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Copyright Hut Schaffner & Mars
VOU buy, clothes for style, fit and comfort
and you're entitled to get what you pay
for. . You'll get" all three when you wear one
of these specially designed suits made for us
by Hart Schaffner & Tlarx
Smart, snappy clothes not freakish;
wool, finely tailored, correct in fit.
Suits $15 to $30 " Overcoats $15 to $25
This store is the home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes
....Teacher of...-.
Studio 506 North Ury Street near Public
School. Telephone 286
Office flours:
t S-.V1 Id fc.Vln. m.
I 1 to 4 p. in.
Modern Klectrlcnl Treatment.
Office riirme 100. Js'iiUlituf IHiililing
Physician and Surgeon.
' Office in the new Nailling Building
Residence Phone 5.
Dr. J. E. Hudson
Rooms I and 2, Nailling Building
Wholesale aud Retail
Reelfoot I ake and
, , Mississippi River
FisK (Q Game
Oysters in &te;uon.
Same old stand, near the ice factory.
Farms for Rent or Sale.
1 have three good farms for rent
or sale. If you have stock and tools
to run a farm, call and see me. If
you want to buy, will sell you a farm
on terms satisfactory to you.
Union Cify, Tenn.
Dr. J. D. Carlton, of this city, and
Miss Curry Gooch, daughter of Mrs.
Clara Olive (iooch, of ' Sturgis, Ky.,
were quietly married at the office and
infirmary of Dr. (i. C. Savage in Nash
ville on Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock, Oct. '23, 1910. The ceremony
wan said bv Rev. It. M. Inlow, pastor
of the rirst, liaptist Church, Nashville.
The wedding was a surprise to quite
a number of friend of the bride and
groom in Nashville. Mrs. Gooch was
temporarily located in Nashville while
her daughter was studying music at
Ward's Seminary, and the wedding was
announced to take place some time
later, but arrangements were made
for the event during Dr. Carlton's re
conf visit in Nashville.
Only a few immediate relatives and
friends were present to witness the cer
emony, among whom were Drs. Savage,
Price and Doak. The bride wore a
brown tailonsl suit, and very charming
she appeared in the littleeircle of choice
After the ceremony Dr. and Mrs.
Carlton left for the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Carlton, parent or the
groom, in Mur'freesboro, Teftn., re
maining for a week as guests of rela
tives and friends. Last Sunday they
arrived in Union City, accompanied
by Mrs. Gooch, to, their new home on
First street.
Mrs. Carlton is a talented musician
and was engaged in preparation for
teaching. She is also a lady of pleas
ing personality, very high in the esteem
of her friends at home and in Nashville.
Dr. Carlton is a native of Murfrees
boro and- was associated with Dr. Sav
age in Nashville for three years in the
practice of his profession. Ho is now
established in Inion City as nu oculist
and optician w ith a very flattering de
mand upon his services.
The Union City friends congratulate
and welcome the bride and groom.
1 1
Entertained by Mrs. Weddell.
The t Iojne Mission Society, with the
president, Mrs. W. If. Swiggart, in the
chair, convened at the residence of Mrs.
Seid Waddell. The meeting was the
usual fifth Monday social, and was in
honor of Mrs. Waddell's mother, one of
the members.
In this elegant suburban home the
society was the recipient of the lovely
hospitality of Mrs. Wnddell and family.
Bro. Sellers opened with prayer, fol
lowed by a scripture verse from each
member present. Mrs. Harris pre
sided at the piano and played several
beautiful accompaniments. A daugh
ter of Mr. Steve Harris favored lis with
two delightful '-solos, and every one ap
plauded her tiny sister, who recited a
very taking little piece. The readings
by Mrs. Waggoner and Miss Mary Law
son were particularly enjoyed. Mrs.
Dlanton read an exquisite piece. The
meeting closed with prayer by Mrs. Sel
lers. Mrs. Waddell then took charge
and regaled the assembled company
with the most delicious refreshment.
It has been asked, "For what does
the Home Missionary Society stand?"
It stands for all the noble ami good
things a woman can do. To wipe the
tears from the eyes of the dejendent
orphan, a smile of cheer to the lonely.
It has aided in building one-half of all
our parsonages and is giving Christian
education to more than 600 mountain
boys and girls, inoro than 600 Cubans,
more than 50 fallen girls, more than .50
homeless, unprotected girls, carries on
city mission work in 28 different cities.
It costs II. 45 for active membership'
f 1.00 for honorary membership. Total
amount of collections for 1910, $508,
296.80; members, 95,022; all grades.ef
mission work with cost of inamtenanm
"Miss Nancy."
Dainty and petite Daisy Cameron,
formerly leading lady or star with Lit
tle Dol lie Dimples, ""Fiff, Faff, Fouff,
"De Wolf Hooper," "The Tenderloin,"
When Johnny Comes Marching
Home," "The -Boston ians," Savage
Grand Opera Company," The Nor
maudy Wedding," "Foxy Quiller,'
etc., is coming to us in a brand new
four-act comedy from the pen of the
eminent young author, C. Herbert
Kerr, who wrote "Dollie Dimples,"
Over the Pence," A Trip to Egypt,'
"The Beauty Doctor," "The Reform
ers," "Rudolph and Adolph," "Fapa's
Baby," etc. The title of the new play
is Nancy," and the character is that
of a little country miss, simple but
good. The play abounds in comedy
situations, and the dialogue is amusing
throughout. It will be presented at
Reynold's Opera House one night only,
Friday, November 4.
Miss Cameron s great soprano voice
will be heard in several high-class num
bers written especially for the produc
tion, and she will be ably supported by
a company of artists, direct from New
York City. " - 1
Wednesday Club.
The Wednesday Club met this week
with Mrs. D. S. Cock rill and opened
the winter season of bridge. Miss Mary
Swiggart won first prize, cut-glass wine
glasses. 1 ho consolation 'went to Mrs.
Harris Parks, a compote. Refreshments
were served. '
Miss Carrie Walker.
Miss Walker entertained Tuesday
night in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
White. - A game of cards and Mr. Rob
ert White captured the gentleman's
prize. Mrs. J. A. Whipple won the
consolation and Miss Mabel Grillin the
visitor's prize. Refreshments.
Visiting Lady Honored.
At the last meeting of the Leonidas
Polk Chapter, U. D. C, Mrs. .R. T.
Bond, of Gulfport, Miss., was honored
by being given a life membership. This
most worthy lady was one of the char
ter members of this Chapter and is a
true Southern woman.
Review Club.
The Review Club met at the home of
Miss Mary Swiggart last Tuesday after
noon, Nov. 1. Two new members were
added to the roll Mrs. O. Spradlin and
Miss Nannie Moore. The lesson, "Awak
ening of China," led by Miss Swiggart,
proved very interesting and instructive.
The next meeting will be held at the
same place, guests of Mrs. W. H. Swig
gart, with Mrs. Clarence Cloys leader.
Lady Minstrel
At Reynolds Opera House nest Monday
night, ov. , with the following east:
Topsy Miss Annie Laurie Griffin
Hazel Miss Dorothy Beck
Olive Miss Mary Wallace Haydon
Thelma . Miss Mabel Griffin
Pansy Miss Bessie Beck
Eliza. .j. Miss Mary Leita Webster
Betty . .... Miss. Helen Verhine
Irma Miss Ada Moffett
Neelie Miss Inez Dahuke
Ornice .Mis Lucile Posey
Rita . Miss Marie Lockhart
Hilda Miss Gladys Raymer
Amanda Miss Mary Jane Andrews
Elizabeth ...Miss Genevieve Nailling
Sue Miss Agnes Coble
EmalineJ Miss Beulah Lovell
Elsie Miss Menette Raymer
Rose Miss Ruth Rowland
"Down in Jungle Town," "Bowl of
Roses," "Nothing in the World Like
Love," "All That I Ask Is Love,'
"Pretty Little Maid of Cherokee,'
"Isn't Love a Grand Old Thing," "Ev
erv Little Movement" (from "Madame
Sherry"), "When the Daisies Bloom,
"Shaky Eyes," Blow the Smoke
Away" (from "The Tin-, The Place
and The Girl"), "Naughty, Naughty
Eves." "Beeauso You're Y'ou," "The
Glow Worm." '
Accompanists Misses May McDear
mon. Bessie Rowland, and Messrs. Ed
win Fuqua ane John Sanders.
Public Speaking.
Hon. Frank P. Bond, of Nashville,
will address the citizens of Obion Coun
ty at the courthouse in Troy Saturday,
Nov. 5, at 1 o'clock p. m., and at the
courthouse in Union City Saturday
uight. Everybody cordially invited to
be present, ladies especially.
' Jin-
Choose Your Engagement Ring
at Ben Dietzel's and if you are not a judge
of fine diamond and precious atones you
will know that you are getting full value
for your money and that you can rely on
our statement as to the value of the stones.
Reliability is one of our methods of deal
ing with our patrons, and you know that
our prices are always fair and that you are
always getting the full value of your money
in jewelry, silverware and cut glass at
BEN D I ETTZ. EL-jeweler
r:. rm
13' lis ay?- '
l jr2'VA
11 o "-Hi
Flexo National Bed Springs
for Iron Beds, guaranteed for twenty years.
five years. We are exclusive on these goods.
Everything in the Furniture and Undertaking lines.
NaySor Furniture Co.
Union City. Tennessee
Transfer money
Long Distance Telephone
What's lit a Name?
When a name is backed up with
quality that's unsurpassed, THE
see the name HARPOLE it is syn
onymous with FURNITURE, GOOD
FURNITURE. You can find that
furniture at the
ome Furniture Co.
Undertakers and Embalmers
226 S. First St. Day Phone 99. Night Phones 432 and 1 14
At the B.Y.P.U
A devotional meeting was held by the
Baptist Young People's Union lust Sun
day afternoon. Missions in Mexico was
the subject studied. Interesting talks
were made by several on tho topography
and geography, as well as the people of
Mexico. These meetings continue to
grow in interest and enthusiasm and it
is hoped that the membership will soon
reach at least fifty.
Next Sunday afternoon at 3:30 we
shall study lessons from "A Miracle of
Knowledge and Encouragement."
Luke v:l-ll and John xxi:l-14.
Leader, Pink Marshall.
1. Song and prayer.
2. Scripture reading by two.
3. "The Divine Character and Tow
er of Christ." Sherman Sutherland.
4. "Christ's Imperative In and Over
Our Lives." Miss Minnie Vorhejs.
f. Violin solo. Miss McDearmon.
0. "Christ's Purposes In Developing
Us." Miss Gertrude Walters.'
7. Special points in the lesson for
nie. One minute talks.
8. Special music.
9. Announcements.
10. Closing.
This is to be an open meeting and
everybody is cordially invited.
w'Aom M F? layo .
t,c ' Mi
Oyster Dishes
.mis is me name ot our new
book which gives many shore re
ceipts, unknown inland. Every
housewife is welcome to a copy at
our store.
We are handling only Sealshipt
Oysters this year, We are regis
tered agents of the Sealshipt Oys
ter by stem.
Sealshipt Oysters
Straight from' the Oys
ter Beds Under Seal
This means that Hie oysters are
placed in air-tight containers right
at the seashore, immediately sealed
and shiped straight to us. The ice
is packed around the containers on
the outside. No ice or water in the
containers just solid oysters. The
ovsters retain all the true oyster
flavor the real tang of the sea.
When they reacli our store they
are placed in a cleanly white and
blue porcelain Sealshipticase, used
by all licensed agents under contract.
Remember in buying Sealshipt
Oysters you need only half as many
as you do of common oysttrs which
are half "liquor," or melted rail
road ice. Once you try Sealshipt
Oysters." vou will agree that our
strongest claims are justified.
Phone 109
Non-Resident Notice.
Charles II. Cobb, Adm'r I
. vs-
Mrs. Susie Keiser et al. )
In this cause, it appearing to tho
Court from the bill, that tho defend
ants, Mrs. Susan Keiser, John P. Keiser
and Elizabeth Keiser, are non -resident
of the State of Tennessee, and that or
dinary process of law cannot bo served
upon them, it is therefore ordered by
the Court that publication be made in
some weekly newspaper published in
Union City, Tenn., four consecutive
weeks requiring you, tho said Susan
Keiser, John P. Keiser and Elizabeth
Keiser to appear before tho County
Court Judge or Clerk of said County
Court at the courthouse in Union City,
Tenn., on or before the first Monday in
December, 11)10, and plead, answer or
demur to tho bill filed against you in
this cause, seeking to sell land to pay
debts, otherwise the same will be taken
as for confessed and set for hearing ex
parte as to you.
This 20th day of October, 1'JlO.
' C. S. Tai.lev, Clerk,
. Py Gko. R. Kennky, 1). 0.
Swiggart tfc Cobb, Solicitors for Com
plainant. 31 -t4
Mrs. Wiggs.
"Mrs. Wiggs of tho Cabbage Patch,"
under the auspices of the Leonidas Tolk
Chapter, U. I). C, will be presented at
Reynolds Opera House in Union City on
Tuesday night, Nov. 15, by Miss Mary
Lawson and a company of young ladies
and gentlemen of this city. Tho play
was announced before but postponed.
It has been very warmly indorsed by
the press and public; of Texas and homo
points and no doubt will be a very inter
esting event.
Coal CokeWood Call Tel. 150.
Greater Youth's Companion.
Since its enlargement by the addition
of an amount of reading in the year
equal to four hundred ordinary maga
zine pages, the Youth's Companion can
offer even a wider range of wholesome
entertainment than ever before; but the
character of the paper's contents re
mains the same, and the subscription
price, $1.75, is unchanged.
Every boy will eagerly look for tho
articles on skill in sports and pastimes
and how to develop it.
The girls will find many novel and
practical suggestions which will be help
ful in their daily life.
For the family in general, hints for
the profitable occupation of winter even
ings, for increasing the happiness and
comfort of the household. .
This reading is all in addition to tho
ordinary treasury of stories, articles by
celebrated tneri and women, the un
equnled miscellany, the invaluable doc
tor's article, the terse notes on what is
going on in all fields of human activity.
It will covt you nothing to si nd for
the beautiful Announcement f Tho
Companion for 111 1 , and we, will send
with it sample copies of the paper.
Do not fitrget that the early subscril
er for 1111 1 receives free all the remain
ing issue f 1010, including those con
taining the opening chapters of draco
Richmond's serial story, "Five Miles
The new f ulxwrilwr receives also tho
Companion's Art Calendar for 15)11,
lithographed in twelve colors and gold.
Tub YorTii's Companion,
144 IVrkelcy St., IJoston, Mass.
New subscript ions received at this
ffice. I
Coal and wood promptly delivered by
the Union City lee & Coal Co.

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