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is Here
Hoosier and John Deere Con
Studebaker, Tennessee and A'
Staver, Ratterman & Luth an
We H
ave the Goods and the
Prices Are Rial
eiser Haraware
Union City 9 Tennessee
Camp Meets Monday.
Warren McDonald, U. C. V., "met in
the city hall last Monday,' the cbnir be
ing occupied by Fjrst Lieutenant .Com
mander, John Cavanaugh. - Frayerwas
was offered by Chaplain Jerry Clear.
Commander Sowell was not able to act.
Commander Kavanaugh was ably assist
ed by Dr. McRee. Report of quarter
master was made and choice 'of route
was left to camp who heard propositions
made by representatives of tho . N. C. &
St. L. ami L. & N., the Iron Moun
tain and I. C. railroads. It seemed to
tho camp there was not in the proposi
tions enough for them to decide on the
route to tho Little Rock reunion, which
action was postponed to the first Mon
day in May, when the following will re
port for final action as to the route:
F. M. McRee, T. R. Inman, W. W.
Cacey, A. L. Brevard. The following
were elected to represent the camp at
tho Little Rock reunion: P. N. Matlock,
1'itts MeMunay, J. S. House, with al
ternates, Hugh McDonald, C. C. Thom
as, E. N. Church. By acclamation
Miss Emma Miller was elected sponsor.
Misses Berniee Shipp and Cammie
Jones were elected maids of honor.
Mrs. W, W. Casey was unanimously
elected chaporono. Company E, after
adjournment of camp, elected by bal
lot C. O. Thomas second lieutenant of
Company E. The Captain, Jas. B.
Harper, appointed D. II... Little first
sergeant and Hugh McDonald second
sergeant. There was a very large and
enthusiastic delegation present from all
over the country.
R. M. Poweu,, Adjt.
The Sale at Troy. . j
A stock salo held at Troy last week
-attracted quite a largo crowd to that lit
tle city. W. A. Smith, J. B. Mitchell
and Gid McRee promoted the salo and
quite a lot of stock changed hands.
Several tracts of land were also sold,
including a tract belonging to VV. A.
Smith, which brought $70 an acre, and
a tract belonging to Mr. Mitchell which
brought $76 an acre. The ladies of the
Cemetery Association served dinner,
and a quilt was sold to add to tho fund.
The auctioneer sold tho quilt to several
;parties who turned it back to the asso
ciation as a gift. W. C. Farris was one
of the bidders who paid $10 for the
cjuilt and returned it to the association.
Then the auctioneer asked for four of
the prettiest girls present, each to take
hold of a corner of the quilt and hold
it out, and tho crowd was solicited to
pitch in additional subscriptions. Alto
gether the association realized over $150,
which is ample to keep the cemetery in
repair for the present year.
Use Jersey Cream Flour. None better.
Demonstration Day.
The exhibit and demonstration con
ducted by Garner & Bean last Friday
at the store on tho corner of Church
and First street, was a very popular af
fair. The hours were from one to five,
and it is safe to say that the attendance
was between four and five hundred.
The Club House line, which the firm
is offering as a leader, was shown by
the representative of tho wholesale
house in Chicago, Mr. G. Z. Allison.
This line includes everything in can
goods, packages and bottles, and it is
one of the best high-grade lines manu
factured. In fact Garner & Bean are
staking it against anything in the
market. The large crowd was shown
these goods to the greatest advantage.
A number of articles were opened and
tested, and tho one comment was su
perb. The National Biscuit Co. was represent
ed by Mr. Cooper, and Meyer Bros., cof
fee and teas, byChas. Denhani. Heinz
was represented by Mr. House. Club
Hous Teae was served and coffee by Mr.
Denhani, and Mr. Cooper distributed
Messrs. Garner & Bean were high
ly pleased with the success of the dem
onstration and tho day's work. They
were successful in introducing to a
largo m ajority of tho. good ladies of
Union City the Club House goods with
tho result that everybody was thorough
ly pleased.
The World Against Him.
This play was presented by a com
pany of home talent under the auspices
of the B. P. O. E. last Friday night to
an appreciative audience at the opera
house. It was a beautiful story in four
acts under the personal direction of
Fred J. Weisard.
The company cannot receive too much
praise for the manner hi which each
part was delineated. Miss Ruth Cren
shaw and Mr. Weisard deserve special
Wntion. Miss Kathleen Watson as
Mrs. Lee played her part as a profes
sional. Miss Kate Morris as Sadie de
serves much credit. Wallace Moffett
and Corker Jackson were well up in
their parts. Mr. Downing brought the
villain's applause, tho hisses, for his
good work. John Sanders was a "de
tecitive" of the first quality. Miss
Coble and the quartette rendered some
very beautiful music. It was plain to
see that Mr. Weisard and Miss Cren
shaw were associated with a good sup
porting cast, and much praise alto
gether is deserved for the Success of the
play. The Elks are under obligations
to the company for its splendid work,
which has been commented upon as the
best ever presented by home talent in
the city. ; .
Singin' School Beginnith.
On Friday night, April 14, the ladicj
of the monument committee are going
to give a companion play to the "Dee
strict Skule," that was such a side
splitting entertainment.
The name of the one to be given now
is the "Synginge Schoole Bcginment,"
and a good many of the rare charac
ters in the "Deestrict Skule" are taking
part in this one, so those who enjoyed
the "Deestrict Skule" should not fail to
see the "Synginge Schoole Bcginment."
. Don't fail to-see "Bobby O'Lea" (Mr.
Embrey) act the Colonial 'Squire.
Judge Lawson has always wanted to
sing a solo, and the ladies are going to
give him a chance to sing one in tho
"Synginge Schoole."
If you want a, good old-fashioned
laugh, you should be sure to go to see
Mr. Hetley in kneo breeches acting a
raw country boy in the "Synginge
Everyone who has seen Miss Vallie
Feild act Mrs. Hazy in "Mrs. Wigg, of
the Cabbage ratch" knows what she
can do, so they will know what to
expect from her in the "Synginge
All of the town who remembers the
"Little Tycoon" and "Rosita" will ex
pect a treat from Mr. Sam Woosley and
Mr. Jim Arnn's parts in the "Synging
Schoole Bcginment." ,
Come and hear "Love Me," "Bar
bara Allen," and lots of the old-time
songs and tunes, accompanied by black
"Caesar's" fiddle, April 14.
Piano Company Located.
Tho Matthews-Morris Piano Co. is the
name of a new business institution lo
cated in Union City, on Washington
avenue in the Teeler building. W. S.
Matthews, the manager, and W. C.
Morris, of the Gem Theatre, aro con
ducting the business. An advance ship
ment of pianos has already been received
and installed in the building. Mr. Mat
thews informs us that he will have a
large stock of pianos of different makes
and that he will have on exhibition a
player piano also. Mr. Matthews says
that this business is to be made a per
manency in Union City. He 'feels that
this is just as good a market ask can be
found and that the MatthewirMorris
Piano Co. will be conducted along the
lines of sound business principles with
tho expectation of making it one of tho
most popular concerns in Union
We gladly welcome the new firm.
The Style-Craft Store is more jthan
simply a store of styles and values
it is a pla-e where the spirit of service
for the public and a standard fo the
future is a vital consideration. Leck-ham-Jones-Murpbey.
A -
Medical Society. -
The' Dbion County Medical Society
met at Obion this week with the follow
ing members and visitors present; J. F.
Darnell, V. J. Jernigan, W. F. Roberts,
J. B. Sharp, J. J. Wells, J. L. Wright,
J. B. Havner, D. J. Prather, D. C.
Maddox., Drs. Smith antl Withering
ton, Trimble.were present as visitors.
Quite a number of interesting discus
sions were beard on ' different topics.
The physicians of the county are united
in their efforts along the lines of ad
vanced medical science, and are taking
more interest in their organization to
tho end that good results may be ob
tained. .
Dr. Darnell read a paper on acute
muscular rheumatism, .the samo sub
ject being discussed by Drs. Sharp and
Jernigan. ,
Dr. Prather read a paper on typhoid
fever. ,
Dr. Roberts read a paper on diph
theria. Dr. H. G. Robinson was present and
discussed "The Necessity for a "loser
Relation Between the Dentist a' x Phy
sician." Dr. W. F. Roberts was elected dele
gate to the State Convention, which
meets in Nashville April 11, 12 and 13.
Dr. Prather was elected alternate. '
Dr. J. P. Cunningham, of Elbridge,
and Dr. J. D. Carlton, of Union City,
were elected to membership.
Motion was passed indorsing the
measures before the Legislature regard
ing public health.
The next meeting will be held at
Rives Juuo 7.
Lincoln McConnell.
Next Wednesday night, April 12, last
attraction on lyceum course, Lincoln
McConnell, will be presented. This is
the finest lecturer the Review Club has
ever succeeded in bringing to Union
City. Lecture subjects: "The Blue
Coat ftnd the Red Flag," a lecture on
lawlessness, its cause and Cure; "The
Worries of Uncle Sam;" "Colored
Folks;" "Dead Lions;" "The Fountain
of Youth;" "A Happy Homo and How
to Make It."
Of Mr. McConnell, the leading press
comment is that he is an entertaining
talker. He was educated for a lawyer,
and spent the first years of his matur
ity in the courtroom, afterwards rgsign
ing this profession to enter the ministry.
He shows the depth of a wide experi
ence and couples it with a reasoning
ability of high order. The steps of his
address were interspersed with humor
ous stories and sketches, cleverly told.
He is a large man with a strong face and
an appealing personality, and his talk of
last evening was so sincerely given as to
be Ion? remembered.
Do Your Carving
with a nice new carving set, such as you can
from this hardware store. We have sets with both
plain and fancy handles. The blades of the knives
are specially tempered steel warranted to hold an edge
and will last practically a lifetime. A set will cut a fine
figure on your Sunday table.
Haynes-Qregory Hardware Co.
Union City, Tenn.
. . ...
Are you paying too much for your J
How do you know? Ask The Comrfitrt.
Are you getting results from jpiut advertising
The Commercial's books are open to advertisers
l In handling and selling the damaged stock of the Naylof
Furniture Co, some people were under the impression that it
was the Home Furniture Co. I want to say that the Home
Furniture Co. had nothing whatever to do with the sale of the
damaged stock, as it was my own personal business and not
in any way connected with the Home Furniture Co. Neither
was there any stock carried into the store of the Home Furni
ture Company.
f I hope that this will correct the wrong impression that
some Deople seem to have.
1$ Thanking each and every one for their liberal patronage.
Very respectfully,.
II Slarpole
Manager Home Furniture Co.

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