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Will MeAdoo is on the siik li-it.
Mi.s Ruth Tate i spending tlie holi
days at McKcnzie.
Mr. ami Sir. Boyce Howse visited
Trenton this week. .
Hons. E. N. Moore and S. F. Howard
Jo ft Wednesday for Nashville.
Mr. John Cox visited relatives and
friends at Hickman this week.
Fine Spanish mackerel at lOdick's.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Haskirw visited
Jlidgcly, Lake County, thin week
John Sanders Kpent a few of his holi
days at Woodland Mills this week
Mr. John Inman, of Arkansas, was a
business visitor in the city Monday.
J. K. Titll, Jr., is publishing a very
interesting weekly paper at Kenton.
Mr. Hazlebaker, of Dyersburg, was
in the city this week visiting friends.
Cull 150 for coal of any kind.
, Mr. Will II. Swiggart isat home from
Vanderbilt University for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. F. Batts visited
friends at Martin the first of the week
Mr. Laync and daughters, Misses
J-ueile and Olive, visited Moscow Mon
Miss Nannie Moore, of the City School,
is visiting her home at McKcnzie this
Mr. und Mrs. Oscar Lovcll and children
spent Christmas at Obion, their old
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour. .
J. It. Rodgers, of St. Louis, was here
this week enjoying a visit at the Palace
Miss Irene Davis, of Nashville, is in
the city this week visiting relatives and
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Hibbitts, of Cairo,
were in the city this week visiting
Bupt. A. C. Nute left this week for
Chattanooga to attend a State Teachers
Miss Maggio Wise is upending this
week with friends and relatives at Clin
ton, Ky.
A call for 150 brings the coal wag.u
Union City Ice & Coal.Co.
and Mrs. William Stilt visited
their daughter and family at Covington
this week.
Walter Casey, of Bells, is in the city
visiting his brother, W. FY Casey, and
old frionds
Miss Beth McConnell visited Miss
Sallio Kato Brevard at Brevard's Cross
ing Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Helley and Miss
Mattie lleliey visited relatives at Wood
land Sunday.
Miss Mary Moore, of the High School,
is enjoying the holidays with her mother
at Brownsville.
Fancy groceries, produce, fruits and
candies. II. S. Godwin's new grocery.
J. C. Reynolds, of the Falace Hotel,
baa been a la grippe sufferer this week.
There are others.
J. A. Henderson, of Dyershurg, was
in the city this week visiting his family
on Divison street.
Friday, Dec. 2;?, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Iludgins announced the arrival of a
bouncing baby boy.
Col. Harvey Alexander, of Nashville,
was in the city Sunday visiting his pa
rents on Main street.
Andrew Wear has the place of man
ager of the soda fountfjn department
at the Red Cross Drug Store.
Herbert William?, of St. Louis, was
in Union City and vicinity this week
visiting relatives and friends.
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Miss Cassie Hamilton, who is teach
ing at Jonesboro, Ark., was 111 the city
this week visiting her parents. ' '
"Miss Laura Lancaster, who has been
located in McKcnzie for sonic time, is
enjoying a visit home this week.
J. E. George, of Memphis, was in the
city this week visiting the family of his j
Lrothers, D. A. and John George.
Mrs. Fcarl Averitt Vincent has ac
cepted a position as saleslady at Coruin
& Jackson's for the incoming year.
Mrs. G. B. Jones and little daughter,
of Memphis, are in the city spending the
holidays with relatives and friends.
Miss Dora Spikes, of Rives, was a
guest At the home of her aunt, Mrs.
George Stovall, the first of the week.
Mrs. A. S. Richardson and children,
of Cairo, visited relatives here the first
of the week, returning home Monday.
Mr. Clarence Latimer, of Jackson,
was in the city this week enjoying a
holiday visit with relatives and friends.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
sey Crpam Flour, a home product, and
j Col. Wm. Calhoun and wife, of Tip
l tonville. were in the city Saturday en
route to Martin to spend a few days with
Attorneys Fierce and Fry left Monday
for New Madrid, Mo., having been re
tained in a criminal case of some im
portance. Mrs. Luther Cherry, of Memphis, was
a visitor at the home of her parents-,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moss, during the
Miss Maud Burney is at homo from
her school this week enjoying the holi
days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Burney.
Five-gallon lard cans at 23a each at
Burdick's. '
Mr. and Mrs, Will Calhoun, of Lake
County, passed through the city Mon
day en route to Martin to visit relatives
and friends.
James K. Murphey and family spent
Christmas Day in St. Louis, guests at
the home of Mr. Murphey'9 brother,
Wm. Murphey.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Helley, of Ful
ton, wore in the city this week visiting
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ilefley
on Division street.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best for
cooking. , At Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Leonard Stovall returned home Mon-
day from Rives where he assisted his
brother, R. L. Fhebus, as isalesman
during the holidays.
W. H. Spradlin and family, of Ful
ton, and Jay Spradlin, of Oklahoma
City, were in the city this week' with
relatives and friends.
J. T. Cole, who has been for some
time located at Waterloo, 111., as train
dispatcher, was at homo with his parents
enjoying the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Harrison, of Hick
man, are in the city tins week visiting
relatives 'and friends. They are ac
companied by the baby.
Everything new and fresh at it. S.
Godwin's new grocery. Rhone 78.
Fay Stockings
Cadet Stockings
Black Cat Stockings
" 1 ..ITiXIi ' i.i Hill ""i1 HI J1 ,il inllJ'iaflUMS l ft I ft,J n Iff, 1111 'ff'" r.i-15-riwi.ri"lHlllll .'I HJI 'Ill I nrwar- mmm ., . i
Thompscn Glova FitfinsCcrse!
Amsncan Beauty Corset
1 our Ladies
1 Misses Coat Suits
Few Fancy Dresses left during this sale we offer
GIFT SUGGESTIONS Give her a Fancy Scarf in Chiffon
Silk or Crepe de Chine; something in Neckwear,' say a fancy Jabot, or something
in Drawn ; Work will answer just as well; I am not sure but an Automobile Veil
would be the correct thing after all. We could add a half-dozen Handkerchiefs,
hand embroidered; pair Kid Gloves; Leather Shopping Bag, something useful at
all times; pair fine California Blankets; Automobile Lap Robe.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hardy, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Glass and son, and Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Pace and son visited rela
tives at Trenton this week.
Mrs. H. M. Golden and children are
spending the holidays with relatives at
Dyer. Mr. Golden went to Dyer Sat
urday and returned Monday.
Misses Stella Rogers and Sarah Flan-
ary, of Waverly, arrived Monday and
are holiday. guests at the home of Miss
Flanary's sister, Mrs. J. G. Saunders.
If yon want the best and cheapest
use Bon Air coal Union City Ice &
Coal Company.
Dr. and Mrs. F. M. McRee left Wed
nesday for Nashville to remain a few
days. From Nashville they go to St,
Petersburg, Fla., to spend the w inter.
Messrs. Clay and Jas. Faircloth, of
Mississippi, were in the city this week
Visiting their mother, Mrs. S. E. Fair
cloth,, and sister, Mrs. Henry llassler.
Mr. and Mrs. Kobt. Bell, of Nash
ville, were in the city this week visiting
the home of Mrs. Bell's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. T. L. Bransford, on Ury street.
Coal and wood promptly delivered by
the Union City Ice & Coal Co.
1 T. B. Greer, of Memphis, was in the
city this week visiting his children at the
home of his sister, Miss Lizzie, and en
joying the holidays with relatives and
Messrs. Vernon Vcrhine, Will Flack,
Walker Martin, W.H. Swiggart, Jr., and
Curtis Vcrhino attended tho Forked
Deer Club Ball in Dyersburg last Mon
day night.
Mr. alid Mrs. Jess Lynn, of Jackson,
were in the city this week visiting the
home of Mrs. Nolen on Ury street. Mr.
Lynn is connected with the City Lumber
Co., Jackson.
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
E. E. Owens, of McKeiuie, an ex
perienced clothing salesman, has moved
to this city and during the next year
will be behind the counters of the Mor-gan-Verhine
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Kittrell, of Mount
Pleasant. Tenn., are here this week
visiting' the home of Mr. and Mrs. John
T. Walker on Main street. Mrs. Kit
trel is a sister of Mr. Walker Martin.
Rev. Elmer Ridgeway, formerly of
Kenton, but recently of Davis, Okla.,
the pastor of the Baptist Church at that
place, was hero this week while in the
county visiting his relatives and friends.
Miss Bessie Glasscock left this week
for Chattanooga to attend as one of the
bridesmaids the marriage of her friend,
Miss Olivia. Brown, who has been a so
cial visitor here on several occasions at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. Glrss
cock. When you want cypress
fencing and boxing don't fail ip
call n 1. r. carpenter.
Hats, trimmed and untrimmed, AT HALF PRICE.
Few Willow Plumes we will close AT A BARGAIN.
First Street
CILJKILjIM .....Union City.
Mr. Carman Hughes returned from
Cairo last week, having been through a
course of treatment at St. Mary's Hos
pital for two weeks or more for inflam
matory trouble.
The M. E. Church Sunday School en
joyed a rally at the Masonic Hall last
Monday night. The affair was informal
and the children enjoyed a general romp,
with tag, blindfold, snap, and all the
games. The games were sprinkled with
piano music.
Mr. Embrey Beck, of Chicago, with
the Herman Hettler Lumber Co., was
in the city this week visiting his mother,
Mrs. Nannie Beck, and family on Ury
street. Little Jean Beck, Jr., accom
panying his uncle is also enjoying a visit
with his grandmother.
Miss Ramona Tease, of Hudson,
Mich., has been secured to take the
place of teacher of domestic science in
the Union City High School, recently
made vacant. Miss Hudson comes to
ua with the highest indorsements per
sonally and professionally.
S. D. Cochran, of Meringuoin, La.,
was in the city this week visiting his
sister, Mrs. Laura Wells, and family
and brother, W. W. Cochran. Mr.
Cochran states that the lumber manu
facturing firm of Wilson & Cochran,
who have a very large domestic and ex
port trade, will soon move their mills to
Lotta, twelve miles distant from Merin
guoin. At the latter place the mills
have been in operation about ten years,
and the mills at the hew site will be
much larger and better equipped. The
proprietors are both natives of this
county who have been engaged in the
manufacture of lumber for many years
and have succeeded to tho point of at
taining considerable rank among South
ern lumberman.
Good Things to Eat
All guaranteed. Phone us a trial order. We deliver.
No order too small. No order too large.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Latimer, of Nash
villo, are here for the holidays visiting
relatives and friends. Mr. Latimer has
just closed out his business with the
Wrought Iroii Range Co. in Canada and
retires from that line of work after a
very extensive period of the best business
and financial success, and the family
will be located in Nashville, where the
children can be properly educated. Mr.
Mr. Latimer has some very fine land
interests in Canada which will engage
his attention to some extent. We trus1
that they may be with us oftener than
The Baptist Sunday school observed
the usual custom last naturuay evening
of distributing presents to the children,
big and little, from a very large and
well supplied Christmas tree at the
church in the city. The loquacious
Mr. Southworth was detailed with the
duty of preseuting Santa Claus, and this
he did with no little credit. Santa de
lighted the children with his adventures
along the way in a very interesting
manner. Every member of tho Sun
day school and numbers of visiting chil
dren carried home a doll or a toy of
some kind and tho occasion was full of
Christmas cheer.
The following young men from the
Union City Training School have been
enjoying tho holidays at home: Ken
neth Tate and Ben Welch, Decatur;
James Bricc, Troy; George Hinkle,
Memphis; Richard Honeycutt, Wood
land Mills; Ruby Smith, Decatur; Earl
Lightfoot, Ripley; Clifton Fields, Horn
beak; Neville Shelton, Tiptonvillc; Joe
Buford, Memphis; Grover Wilson, Hick
man; Uecil 1 nomas, Jiyer; tan xan
caster, Troy; Ha.ie Cobb, Covington:
Frank Key, Fulton; Faul Erwin, Troy;
Fred Key, Fulton; Will Chisoni and
sister, Miss Viola Chisoni, Ripley; Rufus
McConnell. Mr. Mathis speaks very
highly of the deportment of these young
men. They occupy Alexander Hall and
have elicited the very highest praise for
good behavior and the care they have
taken of their quarters. Not only so,
but .they have worked hard on their
books, and the result is that they will
be well prepared for the examinations.
We trust Christmas brings them many
pleasures and that they will return re
freshed and ready for the last half of the
best year in school. .
FORJIENT Furnished rooms with
or without board. Mrs. M. T. Lowe.
430 East Main street. 41-2t
..Teacher of..
Studio 506 North Ury Street, near Public
School. Telephone 286
Wholesale and Retail
Reelfoot Lake and
Mississippi River
FisK (Q Game
Oysters in tvanon.
Same old stand, near the ice factory.
' Auctioneer
Always ready. Phone 382
Union City, Tenn.
Office Hours:
ft 30 to 9:30 a. m..
2 to 4 p. ni.
Modern Electrical Trentment. '
Office Tlioiie 100. ' NuMling lim'Uliiia
Dr. J. EI. Hudson
TELEPHONE office ei
iCLtrnuaco residence 445
Rooms I and 2, Nailling Building
Full line Tuffs, Switches, rompadonrs,
Curls and Rats. We al so work up comb
ing into everything desired on short

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