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J. D. Killios, Ad-") In the
mioistrator, et al. I County Court
vs. V of
JL B. Gauntlett, Obion County,
Guardian, et al. J Tennessee.
By virtue of an interlocutory decree
made and entered in the County Court
of Obion County, Tennessee, in the
case of J. D. Killion, Administrator,
et al., vs. 11. B. Gauntlett, et a., on
at about 2 o'clock p. in., in front of J. M.
Moore's store, in the town of Sarnburg,
I will resell to the highest and best bid
der the following six tracts of land in
the district of Obion County, Ten
nessee. and described as follows :
Beginning at Thomas' northeast cor
ner, runs north 3o degrees west 180
poles to a stake in Booth 'a east boundary
line with two poplar and persimmon
pointers; thence north 24 degrees east
rzQ 3-0 poles to a poplar; thence south
65 degrees east 142 poles to a stake in
J. J. Lee's west boundary line; thence
113 poles to the beginning, and con
taining 167 acres, more or less.
Is situated in the Twelfth Civil District
of said County and Slate.and is bounded:
Jlogmning at ft stake with black gum
and beech pointers, and runs north 35
degrees west 180 poles to a stake with
two poplar and persimmon winters in
Booth's cast boundary line, 29 poles
north or uarrett s northwest corner ;
thence south 24 degrees west, passing
Garrett's southwest corner at 29 poles,
and continuing at name variation and
striking Thomas' northeast corner at
140 poles; thence south 22 degrees west
and striking bis southeast comer at 60
poles to a stake with two poplar and
two beech pointers, and in all 200
poles; thence south 55 degrees east 103
poles to a stake with three beech noint
rs; thence north 20 pole to a stake
with two beech pointers in the center of
the Union City and Lake road; thence
with said road and bridge north 30 de
grees east 34 poles ; thence north 25
degrees east 22 poles; thence north 40
degrees east 14 poles; thence north 8
degrees east 16 poles; thence north 82
degrees east 88 poles; thence east 22
poles; thence north 18 degrees east 24
, poles; thence north 36 degrees east 17
poles; thence to the beginning, and con
taming 164 acres, more or less.
poles, and continuing at same bearing,
in all 230 2-5 poles, to a walnut and
hornbeam w ith three walnut pointers in
William Henry's south boundary line;
thence north 55 degrees west 177 poles
to a cypress with two cypress pointers
standing in the east margin of Keelfoot
Lake and the southwest corner of tract
No. 4, herein already described; thence
south 2'J0 poles to a hickory (now down)
with two beech pointers; thence south
83 1-20 degrees east 13 poles to the be
ginning, and containing 154 acres, more
or less.
One-third cash, balance on a credit of
twelve and twenty-four months, taking
note for deferred payment drawing in
terest from date, with approved security,
The Cummins amendment to admit
Canadian flour and cereal porducts to
the United States free, of duty under the
reciprocity agreement was defeated by
the Senate 14 to 52. The other Cum-
Pretty Frocks at the Horse Shows
and Dances.
lth the celebration of the Fourth
the season may be said to be fairlv
mins amendments were also badly de-j launched at the coast resorts, though as
Congressional inquiry as to the myS'
terious letter said to involve President
Taft and his brother in the granting of
lands at Controller Bay, Alaska, to the
Guggenheim interests, resulted in the
failure to find such a letter.
In an address before the Christian
Endeavor convention in Atlantic City,
and retaining a lien on the lands for Speaker Champ Clark declared that any
further security.
I will first sell all six tracts as a
whole; then I will sell tracts 1, 2 and 3
together; then tracts 4, 5 and 6 to
gether, after which I will sell each
tract, viz.: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, separ
ately, and will accept the bid or bids
that aggregate the most.
This June 19, 1911
C. S. TALLEY, Clerk.
By Geo. R. Kknnky, D. C.
Fierce & Fry,
Solicitors for Complainants.
Laxnom & Stanfield, ,
Solicitors for Defendants. 14
Is situated in the Twelfth Civil Dis
trictof Obion County, Tennessee, and is
bounded: Beginning at Old fish Land
ing in Thomas' southwest corner, and
runs south 55 degrees east 167 poles to
a stake with white oak and hickory
pointers; runs thence south 22 degrees
west '60 poles to the Sleepy Hollow
branch with two poplar and two beech
pointers; thence south 55 degrees east
103 poles to a stake with, three beech
pointers; thence south 12 degrees east
157 poles, passing Sarah Gauntlett
southwest corner (or line) at 54 poles
a large hickory, to a large white oak on
the bluff south of Indian Creek, Wil
liatn Henry's northeast corner, on the
Charles Sarnburg, deceased, home tract
thence north 55 degrees west 256 poles
. to a slake in the center of the road rim
ing up the lake; thence south 20 de
grees west 43 poles to a beech with
beech pointers at the. north end of the
bridge across Indian Creek ; thence
down said creek, with its meanderings,
to its present mouth ; thence up the
lake to its beginning, and containing
235 acres, more or less. (But this in
eludes and excludes 75 acres by estima
tion what is known as the Thomas
Is situated in the Fifth Civil district of
aaid County and State, and is bounded:
Beginning at . the mouth . of Indian
Creek, as it now is, and runs south 55
degrees east 33 poles to a stake; thence
south 25 degrees west 12 poles; thence
south 58 degrees east 20 poles to a
" beech at the north end of the bridge
with beech pointers ; thence north 20
degrees east 43 poles; thence south 55
degrees east 256 poles and crossing In
dian Creek at 276 8-5 poles, and in all
320 poles, to a large white oak on the
bluff south of Indian Creek ; thence
south 35 degrees west 160 poles to a
stake with two beech pointers; thence
north 55 degrees' west, passing the
northeast coiner of tract No. 6 (six)
herein last described, a cypress with
two cypress pointers; thence north 60
degrees east 75 poles opposite the fish
dock ; thence north 40 degrees east 87
poles to the upper fish dock; thence to
the beginning and mouth of Indian
Creek, and containing 820 acres, more
or less.
Is situated in the Fifth Civil District of
said County and State, and is bounded:
Beginning at a dogwood for a corner
and beech pointers, and runs north 88
degrees west with Hamilton's north
boundary line 202 poles and 16 links to
a stake in D. N. Hamilton's field
tbence north 85 degrees east 150 poles
to a walnut and hornbeam with three
walnut pointers in William Henry's
south boundary line;' thence south 55
degrees east 10 poles to a stake with
two beech pointers and the southeast
corner of said Heary; thence 29i poles
to the beginning, and containing 104
acres, more or less.
Is situated in the Fifth Civil District of
said County and State, and is bounded:
beginning at a stake villi a large sweet
gum pointer, the southwest corner of
the D. N. Hamilton tract; runs thence
north 85 degrees east, passing D. N.
Hamilton's northwest corner at 80 4-5
" C P. Church Lands.
Waverly, Tenn., July 12. A special
term of the Chancery Court was held
in Waverly to try the case of W. B.
Ridings, receiver, vs. jthe Bowen Chapel
congregation of the C. P. Church et al.
This is a somewhat noted . case, involv
ing the church lands and a lot of rents
therefrom of the Bowen Chapel Church
in the Third Civil District of Humph
reys County. It will be recalled that a
short time before his death, Uncle Berry
Bowen and his wife conveyed some
eighty or ninety acres of Duck River
bottom lands to said Chapel C. P.
Church, or rather to the ruling elders,
etc., for the benefit of the church, with
a proviso that if the church should cease
to exist at that place that the same
should go to the Cumberland University
for the benefit of its theological depart
ment, etc. When the case of Hudgins
vs. Landrith was pending a petition was Upon a Western tale I'll try
man who misses two general elections
should be disfranchised.
There were over 200 deaths from the
heat in New York last week. Eighteen
deaths and over 200 prostrations were
reported Tuesday. There were twelve
deaths in Chicago.
The returns of the crop reporting
board show that the heat and drouth
played havoc with crop conditions in
June. - Oats and hay seem to have been
the hardest hit,
The report that Ethel Barrymore, the
actress, will sue her husband, Russell
Griswold Colt, for absolute divorce in
New York, has been confirmed.
The employes of the Chesapeake &
Ohio Railroad are said to have voted to
strike on refusal of a demand for an in
crease in wages.
When Collars Wilt
The man in the street,
By the by, . "
Has a job looking neat
In July.
The Usual Tumble.
"I dreamed last night I had perfected
an airship.',
"And when you awoke?"
Darned if I wasn 't out on the floor. "
No Matter.
the cottage settlements increase there
are plenty of people here and all along
the cost at any time after the middle
of May.
Perhaps it is that all these Jersey
watering places are within easy shop
ping distance of New York and Fhila
delphia, or perhaps because there are
such varieties of people and circum
stances and tastes in the crowds one
sees on board-walks, at horse shows,
and various festal doings, but surely
everything in the way of gowns and
beadwear is to be seen smartly worn or
otherwise on the throngs that people
this long stretch of beech from Long
Branch to Cape May.
Certain styles "catch on" with the
right people, and being on the crest of
fashion's wave are worth recording, not
only for present interest but because
they offer valuable suggestions of com
ing modes. All sorts of fancy collars
-Office of-
Manufacturer of
Building Stone and Cemetery Curbing
CEO. B. WILLIS. Manager
To the Public Union City. Term., May 24, 191 1.
I beg to call the attention of those who are in need or who
will be in need of work in my line, such as Monuments, Cem
etery Curbing, Grave Decorations of any kind. Building Stone
of all kinds and sizes and any other such work in the Stone
and Marble lines, that owing to the fact that I have on hand
some very handsome contracts that will reauire mv nersonal
attention and keep me perhaps from getting to call on you per
sonally, I take this method of reaching vou. and ask that if vou
are in need of anything in the above fines, that you call around
at the shop or let me know and I will call on you and submit
you designs and prices, which I feel sure will be of interest to
you. My shop is located on Second street, back of Naillinfr-
Keiser Hardware Co.'s store, and my display and samde room
is now undergoing some repairs, which will make it attractive
and convenient for those who desire work to come and look
over my designs and work that I now have on hand and that I
have already put up. I would be glad to have vou visit at
once, as I have some very handsome designs ; ready, to go out
that I would like for you to see. f I have a nice selection of ma
terial already on hand and another car coming, which will give
me the most complete line ever carried in this citv or anv other
city of this size. All work guaranteed. No pay until the work
is complete, set up and satisfactory. . Any number of refer
ences as to my work. Trusting that you will see me before
buying, I beg to remain, Yours very truly,
Manager West Tennessee Monument Co.
filed therein bringing this church prop
erty in that case, and complainant, W.
B. Ridings, was appointed receiver to
take charge of these lands and rent
them out and hold the rents, which he
did. When that case was decided in
the Supreme Court of the State, it was
held that the Chancellor bad no juris
diction in any matter save the property
at Fayetteville, hence that case went off
without any directions as to the dispo
sition of the rents and property in this
case, and while holding in favor of the
C. P. faction in that particular case,
made no orders or disposition or hold
ing as to Bowen 's Chapel property.
In this situation, the C. P. faction of
the church was claiming the lands and
rents, the Presbyterian Church; U. S.
A., claimed it and Cumberland Univer
sity set up a contention claim to it on
the grounds of a statutory inhibition
against any unincorporated church
holding directly more than five acres of
land, etc. In the midst of all these
contentions Complainant Hidings filed
this bill, making all the claimants .par
ties, paying the funds into the court and
asking that all claimants interplead and
litigate among themselves the various
claims set up by each ; the bill was by
the court sustained as a bill of inter
pleader and issues made up, proof taken
and heard by the Chancellor last week
he taking the case under advisement,
and will render a decision in it later on.
Local counsel in the case were: J. F.
Shannon for Complainant Ridings; H.
Carter for Bowen 's Chapel C. P.
Church, with Judge Caldwell assisting;
E. Tubb for the Presbyterian Church
U. S. A., with Judge Gaut assisting,
and B. It. Thomas for Cumberland Un
iversity. Only local counsel, however,
participated in the trial of the cause be
fore his honor, J. W. Stout, Chancellor.
My scribbling bent.
I've never seen the West; but why
Need that prevent?
Seeing the City.
l tola iliram not to go gaping
around at the high buildings."
"What happened to Hiram?"
, 'Somebody stole his false teeth,right
out of his face:' - , ,
In London. : '-''
Mrs. Wombat is highly thought of by
the Queen."
"Is she as dull as all that?"
Will those who owe The Commercial
for subscription please let this remind
them to send or come and pay up or
notify us whether or not they want the
paper continued. Please attend to this
while you think of it. 1
styles among the fashionable contingent.
Blouses of plain net or batiste very
much tucked, but without any other
trimming than the ubiquitous side frill,
are better style than anything more
elaborate. Elaboration is so overdone
on cheap waists that fastidious dressers
will have none of it.
The "Coronation Suit," as a New
York maker has called it, of oyster
white ramie linen, in plain tailor style,
with narrow rolling collar of purple
velvet, and buttons of the same velvet
with gilt rims, is smartly worn, and an
odd coat that comes well below the hips
and buttons at the waist in cross-over
fashion has little more shaping than the
tube Bkirt that goes with it and is being
worn by the younger girls and by ma
trons. Simple style and lines being
adapted to both ages, better than lines
that reveal the figure.
' - Lccy Carter.
An Appeal to Wives.
You know the terrible affliction that
comes to many homes from the result
of a drinking husband or son. You
know of the money wasted on "Drink"
that is needed in the home to purchaso
food and clothing, Orrine has saved
thousands of drinking men. It is a home
treatment and can be given secretly or
taken voluntarily. Put up in two forms,
powder or pill. Your money will be
returned if after a trial it has failod to
benefit. Costs but $1.00 a box a mere
trifle when compared with the amount
a drinking man will spend in a day for
liquor. Come in and get a free booklet
and let us toll you of the good ORRINE
is doing. Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store."
3 W
Too Dangerous.
"We should close our eyes to the un
sightly things in life." .
Too risky. I tried that once and
slipped on a banana peel."
How They Serve Him.
'I suppose everybody is anxious to
Will those who owe The Commercial
for subscription please let this remind
them to send or come and pay up or
notify us whether or not they want the
paper continued. Please attend to this
while you think of it.
serve you."
"It seems so," said thefsardontc mil
lionaire. "With a subpoena."
Dodging His Obligations.
'I expect to spend the summer with
relatives in the country. That outing
won't cost me much."
"They'll get back at you next win
"No, they won't Then I'm going
to Europe."
My Vacation.
I do not care to roam ;
' I think it best
To stop right here at home
And get a rest.
The above designs are bv The McCalll
Company, New York, Designers and
Makers of McCall Patterns.
Chance to Demonstrate."
"This beauty surgeon claims he can
remove wrinkles."
"Going to give him a trial?"
"I shall, provided he makes a dem
onstration on my pet bulldog first."
Plenty of Them.
Some say there is a sucker born
every minute."
"I don't know anything about that,"
responded the eminent trust magnate.
"I cater to ultimate consumers, and the j
birth rate is very satisfactory to them."
Notice. f
All persons having claims against the
estate of J. M . Glenn are notified to file
same for settlement and those indebted
to the estate are notified to come forward
and settle.
This July 13, 1911.
Das Gleks, Admr.
Use Dahnk-Walker Milling Co. Jer-
soy cream t icmr, a nome proauct, ana
washes away blotches and pimples, leav
ing the skin as smooth and healthy as
that of a child.
Get a 25c trial bottle of this wonder
ful Eczema Cure to-day and keep it in
the house.
We know that D. D. D. will do
that is claimed for it.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store.
Union City Garble & Granite Works
Conducted by O. E. M1LLIKEN & SON
Has installed a New Century Motor to furnish Dower to run their
pneumatic tools used in cutting and lettering monuments. This pneu
matic tool enables the workman to do a great deal better class of let
tering, especially in granite, than the old method of hand Work. We
have on hand more contracts in nice granite and marble designs than
ever before in the 19 years of business, and would invite the public if
in need or not of work in this line, to call and see these monument
from time to time, as we will have in something new everv fw Aav
throughout the entire year. O. E. Milliken personally attends to "the
setting of all work and guarantees standing in place for all time; not
allowing any inexperienced workman or kid of a boy to set monu
ments and leave them in a totterins condition when set In connertinn
with the monumental line, we do building stone work, cemetery curb
ing, iron fencing, cresting and all kinds of cemetery work. We carry
a nice line of designs and finished monuments and want to auote vou
I prices on something in our line. Office and shop on First street, op
posite Kirkland's Restaurant. Yours truly,
.77 -. .- g
Ask us for prices when selling your grain. O
i are to go back to the se wed-in sleeve, . - . O
I but so far there is little seen of such MMWM. 'M'M 'WMWM&iO'.Q:0:
and fichus, and shaped pieces that sug'
gest boleros, are very much employed.
They lend a simple frock the desirable
fussiness that allows it to go almost any
where, and the girl with "long wants
and short purse-strings" finds help in
these for varying the effect of her few
get-ups. Much of the summer's fancy
work done on cool corners of hotel
verandas on the beach, or under the
trees, takes the form of embroidery on
these pretty fixings, as well as on blouses
of cotton voile, batiste, or linen that
will be made up as collar, fichu, blouse
or the very popular side ruffle that this
year is single, wide and dainty as at
tainable and pinned over at one side
with one's prettiest stick or handy pin,
or il tne occasion warrants, with the
most elegant brooch in the jewel case.
Low cut necks and elbow sleeves are
so universally worn tnat tne woman
whose neck is not quite up to the reve
lations that the sun makes of any de
fect in contour or smoothness, must re
sort to the various gimps and cuffs that
fill in such frocks acceptably. Perfectly
plain gamps and collars of net or fine
embroidery are the preferred fillings.
Used D. D. D. Six Months All Itch
ing Cone!
This is the actual experience of Anne
Croman, Santa Rosa, Cat., with the
wonderful D. D. D. Prescription.
D. D. D. is the rroven Eczema Cure.
the mild wash that gives instant relief I At a little distance those made of plain,
in all forms of skin trouble. I erv onen mesh lace are almost imper
Cleanses tne sicin oi an impurities tih(, -n(1 thpV have the added merit
of being cooler and more easily fresh
ened than the fussy gimps of other
for nr.orsE8
For blouses there is a rumor that we
Asli Your Grocer for i
iahnke-Valker Milling Co. !

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