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Marshall & Baird, Union City, Tenn
Entered at the post office at Union City, Ten
gesset, as &econd-claas mail matter.
Democratic Ticket.
for Con Kress,
of Weakley.
SUte Senator,
of Lake.
of Obion.
Justice Harlan. '
It in likely that Associate Justice liar
lan will be appointed to succeed Chief
Justice Fuller as Chief Justice of the
United States Supremo Court. Justice
Harlan and Chief Justice Fuller were
very warm friends and companions.
They were almost inseparable. It there
fore goes to show that Justico Harlan is
a man of great character. But aside
from this fact Justice Harlan has handed
down some of the most important de
cisions that have come from the Su
preme Court. It is possible that Justice
Harlan is the brainiest man in the Unit
ed States. Certain it is that ho suffers
by comparison with no men in public
life. If we were called upon to enum
erate the men of his rank mentally we
should recall Thus. B. Reed, Grover
Cleveland and men of that type. We
have few of such mentalities to-day. It
is said that Reed's relation to tho mem
bers of Congress was like the big school
master and a house full of small boys.
He seldom had a tilt that ho did not
unmercifully flay his opponent. Reed
said himself that only one man appeared
in the House during his tenure worthy
of his metal and that man was George
Crisp of Georgia. Mr. Crisp was at one
time Speaker of the House of Repre
With all the criticism that has been
cast at the name of Cleveland no man
lias ever presumed to question his intel
ligence. His was one of tho great
minds of America. And contempora
neous with these men is Justice Harlan,
who has outlived either, of tho broad
est, best and purest typo of statesman
ship. Justico Harlan is one of tho most
popular men personally and one of the
best exponents of law. He is esteemed
by law students as an incomparable lec
turer. His is one of the minds which
molds thoughts for other men. He
is taller in character than tho influence
of all the corporate wealth and bigger in
brain than all its ingenuity. Justice
Harlan is comparatively old, but of all
men he should succeed his late bosom
friend, Chief Justice Fuller. The Unit
ed States Supremo Court would be hon
ored by his selection as it was honored
by such men as Marshall, Waite and
mains prevent an extension of the work
to many of the citizens this year, but
will provide for the worst features of
sewerage sanitation.
It has been suggested that arrange
ments could le made for an extension
of the entire system in one contract w ith
practically the same demands upon the
treasury and the same cost. However
this may be, we are sure that the Board
of Mayor and Aldermen will let no op
portunity pass to give the city the best
results to be obtainable from all the
plans that have been proposed.
In any event Union City is to have a
complete system of sewerage within two
years, which reduces the time limit one
year from the first plan, aDd that, if
nothing interferes, will be more than
anj' citizen had ever hoped to see in the
near future. Mayor Coble and the Board
have undertaken a great work, and they
are giving it time and attention. .They
are giving to the city probably more
service than has ever been devoted to
municipal work heretofore in Uuion
City, and the citizens should lend all the
co-operation possible. Don't pull back
and criticise the work, but lend your en
couragement and help. The work is for
your benefit and the benefit of all the
citizens. It is for your health and the
health of your neighbor. It is, as well
as a convenience, a means to prevent the
spread of disease and therefore an im
portant and valuable work for every
man, woman and child in Union City.
Tho sewerage will be not only of the
greatest value from a point of sanitation
and convenience, but it will lead to civic
pride. It will give an impetus to the
beautifying of our homes, our lawns and
our premises. While all this is in prog
ress, Union City, with tho best schools
ind churches and the best drinking wa
ter to bo found, will be gaining in pop
ulation at a rate now unthought of.
Sewerage will bring immeasurable bene
fits in every way, and the city is indeed
to be congratulated in this movement.
Union City People Should Learn
to Detect tub Approach of Kid
ney Disease.
The symptoms of kidney trouble are
A Cordial Invitation.
The president of the West Tennessee
Fair Association, W. C. Farris, requests
us to announce that the association ex
tends a cordial invitation to the teachers
and schoolchildren of Fulton County,
Ky., ana 01 eaKiey, uioson, liyeranujso umnisiaKauie mat tney leave
Kane t ounties to participate witu tne grounu ior uouoi. pick Kidneys ex-
Obion County teachers and schoolchil-1 crete a thick, cloudy, offensive urine,
uren in nee aumission to tlie fair at I mil 01 sediment, irregular oi passage or
Union City on Wednesday, Sept. 14, attended by a sensation of scalding
the first day of tho fair. The fair opens The back aches constantly, headaches
its gates free to all the teachers and pu- and dizzy spells may occur and the vic
pils of the counties named and is mak- ti in is often weighed down by a feeling
ng all the preparations possible to en- of languor and fatigue. Neglect these
tertain them on that day. The teachers warnings and there is danger of dropsy,
and children of the schools are not only I Bl ight's disease, or dialn'tes. Any one
cordially invited to attend free of cost, of these symptoms is warning enough
but the association is anxious to have to begin treating the kidneys at once,
all of them present anxious to have I Delay often proves fatal.
the largest attendance of teachers and You can use no better remedy than
schoolchildren that ever attended a Doan's Kidney Fills. Here's Union
Baal JkN
- v.-.:-; tmg&y
. mm 1
county fair.
For Grand Championship.
From Rives W. A. McNeill writes the
West Tennessee Fair Association for an
explanation, as follows:
City proof:
T. L. Lancaster, Deputy Circuit Court
Clerk, 312 West Lee street, Union City,
Tenn., says: ' I used Doan's Kidney
Fills and they gave me great relief from
a kidney weakness and pains in my
siues. l consider l.)oan s Kidney rills
Please refer to miB'e 2!) of vnur Vair
catalogue and advise from what class t0 b'' a fl,,e rvmedy and I cheerfully
grand champion hogs are to be selected I recommend them
(both sexes). Under the head of Sweep
stakes, you have class for both sex one
year old and over, and one year old or
under. It is my opinion that the can
didates for the grand champion would
be those most successful in winning the
sweepstakes prize in the year old or over
and the one year old or under classes.
In tins way you have only two entries
for the silver cup. Will you kindly ad
vise it tho position I have taken m the
matter meets with the approval of the
fair Association.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo
New York, solo agents for the United
Remember the
take no other.
name Doan's and
A call for 150 brings the coal wag.n.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Chase & Sanborn's
Famous Boston Teas and Coffees
Bulte's Excellence Flour
Pure Food
TELEPHONES 79 and 516
The Sewerage Work.
Tho work of Union City's sewerage
system begins this week. The start is
being made at a point south of town
where the septic; tank is to be placed,
beginning with the 15-inch pipe. The
big steam trenching machine is being
used for the ditch work. This machine
plows up the dirt and dumps it over on
the side of the ditch with a rapidity that
is remarkable. Tho machine was last
used at Atlanta, Ga., and shipped here
from that city. Mr. Jcnks, the engi
neer.is here directing the work, and from
all wo can gather this gentleman and
thecontractois are all of the most reli
able character, well known in their line
of business and well prepared to handle
anything of the kind from the smallest
to the largest contract. Tho work will
proceed, including the septic tank, from
now on, and wo are informed that sew
erage pipe will bo laid northward both
on Depot and Second streets, on both
sides of town. It was at first intended
to confine tho work this year to tho lino
running to Depot and Harrison streets
and continuing on the east side of town,
but the plans are now arranged to run
the Second street line, coming through
the business part of town in the alley to
the rear of Second street and continuing
to Burdick's fishery. This is to bedotie
in "order to mako provision for carrying
off the refuse from the fishery and to
accommodate tho business men with
more closet facilities. It is also under
stood that this portion of the work as
well as the work reaching Main street
will be finished this year. This, of
course, is tho first installment of the
contract and takes caref only a small
per centage of the citizens. Tho build
ing of the tank and the laying of tho
Tho delegates appointed to attend the
State convention to be held in Nashville
Sept. 14, are urged, if possible, all of
them, to be present. The rate will be
one fare for the round trip plus 25 cents,
and it is a season when a greater ma
jority of the people can leave home and
their business for tho purpose of attend
ing a convention. Get together, gentle
men, and let Obion County have a large
delegation at Nashvillo Sept. 14.
It is now probablo that Hon. Rice A.
Pierce will enter tho field for Congress
against Mr. Garrett, and talk of other
candidates has been indulged in. The
Republican candidate, Mr, Brown, was
hero Monday, his interests having in
creased by virtue of the fact that the
race may bo complicated with new en
tries. In the meanwhile we see no im
mediate cause for alarm with respect to
Mr. Garrett's chances. He is tho nom
inee of tho Democratic primary, and
ono of tho strongest men the Ninth Con
gressional District has ever had in Congress.
Democratic Executive Committee,
The Democratic Executive, Commit
tee of Obion County met at the court
house in Union City last Monday after
noon at 1 o'clock and the newly elected
comniitleo was organized with the elec
tion of P. D. Honibeak as chairman
and E. J. Green secretary.
D. P. Caldwell was elected member of
the Senatorial committee from Obion
County and T. J. Bonner member of the
Floterial committee from Obion County.
i. i. jtornoeaK was elected member
of tho Judicial committee from Obion
Members of tho committee present
were as follows:
J. F. Swiggart, J. D. Jones, J. F.
Kersey, W. G. Petty, P. D. Hornbcak,
C. P. Wilson, H. H. Hunt, J. M. Fos
ter, C. G. Barker, Luke Latimer, J. D.
Gore, J. M. Moores, W. P. Davis, J. J.
Wells, E. J. Green, Dr. N. G. Morris.
Casey Hollonian was the only member
Tho following resolution indorsing
Hon. Finis J. Garrett for Congress was
passed by a majority of all the mem
bers but one present:
Bo it Resolved, That we, the Demo
cratic Executive Committee of Obion
County, indorse the course of the Hon.
Finis J. Garrett during his incumbency
as a member of Congress from the Ninth
Congressional District of Tennessee and
that we further indorse his candidacy
forte-election as the regular nominee
of the Democratic party. '
In a speech in tho interest of the re
nomination of Senator La Follette, de
livered at Milwaukee, Gifford Pinchot,
former forester, hailed the Wisconsin
solon as the pioneer in the progressive
movement, and as 'the first hian to sug
gest a practical solution of the water
power problem.
This very important item in reference
to the hog and sheep department was
included in a query made by Mr
McNeill, of Rives, last week. Mr. Mc
Neill sent us this for publication, and
in attempting to answer through the
paper we concluded that we were not
well enough posted to do so. This week
we asked for further instructions and
now endeavor to make the matter plain
air. jMcJNeill wanted to know ir lie was
not right with regard to the grand cham
pionships mentioned on page 2!) of the
fair catalog in the assumption that the
entries for grand championship premi
ums must bo pigs that have won premi
ums in the champion classes at the
same fair. After talking with Mr. Far
ris and Mr. Wade we are instructed to
say to Mr. McNeill and to others who
have hogs to enter that in order to win
a grand championship premium the ex
hibitor must have won either one of the
premiums in the championship classes,
and under that ruling there must of ne
cessity be only two entries for each of
the silver cups or medals. The grand
champion boar contest must be decided
betwoen the winners of the two chain
pionship premiums, one for best boar one
year old and over and one for best boar
under one year old. The grand cham
pion sow contest must be decided in the
same manner. Mr. McNeill states that
this matter has heretofore been misun
derstood, and that it was his purpose to
have tho matter adjusted, so that there
would be no further confusion.
There have been exceptions, liowever,
where the ruling was not plain. For
instance, Mr. Russwurm entered for
grand championship premiums hogs
that had not been entered in the cham
pionship classes. He did not enter in
the championship classes because- he
appointed the judges and was therefore
ineligible to these classes. Yet ho was
admitted to the grand championship
contest. Such a condition is not likely
to exist, but in order to make the mat
ter clear the association has decided that
entries must be made in both classes to
win the grand champion premiums.
i lie Building season
We have every sort of building and finishing lumber
f you're apt to need, including
Doors and Windows, Shingles
A visit to our yards will be appreciated. Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
C.T. IVIoss Sl Co.
Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, - UNION CITY, TENN.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office in the new Nailling Building
Residence Phone 5.
Office Hours:
8:30 to 9:30 n. 111.
2 to 4 p. in.
Modern Klectricnl Treatment.
Office Phone 100. Niiillliiif Building
"When you are sick, or suffering from any of the
troubles peculiar to women, don t delay take Car
dui, that well-known and successful remedy for wo
men. Thousands of women have used Cardui and
been benefited. Why not you? Don't take any
chances. Get Cardui, the old, reliable, oft-tried
remedy, for women of all ages.
It Will Help You
Mm. Luzania Morgan. Sneedville. Tenn.. writes! "For ten
years I suffered with the turn of life, and tried many remedies
without relief. I had pains all over my body and at times I could
not sit up. At last I took Cardui and now I can do my housework.
I have told many ladies about Cardui and recommend it to all sick
Try it.
Wholesale, and Retail
Reelfoot Lake and
Mississippi River
Fish. Game
Oysters in Weiwon.
Same old stand, near the ice factory.
With A. B. Campbell Livery Stable
From Chicago Veterinary College
Phone 12 Union City, Tenn.
if made with good taste and judgment
do not demand an excessive expenditure
of money, as an intelligent discrimina
tion combined with an artistic choice
will give greater satisfaction than a mere
money value can bestow. For this rea
son the display of pins, brooches, pen
dants, necklaces, chains, etc., shown at
Ben Dietzel's offers an exceptional op
portunity for jewelry selections at very
moderate cost. 1 lave you seen our ladies'
leather and mesh hand bags.
Full line Puffs, Switches, Pompadours,
Curls and Rats. We also work up comb
ings into everything desired on shor
Arrive ITiiion City.
No. 557.4Ga.m. No. 3 3.0(5 p.m
No. 53. .11. 15 p.m.
52. .6.44 a.m. No. 4...12.40 p.m
No. 54., 7.52 p. m
Long Distance Telephone
' i noonporXtio
) NEW ORLEANS vJaui.iui
No. 2 Express (daily), Iv. 12.10 p.m
No. 4 Express (daily), lv.12.01 a.m
No. 6 Accom. (daily), ar 7. 10 p.m
No. 1 Express (daily), I ...3.55 p.m
No. 3 Express (daily), Iv... 3.32 a.m
No. 5 Accom. (daily), Iv 7. 20 a.m
K. J. BARNHTT. Aircnt.
.V. Taylor, Jno. M. Beall,
General Man.. , General Vnwnpr Agent,
MOBILK. AI.A. rr.l.Ot.'I. MU
Illinois Central
No. 1 ...8.08 p.m. No. 105..3.4G p.m
No. 3 .J5.38 a.m. No. 133. .5.51 a.m
Trin No. loS nnd 1 3.1 re nrcommmlationi
and ntrp ut Gibb to receive or discharge j.is.vea
1ft r.
No. ..J'.UO a.m. No. 106.12.07 p.m
No. 4. .11. 48 p.m. No. 134. .8.15 p.m
iFlag stop under special orders. See agent.
tstopd on flm only to receive pusynurn hold
ing tickets for point north of Cnrbondnle where
2 or 4 stop.
Trains Nos. 134 nnd 106 are accommodations.
Tickets and particular as to specific rates,
limits and train time of your home ticket airent
at Uibbs.
F. W. HARROW, D. P. A.. Iwisville.
A. J. McDOUGAI.1., 1). P. A.. New Orleann
S. O. HATCH, CP. A.. Chicago.
JNO. A. SCOTT, G" P. A.. Memphis.

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