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Kirkland's for a i.ir luu' h.
Ntd Joyner Sundayed in Troy.
Fonzo White is on the t.i:W lit.
See our line of bae ball goods.
Barney Singer is quite sick this week,
Walter Fry i &t Moscow, l'y., this
Save money by ung Bon Air Coal.
the city.
Miss Annie Hill Curry is s;ck of la
grippe.- ,
Bar J, of Fultoi, Sundayed in
Cirry is si-
Little Misos . Lou ie an J Margaret
Carter hive meash-s.
Claude Hunter, of Hunting-Jon, was
in the city last week.
Hume made ramlv at Kirkland's.
Miss Luna Carter, of Hives, was in the
city Tuesday visiting.
Call W) if you want the bread wagon
to call on vou.
Get your Magistrate
blanks at Down-
Master Will Austin Nailling ha the
measles. ."
Mi.s Ruth Wiley visited in the city
Kirkland's for a good cup of coffee. -Mr.
Dan Glenn is visiting in Nashville
this week.
Pan Boone is a visitor in St. Louis
this week.
Ask about the circulating library.
Mrs. D. E. Penick visited Nashville
this week.
Chas. Fuqua, of Gardner, was in the
city Monday.
Initial tablets and monogram ' sta
tionery. Bowxixo.
Lexie Brown is quite sick at his home
with measles.
Dr. Deberry, of Tiptonville, is in the
city this week.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice !k
coal Uo.
Mrs. F. W. Tardue is up again after a
few days illness.
II. P. Taylor visited homefolkg in
Dresden Saturday. '
Eat where you like, but Kirkland's is
a good place.
Little J, G. Smith, Jr., is ill with
measles this week.
Mrs. Wear has recovered from a severe
attack of la erippo.
Superior ciia!ity of cooking coal al
ways on hand. White Coal Co. Phonell.
S. S. Dean ford left for Dickson Wed
nesday on business.
Mi'-s Ma Bramham was up from Wood
land Mills this week.
Mrs. Mabry Cutler has been very sick
for the past ten days.
Mrs. J. II. Briggs has been very sick
of measles this week.
Home made candy at Kirkland's.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Downing were
in Memphis last week.
Miss Oliie Mathews, of Gibbs, visited
in the city Wednesday.
A call for 150 brings the coal wag.iu
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
.Miss Constance Vowell Sundayed in
Martin with homefolks.
Geo. W. Carter was a business visitor
in Dyersburg this week.
Eat where you like, but Kirkland's is
a good place.
T.evie Thomas is quite hick at his
home on Waddell street.
Misses Sallie and Clara Scott are visit
ing in Middle Tennessee.
Get your magazines and periodicals
at Downing's.
IL W. Barbee, of Martin, was in the,
city this week on business.
Dr. Dave rrather made a professional
visit to State Line Tuesday.
Kirkland's is the only real lunch room
in the city.
Owen McCullough, of Fulton, was a
visitor in the city Saturday.
Leo Bean visited his sister at Rives
Sunday, returning" Monday.
Bargains in nuts, figs, Malaga grapes,
etc., at Dahnke's.
If yon miss Just For Fun you will
want to call yourself names.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cloar, of Troy,
were in the city Wednesday.
Ben Dietzel will loan you a punch
bowl for your entertainments free.
Lester McEwan, of Dresden, was in
the city on business Tuesday.
Harry Cook, of Rives, was here on
business and pleasure Friday.
Mrs. R. L. Bond is quite ill but is
now considered out of danger.
G. IsUIl, of Woodland, was a busi
cess visitor in the city Tuesday.
Eat where you like, but Kirkland's is
a good place. .
Ernest Morris is expected to leave
this week for San Antonio, Tex.
Mrs. Helen Gardner, of Jackson, is
the guest of relatives in the city.
Call l,"0nd get your coal and wood.
Union City Ico & Coal Co.
Miss Chloe Holloway is recovering
from a severe attack of la grippe.
Mrs. John P. Morris has returned to
MeKenzie after a visit in the city.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
Rev. and Mrs. J. G. Ramseyer were
in Humbolt a few day this week.
Tom D. Edwards is quite ill with
measles at his home on South Ury.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best for
cooking. At Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Mrs. Andrew Haynie was quite sick
at her home west of town last week.
Geo. F. Carter went to Dyersburg
Wednesday on a short business trip.
Superior quality of cooking coal al
ways on hand. Y hiteCoal Co. Phonell.
Mrs. Arthur Terrell, of Terrell, was
in the city this week visiting relatives.
Morris Hawes, who is in Vanderbilt
at Nashville, spent Sunday in the city.
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co
when you want coal right now.
Miss Lilly Averitt, little daughter of
Ed Averitt, is quite sick with measles.
Miss Carrie Malone, of Dresden, is
visiting Miss Mabel Carman this week
W. R. Webster, of Cairo, is spending
a few days with homefolks in this city.
Mrs. Annie Hinson and baby, after a
few days in the city.have returned home.
Why have the blues when you can
laugh them away by seeing Just For
Mi3 Willie Holloway, o' Dyersburg,
is in the city with a view of locating
Mrs. M. R. Hunter is the guest of
her mother, Mrs. M. J. Allen, in St.
Miss Gertrude Lane is at home from
an enjoyable visit to friends at Mor
ley, Mo.
Watches, clocks, etc. a full stock,
best makes and lowest prices. Ben
Ji,; wCDlil I I
: : ? - f
Beginning February 4, and Cotinuing Until : Wo hlove,
During this time we will offer anything in our stock, except
Diamonds and Watches, at
FOR CASH. We want to move as few goods as possible
and take this method to reduce our stock as low as possible.
i if i it
iy Jtumii wdf JtuMmf
rx..: C .
The Winning Warren
In every contest the WARREN IferQ?.
30 has shown itself pfcssessed of (( vtT'i
extraordinary power, speed and iil
Wc Also Have Some Special Bargains
$4.00 Cut Glass Bowl... ......... -..;........$2.50
$1.00 Nappies .
$8.00 China Chop Dish-.
$8.00 China Bowl.......
4.00 Plates.. .... ...
..... $6.40
........ ..$6.00
and a great many other Special;Bargains. Come early and
get the pick, as we will put in no new goods this month.
The Dependable Jewelers and Opticians
First iStreet - Union City, Tenn.
endurance, cost considered. It has
the high quality of construction,
simplicity and strength of design
that wins. In hill climbs its record
has been just as brilliant. It has
never been defeated. You have
only to compare motors, transmis-
fe'l y': 4$) sio,n axIes' hfela' fmes, springs,
' Jr,y j.m,.. .. Jy radiators and the other important
?T"mM mechanical details of construction wJfJa
1: A . it; r . . i
to realize the Warren-Detroit excels
in these important details. Gives
you more for your money. Let us
demonstrate to you.
Fine steam vulcanizing. Write
for prices.
We handle nothing but the best i
rr-vt mm
Fulton Garage & Auto Go. ifclssll
" . J Mavnlimr) nil
$1,300 Fulton, Ky.
t'f U ' r-
p; , .
Misses Bess and Ruth Wliiton at
tended services at Beech church last
Mrs. Kobt. Bamsey, of Dyer, is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. Dr. Parks, near
the city.
Mrs. Wright rhebus and children vis
ited Mrs. Chas. Moore at Hickman last
Mrs. Will Latimer, of Beech,' and
Miss Flora Wise were in town shopping
Dr. Charlie Curlin, of Hickman, visit
ed his mother, Mrs. Seth Curlin, for a
few days.
Miss Mary Swiggart has returned
home after several weeks with friends
in Oklahoma.
The Joe Nailling cottage on Harrison
sireei is oemg improved witti a new
coat of paint.
The little son of Mr. Littleton Thomas
is quite sick with measles at his home
o i Home street.
Mrs; Perry and daughter, of Tusca
loosa, Ala., are in the city visiting rela
tives and friends.
Jerry Malone went to Fulton and
Martin Wednesday looking after some
business matters.
,urs. riarry aukiiis, oi Mobile, was
the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. E.
C. Curlin, this week.
anu .Mrs. nas. MaziewooU re
turned to their home in Terrell after a
fjw days in the city.
Colonel Coulter is recovering from
quite a severe attack of pneumonia, we
are very glad to note.
Ben Brans ford the first of the week
made business trips to Jackson, Martin,
Fulton and Mayfield.
I. P. Morris and family, formerly of
Beech, are occupying their new home
on South third street. '
jmp. noueri nam.scy, oi I'yer, was a
visitor in the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.
J. Shoffner this week.
Mrs. Willie Purcell, of Dyersburg,
will be in the city for a few weeks with
Mrs. Annie Hollowayf
Mrs. Herbert Tisdale entertained this
wek in honor of her sruost. Mrs. C O.
Suramin, of Nashville.
Mrs. L. S.' Parks visited her daugh
ters, Misses Clare and Ruth, at Bel
mont College this week.
Miss Frankie Chiles, of Obion, visited
at the home of her brother. Enloe
Chiles, in this cityfthe first of the week.
Mrs. Robert Scates has returned to
her home in Texas after a pleasant
visit with Mrs. Vic Scales.
Miss Nina James Strother has return
ed home after a pleasant visit with her
sister, Mrs. Charles Nagle.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Milam aro at
home after a month's visit with Mrs.
Milam's son at Taragould, Ark.
Miss Margaret Wise visited Terrell
and Martin friends Sunday and Mori
day, returning home Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Holland, of New-
bern, Sundayed with their sister and
brother, Col. and Mrs. A. D. Keller
Mr. Jno. R.Atkins and Mr.Eckles, of
Oklahoma City, were the guests of R
P. Whitesell at home here this week.
Mr. Erwin Bley and family, of Ma
nua, Ark., are in tlie city visiting
Mr. Bley's sister, Mrs. S. E. Allmond
Mr. Henry Cofer, of Fruitland, Tenn.,
was in the city this week visiting the
home of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Allmond.
Judge II. O. Head, of Sherman,
Tex., who has been in New York on
business, is in the city for a few days
iai. a. u. Jveiicr is very mucn im
proved. He has been very ill from the
effects of erysipelas, but is now able to
sit up.
The small blaze at the Wise residence
on South Ury Thursday created quite a
panic among the neighbors for a few
Hyman Shapiro returned from the
Lake last night where he made a pur
chase of furs amounting to several hun
dred dollars.
Mrs. Will Johnson and daughters
spent Sunday with Mrs. Johnson's fath
er-in-law, who is very ill with pneu
monia at his home in Rives.
Mrs. J. C. Burdick was reported con
siderably better yesterday morning,
which is very pleasant news to the many
friends of the good lady in the city. ,
The young people are preparing a
distinctly unique play to be given at the
Reynolds Opera House on Friday night,
Feb. 24. Funds to go to monument.
Miss Kate Robinson entertained this
week in honor of her visitors Tuesday
night. The guests were Miss Jenkins,
Jackson, and Miss Robinson, Faducah.
The Wednesday Club met this week
with Mrs. Sam Chandler on Church
street with an interesting bridge eontest.
Favors were conferred and refreshments
Col. H. T. Ilaynes is recovering..
He has been sick about three weeks of,
J. R. Thompson, of the City Drug
Store, Jackson, was here this week visit
ing his mother north of town. Mr.
Thompson spent a few days in town
with friends.
Mr. and 'Mrs. "Henry Head arrived
yesterday from a few weeks' stay in
Texas, at Sherman, guests at the homo
of Mr. Head's parents, Judge and Mrs.
H. O. Head. , .
The Commercial is requested to an
nounce that Rev. John R. Williams will
preach at Old Fremont church next Sun
day, Feb. 19, at 11 o'clock a. m. and 3
in the afternoon.
Wo understand that Mr. and Mrs.
Thad Lee are preparing to build a hand
some bungalow on the corner of Lilac
and Mills streets. It will be quite an
addition to that part of town.
The new church at Beech has been .
completed and is quite a handsome
structure. The first service was held
Feb. 12. The next will be the fourth
Sunday. , At that time they will tirdain
an elder and a deacon.
A concert given Friday night, 'Feb.
10, at Salem Schoolhouso by local tal
ent netted $:'5,f0. The drama was
Aunt Dina's Quilting Party," It was
indeed a charming play and was en
joyed by a packed house.
Mr. Waddell Jackson writes from New
York to his house, Corum & Jackson's,
in this city that the market is teeming ,
with the prettiest styles and most de
sirable goods seen for many seasons. Ho
is due to return home in a few days.
News from Largo, Fla., comes to the
effect that Mrs. Anna B Morgan, who
was very sick when she left here, is re
markably improved. Mrs. Morgan has .
gained in weight and ytrentfb, and no
enjoys long walks, going sometimes as
far as a dozen blocks. Her little daugh
ter, Annie James, is also very much
improved and both will return by the
first of March. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Carter and Mr.
and Mrs. Arch Johnson left Wednesday .
for Maiden, Mo., to attend the funeral
ofJas. F. Pax ton, who died in that
place last Tuesday, Mr. Paxton was
married to Miss Ella Harrison in Union
City aud of the union is a son now 12
years of age. Mr. Paxton was about
forty-five years old and leaves wife and
win. He was a well known citizen and
generally esteemed as a man of Rood
; f
f i

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