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Th$-Complexion Bcautificr.
was up
'.-' V.
SATINOLA li now dmcovery. Riiarantepd,
nd money refunded If it fails to remove frwk
, Vimplm, liver npntf, blnekhenrts; tan, dis
coloration and dinHKiiiing eruption. Ordi
nary cniea in ten days, '.lie worst in M days.
After tliwiedeffM'U are removed the skin will ba
aoft, cliar. benlthy and beautiful. Fiire .V at
drun atorei or by iuil. Thousand of ladies
teutify to the merit of Katinola.
Mi Bsin Miller writes: Levy's, S. C,
Axig. !), 1W4, "I amdelihtrd with the result
ofSatlnoln Of the many preparations I have
usrfd, hatinols Is the only one I have found to
positively remove freckles and clear the com
plexion one or my friends has used it and
very entnusiasuc ' rrice
leading druKK'st or mail.
8oc and tl.oo by
8oM In Union City by
Martin-Allen Drug Co. & all leading druggists
. i
Mr. Thomas Walker,
Mr. Douglas, of Kenton.
Vaden Davis spent Suday
Mrs. A. Dominges visited in Mar
tin Saturday.
Miss Wootson Davis visited Hick
man last week.
Mr. W. P. S,kinner is sick at his
home this week.
Clyde mires, ol Martin, was in
the city Tuesday.
Little Margaret Curhn is quite
ill at this writing-.
Teddy Martin, of Paris, is the
guest of Mr. Martin.
Mrs. v red ureene nas been very
6ick at home in Fulton.
Mr. W. F. Roberts, of Nashville,
was in the city last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Martin visit
ed Martin friends this week.
Mrs. Hardy Beasley, of Fulton,
was a visitor here last week.
Dr. Napier and wife, of Pro
temus, visited home people this
Miss Sue Hunt, of May field, Ky.
is in the city visiting Rev. and Mrs.
Davis Bros., of Terrell, shipped
a large drove of hoes from here
ictjver Martin-Allen drug store.
w Office Phone, 283
Residence Phone, 283s
Illinois Central Reduced Sates.
Reduced rates on the Illinois Cen
tral railroad dally till Sept. 30 to Daw
son, Ky.,and return, $4.70; Crittenden
Sprint's, Ky., and return, 80.05; Gray
son Springs, Ky., and return, $8.00,
pood returning until Oct. 31, 1005. To
Portland, Ore., and return via any di
rect route, $57.50. To Portland, Ore.,
going via any regular direct route, re
turning via San Francisco, or San
Francisco and Los Angeles, C&V, and
regular direct routes therefrom or vice
versa, $07.50. For dates of sale and
limits call on our agent at Oibbs.
U. R. Collins, Agent.
Republican Daily.
The Republican, edited by Mr.
Dee Samburg, of the Postoffice De-
partment,this city, will be changed
into a daily next week, so we learn,
and Union City is to have another
Furniture, rugs and wall paper at
greatly reduced prices at Union
City Hardware & Furniture Co.
Corner Stone.
Rev. R. W. Rhatnes was in town
. Wednesday and Thursday; making
arrangements for the laying of the
cotner stone of the new church July
25 at 2 p. m. The program of this
interesting service will be publish
ed next week.
, We will save you trom 10 to 25
per cent, on everything you buy of
us. Union City Hardware & Fur
niture Co.
Piano House.
Union City can now boast of a
piano 6tore and salesroom. Mr.
Todd has an exhibition of Matbu
shek pianos, very fine instruments,
and these are under the care of
Miss Ernestine Fields, a very clev
er musician.
Pay Your Account.
v Please call and pay your account.
'"Short accounts make long friends.
Hardy Bros. & Sherrill.
How'd you like to be the ice
man?" "Not so very well," said
Mr. Dahnke until his ice wagon
"was fixed. The ice team took a
6troll Thursday morning at a lively
clip, smashing the ice wasjon and
dumping a load of ice in the road
on Second street.
Hives are a terrible torment to the
little folks, and to some older ones.
Easily cured. Doan's Ointment never
fails. Instant relief, permanent cure.
At Moss Pharmacy, 50 cents.
Sold Residence.
Mr. H. W. Miles sold his resi
dence in this city last week to Mr.
John Wheeler, of" Tyler, Mo. Mr.
Miles anticipates investing in a
farm near Union City. We certain
ly hope be will, for the loss of his
family would be a great misfortune
to us. Mr. Wheeler was a former
resident of this county. He is well
known befe and the family will
have a cordial welcome among us.
It is pleasant for Mr. Wheeler's
friends to know that he has suc
ceeded with his Western fortunes.
111., is visiting Mr
and family.
Mrs. Cleve Ownby has improved
very much since of illness of con
gestion Saturday.
Mrs. Cordie Garth went to Troy
Wednesday to attend the funeral of
Mrs. Mary Moffatt.
Miss Sue Cora Peabody, cf Louis
ville, Ky., is yisiting her friend,
Miss Belle Skinner.
We are glad to uote the improve
ment of Mrs. Bonny Hamilton,
after a serious illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Herring were
in Hickman last week visiting Mr.
and Mrs. T. T. Swayne.
Col. and Mrs. D. A. Edwards left
this week for a summer tour of
Eastern resorts and cities.
Miss Ruth Parks and sisters,
Misses Clara and Carmen, are at
home with Obion relatives.
Miss Pet Wade retutned Sunday
from Brinkley, Ark., where she
had been on a month's visit.
Rev. G. B. Baskerville, who left
this city last Sunday on account of
being sick, is reported better,
Old Father Stork left a hand
some baby at Mr. George Carter's
residence in East End Sunday.
Dr. Chas. W. Miles is spending a
few days in St. Louis looking after
his business interests in that city.
Miss Zylphia Reeves, who has
been visiting her many friends, left
Wednesday for home in Fort Smith,
Ark. -
Palace Brown, that noted violin
ist, of Clinton, was in the city visit
ing his aunt, Mrs. I. S. Brown, this
Miss Flora Bryant, who lives on
Ury street, near the Methodist
Church, is very ill suffenng.with
Miss Katie Bransford will leave
Sunday for a few week's visit to
her sister, Mrs. John Pollock, in
Columbia, Tenn.
Miss Addie Murrell, of Hickman,
spent a few hours with Miss Lau
rice O'Donnell when en route for
Fulton on a visit, i
Miss Love Allen, of Mayfield,
and Miss Emma Landrum, of Mar
tin, were Miss Wootson Davis'
visitors last week.
Miss Ethel Johnson left Saturday
on an extended visit to Miss Bessie
Kinnard, of Paragould, Ark., and
relatives in Texas.
Miss Steifie, an eye patient of
Dr. T. D. Edwards, has returned
to this city and is stopping with
Mrs. Nannie Little.
Granville Sanders and Miss Hazel
Hardy, Will Beckham and Miss
Vern Littlejohn, of Union City,
spent Sunday in Fulton.
Mr. Beauchamp Moss, who went
West with Mr. R. J. Chitwood, has
returned and is now selliner ero-
Mr. and Mrs. Norbin Voorheis,
of St. Louis, are in the city visit-
jjng Mr. v oorneis motner, Mrs.
Jane voorheis. They will be here
several weeks.
Mrs. T. E. Ownby, of Spring
field, and little Mary Nail Donald
son were the guests of East End
relatives Friday, leaving Saturday
for Tiptonville.
Rev. .Moody will preach at the
Baptist Church next "Sunday morn
ing and evening. The pastor, Rev.
Watson, is absent on business.
Public cordially iivited.
Miss Adams, of Alexandria, La.,
and Miss Martha Caldwell, of Hat
tiesburg. Miss., will return from a
visit to Rives to visit Miss Ella
Whipple in this city Monday.
Messrs. E. A. Johnston and O.M.
Merntt, of Mayfield, two very ex
cellent gentleman, are in the city
making arrangements for the pub
lication of a farmer's directory.
Mr. Arthur C. Bryan, of Rives,
left Tuesday bound for Los An
geles, Cal., for his health. The
young gentleman will 6top at sev
eral Colorado and Utah points on
his way.
Mr. C: W. Miles, Jr., who left re
cently for the West, is now located
at Temosachie, Chihuahua, Mexi
co, as an attache of the Green Gold
& Silver 10., engaged in mining
and real estate.
An air ship was seen Thursday
evening about 2, p. m. going over
the town of Goodletsville, Tenn.
At least those who were fortunate
enough to see think it was was one
as it was not a baloon.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L Andrews, of
Polk, were in the city visiting Mrs.
Gertrude Smoot and the family of
W. C. Blanton this week. Mrs.
Marvin Blanton returned with
them to Polk for a visit.
Mr. J. M. Edwards inforns us
of the sickness of little Miss Mar
jorie Edwards at the home of
her father in St. Louis. The little
girl has typhoid fever, but we trust
she will not be seriously ill.
Miss Bessie Classcock returned
borne from Nevada, Mo., this week,
accompanied by Miss Stella Welt
nier, whom she lias been visiting
for a week or two. Miss Wellmer
is a daughter of the celebrated
magnetic healer.
Mr. Miller, of the Merchants and I
Manufacturers Record, Nashville,
has been spending the week in Un
ion City gathering material for an
elaborate write up of the city. Mr.
Miller was one of the founders of
the Nashville Banner.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Tulloss, of
Franklin, Tenn., are visiting Mrs.
Tulloss' parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Walters, near Union City.
Mr. J. A. Edwards and wife, ol
Denison, Tex., are also guests of
Mr. Walters and family.
Everything good to eat at all
times at Dahnke's.
Distinguished Visitors.
Last week The Commercial over
looked, truch to our chagrin, the
presence of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Will Gard
ner, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gardner
and Miss Metta Gardner from St.
Louis as visitors to Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Gardner and ou'r city tor the
Fourth. They made the journey
in a special car over the M. & O.
railroad. There were thousands of
distinguished people here on that
occasion but none more welcome
than they.
Everybody goes to Dahnke's for
Visitor From California.
Dr. Henry Head, of Los Angeles,
Cal., was in the city this week
mingling with old-time friends
Dr. Head moved from Troy to Cali
fornia thirty years ago and settled
in Los Angeles, representing the
county in the Legislature as Sena
tor at one time and succeeding ma
terially in all his undertakings.
The Doctor is a son of the late Dr
Horace Head, a pioneer of Obion
County. Another son, John Head,
and a daughter, Mrs. Lucy Walton,
are residents of Obion County. Dr
Head will be in the county for two
or three months.
ft? 5. s.
Have Just Received a Car Load of
Sisal Binder Twine
rest on the Market. Prices guaranteed
against all conetitlon.
We are also the largest
Lake County Prisoners.
Sheriff Carlew, of Tiptonville, ar
rived in this city Monday with Wm.
Singleton and left him in charge of
Sheriff Chiles for safe keeping.
Singleton, while in an intoxicated
condition, killed a man named Hal
Munnell on the 5th day of last May
in Lake County just across the
river from Caruthersville, Mo. Just
after the killing Singleton made
his escape and was captured about
three weeks ago at Bardwell, Ky.
Singleton formerly lived at Arling
ton, Ky. The case was continued
at the recent term of the Tipton
ville circuit court. ,
Married at Trimble.
Mr. F. J. Sullivan and Miss Wil
lie K. Pierce, prominent young peo
ple of Trimble, were married at the
home of W. F. Pierce in that city
last Wednesday night by Rev. P.
F. Johnson of this city. Mr". Sulli
van is principal of the Trimble pub
lic school and Miss Pierce is a
daughter of one of Trimble's lead
ing citizens. s
We will save you from 10 to 25
per cent, on everything you buy ot
us. Union City Hardware & Fur
niture Co. .
Try Sunshine finest flour made
, Summer Tourists.
A party ot a score of Helenians
left on the Valley train to-day
bound for Battle Creek, Mich.,
where they will spend the summer.
In the party were Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Short and five children, Mr. and
Mrs. E. C. Hornor and four chil
dren, Mrs. J. J. Hornor and son,
Tappan, Mrs. W. D. Reeves and
two children, and Mr. and Mrs. G.
T. Updeirraff End daughter.
A special Pullman sleeping car
was ordered for the party, and in
this they will be carried straight
through to Battle Creek without
having to make a change. Helena
in Obioi County. Get our prices before selling.
We are Always in the Market for your
Wheat. Corn, Oats, Etc., and will
sell you Bran, Meal, Hay, Land
Plaster, Fertilizer, etc., at lowest
possible prices.
We have another car load of the celebrated
in Tubular Steel Axles. See.theni before you buy.
Come in to see us when in town.
uying G
is a matter which concerns good
Cv cooks. If you don't have the best
you cannot get good meals.
fLJ High-Grade Groceries of every de
scription sold at a Small Profit
By tKe . .wiwaww
Union City Grocery Co.
Phone 77. H. LIGON. ProD. Hain St.
Save you money on a Typewriter
See it at The Commercial office.
ceries for Godwin & Williams,
What's the secret of happy, vigorous
health? Simply keeping the bowels,
the stomach, the liver and kidneys
strong and active. Burdock Jilood
Uitters does it.
For Rent.
The middle building of the- new
Kroger Block east of the M. & O.
R. R. on Main street for rent as
Boon as completed. Apply to Mrs.
A. K. Garland, Henderson, Tenn.
Sunshine flour makes delightful
bread, made by Dahnke-Walker
Milling Co.
E. P. Lodge Installs Officers.
The Knights of Pythias lodge at
this place installed the following
officers at their regular meeting hfst
Monday night: H. T. Robinson,
C. C.;R. J. Barnett, V. C; J. C
Burdick, Prelate; John Bell, M. W.
Arch Johnson, M. A.; Homer Hale,
I. G.; John Semones, O. G. All
members are urgently requested to
come out and take part in the
Have you ever
flour? Try it.
tried Sunshine
We have received a statement ot
the Mechanics Savings Bank &
Trust Co., of Mefnphis. Arch Y.
Allen, one of the cleverest young
men who ever left Union City is
cashier of this concern. This con
cern was established atkut. one
year ago and is doing an extensive
business. The deposits we notice
amount to $247,577.99. Arch's
friends throughout Obion County
will certainly be glad to know that
he is doing so well.
For trunks and baggajre of all
descriptions transferred call 306.
Postoffice Fixtures.
Col. G. T. Taylor and his assist
ants, Messrs. J. L. Sinclair, Dee
Samburg and Miss Cathey Brans-
ford, have been working overtime
this week with the mails while cab
inet workmen were busy putting in
the handsome new furniture and
fixtures. The Union City postof-
r .
nee 100K8 as orignr and new as a
sweet girl graduate in a bank of
bouquets. It is a "peach," handy
as a vest pocket and as fine as silk.
The boxes are roomy and large.
There is a window for every assist
ant and an office for the boss. The
only improvement that could be
made to it would be a new custom
house donated by the Government.
Band Concert.
Robinson's Band will giye an
open-air concert Tuesday night,
July 18, on the band stand m the
railroad park. Public cordially in
vited. Following is the
Tenth Regiment, march .R. h. Hall
Poet and Peasant Sutme
Wang Waltzes W.Morse
Summer Dre.im P. Hans. F.lath
Mississippi Bubble. .Chancey Haines
Medley overture Blue Ben
Arr. Chattaway
intro. "Lome Down From the Big
Fig Tree," "I Never Thought I'd
Miss You," "Down in Mexico,"
"The Rose That Never Bloomed,"
"I've Got a Feelin' For You,"
"Kiss Me Good Night Dear Love,"
"My Honey Lou," and "On" the
17th of March."
Cuba Libre, waltzes A. R. Shaw
King Dodo Selections from Pixley
and Luders musical comedy, in
tro. "A Jolly Old Potentate,"
"Look in the Book," "For Love I
Live Alone," "The Cat's Quar
tette," "The Gems I Prize."
"Serenade," and "Tale of the
Bumble Bee."
Anona Vivian Grey
Maiden and the Mouse... A. Bellinger
Hobin Hood ; Il.de Koven
Star Spangled Banner i
m m
v. nr
Everything: in Staple and
Fancy Groceries, fresh
Meats, Canned Goods, etc.
If you are looking around for the best place
to buy your supplies wouldn't you give this
store the preference when you know that
our stock is fresh and the most complete.
. G1ISS0M 1
Lost Between my home on Main
street and First steets purse of $20
in money. A jeward of $5 will be
given for retura of same.
And Popular Lunch Parlors.
Seasonable Fruits, Fine Candies.
Always Famous Cream Bread
We are here with the goods.
Cunt Cholira Infantum,
DUrrhoca, Dysentery, and the
Bowel Trouble of Children of
Jtny Age. Aidi Digestion,
RrguUtes the Bowels, Strength.
ens the ChiU and MAKES
Costs Only 25c at Drnerists. or mail 25c to C J. MOFFETT. M. D. SL Icnit Mo.
Mother t Hesitate no longer, but gave the health ana lira m
your child, em thousand have dene, by giving these powders.
TEETHINA Is easily given and quickly counteracts and over
comes the effects of the summer's heat upon teething children
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