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Meeting How in Progress at Union City Greatest
Success in the History ot Obion County
Fair Enterprises.
Largest and Best Exhibits of Horses, Hogs, Poultry and Agri
cultural Products Climax ot Art In Woman's Depart
mentTrotting and Pacing Events Unparalleled.
All efforts heretofore made in the as
sembling of a complete county fair in
this county have been laid in the shade
in comparison with the present meeting
now in progress at the fair grounds here.
On Wednesday the fair opened with a
large crowd, in which hundreds of school
children intermingled. The early morn
ing cloudiness probably kept numbers
from venturing away from home, but
not enough to prevent a largo gathering
of people from different portions of the
county. In the afternoon the assem
blage exceeded in numbers the best
' openings we have ever had.
The grounds were covered with visit
ors and horses and vehicles of all kinds.
Beginning with the Woman's Depart
ment, the finest exhibit ever seen in do
mestic and fine arts and culinary in
Obion County are now on display in that
department. There have been on sev
eral occasions exhibits as largo in varie
ty and extent, but never a more attract
ive display nor a collection as fine as
the present one. The finest needlework,
the finest art, the finest culinary ever
achieved in the county and other
sections are to bo seen, and they repre
sent the product of somo of the best
families of tho country hereabouts. In
the building are also some special dis
plays. One of thoso is a double booth
by the City Schools, showing the stu
dent work of the schools in written ex
amples and illustrations. This includes
the various public school courses and
branches. Another was an exhibit by
the Singer Sewing Machine Co. with J.
W. Foster in charge and Miss Lano as
assistant. In this booth the premium
$G0 sewing machine offered to exhibitors
at the fair for the finest display of work
done ou a sewing machine was on exhi
bition. White Bros., grocers, had a
nice display with Oscar Whito and Mr.
Noell in charge, dispensing Capital
Blend coffee and wafers. The Dahnke
Walker Milling Company had their us
ual display of Jersey Cream Flour.
On the grounds leading from tho Wo'
man's Building to the grand stands arc
some mechanical exhibits, including
display of farm wagons, cultivators
plows, drills, etc., by the Nailling-Kei
Her Hardware Company, a display of
Hickman Wagons by the Hickman Wa
gon Co., w ith Mr.Chas. Travis in charge
a display of thresher machinery and en
gines by It. F. Tisdale & Son, with Mr,
Dawson in charge, a thresher outfit by
H. O. Head, one of the county's pro
gressive agriculturists.
The finest and largest .agricultural ex
hibit ever seen in tho county was dis
played at the grandstands levoted to
that department. Apples, potatoes, to
matocs, peppers, corn, wheat, oats, and
everything in season of the finest varie
ties. Thero wore 14 displays of fine
corn of 50 ears each and 16 displays of
20 ears each, representing the product
of our farmers. The products were not
only much greater in variety and extent
but displayed to much better advantage
This department embraces the poultry
display, one of the best of its kind, and
better than has been seen at our fairs.
Three attractive individual exhibits of
farm products are installed in the de
partment by Ike Wade, Win. Walker
and J. D. McBride. They include a
large collection of products ingeniously
assembled and displayed to great advan
Continuing to the hog department
was to be seen another record breaking
exhibit. Exhibitors in this department
are C. G. Cloys, Geo. W. Carter, S. T.
Wade, W. J. Beauchamp, G. B. White,
T. A. Edwards, S. It. Brnlton, Herbert
Quinn.W. A. McNeill, Geo. W. Tucker,
Geo. Bufford, Bud Mayes. There are
some fine specimens of Bcrkshires, Du
roes, Poland Chinas. C. G. Cloys had
his fine boar, Artful Duke, 3d, 110DG9,
on exhibition. This fine animal weighs
over 700 pounds and he is a beauty.
The grounds are covered with tents
ana amusements, me weather was
pleasant Wednesday and the crowd in
the best of humor and well pleased with
The first race of the afternoon was a
2:30 trot with entries as follows: De
clare, Harry Waldon, Searcher Boy,
Axeworth, Rural Route, The Algerion,
Cauloyllower, Alfrecl 'Hopper, Ira M,
Palmer Clark.
First money was won by Harry Wal
don, owned by W. P. Green, Guntown,
Miss.; second money by Palmer Clark,
owned by C. F. Boswell, Mayfield, Ky. ;
third money by Ira M, owned by R. M.
Brown, Dyersburg; fourth money by
Tho Algerion, owned by Mason & Ir
van, Murray, Ky.
The time was 2:17J, made in the last
The second event was an amateur
buggy race with entries as follows: W.
N. Wright, R. II. Holman.Chas. Rich
ardson, Bob Moore, W. M. McCaleb.
Entries in the third race, a 2:20 pace,
were Dan Hal. Britt. Bell Forrest. Ben
Hal, Lillian A, Silver Heels, Cremo,
Bonnio Boy, Marjorie, Direct Sign,
Wm. Wallace. Addie Wilkes.
First money was won by Dan Hal,
owned by A. H. Escue, Jackson, Tenn.;
second money by Bonnie Boy, owned
by Tayno & Wilkerson; third money by
Addie Wilkes, owned by C. F. Boswell,
Mayfield, Ky.; fourth money by Mar
jorie, owned by Ed Redmond, Ashland
City, Ind. The time was 2:1G in the
second heat.
C. F. Boswell was badly crippled .at
the finish of one of the Wednesday
races. He was driving and thrown out
in a collision with another sulky and
his leg broken in two just above the
The amateur buggy race on Wednes
day was won by W. N. Wright, with
W. M. McCaleb second, Bob Moor
third and Chas. Richardson fourth.
Suits, Coats, Dresses
Waists and Skirts
Our line is larger, styles
lower than ever before.
prettier, and prices
We will appreciate a
speak for themselves.
September 16, 1910.
look. The garments will
Indorse Hooper for Governor
Nominate Enloe for Railroad
The Independe.it Democratic State
Convention assembled in the Ryman
Auditorium at Nashville on the 14th
The convention was a unit in indors
ing B. W, Hooper, Republican candi
date for Governor and nominating B. A
Enloe for Railroad Commissioner. No
peace pacts were entertained and none
offered in the convention. It was un
derstood that Senator Taylor would in
troduce a harmony speech, but he was
not present, and the convention pro
ceeded to ignore all suggestions leading
to a compromise of differences in the
Chairman W. O. Vertrees of the State
Committee called tho convention to or
der at 12:19 p. ni.
On recommendation of the State Com
mittee the following temporary otficers
of the convention were unanimously
Temporary Chairman Hon. G. T.
Fitzhugb, of Memphis.
Temporary Secretary Mr. J. I. Fin
ney, ol uoiumuia.
Temporary Assistant Secretaries
Messrs. J. W. Cooper, of Cumberland
County, and B. I. Susong, of Cocke
Chairman Fitzhugh was presented
and was received with loud applause.
Tho Committee on Permanent Or
ganization recommended tho following
For Permanent Chairman Hon. It.
L. Mountcastle, Of Knox County.
The Temporary Secretaries were made
The platform, as adopted, is as fol
"We, the representatives Yf the Dem
ocratic party of Tennessee, ""fluting by
authority derived directly from tho peo
ple, do declare our allegiance to the
time-honored principles of a National
"We believe in a Government of the
people, for the people, and by the peo
ple, and, in order to perpetuate that
kind of Government, through tho usual
political agencies, we declare that party
committees, party nominations and par
ty platforms should only be made by
direct and express authority of the peo
ple, through primary elections, or dele
gated conventions.
"We denounce the usurpation of par
ty authority in the name of Democracy
by the Patterson machine, and wo con
demn its efforts to disfranchise Demo
cratic voters of this State, and thereby
to establish an autocracy under the
name and in tho guise of Democracy.
"We condemn the course of Gov.
Patterson in appointing, by himself or
his agents, members of the State Dem
ocratic Executive Committee from the
State at largo. We favor the selection
of tho State Democratic Executive Com
mittee, two from each Congressional
district, by the delegates thereof, re
spectively, to this convention, and op
pose the appointment or selection of
any members thereof from the State at
"Tho independence and the integrity
of the three co-ordinate departments of
our estate Uoverument snouiu do pre
served in all their constitutional limita
tions, and we denounce the action of
the Governor in attempting, by the use
of his political machine, to control the
action of the Legislature and to coerce
tho Supreme Court in the matter of a
case pending before it.
"Wo demand the enforcement of the
laws by executive officers charged with
the duty of law enforcement, and we
condemn, as false to their trust, all such
officials as attempt to nullify the laws
and defeat the legislative will by their
"W endorse and declare for the re
tention and maintenance of the four
mile law and its various amendments,
prohibiting tho manufacture and kde of
ntoxicating liquors in this State, al.d we
condemn the efforts of Governor Fatter-
son to discredit these laws without giv-1
ing them the test of enforcement in the
larger cities of the State. We contend
that these laws have been a blessing to
our people wherever they have been en
forced, and we solemnly declare that no
Governor should attempt to set up his
will against the judgment of the people
as expressed in their legislative enact
ments by refusing to enforce the laws.
"We also condemn all officials charged
with the enforcement of the law who
have failed to perform their duty in tho
enforcement of the law.
"When the Governor of the State, in
violation of his oath of office, refuses to
uphold and enforce the law, he becomes
a teaciier of anarchy, an enemy to our
republican institutions and a menace to
the security of human life and property
Believing that the perpetuity of our
republican institutions depends on pop
ular intelligence, we favor a liberal pol
icy in dealing with our public school
system, to the end that the advantages
of education may be brought within
reach of the humblest citizen.
'We endorse tho amendments to the
election laws passed by the last Legisla
ture, and would favor any amendmentt
that may be found necessary to secure
fair and honest elections.
"We approve the existing method of
selecting tho State Pension Board and
favor liberal appropriations for pensions
for the ex-Confederate soldiers of Ten
nessee, and their widows.
"We unqualifiedly condemn the abuse
of the pardoning power by Gov. Patter
son and his efforts to convert the peni
tentiary and workhouse into political
recruiting offices, and to make the par
don and the punishment, of .crime an
asset of his political machine.
"We demand that the next Legisla
ture investigate the management of the
penitentiary in all of its departments,
and that the management of said insti
tution be re-established on a basis, rath
er than apolitical basis, and conducted
in such a manner as will come in least
contact with free Ialor.
"We favor such modification by stat
ute of the fellow-servants' rule in this
State as the exigencies of modern busi
ness methods and agencies may require.
"We demand the strict enforcement
of the nnti-lobbying statute of this State,
in the interest of honest legislation.
"We favor a fair, just and equitable
redisricting of tho Legislative and Con
gressional districts of the State.
"We favor such legislation as may be
necessary to vest the title to Reelfoot
Lake in the State, and to preserve it as
la public game and fish preserve.
"Realizing the fact that good roads
are powerful agencies for the advance
ment of civilization and enlightenment,
we favor the encouragement of the good
roads movement by the State and Fed-
eril governments in every , legitimate
and constitutional way. And we would
have our representatives in the Legisla
ture to inquire into and report upon the
feasibility of the employment of a por
tion of the Slate's convicts in the con
struction of a State highway from Bris
tol Memphis, connecting tho principal
cities of the State, and establishing a
basis for a State system of highways.
"Wo recommend that tho resolution
submitted to this convention by the
Patterson committee be referred to tho
State committed named by this conven
tion for proper answer, in accordance
with the action and instructions of this
convention. "
W. C. T. U. Rest Tent.
Mrs. Belle Waddell, Mrs. Brevard,
Mrs. Melvin Glasscock and Mrs. Iteubo
Green will have charge of a rest tent.
Any one ill or tired, especially a tired
mother with little ones, will be made
welcome at any time during the fair;
in fact a hearty welcome awaits all who
care to rest.
TYLES letter than
ever. Factory equifified
with new machinery
throughout. All meth
ods of manufacturing
improved 50$ style
direct roortion value
Smart Stylish and Fie x-
ille to the last degree. The new
models on display today. You re
cordially invited to inspect them.
I G. Claptt Co.
i J

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