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Miss Eva Cunningham is ill.
Mr. II. J. Cuiiningltiim is visiting Ins
sister, Mrs. W. C. McDaniel, at Crystal
Miss Gertie and Cliff Hutchinson
spent part of last week with relatives at
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Henderson, of
Obion, are. visiting at the home of Mrs
Lizzie Cunningham.
The new homes of Messrs. Wyatt
Freeman and .Too Garrison are now in
course of construction.
Messrs. Fred ' Beeves and Burgess
Cunningham are attending the West
Tennessee Synod at Memphis.
Mr. Robert MeGower and sister, Miss
Nannie, spent Saturday night and Sun
day with relatives at Whiteside.
Mrs. Mary Brown has returned from
Memphis, where she has Wen with her
son, Lee, who is in the Presbyterian
Hospital there. ,
Little William W ilson, the ten-months-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Henderson, died Friday morning and
was buried in Eln'iiezcr tho following
.lv, Matilda.
Mrs. Anna l'imrose visited relatives
in Gibson recently.
J. N. Sanders and sister visited Pro
temus friends Sunday. t
Mr. James Phillips and family visited
relatives at Tally's Sunday.
All on the sick list are greatly im
proved since our last letter.
Business is picking up. It is wheat
sowing and cotton picking time.
Mr. Will Dyer and son, Rufus, spout
Sunday with Mr. Frank Brown.
Once in a great while we meet a man
who actually practices what he preaches.
Mr. Reeves and family, of Ebeneer,
were the guests of Mr. Adron Nipp Sun
Miss Lucy Haynie, of near Union
City, visited her brother, John, here re
cently. Miss Ethel Lindsey was the guest of
Miss Delia Raybum, at Kedron, Satur
day night.
Mr. Necley and wife, of near Troy,
visited Mr. Neeley's son, Tom, and
family Sunday. !
Misses Jeannie Muse, Thearon Dyer
and Messrs. Rollie Lindsey and Maurice
No matter what you do, you must have tools to carry on your work.
We have tools of all kinds; for farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, garden
ers for everybody.
Our line of hardware is always up-to-date. Our stuff will wear.
If you don't believe our prices are low, come iu and see.
Kirk attended church at Possum trot
Mr. John Haynie and wife and little
daughter visited in the Mineral neigh
borhood Sunday.
Mr. James Kirk moved here Tuesday
from Smithville and will occupy the
house vacated by James Wells.
Rev. Jackson and wife, of Water
Valley, Ky., were the guests of Mr.
Sam Grooms and family last week.
Mr. Frank Brown has his new house
nearly completed. When finished it
will be the handsomest home in this
community. Trixik.
Miss Georgie Council is on the sick
Mr. Jas. Lank ford spent Sunday near
Beech Grove, Ky.
Mr. Homer Jones, of Hickman, spent
Sunday with J. C. Glover.
Those on the sick list are Mr. Buck
Escuc and Mr. Georgio Rogers.
Rev. Matheny preached his last ser
mon at Mount Manuel Sunday.
The constable of this district is having
a good deal of riding to do now.
Miss Nellie Lee Escue made a (lying
trip to Clayton Saturday evening.
Mr. Jeff Westerman is going Monday
to hunt a new homo in Lake County.
Several from here attended the sing
ing at Star of Bethlehem Sunday evening-
Messrs. Ras Alexander and Donnell
Council went 'possum hunting Friday
Several around here attended the
singing at Mr. Jas. Oslxrne's Saturday
Dull ie. Gray and Louie Cole spent
Saturday night with Mrs. Hawkins near
Reel foot.
S. K. Barnes is having trouble with
his cattle. He is afraid they will get
the milksick. I ,
Miss Nannie Taylor will soon return
home from Dresden. All of her friends
will le glad to fee her.
Miss Maud Osborne, of Crescent, is
spending this week in Hit'kman with
cr cousin, Miss Myrtle Os1orne.
Mr. Buster Hawkins gave a candy
pulling Saturday night. Music was
furnished by Mr. John Clack and Mr.
Hubert Vaught. A nice time reported.
Mrs. J. W. Barnes was shopping in
TVoy Friday.
J. V . Barnes made a business trip to
Fulton Monday.
'Misses Sue Bright and Era Ferguson,
of near Obion, were guests of Mrs. Ella
Farrior Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Thompson, of
Mason Hall, visited relatives here sev
eral days last week.
Rev. Howell and wife, of near Ken
ton, were geesfs of Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Curry Saturday night.
Mr. (trover Tuley and Miss Tooka
Erwin, of Obion, were the guests of
Miss Ellene Barnes Sunday.
Mr. Jim Cunningham and family and
Mr. and Mrs. Burton, of near Glass, at
tended church here Sunday.
Mr. andMrs. Jim Smith, of Obion,
attended church here Sunday and were
guests of Mrs. Lizzie Ward.
Mrs. Wilson and daughters, Fanny
and Flossie, spent Sunday night at the
home of Mrs. J. W. Barnes. They
were on their way to Fulton.
Mrs. Sallie Wilson and daughter, Iris,
and Miss Belle Inman, of Obion, were
pleasant callers at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Barnes Saturday. ,
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Cunningham and
family, of near Minnick, were guests at
tho home of J. W. Barnes Sunday, also
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bright and Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Barnes were there.
Health is very good around here.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Arm
strong, a fine boy.
Mrs. James Langford is visiting in
Kenlucky this week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Rives were in
I'nion City Tuesday on business.
Several cows around here have died
with the milksick since the rains.
Miss Beulah Glover spent Sunday
with the Howard girls at Crescent.
Misses Maud and Pearl Osborne were
in Hickman last Saturday shopping.
Miss Jessie Rogers, of Possumtrot,
spent last week with Miss Beth Rogers
There have been several head of cat
tle carried out of our neighborhood this
J.. L. Glover was in our district last
Saturday and summoned several to go
to Dyersburg for the widow Rankin's
Revs. Bushart and Murrell left Mon
day for Middle Tennessee to hold a
Miss Iora Howard, of Crescent
spent Saturday night with Miss Beulah
Glover near here.
Miss Mattie Armstrong went to the
home of her brother, James Armstrong
Monday where she will make her fiitur
Several from around here attended
church at Mount Manuel Sunday to
hear Rev. Matheny 's last sermon for
this time. He will leave shortly for
conference. Rki'ohtek.
Our 10c assortment of enameled ware
embraces a good many articles you need
every day. Haynes-Gregory Hardware
Mr. lorn uoiey visiteii relatives in
Numlier Four last week.
Mr. J. C. Wagster and wife attended
services at Cypress Creek Sunday.
Olhe Perm and wife spent one night
last week with relatives near Cane
Mr. and Mrs. John Penn spent Sun
day night and Monday with relaltives in
Luther Smith and family, of near
Mount Pelia, spent Saturday night in
this vicinity. '
Mr. Jim Henry and family, of Weak
ley, spent Sunday with Mr. John Tan
ner and wife.
Mr. Earl Campbell and family, of
near Cane Creek, were Sunday guests of
Mr. Murry Campbell's family.
Mr. and Mrs. Linnie Hansbiuugh, of
Weakley, visited Mrs. Hansbrough's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stirling,
near Crittendon Grove Sunday.
The visitors in the home of Mr. Lon
Tanner Sunday were Mr. Carl Pointer
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Har
rison, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Duncan and
children. Jf.RiHA.
Slightly Colder With Snow.
When you see that kind of a weather
forecast you know that rheumatism
weather is at hand. Get ready for it
now by getting a bottle of Bollard's
Snow Liniment. Finest thing made for
rheumatism, chilblains, frost bite, sore
and stiff joints and muscles, all aches
and pains. 25c, 50c and $1.(10 a bottle.
Sold by Red Cross Drug Co.
king Manuel, the (Juccn Mother
Amelia and the Duke of Oporto sailed
fromGibraIter for England on the Brit
ish royal yacht Victoria and Albert.
The Queen Dowager Maria Pia sailed
for Italy on the Italian warship Regina.
The , British authorities accorded the
King and his party all the honors due
their rank.
Henry Wynmalen, of Holland, and
M. Le Gagneu, of France, (lew from
Paris to Brussels in biplanes, each with
a passenger. , Wynmalen's time was
five hours and thirty-eight minutes,
and Le Gagneu made the journey in
five hours. The Dutch aviator stopped
twice and the Frenchman once.
The Government health officers, while
not assured of success, are hopeful of
:::::::: ::
j i
AsR Your Grocer for it
Dahnke-Walte illing Co,
Ask us for prices when
:::::; ;: ''I:::;;;;;;
keeping cholera out of thin country.
For the past month cholera cases have'
been developing in Russia at a rate ex
ceeding 5,000 a day. Twenty-five new
cases were reported in Italy Monday.,
Two were in Rome.
W. A. Hurt., slayer of Stanley Ketch
el. was cantured nejir Xiunomn AfV,
seventeen miles from tho scene of fie,
shooting. After being placed bjf jail
Hurtz made a statement that'l'o shot,
Kctchel in self-defense. Goldie Smith,
a cook, figures in the case.
Full line Puffs, Switches, Pompadours,
Curls and Rats. We also work up comb
ings into everything desired on shor
:: ::::::;:
selling your grain. P.

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