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More Elaborate
More Exclusive
ore Extensive
How better could we express the extraordinary
preparations that have been carried out for our expo
sition of the new modes in Millinery and Ladies'
Suits and Dresses for the autumn season.
To be heralded as the leading style store of this
section is a responsibility fully appreciated by us, and
we assure you that a more authoritative exhibition of
fashions will not be seen in Tennessee this season.
By coming to The Big Store the pleasure of seeing
all the cleverest new foreign and American ideas will
be yours.
rii p wATPiiwnRnQi The crest of style and uaUty and
UUn If HI UnilUnUOi prices in harmony with every purse
Public Speaking.
Senator Robert L. Taylor, Democratic
nominee for Governor of Tennessee, will
address the citizen of Obion County at
Union City on Thursday, October 27, at
1 p.
All Democrats, irrespective of par
ty differences, are earnestly invited to
W present, Pi.kah, Hoknukak,
Chairman of County Democratic Com
Call to All Democrats.
The Democrats of Obion County, re
gardless of how they voted the Au
gust Judicial election, are requested to
meet at their earliest convenience in
their respective districts, at their usual
voting places, and form Democratic Bob
Taylor Clubs.
First. To aid in giving Gov. Taylor
arousing reception when bespeaks at
Union. City at 1 o'clock p. in. October
Second. To thoroughly organize the
Democrats in the several civil districts
"of Obion County to bring out all loyal
Democrats to vote for "Our Bob" on
the8:h of November, 1910.
1. 1). HORSREAK,
Chairman Democratic County Executive
Committee of Obion County.
We have a carload of salt on the road;
will arrive in about one week. Call and
leave, your order for a barrel, prices
right. Union City Feed Store.
C B. Coming.
On Saturday, October 22, the Chris
tian Brothers College team will come to
Union City for a game with the Union
City Training School eleven. This be
ing the first game of the purple and
white ou the local field the football fans
are anxious to see what Coach Ayde
lott's machine is composed of.
Captain Wilson is putting his team
through a strenuous week's practice and
is confident of victory. This is proba
bly the only game that will be played
onvthe local gridiron, and a large crowd
is 'expected to attend. '.
All the team are anxious to show the
people of Union City what they can de
liver in the football line.
Hitherto Union City has not sup
ported her team as most towns do. But
we hope on Saturday such a crowd of
fans will turn out to cheer the purple
and white team on to victory that has
ever lcnteen at a football game in
Union City before.
U. C. T. S. Outclassed.
The Union City Training School foot
ball squad journeyed to Memphis Sat
urday, October 15, and were defeated by
the strong Memphis High School team.
Although outweighed about ten pounds
to a man Capt. Wilson's team fought
valiantly from start to finish, but when
the smoke of the battle bad rolled away
the Memphis High School team had .16
points to their favor o the purple and
white's goose. egg.
The game was a contest of the brute
strength of the green and gold against
the small but fast team of the purple
and white. On the defensive the Train
ing School put up the game of its life,
often downing the green and gold giants
for a loss, but never succeeded in get
ting near enough the goal to drop for
three points.
Iloneycutt, at full, played his usual
good game and gaining through the M.
II. S. line when all the rest had failed.
With another year's experience he will
star on some university team.
Key on half and Whitson at end
played brilliant ball. The find of the
season is Left Guard Tate, a six footer,
who tears up the enemy's line like a
tornado. Little Erwin, at tackle, played
a star game, holding like a brick wall
against his 200-pound adversary.
Protho and MeSpradlin starred on the
M. II. 8. team. Mclntyre, the lengthy
tackle of 200 pounds, was the big gun
of the green and gold squad. He time
and again went through Coach Ayde
lott's line for a gain.
Taking the game as a whole, the U.
C. T. S. was out of her class.
The U. C. T. S. lineup was as follows:
Tanner, center; Tate, left guard; Chistr.,
right guard; Cobb, left tackle; Erwin,
right tackle; Whitson, right end; Smith,
left end; Wilson, quarter; Honeycutt,
full back; Key, right half; Fields, left
Cold Weather Advice
to all is to beware of coughs and colds
on the chest; as neglected they readily
lead to pneumonia, consumption or oth
er pulmonary troubles. Just as soon as
the cough appears treat it w ith Ballard's
Horehound Syrup, the standard cure of
America. Use as directed perfectly
harmless. A cure and preventive for
nil diseases of the lungs. Price 23c, 50c
atid $1.00 Per bottle. Sold by Red
Cross Drug Co.
Ifl yr,a want the best and cheapest,
use Hon Air coal. Union City Ice A j
Coal Company. 1
New Railroad for Hickman.
In 1835 a contract was let for the
building of a railroad into Hickman
the old Hickman-Obion Railroad, since
absorbed by the N., C. & St. L.
In all these years another railroad has
never been contracted until this week,
although a score or more have been al
most ready to let their contracts.
We now have the second one con
tracted. C. T. Bondurant, of this city,
and W. L Mo.ley, of Memphis, have
Ix-en awarded the contract to clear the
right-of-way and do the grading for the
last ten miles of the Chicago, Memphis
A Gulf Railroad Company's new road
from Tiptonville, Tenn., to Hickman.
The contract specifies that this work
must be completed on or before Jan. 1,
1911 or within the next two and one-
naif 'months. This is a very limited
time, it would seem, but Mr. Bondu
rant says he will deliver the goods right
on the dot. They already have a big
force of men at work clearing the
ground, and grading will start this or
the first of next week.
As stated in a former article in this
paper, the dirt work has been completed
from Tiptonville up to the Fulton Coun
ty line. This leaves about ten of eleven
miles to finish, or from the county line
to West Hickman. The road will tap
the N., C. & St. L. road about where
the oil mill stood. All of the right-of-way,
with the exception of two pieces,
has been secured. Condemnation pro
ceedings have been instituted to get
through these places, and will not cause
any delay in the work.
Col. S. L. Dodds, after having sold
some of his bottom property, gener
ously gave the right-of-way through
the remainder of his fine bottom farm
rather than be any hindrance to a good
thing for Hickman. S. L. will always
be found on the progressive side at any
price when it conies to a show-down.
Between the Fulton County line and
Hickman a big gang is employed in lay
ing the ties and steel, and will be ready
for this end ere our contractors finish
their work.
It is our understanding that the new
road will use, by mutual agreement,
the N., C. & St. . yard, terminal and
tracks here until they can make ar
rangements for a suitable location for
their depots, etc. This is done for the
reason that the new road will be built
on to Metropolis, III., and at present
they are not able to determine whl
terminal location will best serve their
future interests.
The railroad company is to be con
gratulated upon securing the services
of Mr. Bondurant in connection with
the construction work. He is a hustler
and will push it through. His partner,
Mr. Mozley, is a successful levee con
tractor (now working on the govern
ment levee in Lake County), and has
the reputation of doing things himself.
They will make a good team, and there
is no danger of any delay in their part
of the work.
Mr. S. Granger Latta, president of
the road, who is personally known to a
number of our business men, is a clever,
every-day sort of a fellow, but at the
same time a brainy, level-headed busi
ness man, who will be found always
striving for the best interests of his
patrons. It is a source of great satis
faction to know that we have just such
a man on the head of the new road. All
interests will receive like attention.
The speculative feature of at least one
new railroad is a thing of the past.
Within another year, we believe that
Hickman will have two new roads in
operation, a levee in West Hickman
and monster freight steamers and fast
packets plying the Mississippi River,
operated by the Mississippi Valley Trans
portation Co. Hickman Courier.
How Much is Your Stomach
It's worth almost as much as your
life; how much is that worth? The Red
Cross Drug Store has a remedy that
keeps the stomach right and makes it
right when it goes wrong.
MI-O-NA is the tame of the great
stomach remedy and the Red Cross
Drug Store guarantees it to cure the fol
lowing stomach ailments and symp
toms, or money back.
Upset stomach, paim in stomach,
belching of gas, biliousness.
Heartburn, sour stomach, lump of
lead stomach, after dinner distress.
Nervousness and headache caused by
stomach derangement.
Bad effects of overeating or drinking;
sea or car sickness.
Vomiting of pregnancy, or any stom
ach distress.
Remember money back if it fails at
Red Cross Drug Store or leading drug
gists everywhere, and the price is only
50 cents a large box.
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Score for Troy.
Mr. Walter Myers, of Campground,
sold his farm one day this week to Mr.
D. Huey, of the same vicinity, and will
in a few days move to Troy where he
and his family will reside in the future,
he having bought the old J. Sam
Fields place, recently owned by Mr. T.
E. Ledbetter.
The concrete work is completed and
now Troy has some of the finest pave
ments and crossings to be found in any
town in the State. Koehlcr Brothers,
of Memphis, did the work, and so far,
everything is perfectly satisfactory. They
are perfect gentlemen and made many
warm friends during their stay in Troy.
Troy Tribune.
Negroes on Rampage.
Hickman, Ky., Oct. 17. Saturday
night the negroes in the lower bottoms
west of Hickman, were evidently on
the warpath. Near Madrid Bend, Logan
Wilson shot and almost instantly killed
Henry Roar. The affair arose over a
game of craps. Wilson succeeded in
escaping. On Val Carpenter's lower
farm two negroes engaged in a quarral
over a negro woman, which resulted in
two negroes getting shot. The negro
doing the shooting was Jim Boyd, and
his victims were I.e Williams and Sid
Oliver. Williams received a load of
shot in the right shoulder and ni(.y lose
his arm, if not his life. Oliver was only
slightly wounded. Boyd also succeeded
in making bis escape.
People's Bank Launched.
Hickman, Ky., Oct. 17. The Peo
pie's Bank, the new and third institu
tion of the kind in this city, was opened
for business Saturday morning. Every
thing went off just as arranged, and the
cashier, C. P. Shumate, and the officers
were agreeably surprised with the result
of their first day's business. Their de
posits reached nearly 90,000. State
Bank Examiner Rogers was here to see
the launching properly done. He made
a thorough investigation and put his O.
K. on the concern's business before the
teller's window was opened. He said
she had the ring of a brand new silver
dollar. This bank is well equipped and
has handsome fixtures of marble and
golden oak. C. P. Shumate, of this
city, is cashier and founder of this new
bank, and Guy Hale, of this city, as
sistant cashier. t '
Coal Coke Wood Call Tl. 150. '
Union City People Havk Ahhouttk
Fkook ok Dkkiw at Homk.
It's not words, but deeds that prove
true merit.
The deeds of Doan's Kidney Pills,
For Union City kidney sufferers,
Have made their local reputation.
Proof lies in the testimony of Union
City people who have been cured to stay
Mrs. Nancy F. Burcham, 210 North
jcpoi street, I nion tity, Jcnn.,says:
"Some years ago I gave a public state
ment, telling how Doan's Kidney Pills
had cured me of kidney complaint. I
still hold the same high opinion of this
remedy. I was bothered principally by
pains in my back and hips and it was
hard for me to lift or stoop. I could
not turn in bed without having sharp
twinges through my loins and I became
nervous and languid After using Doan's
Kidney Pills for a few weeks my trouble
was removed and I have not had a re
turn attack since."
For sale by all dealers. Trice, GO
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Gone But Not Forgotten.
(In remembrnnce of our dear swett aitf r.)
Sissie, we still miss you so much.
At home, around the fireside, at the ta
ble, in all our reunions, we miss you.
If you could only put your arms around
me now and sy what you have often
said I would say yes. I can almost
hear your words now, as you put your
arms around me and said, "Dee, I hata
to see you do this way; won t you please-
quit doing like you are and live better?"
O, if I had 6nly said yes when you
could have heard me, but I must be
content to say it now. Sissie, you were
so good to me; you never scolded me.
but would put your arms around me
and with words as soft and pure as the
angels in Heaven you would say.'Dee,
I love you and it almost breaks my
heart to see you do this way; won't you
please quit?" O, how good she was and
I didn t know it then. But since she
has gone every one who knew her
praises her good name. She has left a
precious memory, and I can almost see
her in her spotless roUs and crown
shouting hosannahs and leckoning,
come to me.
Siii. I know ou lire iiturut to-rlny.
But mirf-K f -s:
You hat y, ;lie way
And I nmt follow on.
Brow ik a Dies.

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