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W. J. Davidson was in Dyer Sunday.
Clyde Aaron is visiting here this week
Use Jersey Cream Flour. None better.
Mr. Vivian Reynolds visited Chicago
thin week. ,
Mrs. Maud Curl in Sundaved with
Beech relatives.
Dahnke's Sunday Special Ambrosia,
Mrs. Florence KwJgeway in visiting
friends in the city,.
Rev. J. II. Zwingle went to Chicago
the first of tho week.
Dahnke's cream bread baked daily
Thone 109.
Supt. A. C. N.ute made a flying trip
to St. Louis this week.
II. P. Moss was a business visitor at
Woodland Mills Monday. .
Baby carriages and go-carts rubber-
tired. Herman E. Howard.'
Mr. Ashley Ingram, of Troy, was a
visitor in the city Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Anna Ford Walden vis
ite'd Cairo on the Fourth.
Special values in porch furniture at
Home lurmture Co.
Mr. Pete Heppner has returned from
a trip to Poplar Bluff, Mo.
cape, uen uapeu, 01 Mempuis, was
a Sunday visitor in the city. ,
Coal Coke Wood -Call Tel. 150,
Miss Nell Dyer is visiting friends and
relatives at Obion this week.
Dr. W. M. Turner was a business
visitor in St. Louis last week.
For fine confections call 109 Dahnke's
Mrs. Rosa Taylor has returned from
a visit with relatives in Nashville'.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Meacbara, of
Hickman, were in the city Saturday.
Herman E. Howard is prepared to rubier-tire
baby go-carts and carriages.
T. R. Boxley and W. E. Walters were
business visitors in Jackson last week.
Mrs. J. A, Henderson left this week
to visit relatives and friends near Jack
son. Those shades need hanging right now.
Phone Home Furniture Co.
J. Clem Burdick returned Saturday
from a few days' business trip to Mem
phis, i
Mrs. Kate Bell, who has been very
sick, is said to be much improved this
ave money by using Bon Air Coal.
. Misses McAdoo and Mays are enjoy
ing the shade of Number Seven this
week. .
Mr. J. Russell, of Memphis, was in
the city on the Fourth visiting his pa
rents. ,
Mr. Whit Campbell, of Tiptonville
was a business visitor in the city this
week. -
Ladies, order a cake for Sunday from
uannte s.
Little Frank Craig, who has been sick
for three weeks of fever, is very much
Fred Craddock, of Humboldt, will be
tlie Friday guest of his cousin, Mrs. M
Curlin. ' .' !
Mr. Hughlett Jackson, of Louisville,
was in the city this week mingling with
You've tried the rest, now try the
est Jersey Cream Flour.
Mrs. W. T. Nash and daughter, Miss
Myra, are enjoying a vist to Estill
Miss Eva Lee, of Martin, was the
guest of Mrs. Thad Lee on Mill Btreet
F. M. Ownby, of Longmont, Colo.,
will be in the city this we: k en route to
North Carolina.
W. H. Harris, of Humboldt, who has
been visiting in the city several days,
has returned home.
Don't worry about those refresh
ments, call Dahnke's.
Miss Cora Wingo, w ho has been spend
ing several weeks in Martin, returned
to this city Tuesday.
Mr. Vernon Verhine attended the
race meeting and some society doings at
Mayfield last Friday.
Claude Spraggins, of Humboldt, ar
rived Monday and has a position at the
Milliken Marble Works.
Mr. Chas. Watson, of Memphis, was
in the city this week visiting relatives
and mingling with friendsV
'Matting druggets are the best for
summer. Thone Home Furniture Co.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Garth left yesterday
for Hickory, N. C, to visit the family
of Rev. and Mrs. John Garth.
W. A. Forrester went to Middle Ten
nessee near Hohenwald this week to sell
a three-thousand acre fjact of land.
Mrs. G. W. Worlcy and daughter,
Miss Mamie, will leave Monday for a
few week's stay at Dawson Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Scott have returned
to their home at Bardwell, Ky., after a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Massengill.
Miss Lela McFall, of Fulton, was a
visitor last week at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. R. L. Cu turnings on Exchange
Hot rolls, coffee cake,
Saturday at Dahnke's.
dough nuts
All kinds.of coal at Union City Ice&
Uoal Co. 1
W. M. Hamilton and daughter, of
Spout Spring, were in the city Tuesday
Mrs. Gene Tatom and daughters have
gone to Nashville and Big Bottom for a
few weeks.
Johnston's bitter sweets at Dahnke's
Miss Irene Forester, of Obion, is with
Miss Lydia Stone and Mrs. D. K.' Baker
as a visitor.
Madam Rumor has gathered an orange
bouquet for one of our fairest daughters
this month. .
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Mrs. J. Cotton's little daughter fell
Friday while playing and fractured her
collar bone.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Harrison, of
Jackson, were in the city at the Palace
Hotel Sunday.
' Mrs. Simms, of Forest City, Ark., is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Richardson,
for a few weeks.
Mrs. G. R. KeDney left Tuesday for
Nashville to remain a few days at the
Woman's Hospital under treatment of
Dr.' G. C. McGannon. i
Mr. J. V. Stovall and sister, of Num
ber Seven, were in the city last week
visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. F.
Misses Mary and Annie Whitson, of
Centreville, arrived Wednesday and are
guests at the home of their uncle, W.
Mr. Harris Parks went to Waverly
this week to visit his brother, who is
afflicted with cancer. Mrs. D. R. Dit
more, Mr. Parks' mother, came home
with him.
A call for 150 brings the coal wagu
Union City Ice & Coal Co. ,
Hyman Shapiro left Tuesday to take
advantage of the special excursion train
from Cairo to Chicago. He will return
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pleasant, of
Paducah, were in the city last week vis
iting the family of Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter pleasant.
Matting always make a room cooler.
Home Furniture Co. has the matting.
Mr. John George, traveling salesman
with the best line of trunks and valises
on the road, came home this week to
visit his family.
Mrs. Harry Driver, of Osceola, Ark
is in the city visiting the home of her
mother. Mrs. J. R. Catliey, and her sis
ters in the city,
Remember, she likes candies fresh
like you get at Dahnke's.
Mrs. Ed Crenshaw and family are vis
iting in Troy this week, the guests of
Mrs. Lucy Walton. Mr. Crenshaw was
in Troy Sunday. '
Mrs. Gertrude Turner and son, of
Water Valley, Miss., were in the city
last week visiting the home of Dr. and
Mrs. J. E. Hudson.
Call 150 and get your coal and wood
Union City Ice & Coal Co. N
(((? , ' 1 " 1
11 il j
Fancy Silk Hose
for wear.
PH Iff Olltltini PInmf!iinn
j u-ou u wo t mm mm
Attend Jnd Reap Your Greatest
Harvest Values
Ls Our Invitation to All.
This Sale means a clean-up of all odd lots and
short lengths in every department at prices
that will simply astonish you !
A wonderful exhibit and sale of Smart Washable Summer Dresses.
Special values in white and colors.
Our $6.00 and $6.50 Dresses, Special prices. $3.00 and $3.50
Our $3.00 and $3.50 Dresses, Special price $i.95
j r i - .- "... rt
A handsome showing of
Skirts, in black, panama, tan
and gray mixtures. You will
find them high-class skirts, one
and two of a lot; former prices
$6.00 and $6.50 6 A AO
to close for. Wt'Q
Our $5.00 and 5.50
skirts to close for
Special Reduction on All
Mid-Summer Millinery
Values and inducements of
fered to close every hat, re
gardless of cost or former
prices. Now is the Bargain
Time. "."'.-..
V Hi v
Kiltmaioo Conet Co, Maktr
The Corset that gives
perfect shape and
Waists ;.
Lingerie and Marquesette
Waists, worth regularly $4.00,
f 5.00 and $6; to close
at-....- $3.00 and $3.50
White Muslin Waists, for
mer prices 65c and 75c,
to close at 2" 37c
Our $1.00 and $1.25 Waists
to close at 75c
In the French Undermuslin
section is amazing beauty and
priced amazingly cheap.
French Night Gowns, high
and low necks, Princess Slips
and French Combinations.
First Street
Union City,
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Sherrill, of Ta
ducah, were in the city last week visit
ing the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J
Shoffncr on Main street.
Capt. J. C. Eeynolds left last week
for Weavervillej, N. C, to join his wife
and family in the mountains. He will
be gone two or three weeks.
Mrs. John Russell had the misfortune
to break her left wrist Wednesday while
attempting to move a small obstruction
from the back door premises.
Miss Mai McDearmon left Tuesday
for Dyer in response to a message an
nouncing the serious illness of her mo
ther, Mrs. J. II. McDearmon.
Anything you want in cakes or ice
cream on six Hours notice at JJannke a.
Mr. Nail, of Fulton, Miss Berry, of
Oakton, Ky., and Miss Clemet, of Jack
son, Miss., are the mid-week guests of
the Misses Milam on South Ury.
Mr. Milam and daughter, Miss Fearl,
will enjoy the shade and the water from
the wells of the famous Dawson Springs
for ten days beginning.next week.
Bon Air Coal, best and cheapest, at
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Mr. EarlKimzey.of Greenville, Miss.,
was in the city 'his week visiting the
home of his parents on First street
M r. Kimzey is connected with the Green
ville Drue Co. as pharmacist, and will
go to Nashville to attend the State con
vention. '
Two arrests and fines of $36.50 were
reported from the police department
this week. Mr. Fardue and Mr. Noah
have a good report for the occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McCIure, of Nash
ville, were in the city this week visiting
the home of Mr. McClure's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. S. II. McCIure, and family.
Coal and wood promptly delivered by
the Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Mrs. J. L. Hudgins. and daughter,
Miss Fearl, have returned to Nashville
after spending a few days here, guests at
the home of their son and brother, W.
E. Hudgins.
Mrs. Sol Ford and little daughter, of
Hohenwald, Tenn., were in the city vis
iting Mrs. Anna Ford Walden, en route
to Newbern to visit Mrs. Ford's sister,
Miss Lela Cole, who is very sick.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
sey Cream Flour, a home product, and
Mr. Ed Ownby, Fast Exalted Ruler
B. P. O. E. No. 679, left last week for
Atlantic City to attend a meeting of the
Grand Lodge of Elks. Mr. Ownby is
the representative of the Union City
Mrs. V. W. Cowden and son, Thomas,
left Saturday for Middle Tennessee to
spend the summer. " They are now at
Lewisburg with relatives and later. will
go to Estill Springs. They will prob
ably not return to this city before early
Mr. Edgar Jones, with the McCul
lough Medicine Co. of Trenton, was in
the city Tuesday. He informed us that
his company had recently been reor
ganized with a capital stock of $50,000
and located at Trenton, where they are
in better position to handle the increas
ing business.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best for
cooking. At Union City ice & tJoal uo.
M. G. Downing Awards Prizes.
Easley Fenick wins gold watch in
seventeenth pony contest and $20 in
cash in eighteenth pony contest.
Rufus Caldwell won two $1 watches
for weeks ending July 1 and 8.
These prizes were given by the Curtis
Publishing Co. for the sale of the Sat
urday Evening Post.
Mr. Downing will give for five con
secutive weeks a handsome watch to the
boy making the greatest increase over
the previous week's sales.
Goes Merrily On. ,
Work has been resumed on the High
School Library building, the Palace
Hotel and the bricklayers will soon be
at work on the Walker-Nailling busi
ness house on the corner of Church
and First. Workmen have been wait
ing for the delivery of material. The
Canvas Decoy Co. warehouse is also
under headway. This house will be
Used to store raincoat stock. Mr. Cur
lin informs us that as soon as prepa
rations can be made for the manufac
ture of light coats more buildings will
be needed. The factory is in full swing
every day, and notwithstanding the dry
weather, orders are being received right
along for the output.
Mr. Wright Phebus' home is nearly
completed. This home is at the corner
of Third street and Florida avenue and
is one of the attractive new ones, neat,
spacious and comfortable and a nice ad
dition to the locality.
Fourth in Union City.
- The great Fourth of July celebration
that was scheduled for yesterday at Un
ion City was pulled off in great splen
dor, and was the greatest success of any
ever held in that city.
The parade was the banner feature of
the day, there being a very large num
ber of beautiful Moats in the procession.
The acrobatic acts and all the other
attractions were up-to-date and enjoy
able in every respect.
First street and Washington avenue
were lined with thousands of spectators
and the greatest of all fireworks display
was given. Balloon ascensions were
given throughout the day.
The celebration was a success in every
way and was characteristic of Union
City's way of doing everything. Ful
ton Commercial.
Let Herman E. Howard rubber-tire
your go-carts and tricycles.
TH6 Best Goods
Lowest Prices
All guaranteed. Phone us a trial order. We deliver.
No order too small. No order too large.
Good Roads Organization.
A meeting was held at the courthouse
last Monday by the friends of the good
roads movement for the purpose of or
ganization, and in accordance therewith
the Obion County Good Roads Associ
ation was organized with the election of
the following officers: ;
W. G. Reynolds, chairman; 8. R.
Bratton, secretary; T. W. Ferrell, treas
urer. This organization is for the county
at large and will co,-opcrate with road
committees of the various districts for
the betterment of all roads.
Take those wheels to Herman E.
Howard for new tires.
A Little Old Trunk.
H. T. Haynes, of this city, has a
little old leather bound trunk about ten
inches in length, six inches wide and
four inches deep. The trunk is a family
heirloom, and belonged to Grief Cole
man, Mr. Haynes' grandfather. The
trunk was carried through the Revolu
tionary War. It is lined with some
book leaves and the dates show the
trunk to hav3 been in existence in 1754.
The trunk is well made and bound, with
lock and key. Mr. Haynes treasures
this keepsake as one of his valuable
Many a Union City Citizen Knows
How Surk They. Are.
Nothing uncertain about the work of
Doan's Kidney Pills in Union City.
There is plenty of positive proof of this
in the testimony of citizens. Such evi
dence should convince the most skepti
cal doubter. Read the following state
ment: ,
H. T. Dunn, of 417 North Exchange
street, says: "Doan's Kidney Fills
have been of so such benefit to me
that I gladly confirm all I said in their
praise when I publicly recommended
them some years ago. My back was in
bad shape and I bad pains in my kid
neys. The kidney secretions were un
natural and passed too frequently. Soon
after I began taking Doan's Kidney
Pills my trouble, was completely re
For sale by all deal'-r. Price 5fsc,
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the UniUid States.
Remember the name Doan's anJ
take no other.
1 1

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