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DR. E. M. LONG 1
Over Vl hite 6c Burchard't Drug
Store, Union City. Tenn.
Office 144-2; Residence 144-3
Over White & BurcKar't Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
Office 144-2, Residence 144-3
VOL. 19, NO. 51
rmon City Commercial, eMMihe4 IW ConsoUJale(j September 1, x
West feimesee Countr, established lv7 1
f f-Vn T T. .T TT TPVv IT A IT
f I J 1
1 J t I
V I WWW W M U'fV . ZiV i
vhi v ill v
1911 FRUITION 1911
0 Our business is quite satisfactory; because we are
reaping what we have sown.
Conservatism, eourtesy and a square deal for all
are the crops we plant and we have never experienced a
drouth in our business and never expect to. '
! Q When you have money and valuables to protect,
when you want to pay bills at home and abroad, open an
account with the Third National DanK and pay
with your checks.
J When you need to borrow money, if you have an
account with the
Third National Bank
you are in line to get what you want.
Get Into
If you need a Hair, Clothes, Tooth, Shaving, Bath,
Nail, or any kind of Brush, next week at
Oliver's is the time.
2 P. M.
Senator Taylor Urges Tennessean
for Army Surgeon.
. Washington, March 2. President
To-day gave a cordial audience to Dr.
Kimzie, of Union City, Tenn., wko de
sired appointment as surgeon in the
regular army. Senator Taylor accom
panied Dr. Kimzie to the White House
and urged his appointment. The con
versation Hopn developed the highly in
teresting fact that Dr. Kimzie once
guarded tho Cover-General's palace at
Manila when President Taft was the
ruling oilicial.
Senator Taylor requestcJ that the
President issue an executive order ex
empting Dr. Kimzie from the rule that
makes the age of entrance of army
surgeons into the army at 30 or loss.
Dr. Kimzie is 82. The President said
he was inclined to make tho exemption
becuse of the splendid record of Dr.
Iviinzio.'r Dr. Kimzie entered as a pri
vate in the regular army and won dis
tinction for bravery in a number of
battles in the Philippines, lie worked
bis way through Yale and John Hop
kins, facts which appealed to the Presi
dent; who is an honored son of "Old
Better Than Ever.
Coburn's Greater Minstrels played at
tho Springer Opera House yesterday
matinee and night, bringing the best
show to the city they have ever had.
Manager Coburn has quite a clever ag
gregation of fun-makers and the audi
ence that witnessed the performance
yesterday and last night enjoyed them
very much.
Quite a number of new and interest
ing features have been added to the ex
hibition since iU last appearance in this
city, and these afforded a great deal of
pleasure to all.
The music wa3 excellent and the sing
ing up to the high standard already set
by Manager Coburn. The special fea
tures were particularly meritorious and
Manager Coburn may bo assured that
when he conies again he will be given
a very cordial reception. Columbus
(Miss.) Herald.
Reynolds Opera House next Monday
night, March 13. i
We can repair, clean and press the
best. Why? Because we are tailors and
understand our business. Bring in that
old suit and havo it fixed up. We stand
behind our work in every detail. Union
City's Exclusive Tailors, Tate & Suth
erland. '
UPaxin Lo suns
I make loans on lands located in Obion and Weakley Coun
ties, Tenn., and Fulton County, Ky., in sums of $1,000 or more
on first-class improved farms. , ? ;
Forty per cent of the full value of a farm will be loaned. Loam
made on farm of fifty acres or more on 5 years time with priv- "
ilege to borrower of paying Mine after one year in full or making
any aize partial payment desired at intervals of 6 months after one
year from date of loan, interest being stopped on partial pay
ments made. - " -....
1 guarantee the interest and expenses on a loan procured
through me will be less than the same loan would cost you
obtained from any other source, and the terms and conditions
more satisfactory. . .
Vnton City, Tenrv. , ,
Commissioners Appointed Road
Levy Fixed at Twenty Cents.
At a special meeting of the County
Court held at the courthouse here last
Monday, a large majority of tho magis
trates being present, district road com
missioners were elected in accordance
with the Howard road law, now in force
in the county, as follows:
No. 1, J. C. Griffin; 2, Geo. E. Luteu;
3, Henry Howard; 4, 0. H. Clemmons;
5, J. W. Watson; 6, T. W. Cunning
ham; - 7, J. W. Jackson; 8, D. A. Mid
yett; 9, C.G. Barker; C, K. H. Russell;
11, James Harmon; 12, Guy Walker;
13, Henry P. Moss; 14, T. F. Moore;
15, I. S. Ing; 16, G. W. Moss.
The court fixed tne road tax at 20
cents on the hundrud. The law pro
vides for a tax of not less than 15 cents
nor more than 25. -Tho merchants'
advalorem tax was also fixed at 10 cents
on the hundred.
Both motions were practically unani
mous. The court offered one or two amend
ments of a technical nature to the law
and the court adjourned, having been
called by Judge Lawson for a specific
purpose. i ' ' .
Good Roads Meeting. ' V.
The people interested in good roads,
and especially the road to the lake, had
the pleasure of hearing Mr. C. C.
Ahles, a representative of the Govern
ment, at tho courthouse Monday, on
the subject of good roads and how to
build them, and it will not be long be
before our people will be ready
with their teams and scrapers to build
the proposed road to the lake,
" The specifications for a standard dirt
road (one ready for the hard road bed)
is thirty feet between ditches, properly
rounded up, and graded to a five per
cent grade. We will get busy to make
this sample road, and when more ex
tensive building is begun we will have
the Government send us a man to
superintend the work of building, which
they will do at any time.
W. G. Reynolds.
Entertained for Guests.
Mrs. J. B. Ilibbitts entertained yester
day afternoon with a tea in honor of her
guests, Mrs. R. M. Whipple and Mrs.
L. S. Parks, of Union City, and Mrs. J,
M. Gardner, of Martin, Tenn. Tho dec
orations in the reception room were red
carnations while in tho dining room a
large bouquet of pink carnations formed
tho center piece for the table and kink
candles shed a soft light over the room.
In the receiving line were the guests of
honor, the hostess, Mrs. J. M. Richard
son, of Goshen, Ind., Mrs. R. M. Alford,
of Fulton, Ky., Mrs. John G. Russell,
of Charleston, Mo., Mrs. O. P. Hurd,
Mrs. W. T. Wall, Mrs. A. F. Staehle,
and Mrs. Geo. B. Warren. The punch
bowl was presided over by Mrs. John
M. Moore and Miss Madge Zimmerman.
In the dining room Mrs. E. G. Kerth
and Mrs. E. G. France poured the tea
and coffee while Misses Birdie May Mat
thews, Zerle Hankins, Alice Strong and
Mrs. Byron Herbert assisted in serving
a delicious luncheon.
The guests, numbering about eighty
five, called between the hours of and 5.
A number of delightful informal affairs
have been planned for the guests of
honor this week. Cairo Bulletin.
For Guests.
M rs. S. B. Carey entertained with a
six o'clock dinner last evening for Mrs.
Hibbitt's house guests. This termin
ated the round of delightful entertain
ments given'in honor of the guests the
past week. Cairo Bulletin.
We take great pleasure in announcing
to our friends and former customers and
the good people of this community that
we are now in the jewelry business,
having succeeded Ben Dietzel, and we
will continue business at the same old
stand. It will be our intention to serve
you in the old, old "Hardware Dietzel"
way courteous to old and young, fair
treatment to everybody, one price to all.
We buy for cash and will sell for cash
at reasonable price. . Don't ask for
credit. Dietzel means quality with us.
Trusting our past career among you
will merit a portion of your ,trade and
influence, we beg to remain yours to
please. , Diktzel Bros.
Chas. and Frank.
Adoption and Preparation of Bill
for the Legislature.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen
have at last passed in favor of a pe
tition from a number of citizens asking
for admission in the corporate limits
of Union City. The petition is signed
by A. F. Titts worth, T. R. Reynolds,
W. P. Davis, aud 'was presented by J.
B. Waddell in behalf of others. The
calls-are set forth as follows: .
Beginning on Main street at Reed's
northwest corner; thenco north to the
southwest corner of Dock Carter's four
acre tract; thence continuing north
with Carter's west line to his north
west corner; thence west with Mercer
street to J. B. Waddell 's southeast cor
ner; thence north to a point due east of
Will Walker's northeast corner; and
thence due west to First street; thence
90uth to corporate line.
: Included in -the motion was the
Rogers addition in the southern por
tion of the city, running from Third
street east on Jackson to First street,
and thence north to corporate line.
The extension abtft'e will be in
corporate! in a bill to be presented to
the Legislature for immediate action.
It is understood that a . majority of
citizens in the territory embracing the
extensions have asked for admission in
the corporate limits in order to take ad
vantage of the schools, the water and
lights and other municipal favo.rs. The
bill will go to the Legislature upon its
merits, of which the city will also have
some claims.
Civil Engineer C. II. Jenks reports
the payment to date of $23,000 on the
sewerage contract.
The finance account for the month of
January was: . ;
General purpose $32,410.78
School fund. 5,858.00
Sinking fund - 3S.92
In bank 1,107.47
Total -.
Streets and sidewalks, .
School and bond fund'--..
Interest fund .
Sinking fund..
Water and light.., -
..$ 2,280.34
.... 1,442.53
' 7,393.01
.. 14,758.40
Total... ..'- ...$39,415.83
Water and light account for the month
of February was as follows:
Water - $ 200.1(5
Lights - - 1,195.41
Sundries 27.89
Total..- . ......$1,429.46
Expenses - 1,1U.0J
Balance .
" Marriage Licenses.
B. L. Waldrop and Beulah Chapman.
- J. D. King and Oma Godwin.
I. J. CavenderandE. L. Cunningham.
M. V. Bruce, Jr., and Lillie Malugen.
A. P. Lofton and Annie Knight.
R. B. Johnson and Mattie Chandler.
II. C. Brown and Edna Wade. .
W, L. Marshall and Lena Douglas.
Mrs. Edwards Missionary Girls.
Miss Erin Horsley entertained the
young ladies of Mrs. Edwards' Mission
ary Class Saturday afternoon. A special
program of readings and music, also a
literary contest, was enjoyed, after which,
delightful refreshments were served.
Census Figures. ,
Washington, February 24. Popula
tion statistics of the thirteenth census
announced to-day include, Tennessee.
j . -- '.-" IflO. , 1900.
Dyer... 1,160 1,024
Humboldt: . T-3,446 2,806
Obion . .,1,293 ' 1,034
South Fulton 1,391 453
Trenton .. . . 2,402 2,328
Tough Luck. '
"Flow are things in Pluukville?"
"On the bum. Our police station
was robbed last week, and yesterday
our fire department was burned out." .
of good health should prevent sickness
instead of letting themselves get sick
and then try to cure it. So long as you
keep your liver, bowls and stomach in a
healthy and active condition you won't
get sick." Ballard's Herbine relieves
constipation, inactive liver and all storn
ncb and bowel troubles. Sold by Red
Cross Drug Co. f
ont Let It Slip
yhroucth yourpINGERS
Put it in TOE RANI
i in
.1' l n
h .Mf
' IT IS NOT HARD to save money if you'll only begin.
You'll take more pride in your bank book iian in any
other book when you once begin to see the? balance to
your credit grow.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank:
Old N at i o nal B anil
Union City. Tennessee
Place your order now with sgs3
Special club rates on balls, etc. All daily papers. Phone 293
The Golden RULE is our Motto
W. C. T. U. ,
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union will meet with Mrs. V. M. Nail
ling on Exchange street Friday. March
17, at 2:30 p. m. A large number is
urged to be present. There was no
meeting March 3 on aeeountof a union
p'rayer meeting at the home of W. W.
Hall at the same day and hour. ,
The John B. Gordon Chapter, U. f.
C, met in regular session Thursday
afternoon at the pretty suburban home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Massengill with
Mrs. C. O. MeGee as hostess.
Church Notice.
Rev. E. T. Lindsay will preach at the
Presbyterian Church, North First street,
next Sabbath at 11 a. m. The public
cordially invited.
r.eeps n on rue.
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
Dear Sirs: Enclosed herewith is check
to pay my subscription. I enjoy The
r, :..t I. I :
lAJiumerciiu vi'ry iiiuvii uuu nwji it uu
file for any of the old homo boys that
travel through here, Wishing you much
success; I am,' Yours truly,
IT. M. Waddkix.
Clarksdale, Miss., March G.
A Good Selection.
At the good roads meeting Monday
S. R. l'.ratton was elected superintendent
and Jake Caldwell treasurer of the good
roads to the lake committee. These
men will appoint their assistants and
lay out the work in sections and be
ready for all to go to work at once at
the time to be set later, which will bo
about the last of March. The road will
be built to the lake. ij-J
': ',:' JJ:. Superiority in
j Strength Purity,
Wliolesomeness V
Strength, Purity,
Ue S. Government Reports,
Highest Award
World's Colombian Exposition.
CjctV Years its Standard
: if V
i j
I v

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