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Over White & BurcharcTi Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
OIke 144-2, Residence 144-3
Over A&Tute & Burchard'a Drujr
Store, .Union City, Tenn.
Office 144-2; Residence 144-3
Union City Commercial, est.-i lishfd !Si i ,. . , ,
WV.t Tennee Conner. e,Mhl,sh:i 1W t Consoiulaled VptemJr 1. i1v7
VOL. 19, NO. 3(2
The Crops Are
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I ENJOINS SALOON'S. (J. W. MeKinney. J. C. Sparr, X. T.
! Hannah, YV. T. Walker, X. 15. Black.
Law and Order League Breaks Into j K. F. Caradine, YV. P. Walk ins, J. W.
Federal Court. j Present t, ('has. U. Ca rot hers, (i. W.
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' 'J 1 SOU') ON1.V 1!Y
Court Warns Him Death on Gal
, , . Iqws is Certain.
London, Oct. 22. Dr. llawley Har
vey Crippen, the American practitioner
and medical agent, to-day was found
guilty of the murder of hi wife, the
American act raw, Hello Klmore, and
sentenced to death.
It was announced this evening that
Crippen would be hanged on November
i The jury was out 00 minutes. When
it returned, at 2:47 o'clock, and an
nounced it had found the defendant
guilty, Lord Chief Justice Alverstone
asked the physieiaii if he had anything
to say,
Crippen replied in a low voice:
"I still protest my innocence."
The Chief Justice then donned the
black cap that had rested near him
throughout tho trial, and pronounced
the sentence of death. Addressing the
condemned man Lord Alverstone said:
"You have been convicted .on evi
dence which can leave no doubt in the
mind of any reasonable man that you
cruelly murdered your wife and then
mutilated her body.
"I advise you to entertain no hope
that you will escape the conw'c-nces
of your crime. I implore you to . vke
your peace with God."
As the Lord Chief Justice concluded
A policeman stepped forward and, in
the hush that had fallen over the court
room, led Crippen from the dock.
The trial of Ethel Clara Leneve as an
. k . . . . . i t
accessory ol tne tact m tne mumer oi
Mrs. Crippen will begin next Tuesday.
Those who had watched the progress
of the case were convinced that an end
of the trial would come to-day and for
that reason they came early to get ad
vantageous locations.
When court convened only one wit
ness was examined and that was the de
fendant himself, who was recalled to
testify regarding the use of hyoscin, the
poisiu with which he is declared to
have killed his wife.
Richard Muir then began the closing
speech for the prosecution. He said the'
defense had relied largely on the theory
that Crippen was too kind-hearted to
commit murder. Counsel pointed out,
however, that the defendant had livei
for months a life of hypocrNy, mocking
tlu grief of his wife's dearest friends.
The proseculor's speech occupied
scarcely more than an hour.. He con
eluded by saying the prosecution had
proved, beyond a reasonable doubt, that
tne oouv iounii in nippen s iiome was
that of his wife, and that none but the
prisoner could have cut up the body and
buried it in the cellar.
Fort Withdraws.
Springfield, Tenn., Oct. 2:1. Otlicial
announcement is made that 1 fancy
Fort, of Clarksville, recent nominee of
the Montgomery County Committee for
Senator to represent the counties of
Montgomery and Robertson, has with
drawn from the race. This leaves the
Hon. V. A. liradlcy, of this county,
who has been indorsed bv the Inde
pendents, without an opponent. It is
hardly thought .at this late hour that
Mr. Bradley will have an opponent, in
view of the fact that it is generally con
ceded that Robertson County is entitled
to the Senatorship and there is no other
probable candidate in this county.
Another Flower Fades.
Dayton, Tenn., Oct. 22. In response
to the almost unanimous demand of
leaders of his own party, I'rof. J. F.
Benson, Republican candidate for Joint
Representative, to-day announced his
retirement from the race. This was
done to promote the unity of the anti
rtterson forces in Bbea and Meigs
counties and to assure the election of
a Representative who will stand for law
and order. This leaves J. R. Thomp
son, Democrat, and law and order Win.
Brown, anti-fence law, candidates to
tight it out.
$400 Reward.
1'aducah, Ky., Oct. 22. At Cairo,
111., Avhere Fred Ottorson, of Padueah,
was killed on the night of October 8, a.
reward of $ 400 has been offered for his
slayer. James White, a saloon-keeper,
accused of tho crime, has disappeared.
He is believed to be in hiding in South
western Kentucky.
White is 50 years old, 5 feet 10 inches
high, weighs 140 pounds, and has dark
hair mingled with gray.
Coal Coke Wood Call Tel. 150.
The storm which has been brewing
f "
' for some weeks as to the saloon nroio-
I . . i
! sition in Memphis woke in all its fury j
j yesterday when Judge John E. McCall
I of the United States Court, at the in-
stance of members of the Law and Or
I dcr League, issued a temporary order
! restraining 114 saloons in Memphis
! from selling liquor until Thursday
! morning at 0:"0 o'clock, when he pro
i poses to hivir argument as to whether
i the injunction should be made perpetual
! or shall be dissolved,
j The complainants allege that the
Governor, Mayor, State Adjutant-Gen-;
eral and county Attorney-General are
: not trying to enforce the prohibition
: law in Memphis; that by reason of the
(leclilifl'ion of the State and county At
: torney-Gcncral to sign the bill, they arc
ijenied the opportunity to secure their
rights in the Sate courts; that the law
is being enforced in other counties in
the State; that the failure to enforce it
locally depreciates the value of their
property here; that they are denied the
"equal protection of the law," guaran
teed by the Fourteenth amendment to
the United States constitution, and that,
in fact, oy reason of the not enforce
ment of the prohibition law here, Mem
phis is in a state of insurrection.
All injunction restraining 114 alleged
saloons from doing business in Mem
phis until they appear before the United
States District Court to show why they
should not be adjudged nuisances, thus
causing the deterioration of value of
property in the adjacent neighborhood,
was issued by United States Judge John
E. McCall yesterday afternoon about 1
o'clock. Following the issuance of the
injunction and the preparation of the
papers by Clerk of the District Court
Dan F. Elliott, the proprietors of the
different saloons were served with the
papers as fast as they could be found
by Deputy United States Marshal Zach
Jolly. The disposition of the saloon
men seemed to be to quietly acquiesce
in the ruling, the majority of them giv
ing orders to employes about the place
to "shut ur shoo ami go home." The
saloon men arc in the air regarding
their next move in the affair, as they
profess to have been taken entirely by
surprise by the action of the Federal
Court. The time set for the appearing
of the saloon men before Judge McCall
is Thursday, October 27, at 0:;!0 a. ni.
This means that no intoxicating drinks
will be sold over the bars of the 114 de
fendants saloons during the next five
days, at any rate.
The injunction was issued by Judge
McCall in response to the prayer of fif
teen members of the Law and Order
League, who claim that owing to the
fact that the saloons are being con
ducted in open violation of the State
law, and that gambling and other vicious
practices are openly cameo: on m said
saloons, the said saloons have become
nuisances, and are causing the deterior
at ion of the value of property owned
by complainants in the city of Mem
phis, and that the State authorities,
including Gov. M. R. Patterson, State 's-
Attorney Chas. T. Gates, District Attor
ney Z. X. Est es and Mayor Crump, have
steadily refused to even attempt to en
force the four-mile law in Memphis and
have allowed thieves and cut-throats to
openly walk the .streets of Memphis,
making it unsafe for the self-respecting
citi.enry of the city to travel the thor
oughfares after nightfall, the equal ben
efits and protection of the law. These
rights, they are alleged, are guaranteed
to them by the Fourteenth amendment
of the constitution of the United States,
which reads as follows:
''All persons born or naturalized in
the United States, and subject to the
jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the
United States and of the State wherein
they reside. X State shall make or
enforce any law which shall abridge the
privileges or immunities of citizens of
the United States; nor shall any State
deprive any person of life, liberty or
property without due process of law,
nor deny to any person within its juris
diction the equal protection of the law."
The bill as tiled in the District Coifrt
Clerk's office is styled J. M. Ward and
others against F. 15. Houston and others.
The complainants in the case are: J.
M. Ward, S. S. Preston, Jas. C. Teni),
Lewis, J. B. Keathley, W. C Knight.
All are citizens of Memphis except J.
M. Ward, .who lives in Collierville.
Commercial Appeal.
Holding of One Prima Facie Evi- j
dence of Sale.
Knoxville, Tenn., Oct. 23. The .Su
preme Court to-day held that Federal ;
1 liquor licenses is prima facie evidence ;
j of the sale of wlii.-key, and that no other j
j evidence is necessary to obtain con vie- i
j t ion. The opinion was delivered by j
Justice M. M. Neil, and the entire court j
assented in the opinion. j
j The case came up from Scott County I
land was styled Eber Diamond vs. the
the State. The Court said the errors
'assigned in this case presented the sin
gle question as to whether the plaintilf
in error was properly convicted on the
certificate of the United States internal
revenue collector alone, showing a li
cense issued to him as a retail liquor
dealer, and without any evidence that
lie had made a sale to any particular
individual. The State introduced no
other evidence in the trial court and the
plaintiff in error introduced none.
The Court said the presentment was
found under chapter 470, section lo,
acts of 1". '00, taken in connection with
section 14, which related to liquor deal
ers. The opinion quoted a section of
the acts of 1000, as follows: "The pro
curing of United States internal revenue
license by wholesale and retail liquor
dealers shall be taken as prima facie
evidence that the parties are in the
business and are subject to State and
County taxes, unless established by
proof that they are not so engaged."
The Court also referred to chapter
,5S4 of the acts of 1000, wherein it is
provided "that in all prosecutions for
violations of the laws of tne State pro
hibiting the safe of intoxicating liquors,
copies of the record in the ollice of the
internal revenue collector of the United
Static for the district of Tennessee
showing that the defendant has paid the
internal revenue special tax as a liquor
dealer shall be admitted as competent
evidence, when such copies are certified
to as full and true and complete by the
internal revenue collector."
The Court also held that while neces
sary under the acts of 1S00 to prove
a sale to some ' particular person, no
such necessity existed under the acts of
1000, because the fact or inamtaiiee of
such a business might be proven by the
possession of internal revenue license.
The Court held that a fine of $50 was
proper. The same statute referred to
empowers the issuance of distress war
rants, but this was not referred to in
the opinion, though in such proceodiuvs
the record from the internal revenue
collector's ollice is sullicient evidence as
in the criminal proceedure.
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"Lid" Being Put On.
Chattanooga, Oct. 24. The lid is be
ing put on in Chattanooga this after
noon. Every saloon inside the corpor
ation holding Federal license, is being
closed up by order ( Judge S. D. Mc
Iieynolds of the criminal court. The
order was issued about 1 o'clock im
mediately upon reconvening court.
Sheriff Sam Connor and his deputies
wer started out at once on their closing
This action of Judge McKcynold's
follows the decision of the supreme
court sitting in Knoxville last Saturday
in which that lody rendered the opinion
that Federal licenses were prima facia
evidence that whisky was being sold.
"Upon this decision of the supreme
court," said Judge McKeynoIds, to a
reporter of the Sentinel this afternoon,
"I am acting. While that opinion is
not final I think it is sullicient to act
on. There has been considerable agita
tion of the subject and I think the
proper thing to do is to act right now."
So every saloon holding (Sovernmetit
license will be closed this afternoon by
the Sheriff. They w ill remain closed
until further notice is given by the
judge issuing the order. In acting
Judge McKeynoIds stated that any keep
ers found open after being informed to
close will be arrested and charged with
violating the prohibition laws.
A list of all those holding such li
cense was not furnished the sheriff, but
about 2 o'clock he started down Market
street visiting every place ascertaining
whether or not they have license. If
they do hold them their places will be
closed immediately. So Tir as is known
the goods are not hiring confiscated at
this time. Xo evidence is being collect
ed that liquor is being sold. If any
further developments take place or if
the saloon men choose to fight the order
the mat ter of Hccuriiig evidence will then
be brought up.
It is not known how many places in
the city have Federal license, but it is
understood that nearly all of them have
them. There arc nearly ."00 "drinking
stands" in Chattanooga now.
The lid has already been put on in
Memphis. Scores and scores of the
stands were closed up in that city Satur
day. The order was issued by Judgo
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