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.Mr. Alva lii.trvcs h out again after a
few days' iHius,.
mn' J'- lias ueen very sii k tins
vk of J;l grippe.
Drink Untie of J lot Tom.
O. Spradlin was a business visitor to
llicknian Tuesday.
IV. V. A. Xailling went to Hickman
Tuesday to see a patient.
Drink a bottle of Hot Tom.
Mrs. 13. F. Iorin h visiting relatives
and friends in Middle Tennessee.
W. Pickard returned Tuesday from
a visit with relatives at Waverly.
1 Fancy Baskets at Kirkland's.
J. 3. Henderson, of Kenton, was a
business visitor to the city Tuesday.
Mr. John Andrews, of Troy, was a
business visitor in the cily Monday.
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Mrs. Cha. JI. Cobb visited the family
of her parents in Dresden this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Pearson, of Mar
tin, were shopping in the city Saturday
Fine Spanish mackerel at Burdiek's,
Mr. and Mrs. W C. Cloar, of Troy
were in the city Saturday shopping.
-Mrs. Mabry Cutler is in the ofiiee
assisting Dr. J. D. Carlton with the
Fancy Box Candies, 35c to $.3.00, at
JvirKianu g.
Capt. J, W. Walker, of Number
Seven, was a business visitor in the city
, last Friday.
Mr. Gardner Bryant and sister, Mrs,
J i. A., Roberts, of Polk, were in the
city Monday shopping.
forester & forester will always give
you a square deal in real estate.
Mrs. J. F. Moore and Mrs. B. F
Gabby, of Hickman, were in the city
last Saturday shopping.
James Spradlin, of . San Antonio,
j.ex., is in tne city for a few days' visit
with friends and relatives.
Five-gallon lard cans at 2oc each at
Miss Cecile Barnes, of Hickman, Ky.,
has been the pretty visitor of Miss Ruth
McConnell the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Bacon, of the
vicinity near Shuck's Switch, were in
the city last Monday shopping.
Candy, good enough for anyone, 20c
per pound, at Kirkland's.
Mr. Joint W. Bransford shipped his
furniture and household foods this week
to Cairo, and his headquarters will be in
that city. Mrs. Bransford has been in
Cairo for some time and the family will
be located there.
KirkLind's Cafe, for ladies and gerr
Good coffee and good service.
Jlr. mid Mrs. j. V . Harrison, recent
ly of the countiy southeast of Hickman,
but iow of the vicinity of Jordan; were
in the city lat week shopping. Mr.
Harrison is located on the farm recently
vacated by S. T. Wade and family.
Drink a bottle of Hot Tom.
W. J. Starnes, one of the good citi
icns of the vicinity of Hives, was a very
pleasant caller in the oflice Tuesday.
Rev. C. C. Brown, of Obion, was in
the city last week visiting his daughters,
Airs. Win. Beckham and Mrs. Oscar
xou ve tried the rest, now try the
oest jersey (Jream Flour
Mr. Sidney Jackson, of Fowlkes, is a
visitor in the vicinity of Old Fremont
wkh his sister, Mrs. J. It, Vaught, and
Mr. ham Chandler went to Forest
City, Ark., this week to join Mrs.
Chandler. They will return home in a
few days.
Kirkland's is the place to eat. Extra
good coffee all the time.
Chief of police, F. W. Purdue, and
his assistants have seven arrests to their
credit since the last report. The fines
amounted to $05.
, Mrs. Emm MeCaslin, " receutly of
Kansas City, is in the city and will be
here during the winter with her mother,
Mrs. F. W. rreston.
See Forester & Forester when in the
market to buy farm lands, timbered
lands or city property.
Mrs. Alice Hickman, who is teaching
ii the college at Dickson, arrived this
week to spend the holidays at the home
of her mother. Mrs. T. C. Hamilton.
east of the city. Mrs. Hickman is a
very popular instructor and is now filling
her ninth successive appointment in the
school at Dickson.
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Uncle Billy Wilson, of Obion, was in
the city last weVk visiting his old-time
friend, W. S. Long, who has been suf
fering for some time with rheumatism.
Rev. W. S. Long, Jr., has been with his
father for a couple of weeks. Mr. Long
was somewhat improved this week, and
the friends hope for continued improve
ment. . "Old Eli" at Martin.
The High School Dramatic Company
presented "For Old Eli" at Martin last
Friday night to a good house. The
Martin people gave them a rousing re
ception. 1
Biggest Yet. ,
T. F. Scott, who lives in the heart of
the richest sectipn of the county, reports
the yield of 15 barrels ofGould corn to
the acre. . Mr. Scott is a very modest
man and it was a very hard matter to
get him to acknowledge the corn. This
is, of course, an Obion County crop.
Fay -Stockings
Cadet Stockings
Black Cat Stockings
ft i" s r K f 4 . -,. ,
'Ttapson Glove Fitting Corset
Amsrfcan Beauty Corset
All ' our Ladies' and
Misses Co
at Suits
Few Fancy Dresses left during this sale we offer
Seven Deer Knocked Down.
D. A. Edwards, Edwards Parks and
II. McDowell have returned from the
Mississippi hunting preserves with a
record of seven' deer carcasses to their
credit. They have been having good
weather and good luck and a good time
in camp.
II. O. Head, Jr., left last week going
to Nashville and from there to Sherman,
Tex., to spend Christmas at the home of
his parents, Judge and Mrs. Head.
The friends are pleased to learn that
little Allino Noah, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Bud Noah, who has been quite
sick for several days, is recovering.
Kirkland's Cafe, for ladies and gents.
Good coffee and good service.
Mr. John Carman, whose headquarters
as traveling salesman are at Dallas, Tex.
is in the city visiting his parents, Mr
and Mrs. Robt. Carman, and family.
Mrs. J. It. Vaught, of the vicinity of
Old Fremont, was a pleasant caller in
the office Tuesday. Mrs. Vaught says
that Mrs. Gis.li will close a very fine
school there to-day.
.. Fancy groceries, produce, fruits and
candies. R. S. Godwin's new grocery.
Mr. nfld Mrs. Bruce Kirkman, who
were recently located in this city, have
moved to the country south of Fulton,
where they will reside. The many
friends here wish them health and hap
piuess. Coal and wood promptly delivered by
the Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Negro Shot.
A row on Pumpkin Island last Fri
day night resulted in the shooting of
Charley Jenkins by Jeff Bryant. Jen
kins was wounded in the lower bowels
and the bullet ranged through and came
out of the back Of body. Bryant was
taken to jail and afterwards liberated on
Good Rsoad to the Lake.
A call is made for all citizens in
terested in a good road to the lake to
meet at the courthouse the first Monday
in January at 2 o'clock to organize and
take such necessary steps as will ac
complish this work. It is suggested by
some that every man in Obion County
bo asked to help in this matter and that
it be built in one day by volunteers,
citizens and committee.
A Mistake.
In our report of the JHetzel sheep
and the cur' dogs last week we were
misinformed. We stated that Mr.
Dietzcl lost 12 sheep, which were, to
gether with six dogs, buried in the
same hole and at the same time. This
was in part incorrect. Mr. Dietzel lost
17 sheep, which were buried as stated,
but he failed to get the dogs.
Mr. Dietzel doubtless felt like hang
ing the guilty dogs and all other dogs.
T . T 1 IT 'I t. n II-
iir. j. a. neeier anu miss same
auen were united in marriage at
Rives Sunday morning, and' after the
ceremony drove to this city, taking din
ner at the Corbitt House. They left on
the evening train for Middle Tennessee.
The young peoplo were accompanied
by Miss Sallie Scott, Mr. Chas. Tody,
Miss Tearl Tody, Mr. Will Garrigan and
I Mr. Frank Vaden.
The bride and groom aro very popu
larly known and esteemed, and received
the warmest congratulations.
Tho flowers used in the decorations
were smilax and carnations. The bride
was dressod in a going-away gown of
handsome brown. They entered the
parlor under a festoon of lilies of the
valley and smilax. Just as the wedding
march began Rev. Lindsay entered, fol
lowed by two attendants, Miss Scott and
Mr. Toddy.
Attention, Confederate Veterans.
Warren McDonald Camp, No. 936,
will meet in Union City, Tenn., at the
City Hall, at 1 o'clock p. m., the first
Monday in January, 1911.
W. B. Stovall, Commander.
R. W. Powell, Adjt.
GIFT SUGGESTIONS Give her a Fancy Scarf in Chiffon
Silk or Crepe de Chine; something in Neckwear, say a fancy. Jabot, or something
in Drawn Work will answer just as well; I am not sure but an Automobile Veil
would be the correct thing after all. We could add a half-dozen Handkerchiefs,
hand embroidered; pair Kid Gloves; Leather Shopping Bag, something useful at
all times; pair fine California Blankets; Automobile Lap Robe.
All Hats, trimmed and untrimmed, AT HALF PRICE.
Few Willow Plumes we will close AT A BARGAIN.
First COMUKT .....Union City.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
' Christmas service, 11 a. in.
Sanctus, Holyl Holy I "
Invocation. , 1
Hymn 89.
The Word of God. '
Hymn 211, Down the Ages Afar.
Responsive Service, 42.
Gloria Patri.
Fraycr. ,
Tidings of Great Joy Adams." -Sermon
Theme: "The Visit of the
Wise Men."
Hymn 4oo, Holy Night.
Organ Post-hide Selected.
Drink a bottle of Hot Tom.
When you want cypress
fencing and boxing don't fail to
call on J. F. Carpenter.
Marriage Licenses.
John D. Killion and Nellie Bly Jack
son. J. B. Mitchell and Dora Nichols,
Doss Finch and Abbey Cunningham.
J. E. Waldrop and Georgia Paschal!.
Earl Zaricar and Rettie Williams.
Andrew Wheeler nd Sallie Vaden. -Lee
Green and Lula Clymore.
Willie Muse and Annie Miles.
Richard Thompson and Dieie Suggs.
Frank Graham and Carrie Taylor.
Henry Hayes and Lottie Rhoades.
Bill Watkins and Mattie Rhoades.
Teddie Cooper and Flossie Ford.
John Rouey and Ava Roney.
A. E. Cross and Emma Hicks.
Chesley Hite and Edna Bell Forester.
Hurt Rochelle and Emma Norton.
John E. Bishop and Vera M. Dalton.
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
Good Things to. Eat
All guaranteed. Phone us a trial order. We deliver.
No order too small. No order too large.
Real Estate Transfers.
W. E. Shropshire et al. to J. B
die, 70 acres in No." 4, $4,209.
B. F. Beakham to W. E. Shropshire,
30 acres in No. 4, $3,055.
Ben Beckham to W. P. Rogers, 75
acres in No. 13, $8,625.
J. A. Jackson et al. to W. E. Jack
son, lot in No. 13, $5.00.
W. E. Jackson to P. P. Burnett, lot
in Union Cily, $1,000.
P. P. Burnett and wife to W. E.
Jackson, lot in Union City, $1,000.
S. P. Harris and wife to ll. J. Jack
son, 78 acres in No) 1, $7,841.
' J. K. Passmore and wife to G. C.
Hazlerig, land in No. 10, $400. ,
G. C. Haelrig and wife to J. C. New-
house, 12 acres in No. 16, $552.
T. J. Easterwood and wife to B. G.
Glover, lot in Union City, $300.
G. W. Leigh and wife to Lillio Bean,
19 acres in No. 7, $850.
E. T. Webb and wife to A. J. Corum,
33 acres in No. 11, $1,650.
W. II. Nichols and wife to A. J. Co-
rum, acres m iNo. 11, tfl.oO.
L. 11. Thomas and wife to J. H.
Thomas, Jr., lot in Union City, $465.
Geo. Hardy et al. to Will Doan, lot
in Union City, $100.
Kalherine Rice et al. to W. A. For
rester, 53 acres in No. 4, $1,500.
W. P. Rogers and wife to J. H.
Haynie et al., lot in Union City, $127.
J. P. Wade and wife to R. P. White
sell, 95 acres in JNo. 7, $3,000.
J. M. Campbell to L. A. Ward, lot in
Obion, $200. . .
Can Fox and wife to L. A! Ward, lot
in Obion, $20. ' '
Will Hogue et al. to L. A. Ward, lot
in Obion, $125.
J. L. Alexander and wife to Daniel
Reeves, 81 acres in No. G, $2,250.
Sarah E. Deen to W. R. Robinson,
110 acres in No. 5, $500.
J. B. Caudle et al. to J. M. Long, 58
acres in Ito. 7, $3,320.
Robt. Beavers and wife to J. "M.
Honeycutt, interest in land in No. 2,
$900. '
Tip Ransom to P. D. Hornbeak, land
in No. 12, $50.
W. P. Rogers and wife to D. A. Ed
wards, threei lots in Union City, $100.
W. R. Robinson to J. W. and Sarah
E. Deen, 110 acres in No. 5, $500.
W. N. Holt and wife to L. E. Davis,
120 acres in No. 5, $2,262.
Geo. Smith et al. to J. S. Harmon
and wife, 100 acres in No. 0, $500.
..Teacher of..
Studio 506 North Ury Street, near Public
School. Telephone 286
Wholesale and Retail
Reelfoot Lake and
Mississippi River
Fish (Q Game
Oysters in tv.-vion.
Same old stand, near the ice factory.
Always ready. Phone 382
Union City, Tenn.
8:S(Mo9t.V)a. m. .
2 to 4 p. m.
Office Hours:
Modern Electrical Treatment.
Office Photie 100. Nnillinsr BuiMin
Dr. J. E. Hudson
Rooms I and 2, Nailling Building
Full line Puffs, Switches, Pompadours,
Curls and Rats. We also work up comb
ing into everything desired on short

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