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' for $v A Swagger
' Varsity '
Regal Modi
We invite all the young men in town to come and see
our new Regal " 'Varsity" models.
All the most pronounced ideas in this season's footwear
are included in these smart Regal shapes. They are ex
. elusive custom styles you'll not find elsewhere in town.
$350 $4.00 $450 $goo
(Successors to H. Ti Robinson)
Death of Mrs. W. A. Forester.
Mrs. l'riscilla Francis Forester, wife
of Mr. W. A. Forester, died at her home
Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. She
has been in bad health for several
months but hud been confined to her
room for the last few months with
Mrs. Forester was a Miss Lewis. She
was born in Hickman County, nearCen
treville, Tenn., and was married to Mr.
Ferester on Dec. 13, 1805. They moved
to this county in 1884. Mrs. Forester
was aged 02 years and 12 days. She
leaves a husband and six children which
are Mrs. E. M. Stone, Mrs. V. IX Mc
Cord, Mrs. Ben Bransford, Messrs. Dal
las, Mark and Dock Forester; one sis
ter, Mrs. Sarah Allen, of this city; one
brother, Frauk Lewis, of Camden;
Tenn.; a step-mother and rive half-sisters
and a half-brother to mourn her
Mrs. Forester was a menibertof the
the M. E. Church, joining when she
was quite young, and was a true Chris
tian woman and has lived a devoted
mother and a faithful wife. She was a
woman whom every one loved who
knew her.
Services were conducted at the home
by Bro. Stuart and Bro. Oliver Friday
at 2 o'clock p. 111. ami the remains were
interred in East View Cemetery at 3:30.
For Assault and Battery.
Tuesday night in front of his grocery
store, Homo and , (Jibhs streets, north
fast, J. A. Ragsdale was. assaulted and
badly used up, sustaining severe cuts
and bruises 011 the head, and Wednes
day Koine Clark, a citizen of that part
of town, was arrested for being a party
to the act. The parties were arraigned
before the Mayor yesterday morning,
with Launon & Stantield representing
Mr. Ragsdale and R. A. Fierce repre
senting Mr. Clark.
The charge was felonious assault and
battery, Mr. Kagsdale was examined
before noon and a recess taken until afternoon.
Program for Friday, Nov. 4, 2:30 p.
rn., at the home of Mrs. Hugh Briggs:
Meeting called to order.
Scripture reading.
' Song.
Roll call.
Heading of the minutes.
A talk by Mrs. Waddell on temper
ance work, continued by any special
ideas on the different lines of work by
ladies in chargo. 1
An inspiring meeting is anticipated.
Mrs. Will Harding.
Hickman, Ky., Oct. 13. Mrs. Will
Harding died yesterday afternoon at
her home in West Hickman. The re
mains were taken to her former home,
near Maylield, Ky., for interment. She
is survived by her husband, parents and
two brothers, . '
Big Sheds Destroyed.
Hickman, Ky., Oct. 13. Three big
corn sheds at Shuck SwitiMi, four miles
east ttf here, were completely destroyed
by fire Saturday night. The (lames
were discovered a few minutes after the
night train passed. The sheds were val
ued at about $505, and belonged to the
Woodland (.rain Company. There was
110 insurance.
Removal Notice. .
I take this method of ii forming iny
patrons and the general public that I
have removed my wall paper store from
the Southworth building to Woosley
office building, ground floor, tear of
Union City Insurance k Ileal Estate
Agency oflice. Phone 84.
33-tf K. E. Craig.
The whole or a part of my house on
Division street for rent, furnished or un
furnished. Apply at once.
Mks. J. A. IJkndkrsom,
Union City, Tenn.
Barler Oil Heaters are the best made.
Xailling-Keiser Hardware Co.
runt ..
Siy Sutler ?
Are you one of the thousands of women who
suffer from female ailments? If so, don't'be discour
aged, go to your druggist and get a bottle of Wine of
Cardui. On the wrapper are full directions for use.
During the last half .century, Cardui has been
established in thousands of homes, as a safe remedy
for pain which only women endure. It is reliable,
contains no harmful ingredients and can be depend
ed on m almost any case.
It Will Help You
Mrs. Charles Bragg, of Sweetser, Ind., tried Cardni. Slie
writes: "Tongue cannot tell how much Cardui lias done for me.
Before I began taking Cardui I could not do a day's work. I
would work awhile and lie down. I shall always give praise to your
medicine." Try Cardui.
Overall Factory.
Mr. Rice, of Martin, was in the city
again last Tuesday night and met with-
thu (V. mm, , I PI,, I, TI,o ,.. or.,ll
proposition was brought up again, a,nd
the committee reported that about $3,000
stock bad been subscribed. The sub
scription asked for was$ii,(M.K, or $5,000
paid up. Sever present at the meeting
increased their subscription and others
subscribed. Still there was considera
ble discrepancy.
Mr. Coble and Mr. Carter both stated
that they had not finished the canvass,
and Mr. Coble thought that more sub
scription. could be secured.
It is an enterprise that would con
tribute in. many ways' to Union City's
growth. It is of .such character that
the freight rate cuts very little figure
andjherefore Union City has as many
advantages to otter ,in location as any;
other point. She has lietter advantages 1
in many ways. An overall factory is a i
practical enterprise. Overalls and jump- i
ers are a staple. Every clothing mer- (
chant handles them. They are sold ;
everywhere. There are no advantages j
to be derived by buying overalls in a i
city, and therefore we can manufacture
and sell overalls as well as any point in
the world.
Mr. Rice is a practical man, and the
company lias arranged to nave a well
known business man at the head of the
concern, union iiiy people are there
fore protected against any ordinary risk
in investing their money. This balance
should be made up and the enterprise
should be started at once.
It would not do at all to let this op
portunity fall through. The cotton gin
and the cannery are both the best of
successes, and the overall factory stock
will sell for a profit in a few months,
started. There is practically nothing
to lose w ith local n-.en and good men in
Get together and hinsh the subscrip
tions. It. behooves the city to do this
and get after many more small enter
prises. e need them. Kemembor the
manager proposes to take a large per
cent of the stock and the city is asked
for only a portion of the capital.
ur Motto: "THE BEST
By adhearing strictly to this policy our seed trade has grown to its
present magnitude. We give you the best Red Top, Timothy,
Orchard Grass, Blue Grass, Red, White and Mammoth
Clovers, Alfalfa, Alsyke, etc., grown.
CJ The Best Always the Cheapest. We are in the market for
home-grown clover seed, soy beans end cow peas.
Health is very good in this communi-
Everything new and
Godwin's new grocery.
fresh a,t R.
l'hone 78.
We are having beautiful weather and
everybody is hustling, picking cotton,
sowing wheat and gathering corn.
Quite a crowd of our young people
went to the Lake Saturday. They re
port a pleasant time.
Mr. and Mrs, J. S. Frank, nee Kuy
kendall, little son and daughter left
Sunday to join Mr. Frank in Mem
phis, where they will make their future
We are glad to say that Mrs. W, J.
Tucker is convalescent. s '
Mr. and Mrs. James Cashen and lit
tle son were visitors at W. J. Tucker's
last Sunday. ' '
Messrs. William Lee, Wash, James
and Farris Calhoun spent the greater
portion of last week prospecting over
western tands. Rkportku.
Miss Lillian Shaw and Mr. Calhoun,
of Talley's Mill, were guests of Miss
Lillio Brown Saturday and Sunday,
Mr. John Stone and family and Mrs
Jane Heard are spending several -days at
Reelfoot Lake.
Mr. John Dames made a business
trip to Newborn Monday.
The guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. L.
Howell Sunday were Mrs. John Howe
of Middle Tennessee, Mr. and Mrs. Al
len Howell, of near Troy, and Mr. and
Mrs. Marion Thompson, of near Mason
Miss Lena Douglass visited her uncle,
T. C. Yord, a few days last week.
Mr. Jesse Goodman and Miss liirdie
Brown, Mr. Jesse Young and Miss Mary
Butrain drove to Union City Saturday
and were quietly married.
Miss Ueulah Mae Stone spent several
days of this week with Miss Ellene
Several from here attended tho debate
at Moriah Saturday night. The sub
ject was "Which is More Useful, Wood
or Iron?" '
Mrs. John Barnes visited with Mrs
Emma Calhoun Monday afternoon.
Messrs. Kirk Brown and Frank Bright
were guests of Mrs. Bird Cox Sunday.
"1'iN-KiE Prim.'"
Cotton Gin.
Tho Union City cotton gin has been
running day and night for some time.
Cotton has been coming in from all sec
tions. Missouri has ferried across the
Mississippi and sent us several loads.
Mr. Pittmsn, the manager, is still pay
ing the highest prices received for cot
ton in this- country and it is coming in
from everywhere.
Wo speak of the Union City cotton
giu. Ordinarily this is a matter of small
importance in a cotton country, but this
is not a cotton country, and that is why
it deserves more than the usual interest.
The prices prevailing here for several
days have been $4. 'JO and $5.00. The
best quality lias been bringing $5.00
right along, and that means the bulk of
the cotton brought here.
Union City is growing to be a cotton
market, and the news is spreading.
Nothing like it to give us a good boost.
The next best thing is to cinch the over
all factory, invite more factories and
let's quit politics and go to doing busi
ness, which is of some value to us locally.
Hurrah for the cotron gin".
Hon. Luke Lea Coming.
I). P. Caldwell asks us to announce
that Luke Lea, of the Nashville, Ten
nesseali, will certainly bo hero next Sat
urday (to-morrow) and will speak at the
opera house at 1 o'clock. I
John Harris, of Hickman, visited rel
atives at this place last week.
Several of the young people of New
Home vicinity attended services at
Obion Chapel Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Luther Smith and wife, of near
Mount Telia, spent Sunday in this
Wiley Warren, of Crittendon Grove,
spent Sunday with relatives in this com
munity. Miss Burtrice McSpedden and broth
er, of near Cane Creek, visited in the
home of Mr. Tom Coley Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. John Penrf were guests
of their son, Mr. Eddie Penn, near Cane
Creek Sunday night.
Mr. Tom Coley and daughter, Mrs.
Laura Wagster, spent Saturday and
Sunday with relatives in Number Four.
Rev. Harrison preached at Obion
Chapel Sunday afternoon to a large au
Thanksgiving will be observed at Be-
rea with an all-day service and dinner
on the ground.
On last Sunday afternoon Wiley Bow
ers and Miss Pearl Frizzell, in company
with Bailey Coley and Cordie Critten
don, Freddie Bowers and Cora Critten
don and Seth Dunlap and Burtrice Mc
Spedden drove to the residence of Squire
Hunt, where Mr. Bowers and Miss
Frizzell were joined together in the
bonds of matrimony. The bride is the
beautiful and accomplished daughter of
Mr. atid Mrs. Henry Frizzell, while the
groom is a highly esteemed young man,
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Bow
ers. They spent Sunday night at the
homo of the groom's parents. The
writer s wish is that health and happi
ness bo theirs until the end.
Stomach Agony and After Dinner
Distress Stopped in 5 Minutes.
Why should any sensible person con
tinue to suffer day after day with terri
ble stomach ailments, when the Red
Cross Pharmacy guarantees MI-O-NA
stomach tablets to cure even the worst
case of indigestion, or money back.
If your stomach rebels after eating
and food sours or ferments in the stom
ach, causing gas, pain, heartburn and
heaviness, two MI-O-NA tablets will
drive away the misery in five minutes
and leave the stomach f.eeling splendid.
A large box of MI-O-NA stomach
tablets costs 50 cents at tho Red Cross
Pharmacy and leading druggists everywhere.
If you have stomach trouble of any
kind, start to using MI-O-NA stomach
tablets to-day. They not only build up
the stomach, but they act as a tonic to
tho entire body. They are makers of
rich red blood and nerves that never
flinch: they increase vitality and make
tho weak more vigorous.
All of the sea flavor is saved in ''Seal-
shipt" oysters. They are never watered.
You get solid oyster meats for your
money. Fresh every day at our store.
Dahnke'fi Cafe.
Health is Worth Saving, and Some
Know How to Save It.
Many Union City people take their
lives in their hands by neglecting the
kidneys, when thVy know these organs
ueed help. Sick kidneys are responsi
ble' for a vast amount of suffering and
ill health, but there is no need to suffer
and remain in danger when all diseases
and aches and pains due to weak kid
neys can be quickly and permanunlly
cured by the use of Doan's Kidney
Pills. The following statement leaves
no ground for doubt:
J. A. Elego, Ellison street, Hickman,
Ky., says: "It would be impossible
for me to fully express my (hanks to
Doan's Kidney Tills fur the benefit
they brought me. I suffered from pains
in my back and also had frequent head- j
aches. Doan's Kidney Pills were final
ly brought to my attention and I pro
cured a supply. They freed my back
from pain and stopped the other an
noyances in a short time. Doan's Kid
ney Pills are excellent and I gladly re
commend them."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember ,the name Doan's and
take no other.
Bought Interest in Business.
C. V. Jones, of tho Red Cross Drug
Store, has purchased an interest in the
B. F. Beckham Real Estate fc Insurance-
'Agency. Mr. Jones retains his
stock in the drug store, but .embarks in
the realty business so that he will not
be so closely confined to the office.
ow s
We ofTrr One Hundred Dollars Rcw-nrd for an
cnxe of Cntnrrh that cimnot te cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. V. J. Chhnuy & Co., Toledo, O,
We. the undersigned, have known P. J. Cheney
for the last 15 yearn, and believe him perfectly
honorable in nil business transactions and finan
cially able to carry out any obligations made by
his firm. Wai.dino, Rinnan & Makvin,
Wholesale DrtiKirialH, Toledo, O.
Hnll's Catarrh Cure is talceu interiinlly. acting
directly upon the blood ami mucous surfaces of
the system. Testimonials sent free. Trice 75c
per bottle, Sold by all drunuists.
Take Hall's Family fills for constipation.
Real Estate Transfers.
Emma Cobb to Josie Ross, lot in
Union City, 1750.
C. M. Civeiis and w ife to L. M. Mar
tin, lot jn Union City, $S00.
J. C. Thompson and wife to Hasxie
L. Webber et al.. lot in No. 11. 270.
II. L. Kinney to C. T. CaTtiey,
acres in No. 1(1, $78.
Mrs. C. 'M.. Benton to W. L. Clem
nions, 47 acres in No. 4, $:5,0t0.
S. B. Finch and wife to .1. A. David
son, 10 acres in No. 11, $-150.
Grissom, Steele it Co. to H. Forctim,
lots in No. 15, $500.
Eli.a recti Wade et al. to Daisy
Hinkle, lot in Union City, $1,400.
L. L. Nichols to Beltie Moore, 3 acres
in No. 15, 450.
0. Spradliu and wife to L. S. Parks,
72i acres in No. 1, $2,5:50.
Mary V. King to Ron M. Smoot, half
interest in lot in Union City, $1,000.
W. F. Ellinor and wife to Mark Tid
well, 2 acres in No. 12, $(50.
T. J. Woody to R.. S. Worloy, 87
acres in No. 14, $S,'50.
W. H. Wade to Wade & Elder, lot in
No, 8, $500.
1. W. Stono to W. A. Nailling, lot in
Union City, $3,500.
A Good Position
Can be had by ambitious young men
and ladies in tho field of "Wireless" or
Railway telegraphy. Since the 8-hour
law became effective, and since the
Wireless companies are establishing sta
tions throughout the country there is a
great shortage of telegraphers. Posi
tions pay beginners from $70 to $',10 per
month, with sl chance of advance
ment. The National Telegraph Insti
tute operates six oliicial institutes in
America under supervision of R. R. and
Wireless Officials and places all grad
uates into positions. It will pay you to
write them for full details at Memphis,
Tenn., or Columbia, S. C,
BICYCLES for a little easy spare-time
work for Hampton's Mao.azinic. Send
postal for wonderful frke Bicycle Offer,
Address "Bicycle Club," Room 5.!S, 6
West !55th street, New York. 32-4t
Johnny and Ella.
Manager Reynolds has been giving
the patrons of the opera house this week
an attractive offering in the shape of a
musical melange and scenic production.
The music was good, the dancing hue,
and the comedy better. 'It is a far bet
ter show than seen here by the same
company some years ago. the Jieii
Boy" was Monday night s bill, Tuesday
night The Man Question," and Wed
nesday night "Zira from Turkey."
itch one of tho attractions was pro
vided with special scenery. The Red
Mill and the lady taking a voyage in a
balloon around the audience Tuesday
night were the features in the scenic
equipment and they were first-class in
very respect. Ihe audiences were not
large, but those present enjoyed the en
tertainment immensely.
The Galvin show is managed by the
elder Galvin, who has been in the theatri
cal line for fifty years. Johnna and Ella
are his son and daughter, and the whole
enterprise is one of the best of its kind,
very great improvement over their
shows here before.
The Only Clothes
I Our line of fail fabrics is here a tasty collection of
of exclusive patterns, in browns, blues and grays. .' ,
J Each garment designed, cut and made to individual
measure in our own shop.
Tate (Si vSutherland
Merchant Tailors
Successors to H. T. Robinson. UN!0 CITY, TEW.
T The Building Season
Mr. Waller Whipple and Miss Fay
Hampton were united in the holy bonds
matrimony Sunday afternoon, Esq.
Theo. Ferrell officiating.
We have every sort of building and finishing lumber
you're apt to need, including
Doors and Windows, Sninglos
A visit to our yards will be appreciated. Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
C.T. Moss& Co.
Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, - UNION CITY, TENN.

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