roll carpet in stock.
Give us a look. Our prices will talk.
" ; ! ' i - ' : : 1 ' "
Taking the Census.
Seventy thousand ennmorators will
begin counting the people of the United
Btates next Friday morning. A fort
night later the population of all the
principal towns and cities ought to be
known nnd by September it i believed
that the tabulation of the whole count
will be completed. Until then the pop
ulation will be estimated at about 90,-
000,000. The enumerators will have
to visit every place of residence and ask
many questions. Those who refuse or
who give incorrect information subject
Ihenicelves to a fine of $100. The enu
merators ought to have the hearty co-operation
of all citizens and are entitled to
courteous treatment. The information
given them will bo guarded as confiden
tial. It will not be published, only gen
eral results being of interest to the gov
ernment. To publish the tables of pop
ulation and of the agricultural, mining
nnd industrial resources and activities
of the nation will require more than a
dozen thick, volumes so that it is evident
that there will be no room for the print
ing of facta about any individual or
company, however vast may be their
operations. It is in the interest of every
city and county to help the enumera
tors to get the facts wanted by the cen
sus director. Without the willing'as
aistanee of the public people will be
missed and an unfavorable census show
ing will result. It is equally important
that no cattle, sheep, hogs, horses,
mules or other farm property shall be
left uncounted. Upon the number of
these things that are shown by a county
or State will depend the rating of that
community as a progressive or a back
ward place and people who may be
thinking of removing to engage in bus
iness elsewhere will be guided by the
facts shown bv the census. In no case
are the answers made to census ehumer
ators ever communicated to tax asses
sors. One cannot repeat too often that
thoy are entirely confidential and the
enumerators are sworn to guard the in
formation they receive tor the census
supervisors and tabulators alone.
Eminent Authorities Say
that out-door exercise is needed by the
American people. That's all very well,
but how can people with rheumatism
follow that advice? The answer is very
simple use Ballard's Snow Liniment
and the rheumatism will go, leaving
you as spry as a colt. Gives quick and
permanent relief from rheumatism, neu
ralgia, lame back and all pains, bold by
Red Cross Drug Store, both stores.
Full line Tuffs, Switches, Pompadours,
Curls and Rats. We also work up comb
ings into everything desired on shor
416 F. MAIN STREET. niONE 431
I beg to announce that I have associated with me
Physician and Oculist, formerly of McMinnville, Tenn. Dr.
Martin is a Physician and Oculist of experience and ability.
Dr. Martin will specialize, his practice being limited to medical
and surgical treatment of diseases of the eye.
Dr. JFraok McMichael
Eye Specialist
Telephone 570 UNION CITY,; TENN.
" Income Tax Amendment.
The Maryland Legislature has ratified
the income tax amendment to theJFcd-
eral Constitution. Seven of the States
h we now ratified the amendment, if
Kentucky be included in the number.
It will be remembered that the Ken
tucky Legislature adopted two ratifica
tion resolutions which 3ov. Wilson
thought defective in form, and that a
third resolution was pending when the
body adjourned sine die. It has been
stated, however, that the Governor will
send one of the resolutions that were
passed to the Secretary of State at Wash
ington who will decide whether it is
technically regular. The proposed
amendment has been rejected by only
one State, Virginia, but it has failed of
ratification in Georgia and Connecticut
on account of postponement of action
by one branch of the Legislature. The
Legislature of four States are now in
session, Massachusetts, New York, New
Jersey and Rhode Island, but none of
these bodies has yet acted on the amend
ment. Nashville Banner. '
To Speaker Cannon.
Washington, April 12. Speaker Can
non's declaration to the House "insur
gents during Ins speech yesterday
brought some positive statements from
the insurgent leaders to-day.
"The Speaker can continue to make
these irritating defies," said Representa
tive Victor Murdock (Kansas) "until
after the administration legislation is
disposed of. After we have passed the
important legislation in hand, his case
will be attended to. A man can't con
inue to make large bluffs without event
ually being called. "
Representative Foindexter, of Wash
ington, remarked: "Cannon's action
is foolish. He is sitting on a powder
mill. He'll touch this thing off some
day and he will find himself going up
through the domo of the Capitol."
Would Bring About Merger.
Cincinnati, O., April 12. Eighteen
delegates of Methodist Churches, six
bishops, six ministers and six laymen,
meet here to-day at the book concern
to arrange a plan whereby a federation
that will include more than five million
Methodists can be formed. It will be
the aim of the delegates to bring about
the often tried plan of organizing a Gen
eral Conference of the Northern and
Southern Methodists. Tha delegates
will hold separate sessions to-day pre
liminary to joint sessions to bring about
the merger later in the week.
The Southern Bishops here for Confer
ence are Bishop E. E. Hoss of Nash
ville, Bishop James Atkins of Waynes
ville, N. C, Bishop A. W. Wilson of
Baltimore, and Bishop Earl Cranston of
Washington, D. C.
Halley's Comet Now Visible.
It is no longer necessary to resort to
the use of the glass if a good view of
Halley's comet is to be witnessed. This
may be had at a short hour before sun
rise. Tho comet is distinctly bright
It shines just about an hour before
dawn. There is no mistaking it. It
can be found in the Eastern sky, just
above the point where the sun is yetun
seen and just where the sun will later
shine. A week ago a glass was neees
sary, but now this is not required. It
has been seen from the weather bureau
and from the big trust buildings in the
city. Those who live in the country
lave a greater advantage still, for the
sky is never cloudy and the fog, which
so often settles about tho city, is miss
ing. So far the tail is just beginning to
be developed, but the brightness of the
body of the star gives it an almost un
natural appearance. It will furnish a
good excuso to sit up at nights, and
will no doubt be used as such during
the days to come. Memphis Commer
cial Appeal.
Labor Troubles. ,
"Mi ree hundred thousand organized
coal miners in Pennsylvania, Ohio and
other States quit work April 1, pending
settlement of a new wage scale. The
number of strikers in the different
States is given by the Associated Tress
as follows:
State of Pennsylvania ...Z.100,000
Ohio 4.,00O
Indiana J. . 18,000
West Virginia... 10,000
Illinois 72,000
Iowa. 15,000
Michigan . 5,000
Kansas, Arkansas and South... 23, 000
Colorado... 5,000
Western Kentucky 5,000
Total men idle .300.0W
Associated Press correspondents ex
press the opinion that the strike may
last a month or longer.
1 i
S-e Reynolds to sell your wool.
Death at Rives.
Mrs. Bud Reeves died at her home in
the vicinity of Pleasant Hill on Thurs
day, April 7, 1910, after an illness of
consumption, continuing about eight
Mrs. Reeves leaves a husband, daugh
ter and four sisters, all of whom were
present at her bedside. Deceased was
45 years of ago. She' professd religion
at the age of 16 and joined tho Baptist
Church, living a consistent Christian,
-evoted to her household, her duties,
her friends, esteemed by all and worthy
of the highest regard.
Funeral services were held at Pleasant
Hill, conducted by Rev. John R. Wil
liams,' and the remains laid at rest in
the churchyard nearby.
Death of Former Citizen.
Robt. Foster, a former citizen of this
city, died Saturday morning, April 0, at
his home in Mayfield, Ky. Mr. Foster
was a brother of Mr. Ike Foster, now a
resident of Jackson, Tenn., and of Mis's
Fannio Foster, of this city. He leaves
a wife, four girls and three boys.
Mr. Foster was born and reared in
this city. Ho was married to Miss
Hardy. Fourteen years ago they locat
ed at Mayfield. Deceased was a mem
ber of the Methodist Church and es
teemed for many commendable quali
ties and traits of character. He was
well known among the people of his
former home.
Services were held at Mayfield and
the remains were shipped to Union City
and interred at the City Cemetery.
Sam N. Sidway.
Dyersburg, Tenn., April 12. Sam N.
Sidway died at his home on Troy street
Monday, aged 57. Mr. Sidway had been
a resident of Dyersburg forty years, hav
ing come here from Cairo, 111. He had
been publisher of the State Gazette for
30 years and was prominently and pop
ularly known in journalism throughout
the State.
Ho was related by marriage to the
veteran Col. Tom W. Neal, tho pioneer
editor of Tennessee.
State of Ohio, Citv ow Toledo, I
Frank J. Cheney make onth thnt he 1 senior
partner of the firm of F. . Cheney & Co.. doing
business in the city of Toledo. County nnd State
aforesaid, mid that wild firm will pav the turn of
ONK HI NIIKKU iJOLI.A kS for each find every
case of Catarrh thnt cnutiot be cured bv the turn
of Hull Cntnrrh Cure. Prank J. Chknkv.
Sworn to before me nnd nulmcrihed in my pres
ence, thisftth day of I)ecemlier, A. 1. lHVi.
(Seal.) " w-'''VR!M",i r
Notary Public.
Hall's Cntnrrh Cure is tnkru internally, and
net directly on the blood add mucous Mirfce of
the system. Send for testimonial flee.
F. J. CHKNKY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by nil IriiK(fit, 75c.
Take Hall'i Family Pills for constipation.
L U M B E,
Askins &
Lumber Co.

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