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Elected Commander by the United
Confederate Veterans.
Mobile, Ala., With Little Rock,
Ark., chosen as the reunion city for 1911
and New Orleans endorsed for the honor
in 1915 and with an election of officers,
the United Confederate Veterans' Asso
ciation closed its business. The vote
stood: Little Rock, 1,407; Chattanoo
ga, 040; Oklahoma City, 17; Houston
none. When Texas was reached the
veterans saw how things were going and
threw their strength to Arkansas.
The endorsement of New Orleans as
the meeting placo for 1915 was contain
ed in a resolution favorably reported
and adopted. It recites that New Or
leans proposes to hold a Panama Canal
exposition in 1915; that the Crescent
City had asked the veterans to endorse
the exposition and attend it in April,
1915. It was resolved therefore that
each reunion until 1914 take this same
action and that the reunion of 1914
follow the idea and designate New Or
leans as the next meeting place.
The programme for election of offi
cers was carried out to the letter. Gen.
George W. Gordon, of Memphis, Com
mander of the department of Tennes
see, was chosen Commander-in-Chief,
succeeding Gen. Clement A. Evans, of
Atlanta. Gen. Evans was elected Past
Commander-in-Chief, and Gen. E. L,
Cabell, Commander of the Trans-Mis
sissippi Division, was also elected Past
The new Commander, Gen. Gordon,
has the distinction of being one of the
four living Confederates who were actu
ally Major Generals before the war end
ed. He also has a record of being cap
tured by the Federal forces three, times.
Geu, Gordon willlbe succeeded in
command of the Department of Tcn
nesseo by Gen. Bennett Young, of Lou
isville, Ky.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
,- that Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell
and completely dernnire the whole system when
entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except on prescrip
tions trom i-eputable physicians, as the damage
they will do is tenfold to the good you can possi
bly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, man
ufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O., con
tains no mercury, and is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be
Sure you get the genuine. It is taken internally
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Hold by druggists. Price 75c per bottle.
Take Hali's Family Pills for constipation.
For your garden don't you need a whole lot of new tools P
We have them, don't borrow your neighbor's.
We do not "go to seed" in our business, but keep up to date with all the re
liable brands of hardware in abundance.
"We have it."
Fear of the ComeL
- Tlio rMPiiln.Axtrnnnmr snnw.tinn.l
alarmists and those of the fanciful incli
nation who like to play on their own
and other people's fears, continue to
urge the possibility of great harm to the
earth by contact with Halley's comet or
its gaseous tail. The fears thus excited
ftrn hfiwlwu n U'Prn fl.nn nf thn an.
cients and people of medieval times.
who, not knowing the nature or great
distance of heavenly bodies. thoueht
comets were portents of evil, warnings
set in the sky to denote the approach of
coming catastrophe.
rr . . . ' ... ular intervals or that length for time
lhc comet is moving .towards the,. ' . . . . . .
ttnrrll or lha rata rf Tu-nnfYr.fitrA milim n
second. " This is the very startling dec
laration with which the half-informed
and those ready to credit any sensation
al statement seen in print use to scare
themselves and others. Many who like
excitement, even at the expense of their
nerves, encourage the fears that this in
complete declaration may excite The
comet a few days ago was moving di
rectly towards the earth at the speed in
dicated, but the earth at the same time
was moving away from the place it then
wu. "llc "4 isUTOU ",,,co a
second and when iu the latter part of
May the comet crosses the earth's orbit
at the point where the earth was when
the comet was coming directly toward it
the earth will be many million miles
away on its annual path around the
The earth is moving in something wiuch many people now living well re
ike a circle around the sun. The com- member, but the fact of the transit was
et is moving in almost a direct line away
from that luminary. Its path will cross
that of the earth, of course, "but the
earth at the time will be far away from
the point where the two paths cross,
That fact is as clearly ascertained as the
nsing and the setting of the sun, or as bilities of the impact give room for in
the regular motion of any of the heav- finite conjectures, but such a thing has
enly bodies can calculate with exactness
for any period in the future. '
Twenty-five miles a second sounds
like a tremendous speed, but it is really
very slow traveling for a comet. If
Halley's comet were not one of com-of
parative slight velocity it would not have
been captured and retained as a periodic
isitor in our solar system. Comet A
of 1910, which was faintly visible on I
the western sky in the early part of the
ycar, was moving at ten times the rate
Halley's comet moves. It was an un-
known visitor that came unannounced
m "I
ably never to return again, or, at the
least, not in thousands of years. When
I comets ily very fast they describe in
their passago around the sun the geo
metrical figure called a hyperbola,
which is a curved line with the two ends
widely diverging. When they move
W1U1 comparative slowness, as Halley's
COniet UOOS, UlO attraction Of. the SU11
niaK teir course that of the geomet
"cal figure called an ellipse, which is an
c,onatca circle- " takes "alley's
0011,1,4 about seventy-five years to travel
t,lis eIlipso orbit and U has been Passing
turougn tne carta's orbit at nearly reg
history runneth not to the contra?y, and
it has never done this earth any harm
On May 18 the comet will make its
nearest approach to the earth. Its im
mense tail, which for some reason not
yet ascertained always streams away
from the sun, will probably thus envel
ope the earth. Some astronomer has
described a comet as "Nothingness set
in a void," and the tail of the comet is
even less than its head. It is a highly
attenuated gas at most. Some astron
omers think it probably electric light
like that we see streaming through
darkness from a searchlight. Whatever
it it . no . m to ... . .
shutot from th(J gurface of p,anet
by th(J atni0apll0re. It is well known
to,MtronomBra that Mrth riaaaft(.
Um)ugh the tai, of a comet in 1819 and
unknown to ordinary earth dwellers at
the time.
Some day a great comet may come
out of space rushing toward the sun
with tremendous force and find thn
earth directly in its path. The possi-
not happened to this earth or any of its
sister planets iu all the eons of the past.
and it is therefore not a causo for pres-
ent alarm. Comets approaching the
great planet Jupiter within the history
Vitronomieal observation have been
directed from their course and ent away
at another tangent by its repellant
forces. The earth would have a similar
effect on an ordinary comet that came
as near to it aa is our moon or any dis-
tance less than a million miles. It is
only the possibility of a very enormous j
comet, greater than any yet known, ap- j
out of space,' made a rapid circuit of the
sun and Hew away into infinity, prob
proaching the earth that we need to
fear. No one can say that such a dire
ful visitation may not bo made us next
year or even a month or so hence, but
it is no more impending than the day
of judgment,
"That day of wrath, that dreadful day.
When heaven and earth shall pass away,'
in the coming of which all good Chris
tians put their futb, but over the ter
rors of which they expect to triumph
Nashville Banner.
Indiana Ought to Go Democratic,.
John Dalzell's ardent wish for a Dem
ocratic victory in Indiana ought to be
li ' uinnonism ana Alunchism are
Republicanism, Mr. Dalzell is plainly
right in declaring that the Indiana ticket
"is not a Republican ticket."
If the Payne-AIdrich tariff, as Mr
Taft said at Winona, 'is the best tariff
bill that the Republican party has ever
passed, and, therefore the best tariff bill
that has been passed at all," Mr. Dal
zcll is again right in declaring that the
Indiana platform is "not a Republican
If stand-pattism is the true test of
Republicanism, progressive Indiana Re
publicans ought to bo read out of the
Mr. Dalzell hopes ' that the Democrats
will carry Indiana," and for once The
World is thoroughly in accord with the
eminent reactionary from Pennsylvania,
Wherever thero is dissatisfaction with
the increasing cost of living, there should
be Democratic victories in the fall.
Wherever there is a disappointment
over the failure of the Republican party
in Congress to keep its promise, ther.e
should be Democratic victories.
Wherever there is disgust with reac
tionary leadership, or protest against
tho policies of Cannon and Aldrich,
there should be Democratic victories.
Although it is always well that pro
gressive Republicans should triumph
over stand-pat Republicans, complete
and overwhelming defeat remains the
one effective method of rebuking a rec
reant party organization. New York
FOR RENT Will rent my residence
furnished during the summer months.
For particulars apply to Mrs. N. E.
Beck. 216 N. Ury street. Phone 163. 5tf
United States Supreme Court Ousts
Standard from Tennessee. '
Washington, May 2. The decree of
the Supreme Court of Tennessee, oust
ing the Standard Oil Company of Ken
tucky from doing business in the State
of -Tennessee, was to-day affirmed by
the Supreme Court of tho United States
The proceedings were begun in 1007
under the Tennessee an ti-trust act.
The Standard of Kentucky had oil
stored in. tanks in Tennessee in whicl
it procured a supply to serve merchants
throughout the various sections of th
State. The Evansville Oil Co. , of Evans
ville, Ind., sent a salesman to Gallatin
Tenn., to sell oil. He obtained several
orders, whereupon the agent of the
Standard, Oil Co. of Gallatin offered to
give the merchants ten gallons of oil
per barrel to countermand their pur
chase orders with this galesman. Fou
of them accepted.
The Standard and two of its agents
were indicted under the State anti-trust
act. One of tho agents, was convicted
hut the Standard escaped punishmen
on the ground that it could not be fined
under the act, but could only bo ousted
Ouster proceedings resulted in a de-
dree of ouster from State courts.
Tho company appealed on the argu
ment that the alleged criminal agree
ment, if an offense, was an offense
against the Sherman anti-trust law and
not an offense against the laws of Ten
nessee; that tho statute was unconsti
tutioual because it violated the equal
protection and due process clauses of
the constitution and because the statute
of limitations was effective.
Justice Holmes announced the opin
ion of the court. All the contentions
of the company were disposed of favor
ably to the State in the opinion to-day,
Humorous (?).
"Harold is very slow, isn't he?"
Yes, he always was backward. As a
child even ho never got the summer
complaint until in the winter. " Kansas
City Star.
Mrs. Chugwater Josiah, what is an
Mr. Chugwater It's the story of a
man's life written as he thinks it ought
to be. Couldn't you tell that from the
word itself? Chicago Tribune.
8-Day Clocks 12.50, at Ben Dietzel's.
Breathe Hvomei job Two Minutes
and Stitkfed Up Head W11.1. Vanish.
If you want to get relief from catarrh,
cold in the head or from an irritating
cough in the shortest time breathe Hy-
omei (pronounce it High-o-me).
It will clean out your head in two
minutes and allow you to breathe freely.
Hyomei will cure a cold in one day,
it will relieve you of disgusting snuffles,
hawking, spitting and offensive breath
in a week.
Hyomei is made chiefly from euca
lyptol, a soothing, healing, germ killing
antiseptic that comes from the eucalyp
tus forests of inland Australia where
catarrh, asthma and consumption were
never known to exist.
Hyomei is pleasant and easy to
breathe. Just pour a few drops into
the hard rubber inhaler, use as directed
and cure is almost certain.
A conipleto Hyomei outfit, including
inhaler and one bottlo of Hyomei, costs
only $1.00 at druggists everywhere and
at tho Red Cross Drug Store, who guar
antees it. If you already own an in
haler you can get an extra bottlo of
Hyomei, liquid, for only 50 cents.
The King Ranch,
The King Ranch is the most famous
ranch in the United States to-day. Con
sidering the size of this ranch, 1,400,000
acres, and the wonderful richness of its
soil, it is little wonder that this ranch
should be o noted.
For months wo have been searching
the Gulf Coast country of Texas from
one end to the other in our endeavor to
find a ranch suitable for subdividing in
to small tracts for truck gardening pur
poses. The owners of the King Ranch.
after feeling sure that we would colonizo
it, decided to sell us that part of their
ranch known as the Parita Pasture, con
sisting of 18,000 acres.
This pasture adjoins the land sur
rounding tho town of Falfurrias, which
is the most wonderfully developed soc
tion in the entire Gulf Coast country.
The western edge of Our land is only
two miles from the Falfurrias depot.
This rich pasture is now subdivided into
mall tracts from rive acres up. No
better truck and orange land is in Texas'
to-day. An investigation will prove to
you that this land offers you an excep
tional opportunity for investment. "
ror particulars apply at this office.
If you have Texas fever we have some
thing good

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