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Marshall & Baud, Union City, Tenn
Entered at the post office at Union City.Tcn
a wcoud-ciniui mail matter.
FEIDAY. JULY 28. 1911
For Sheriff
CLOVER We have the authority to announce
Jim Fate Glover a candidate for Sheriff of the
County of Oliion. subject to the action of the
Iiemoc.ratic party.
HICKMAN. We have the authority loannounce
Jus. M. Hickman a candidate for Sheriff of the
county of Obion, aubject to the action of the
Democratic Party.
FINCH. We have the authority to announce
John E. Finch a candidate for Sheriff of Obion
County, aubject to the action of the Demo
cratic party. t
For Trustee.
SANDERS We have the authority to announce
Johnnie Sanders a candidate for the office of
Trustee of Obion County, subject to the action
of Die Democratic party.
KENNEY We have the authority to announce
G. R. Kenney as a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
LATIMER We have the authority to announce
Wtil II. Latimer aa a candidate for Trustee of
Obion County, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
HORN BEAK We have the authority to an
nounce Pleas Ilornbenk a candidate for Trustee
of Obion County, aubject to the action of the
Democratic party.
CHEATHAM We have the authority to an
nounce J. R. (Pud) Cheatham aa a candidate
for the office of Trustee of Obiou County.
Tax Assessor.
NOAH We have the authority to announce Will
P. Noah a candidate for Tax Assessor of Obion
County, subject to the actiou of the Democratic
HOWARD We have the authority to announce
I. J. Howard as a candidate for Tax Assessor of
Obion County, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
table primarily to whisky, but this evil
has grown to immeasurable proportions
through the abuse of its manufacture.
Twenty years or more ago a traveling
salesman, representing a wholesale
whisky house, told us that more than
nine-tenths of the whisky was com
pounded in the rear of the saloon, that it
wae not made in a distillery. The drug
ged article, which Dr. Wiley lias been
trying to separate from the pure, has be
come no common that Dr. Wiley's work
has encountered the hostility of the
whisky interests. The chain of circum-
How They Advertise.
It is interesting to note the difference
between cities which have boards of
trade and advertising boosters and those
who do not.
Secretary J. F. Carter, Jr., of the
Mobile (Ala.) Progressive Association
has compiled very carefully some inter
esting data on the subject. ruing
in The Tradesman under the caption,
"What Some Cities Are Doing in Adver
tising," he says of his own city:
Speaking for Mobile, this city never
had done any advertising through news-
stances therefore leading to the disrepute papers or magazines until the past year,
of the whisky traffic has been brought when publicity was given through this
about through the instrumentality of the J1 8 wo.rk- "eretofore a few book
. . , . . , I lets hau been published, the money
" "1 being raised by charging for advertise-
haps than through the teachings of Fro- menu of merchants which appeared in
hibitionists. The whisky people have the booklets. During the past year we
by their own indiscretions and dis- published three booklets, one on the
r,.n.ahl nr.,.ti,M ;n;,i .ri 88 Pla of residence, one con-
. ' cerning the farm lands about the city,
condemnation ana turneu sentiment and one which dealt with nothing else
against them. They have done this but the manufacturing situation. There
through the' use of unwholesome and were no advertisements in the booklets
noisonous drnra in tfin adi.lterati'or. of Thy were Pftid 'or out of the general
, , , fund, as was also the display advertis
u.ev uve iso opemy unu wu- jn Another form of advertising which
fully defied and disobeyed the Sunday we carried on was that of a display at
laws and other regulations of thetralfic. the United States Land and Irrigation
This has created the sentiment against
the traffic, we nay, as much so as the
advocacv of Prohibition.
Alcohol is an enemy to the human
race, but the things' we have enumerated
in connection with the sale of intoxicants
has made it a criminal practice, there
fore the Democracy of the man who
favors absolute Prohibition is not im-
Expositiou at Chicago last year, and
our preparations are now being made for
another exhibit this year. This money
was taken from the general fund.
We aro glad to know that Jackson
has as live a Merchants' Association as
any city its size in the country and that
an opportunity to boost Jackson and
Madison County is never lost.
Time, Worry and Money, Madam, by doing away with
home baking and serving
......Dahnke's Delicious Cream Bread......
The purest, cleanest of all breads. Sealed in dust-proof, germ-proof
waxed paper. It's made clean, sold clean, delivered clean,
from our ovens to your grocer.
The Texas Election.
The whisky intesesls and the
Tr will h nf intrpr. in Ifiinw u-hnt
paired, neither is. it the legitimate or .l ,t .
to advertise themselves and their ad'
proper subject of criticism.
anti- Tho whiskv advocates, havini? either
Prohis have no great victory to boast of been driven or frightened from their
in the Texas election. Thero is very former positions, are offering the argu-
little encouragement to the oponents of riicnt that if whisky is not publicly sold
Prohibition in this fight. The Memphis the use of drugs will increase, and have
Commercial Appeal indicates this fact increased through the operation of Pro
and arrives at some very rational con- hibition. A moro unreasonable ground
elusions with the exception that it is than this could not Ha nrlvanr-prl
not willing to admit the influence of the Whiskies and wines have already been
whisky organization and the saloon in drugged to an alarming extent; perhaps
the battle of ballots. This organization beer has not. But if this wore not true,
is HtrongJr and its influenco as great if everybody who knows the history of the
not greater than that of the women in drug habit understands that its begin-
securing votes. An impartial opinion ning was with the opium smokers in the
must concede tho relativo strength of Chinese quarters of the cities and that
tho two forces. the habit was more nrevnlr-nt. in tli
Looking at the matter, if possible, large cities where whisky was freely sold.
from a disinterested point of view, Pro- Statistics will show that this is true that
hibition is gradually and substantially the larger number of people addicted to
gaining strength. From all the grounds the drug habit are residents of localities
of calculation this becomes the most where Prohibition legislation has never
reasonable conclusion. Five years ago reached. It is one of the concomitant
it is more than probablo that tho vote evils of whisky, not a substitute. This
for Prohibition in Texas would have argument is hardly worth serious reflec-
been mucn smaller man it was last Bat- tion
vantages. Here is the exact status in
Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga:
Memphis, Tenn., Business Men's
ciuo: j. a. warren, manager. Adver
tising fund of , last year was $27,500,
and this year will be $25,000. Issues
"The South To-day," a monthly publi
cation of the city.
Nashville, Tenn., Board of Trado:
E. S. Shannon, secretary. Is raising
fund of $200,000 to advertise city;
$70,000 of this sura was raised in one
Chattanooga,Tenn., Chamber of Com
merce, J. r. Winn, secretary. A fund
of $G,500 was raised this year for the
purpose of advertising and entertaining
conventions. Jackson Sun.
M&mintioltlhi Cave
Round Trip
and Way Stations AUGUST 16. 1911
Regular Train 4.45 p. m.
to the
All expenses at hotel only $6.50. This includes your board and admission
several routes in the Cave. One evenincr for a Dromenade or danr
A grand three-days outing. Write or phone L. & N. ticket agent at McKenzie;
urday. In 18S7 in Tennessee the amend
ment, which meant State-wide Prohibi
tion, was largely defeated. The senti
ment has grown in this State, and it is
to. bo safely estimated that the same
The Stolen Garments.
Upon a mossy woodland slue,
Up on a dappled limb,
I hung my clothes, when I was due
To take a swim.
When from my swimming I arose,
Although I sought
Full muchly for that suit of clothes,
I found it naught.
I found it naught; it made me sad,
I shouted deep in vain,
But to resume the original premises,
the sentiment for State-wide or absolute
Prohibition is growing as witnessed in
the returns from the Texas election; it
has not frightened nor deterred Demo-
amendmont now would bo much crals from their honest convictions, and
stronger if not altogether in favor with it will bear the most rigid analysis from For ever wuo my garments had
tho majority. As it is, Tennessee has a Democratic standpoint. Perhaps the 10 fetcn tnem back again.
State-wide Prohibition through tho ex- majority of Democrats will not concede It was no use, and full of woe,
tension of the four milo law, and while this, but if the present rate of education I dove into the slue,
it has not been as thoroughly effective along these lines increases the day is not Ah! deeply I would love to know
in the cities as it should bo by any far distant when the majority will stand For clothes what I would do.
means it cannot be denied that the for Prohibition, State-wide and nation- T scratched my head, I scratched it well,
sentiment has grown
As far as local option is concerned,
The Commercial took the ground from
the start that local option, although a
Democratic view, is not a satisfactory
means of securing tho desired result,
The locai option proposed by the fol
lowers of Governor Patterson was in
reality local government with very littlo
There in that slimy slue,
Tho Commercial about the first of the -wondering as the darkness fell
' I vtru-i. t i.j 1
year made a slight change in its adver- " 1 woulu "ave lo uo
tising rates, affecting only that part of Aru colder yet, and coldor still
the advertising aggregating in measure That gnatish water grew,
thirty inches and over. In other words, 1111 al at once a sudden thrill
it effects only the large display adver- Thrilled mo through and through
tising. There is some difference, it is Well would I wait, with all this woe,
option or local self government, because true' but the increase ia vei7 VlSt. But Till all the sunshine went away,
it abridged the rights of the citizen to a w'len tne advertiser takes into considera- Then off to homeward I could go
single election, and practically it was MO" uw ,aui uiai lue commercial ten wressca in mo ciose oi aay.
nnl l.nl nntinn Thn Inr-al nnllnn nf 8gO Willi Only l.UW SUOSCriUerS S. W..JR
n..... ,..-., i i cnareea mo same rate unow cnareos lor
vuiuv.im J iiitaua vuo ii&ulo Ul luvai I rViMT YA!T
if . i.i . i i mo on it oi us aaverusin? wiin z.oim it i -u.
sen guvunuiii'iii, huu wie ngiits oi local I
self irovernment cannot bo limited to subscribers, the fact is that he is getting
lit.. . i i i . I T . A . . . it.,... -!.. r
one election The voice of the people uie same amouni OI 'orK uono ,a flU""ul ur io n-
I a t a ...1 aI. v I vnna'a l vnpnir v?vi T?wtAiP T-r .- rVs;n
may not bo properly registered in a ' I" uumuer
single election. Either ono side dr the of 8ubscr'uers at practically the same
, mi r t
other may control through irregularities, cosl- 1 a commercial rates are maue when ti,e back fogim to ache,
aione in us own onice. inere is no Don.t wait untii backache becomes
combination of prices with anybody. It chronic
reserves the right to govern its own rates, TiU serious kidnev troubles develon:
iu doing r urinarv troubles destrov nitrht'n
m - - j C3 -
uilding Season
We have every sort of building and finishing lumber
you're apt to need, including
Doors and Windows, Shingles
A visit to our yards will be appreciated. Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
G.T. IViloss &Co.
Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, - UNION. CITY, TENN.
A Gifted Barber.
"Tho barber told me a very interest
ing story as he shaved me."
"Yes; and also illustrated it with
cuts." J
Even to Marry.
"I hear they wero married in the pro
fessor's laboratory."
"Yes; tho professor could only upare
half an hour."
:::::::: :: :: ::::::;:
zkn's Experience Before It's Too
and the right to correct this mistake is
donied by tho local option feature pro
posed to the four-mile law.
The local option practiced in Kentucky
aud in other States, known as genuine
local Option, is tho Democratic idea of
but does not feel warranted
work for less money than it does at
present, me rates aro tne lowest prob- profit by a Union Citv citizen's ex-
local option, and yet, with its continual aby uono W any or Uie newspapers perience
turmoil and strife it is a very unsatis- ,in u,e samc mjniner oi suoscriocrs in Wrs, E. M i)uncani Xodd and North
factory solution of the Prohibition ques- lho State; and 88 low as numbers of Home streets, Union City, Tenn., says:
tion. mm w.iu uui-m,! ut uue-uiiiu 'o " Doan's Kidney Tills have proven them
The idea has always been very clear numbcr of subscribers. e fcnow this seives WOrthy of the highest praise and
to us that Prohibition is not necessarily 10 De a ,atl "ause we nave naa cause j do not iiesiute to publicly endorse
a political question, that tho existence to uso advertising m a number of papers tnem. For years I was bothered by
of the saloon is a crime and a menace
to tho peace and happiness of mankind
and therefore Prohibition is not sump
tuary legislation. Honce the conclusion
that Siate-wiJe Prohibition does not
intcrfcro with tho tenets of Democracy
Accordingly, to our thinking there is
onlv one Prohibition and that is the
Prohibition that permanently withholds
the saloon license and complete Prohibi
tion will be the withdrawal of the Gov
ernment license. Local option is not
Prohibition. It is only a cru3t.
The evil that whisky docs whisky
and its kindred beverages is attribu-
west aennessce. men mere is ains in my kidneys and bladder and I
another matter in which the public is wa8 annoyed by too freauent pas
sages of the kidney secretions. My back
not much interested, of course, but the
cost of composition is very much greater
than it was ten years ago, blank paper
and other materials are higher in price,
and the cost of publication is very much
higher. The merchants of Union City
are very liberal advertisers, extremely
liberal, and that is one reason of the
fact that our rates have not been in
creased to a larger figure. While this
is so the merchants of Union City can
rest assured that they are getting as good
newspaper service as can be obtained in
the Stale for the same money and better
than a majority of places. . ,
ached and I knew that I needed a kid
ney medicine. When I heard about
Doan's Kidney Pills, I made up my
mind to give them a trial and got a sup
ply. They soon made me well and since
then I have told other people of their
curative powers. "
For sale by all 'dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Ask Your Grocer for it
Dalinlie-lMer Milling Co.
0. rtaiv u? iui pucta wiicii 5ciiin your graint
P.:::::: :;:;;;;;:
lm luruv aoi raua '
No. 2 Express (daily), lv. . 10.50 a.m
No. 4 Express (daily), lv. .12.02 a.m
No. 6 Accom. (dailv). ar 7.15 n.m
No. 1 Express (daily), !i ...4.07 p.m
No. 3 Express (daily), lv... 3.82 a.m
No. '5 Accom. (daily), lv 7.50 a.m.
R. J. BARNETT, Agent.
R. V. Taylor,' jno. m. beall:
V.-PrM'tmdOen'IMfT.; Oea'l PaMencar Aioot.
Illinois Central
No. 1 ..t8.0S p.m. No. 105..3.4G p.m
No. 3 ..to.38 a.m. No. 133..5.51 a.m
Trains Ntw. 105 and 13.1 n
and stop at Cibbi to nc?ix or dinchurge pnwg.
No. .-t9.40a.ni. No. 10fi.12.07 p.m
No. 4.tll.48p.m. No. 1348.28 n.m
tFlasr stop under special order. See agent.
t.StOtl On flAH onlv to rrcrlvm naunM t.1J .
Itig tickets for points north of CurtxiudHle where
2 or 4 stop.
Trains Nos. 134 and 106 are accommodations.
Tickets and particular as to invifi r,.r
mits and train time of your home ticket agent
at Uibb.
F. W. HARLOW. V. P. A.. Louisville.
A.. J. Mc DOUG ALL, I. P. A.. New Orleans
8. G. HATCH, G. P. A.. Chicago.
JNO. A. 8COTT. A. G. P. A.. Memphis.
. Arrive Union ft
-7.46 a.m. No. 3.06 p.m
No. 53..11.15p.m.
No. 52.6.44 a.m. No. 4.. .12.46 n.m

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