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z3 0 0 I 0 Ikl
J Storm Party.
One of the merriest holiday parties
' as a number of Mrs. William Wal
Vi'a friends calling on her last Friday
Jiing. Music, cards and good cheer
re very much enjoyed, as were the
lightful refreshments. Upon depart
ure each one expressed themselves as
having enjoyed the evening to the full-
em extent and wished Mr. and Mrs.
Waldon a joyous cruise on the matri
monial sea.
Six O'Clock Dinner.
' The beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs.
J.'Arneto was the scene of much
merriment Tuesday evening. A num
her of friends were invited in rretfv
compliment to Mrs, J. 1. Hubbs, of
Vorated with a lavish supply of Christ
greenery and Christinas bells. The
Yuid green color motif was beauti
- -t:airied out in the beautifully
Vix o'clock dinner, consisting of
elightful courses. A pleasing
the evening was somo musi
js delightfully rendered by
;son. This was one of the
holiday parties.
iner entertained Wed-
mplimentary to Mrs
kyfield, Ky. A mini
present to welcome
r old home and to
Merry Christmas."
delightful character
as are all of Miss
nts, was a beauti-
u'ovablo affair.
ins, oi JiicKman, was
honoree at a jTeNq
the home of Mr. and
The home was attraet-
iorauon oi noiiy ana cut
'menu was varied and do-
resa Arnn was beautifully
Jed Triday evening with an
nt at the home of her aunt,
l lYnick, on Exchange street.
Sally large lnimber of friends
to wish her many happy re
lief birthday. Great boughs of
I'd evergreen were elaborately
chimes of crimson bells hung
fell archway, over mantles, and
re tlirougli the entire house.
m t i
jariors were uccoratcii in pomset
I In the dining room the table had
I centerpiece a large cako contain-
ing red tapers and the figures 15 in ing a:;d evening- a communion service
fancy icing, the cutting of which af-, at the morning hour.
forded much glee to those drawing the
ring, money, thimble, etc. An im
mense hoop, fringed with rows of crim
son bells, hung with long red streamers
from the chandelier. These bells were
given as souvenirs, and each contained
a fortune and good wish for 1911. The
ices were served in fancy red cups with
red cherries on top to repeat the domi
nant crimson color note. The birthday
register was kept by Miss ilarriette
Beckham, and Miss May Hunter Flack
and Mr. Tratt Waddell were given prizes
for the best written wishes. All de
parted at a late hour declaring the occa
sion the prettiest in plan of the entire
holiday season. The out-of-town guests
were Mr. Robert Salmon, of Columbus,
Ky. ; Misses Flack, Littleton, and Mr.
Hal Davis, of Nashville.
A wedding which came as a surprise
to the people was that of Miss Essye
Woodfin and Mr. J. B. Heflin, which
occured on Sunday evening, Dec. 20,
1910, at the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Woodfin, Rev.
Carman officiating. The attendants
were Misses Elsio Woodfin, Allie Heflin,
and Messrs. Wayne Mansfield and Den
nis Tayne. Only a few of the most
intimate friends of the bride were pres
ent. While it was known to Miss
Woodfin's family that the marriage
would occur in the spring they were
surprised to learn that she had consented
to have the ceremony performed during
her visit to homefolks.
She returned on January 1 to her
school south of Martin. The people
there think Miss Essye a good teacher
and could not afford to give her up.
-We extend congratulations.
I wish to
say t h a t I
have used
Sloan's Lini
ment on a
lame leg that
a me much trouble for six
It was so bad that I
walk sometimes for a
tried doctors medicine
rubber bandage for my
ught everything that I
it they all did me no
t last I was persuaded
Liniment. The first
lped it, and in two
was well." A. L.
llunter, Ala.
ir Athletes.
JtAN, instructor of
Warren St., Rox
i s : "I have used
Munscy M. Pigue, of the Cumberland
Presbyterian Publishing House, and
Miss Bess Louise Meadows of Dresden,
Tenn., were married at the home of the
groom's brother, W. W. Pigue, 704
McGavock street, last night, Rev. John
11. Shumaker officiating. Miss Meadows
eluded her parents at Dresden by feign
ing a visit to Gleason, Tenn., the wed
ding following immediately on her ar
rival in Nashville. The bride is a daiigh
tor of Charles Meadows of Dresden, while
the groom is a son of Rev. R. H. Pigue
of Fulton, Ky. Mr. Tigue has some
note as a baseball player, being a. mem
ber of the Northeastern Arkansas
League. He played with the Caruthers-
ville, Mo., pennant-winning team last
year, and has.a contract with a Dallas,
Tex., team for the coming season.
A Pretty Wedding.
One of the prettiest weddings ever
solemnized in rrescott, was that last
night when Miss Vernon Alice Caldwell,
of this city, became the wife of Charles
Robert Miller, of Hugo, Oklahoma.
At 7.30 o'clock last evening the First
Baptist Church was filled to overflowing
with friends of the bridal couple. Just
before the entrance of the bridal couple,
the sweet voiced singer, Mrs. Clifton
Arnold, sang "I Want You Only."
Mrs. John C, White presided at the or
gan and to tho sweet strains of the wed
ding march the bride entered the front
door and the groom at the same time
entered tho back door. They met in
front of tho altar and the solemn words
were spoken by Rev. T. B. Johnson, of
Texnrkana, that pronounced them man
and wife. '
Tho brido wore a dress of dutchess
satin over messelene with pearl tnni-
j mings, a veil and real orange blossoms.
J She carried bride's roses with a shower
of lilies of the valley and maiden hair
' ferns.
I The gift from the groom was a beau
i tiful diamond and pearl LaValliere.
I The maids were Miss Mary White
and Miss Betsy Hinton. Tho matron
was Mrs.,0. V. Hanna. The grooms
men were Mr. King, of Hugo, and Mr.
"Ti 1 1 y IfriBl' 1IP0, The ushers
u-ion JXirrisnnu ivan uaiu-
. . . I "fcT
1 tt lAru.i iews.
lis a daughter of Mr. and
I'aldwell, formerly of this
very kindly remembered
? - -
Miss Willie Belle Mayes lias been de
lightfully entertaining with a house
party at her jiome on Main street dur
ing the holidays. Her house guests are
Misses Mabel and Claire Littleton, Irene
Davis, Mary Hunter Flack and Rubye
Littleton, all of Nashville.
Misses Willie Belle and Katherine
Mayes, with their house guests of the
week and Messrs. Geo. Gibbs, Elbridge
McDaniel and W. D. Hazelbaker, en
joyed an oyster supper Tuesday night.
Miss Mary Wallace' Haydon enter
tained most charmingly last Friday
evening in honor of Miss Rubye Little
ton, of Nashville. Several contests ap
propriate to the season were enjoyed by
those present and a delightful salad and
ice course was served.
Misses Willie Belle and Katherine
Mayes gave an automobile drive for
their guests last Saturday afternoon,
using the Dictzel touring car.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Mayes on Main street was thrown open
Saturday night for a watch party, which
was greatly enjoyed by tho young peo
ple. Misses Willie Belle and Kather
ine received with their house guests,
and those attending wero Misses Ada
Moffett, Deila Reeves. Mary Wallace
Haydon, Mary Andrews and Genevieve
Nailling; Messrs. W. D. Hazelbaker, of
Dyersburg; Gaskins, of Muskogee,
Okla.; Walter Dodd, Will H. Swiggart,
Erwin Bransford, of Arkansas, Morris
Hawes, Geo. Gibbs, Elbridge McDaniel,
Earl Barney, Harry Harper and Fred
Cloyes. Cards and music were the fea
ture of the occasion, after which a most
delightful salad and ice course was
served. The party then joined in watch -
ng the old year out and dispersed with
many good wishes of the occasion for
their kind hostesses.
Messrs. W. D. Hazelbaker, of Dyers
burg; Will Reid, of Covington; Erwin
Bransford, of Arkansas, and Hugh Ed
Curlin, of Hickman, have been in the
city the past week to participate in the
house party given by Miss Willie Belle
Visitor Honored.
Mrs. 0. O. McGee entertained in honor
of Mrs. Oscar Turner at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Massen
gill. The home was beautifully deco
rated with cut flowes and potted plants.
The refreshments were delightful. The
afternoon was pleasantly passed with
games and music.
New Years Dinner.
Miss Mary Ranson gave an elegant
six o'clock dinner to a number of girl
Death of Mrs. Tomerlin.
Mrs. Anne Byrns, wife of W.
died on Monday,
m., after a short
Tomerlin, this city,
Jan. 2, at 12:43 p,
Mrs. Tomerlin was born Nov. 10, 1S54,
and was married to Mr. Tomerlin, his
second wife, in Robertson County about
twenty-five years ago. There were no
children born from this union,' but
three stepsons are left with oue of the
kindest of husbands to honor her
Mrs. Tomerlin was the daughter of
John Byrns, of Robertson County, and
leaves two brothers at Cedar Hill,
Messrs. Bascom and Wellington Byrns.
Deceased was a member of the Metho
dist Church and a life-long Christian, a
woman of the highest and purest char
acter, devoted to loved ones and friends,
esteemed by everyone and her name is
registered in tho Book of Remembrance,
a sweet and sacred legacy to all.
Services were held at the residence by
Rev. Sellers and the remains were in
terred at East View.
W. C FAPvRIS, President HARRIS PARKS, Cashier.
N. W. WHIPPLE, Vice President. R. E WHITE, Assistant Cashier,
Farmers Exchange Bank
wero Jr
Marriage Licenses.
Less Donison and Elmer Fry.
Ray Lynch and Annio Taylor.
Gary Tombs and Earle Neeley.
Oco Tharp and Treva Goodwin.
Verna Newbill and Susie Cloys.
Clarence Wiley and Mina Bugg.
B. Thompson and Lola Aalker.
R. A. Glass and Lillie Meadows.
W. V. Glover and Stella Hardin.
E. If. Johnson and Erne Cherry.
C. W. Simmons and Ida B. Fage,
M. M. Caudle and Sarah Duncan.
John Shannon and Willie Swan go.'
Trevar Tucker and Ruby Thacker.
L. S. Sehgsreil and F. Ethel Seals.
Harry JYrJan and Telma Hartline.
Felix Parrott and Myrtle Ferguson.
Walter Smith and May Armstrong.
Albert McConnell and Mellie Sisson.
L. J). Denham and Maude Ferguson
Marion Kelley and Annie May Smith
G. It. Dodd and Carrie Thank Ryan
W. I). Roberts and Nannie Andrews.
J. N. Featherston and Irene Matthews
E. II. Johnson and Eilie Cherry.
Louis Leon Blauvelt and Mona Ann
Dr. T. H. Turner.
The remains of Dr. T. H. Turner, one
of the older citizens of Obion County,
were shipped to this city from Green
wood, Miss., for burial, arriving Wed
nesday, accompanied by his son, Thom
as, with whom he resided. Dr. Turner
died in the Kings Daughters Hospital,
Greenwood, of acute nephritis.
Dr. Thomas lleuj-y Turner was born
and reared near Medina, Tenn., at the
time of his death aged 78 years, 3
months and 9 days. Dr. Turner was
educated at McLemoresville and gradu
ated in medicine in Philadelphia in
1859, practicing with success until the
war broke out, when he became an
Army Surgeon in the Confederacy un
der General Forrest. He served through
the war with a record of tho highest
character. Di. Turner was married in
1SG3 to Miss Sallie N. Williams, a sis
ter of Mrs. J. II. McDowell. XBrce
children wero born, of whom Thomas
is the only survivor. Dr. Turner leaves
a sister, Mrs. Emily Bamett, and a
brother at Bremond, Texas.
Fifteen years ago Dr. Turner and
family settled in Obion County. Dr.
Turner served the county as Clerk of
fie Circuit Court and otherwise became
known as one of our strongest and best
citizens, i He was a Mason, a member
of the K. of P. order and a Christian
affiliating with the Cumberland Presby
terian Church. His character was tall
and broad and strong and as clean as
the sunlight of tho fairest day. Ho
was born and bred a man and lived to
honor the name. Truth, honor, integ
rity, generosity and the highest type of
citizenship were exemplified to the high
est degree in his life, and ho passed
away leaving to the world the greatest
earthly heritage, a good name and a
blessing to mankind.
The remains were laid to rest at East
View by the side of his companion
whose death occurred some years ago.
Furniture and fixtures . .
Loans and discounts , , .
Cash and sight exchange . ,
$ 4,000.00
. 274.05
Capital stock paid up ,
Interest and discounts
Certificates of deposit .
Deposits . , . . , .
Bills payable . . . . .
. 2.419.66
. 4.350.00
. 66,863.62
. 12.500.00
State of Tennessee, )
Obion County,
Harris Parks, Cashier of the Farmers Exchange Bank, being duly sworn, says that
the above statement is a true statement of the condition of said Bank at the close of
business December 31. 1910. HARRIS PARlCS, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to this January 3, 191 1.
J. A. WHIPPLE, Notary Public.
W. C. Farris,
S. F.Howard, H. P. Moss, W. L. White.
Cato Davis,
N.W.Whipple W. Y. Pickard. S.M.Stone, Harris Parks.
- -
at the home of Mrs.
bridge. Mrs. Harry
uts and a pretty cluny
s Eva Parks was win-
tion and a pair of silk
) served.
ngle who has during
rr'.x f:
For the New Year
the magnificent display now offered at Ben
Dietzel's jewelry store offers very excep
tional attractions. We pride ourselve:
upon the exquisite beauty and artisti
charm shown in the design, settings an
mountings, and we are sure that never h.
fore have diamonds, pearls, gems
other precious stones been so attract!
exhibited tm lovers of fine jewelry.
In Memoriam.
There comes to all of us on tho death
of a dear and life long friend the hap
piness and feelings of bygone years.
"Fond memory sheds the liht
Of other days around lis;
The smiles, the tears
Of childhood years,
The words qf love then spoken,
' The eyes that shone
1 liese1 pernor
the writer
and respec
friend, Mrs.
at her home
Dec. 15r 1010
Mrs. BerT
Cow dimmed mid gone,
i'he cheerful hearts now broken
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line of Magistrates Blanks.
City News Stand all the Daily Papers
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T I17F
I desire to announce to the public that I h
McRee Stable and Livery Barn on First Str
December 1 open up and conduct a hrs
Boarding Stable, and offer special accommoda
and feeding. A special room for the ladies
with comfortable and attractive furnishings
neatest condition. No loafers nor disorderly
allowed around the stable. Everything will
up to date, and the public is cordially imJ
me a trial. Telehone 544.
Stable open day and night. H
$ 1 .00; board for horses, per month,
her mattircr years she retained
beauty her good sense and jtidgru
never failing her.- She was
excellent housekeeper,
and thorough; tastef
about her was evident ,
thoroughly done.
true to friends, ver
itable. Many litth
get the kindly
hand of Aunt Kl
V A I .... . .
tion fuf
Uo say a few words of love . f
ana respecftm memory of a very dear J
ii, it l t , ' m
m ner noiue i w oouiauu Aims, lenn
Dec. 15r 101 (A
her guj
and f
j ciou-f
fcKij came
As 4?k j rYr C1,ri-
lfipYJ a larj.
i 4 if WW 10 il)gfr
l-VlV-XV fT Mr-
engaged in a series of
Jwensvillo, Ind.'. will

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