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Ir. F. M. McRee was iu Nashville
last week.
The Misses Cobb are visiting Dawson
Fprings this week.
"Miss May Manning lias returned from
a visit to Horribeak.
Mr. Gus Fields, of 1'adiKab, was a
visitor in the city Tuesday.
Herbert Dahnke,. of Jackson, was a
a visitor iu the city Sunday.
All kinJs of coal at Union City lee it
Coal Co.
Mrs. Rosa Taylor is visiting relatives
and friends in Paducab this week.
Mr. Fate Lemmons, Register of Lake I
County, was a visitor here last Saturday.
Three arrests and 15 in fines is re
ported from the police depariuent this
Mr, and Mrs. T. F. Stubbs, of Hum-
Ijoldt, were in the city this week visiting
m i
irroUUs, I fiirmfra a rut iannwaV.U kr Irtmrs o ts.un
house, one of the prettiest homes in the
mark lor imitators.
C. L. Moffatt and Miss Mary Pregsly, I Geo. R. Kenney went to Number
of Troy, were in the city last Saturday J Seven Sunday and attended an all-day
as visitors, service at Cane Creek Church. here a
Mrs. W. R. 1'hipps and sister, Miss basket dinner was served on the ground.
Moss, of Hickman, were in the city this He reports a good service and a large
Dr. II. M. Oliver returned Tuesday
from Paducah, where he had been fur
two weeks at the bedside of his father-in-law,
Rev. Grant M. Sullivan, who
was very sick. Mr. Oliver left him very
much better and thinks now he will soon
recover. "
Mrs. H. B. Horner, who was crippled
in the auto accident a few weeks ago, is
reported very little improved. Her foot
is not healing as rapidly as the friends
would like, but the physicians still re
tain hope that there is a chance to save
the wounded limb altogether.
Ask your grocer for DAHXKE'S
WRAFFED BREAD. He will charge
you no more for it. All the goodness
kept in all the dirt kept out.
Mr. Geo. L. White, one of Union
City's splendid citizens, has moved tack
to his farmncar Cayce temporarily.
Mr. White is personally directing the
work on the farm. The gentleman is
one of the successful luUon Countv
crowd. The Woodmen of the World
also held an unveiling se rvice during the
afternoon at the grave of a deceased
Will those who owe The Commercial
for subscription please let this remind
them to send or come and pay up or
notify us whether or not they want the
paper continued. Please attend to this
while you think of it.
week visiting friends,
Mrs. J. R. Thompson and children,
of Jackson, arrived Monday and are
visiting with friends and relatives for a
few days,
We regret to report the illness of Mr,
Hubert Harris of typhoid fever. He
lias been suffering with the fever for
several days,
If you want the best and cheapest,
use lion Air coal Union City Ice &
Uoal Company.
Dr. J. E. Hudson left Sunday for
Water Valley, Miss., to visit his parents.
The Doctor will be absent until the mid- ris, being detained at home on account
die of next week. I of her brother's sickness, the July mar
Mrs. Herbert Dahnk a ami hahv .-..r. kot has been called off. The ladies have
were in Union City last week yisiting the asked us to make the announcement
the home of Mr. Conrad Dahnke. re-l o t.
nnii u n r n rm a
Mrs. A. R. Henderson has bought the
Walton Stone residence on Third street,
the former home of Mr. Stone. The
trade was made this week and we under
stand that Mrs. Henderson will move to
ff H '
Fancy Silk Hose
for wear.
ummnr BMnnrnnnn vn
VI U "Oil 0 U UfJ f HiB sM
Attend and Reap Your Greatest
Harvest Values
Is Our Invitation to All.
This Sale means a clean-up of all odd lots and
short lengths in every department at prices
that will simply astonish you !
'. -i-.ii.-i. ,j ,. ' 1 " 1 ' i ' i i. -rmr. - - -. '.ju-l m , m : i "irar&msKjr, mBsssx at; u:,rfiy,w -mil wrm, 'Hi .ms
A wonderful exhibit and sale of Smart Washable Summer Dresses.
Special values in white and colors.
Our $6.00 and $6.50 Dresses, Special prices $3.00 and $3.50
Our $3.00 and $3.50 Dresses, Special price.' ..$1.95
No Market in July.
The manager, Miss Maggie Leo Har-
turned to Jackson Monday.
Mrs. R. T. Cole, who has been in the
city some time visiting at the home of
her father-in-law, Jno. W. Cole, left
Tuesday for her home in Wisconsin.
You want CLEAN bread. Then ask
for DAHNKE'S wrapped in GERM and
Cleaning Graveyard.
We are instructed to announce that
Mr. Harry Gibba returned from his
trip through the East this week very ill. tne nrst Tuesday in August has been set
He came home on account of sickness apart as the annual day for cleaning of
and is at home here with his mother Pleasant Hill cemetery, and that the
and sister. work will take place this year on that
We are indeed pleased to hoar that date- The ne'ghbor9 and '"ends are
Mrs. John D. rainier, who has typhoid requostea to 1,(3 on 1)anU and ass,st ,n
fever, is ill only from a mild form of the u,e soou "211
uiseae, anu tne prospects are that she Briggs-Luten.
will soon ree over I
, I Hickman, Ky., July 23. A Gretna
I. x. vern.ne leu Minuay nignt for Green affajr of nmch interest and gur
New ork City. Mr. Verhino will be ise to IIickman pcoplo wa8 the eIo
,w .. uay8 Bereiu..g meiU yesterday afternoon to Union City,
............ n1,CuewK""uS,i!v0r1e3 Tenn of Miss Christine Luten and
anu fashions for the coming fall and Dan Briggs, two prominent young peo.
pie of this city, both being under age,
.new sowing machine with ton years crossing the line into Tennessee. The
A handsome showing of
Skirts, in black, panama, tan
and gray mixtures. You will
find them high-class skirts, one
and two of a lot; former prices
$6.00 and $6.50 AR
to close for ......O'iT'O
Our $5.00 and $5.50
skirts to close for
Special Reduction on All
Mid-Summer Millinery
Values and inducements of
fered to close every hat, re
gardless of cost or former
prices. Now is the Bargain
Ski V
Kalamatoo Cortet Co., Makrt
The Corset that gives
perfect shape and
Lingerie and Marquesette
Waists, worth regularly $4.00,
$5.00 and $6; to close
at $3.00 and $3.50
White Muslin Waists, for
mer prices 65c and 75c,
to close at 37c
Our $1.00 and $1.25 Waists
to close at . 75 C
In the French Undermuslin
section is amazing beauty and
priced amazingly cheap. ,
French Night Gowns, high
and low necks, Princess' Slips
and French Combinations.
T r
in Jlx
First Street..
guarantee on every sale $16.85 cash,
at CalU weirs Hook store.
Miss Aileen Taylor, of Denver, Colo.,
who is visiting her grandmother, Mrs.
S. A, Brown, and her aunts, left Sunday
for a visit to Obion and Dyersburg, ac
companied by her cousin, Miss Sue
Brown, Moss.
Mrs. K. E. Craig and children will
ceremony was by Rev. W. C. Sellers. ,
Matting druggets are the best for
summer, rlioue Jlome t urmture Co,
Arm Hurt.
Mr. Boss Jones, while driving on First
street in the northern part of town last
week, was thrown from the buggy and
his wounded arm badly hurt again.
leave Monday, for a month 'sstay on the The horse, a high spirited animal,
Mississippi coast. They will stop at started to run and turned the buggy
Sessums, Stafford Springs, Xaurell and I with a crash, Mr. Jones falling out on
Gulfport. Mr. Craig will join them in J his arm. It was thought at first that
about a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson, Mur-
freesboro, and Miss Virginia Jackson, of
Nashville, returned home Saturday,
after spending a few days very pleasantly
at the home of Mrs. Jackson 's brother,
Dr. J. D. Carlton.
rhone Homo Furniture Co. and see
how quick they will have a man to see
Mr. Percy Jones, Mr. Kimbro and
party, of IIickman, were here in Mr
JKimbro's auto Sunday. Mr. Jones is
arranging to put in a motion picture
apparatus and show house in West Hick
man and was here looking the Gem.
Mr. Algie Curry and his sister, Mise
Annie Hill, are both recovering from a
late illness. The young man has been
very sick with typhoid fever, and th'
friends of the family are glad to know
that he is improved. Miss Annie Hill
lias not been so unwell,' we are glad to
amputation was necessary, but an effort
is being made to save the arm.
Change of Meeting.
We are instructed to announce that
that the meeting of the Leonidas Folk
Chapter, U. D. C, has been changed.
This was, done for the" reason that some
of the members of the chapter belong
to the Ladies Aid Society of the First
Christian Church and a meeting of this
society is to bo held on the date fixed by
the chapter. A change has therefore
been made for the chapter which will bo
made known privately.
Business Block.
Last week Dr. W. A. Nailling sold his
interest in the lot on the corner of Church
and First strecta and the new building
to be erected thereon to his partner in
the enterprise, Mr. John T. Walker.
Workmen are now busy on the walls of
New Grain Company.
The Cherry-Moss Grain Company is a
new organization in Union City located
in the old Hardy Grain Co. office and
warehouse on First street. The prin
cipals of the company are II. P. Moss
and Luther Cherry. Mr. Cherry was
engaged in business for a number of
years with the Hardy Grain Co. and
since then has been in the same line in
Nashville and Memphis. Mr. Moss is
one of the leading agriculturists of the
county. Both are well known here and
and credited w ith the highest business
standing and ability. They will handle
grain in wholesale and retail quantities
and markets and will bo able to take
care of a large business. After investi
gation of other markets and localities
the gentlemen have decided this is the
best point for business in their line, and
Union City extens a welcome to join her
ranks and wishes them unlimited success.
The Samburg Sale.
J. A. Coble, L. S. Parks and II. B.
Horner went to Beelfoot Lake Saturday
to conduct a subdivision sale of lots.
The plat of ground offered for sale lies
just under the bluff along tho road to
the south of the hotel at Samburg. The
sale was held according to schedule and
about forty lots were sold, aggregating
about $1,S00. The purchasers were
mostly from the western part of the
county. One of the buyers was Mr.
Wade, of Kenton. Esq. Lee and his
son bought lots. Tom Johnson was an
investor. The list includes quite a num
ber of well known citizens and the sale
was satisfactory iu every way.
The wax paper bread wrapper is NOT
A FAD; it is not a concession to the
whim of the housewife; it is not a
meaningless trade-catcher; it is A SAN
To the Voters of Obion County.
It has been reported in various parts
of the county that I would withdraw
from the race for sheriff in favor of
certain candidates and that I am mak
ing the race for such purpose. I will
state to the voters of this county that I
am making the race for the purpose of
being nominated at the primary to be
held on the 2d day of September, 1911,
and will be in the race until the votes
are counted out on that date, and I will
appreciate your vote and influence.
Yours very truly,
J. L. (Jim Fate) Glover.
Two LojA Wagons and
Askins & Dircks Lumber Co.
the building. The south side is being
J. F. Darnell, for sometime located wa,,ed with brown Prcssed brick with,
in the vicinity of Rives, has moved to V" WU,M5 tincK. u 11UU.
the Alexander farm near Jordan. Mr. l00 01 um H,ue ou UUJ curucr U1
Darnell has rented and located on this 1x5 a combination of plate glass, white
brick and stone work. Ine building
farm, and will be at home in that neigh
borhood. He is a good farmer and citi
zen and we commend him to the good
, people of that community.
Big Muddy washed nut coal is best for
cooking. At Uuin City Ice & Coal Co.
will be complete with all the improve
ments in heating, ventilation and struc
tural work and material. It will be
one of the best. 4
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Returns after Sixty-Two Years.
After sixty-two years' absence Rev.
II. C. Wheeler has returned to Cali
fornia, accompanied by his wife and
daughter, Mrs. Annie Jones, and grand
daughter, Janie Burns Wheeler, to visit
his son and family, Jas. H. Wheeler, of
No. 25 Moss avenue, Oakland.
Rev. Mr. Wheeler is a Mexican War
veteran. With his brother, Col. II. T.
Wheeler, of Gen. Van Dorn's division,
C. S. A., he was a volunteer in Cant.
Hayne's company and Col. Thomas'
regiment of First Tennessee Cavalry.
In 1S49 the brother came to Cali
fornia. They were the first to placer
mine on the north fork of the Amcr-
ical River. Mr. Wheeler was born in
Pulaski, Tenn., in 1823. Oakland
(Cal.) Tribuue.
Hot Weather Hurts the Skin.
Toisonous perspiration causes rashes,
hives, blotches, pimples and prickly
heat, often the beginning of serious skin
To wash away the poison entirely,
apply a simple solution known as I). D.
D. Prescription for Eczema. D. D. D.
is generally sold in $1.00 bottles, but
for 25c we can now give you enough to
prove that the very first drops soothe
and heal the inflamed skin as nothing
else can.
We vouch for the wonderful properties
of D. D. D., for we know that it brings
instant relief for all kinds of skin trou
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store.
The Best Goods
Lowest Prices
All guaranteed. Phone us a trial order. We deliver.
No order too small. No order too large.
Improving Gem Service.
W. C. Morris, proprietor of the Gem
Theatre, has installed an entire uew out
fit for the exhibition of moving pictures.
He has a new film machine and the
booth in which it has been installed has
been lined througlioutlJKth sheet iron ,
protecting the bouse fr$m the danger
of fire. The new machine is operated
with a motor with many new improve
ments over the old one, especially in
the saving of current, but the greatest
improvement iu the house is the cur
tain, a new departure in the moving
picture business. This is the "Sun
light" Metallic Cloth Curtain, made by
the company of that name. It is of al
luminum color, increasing the strength,
the tone and life of the pictures in a
marvelous way. Mr. Morris never tires
in adding improvements to the Gem,
but of all these this curtain is the best
he has made. The film service he i
using is also being gradually improved.
The film manufacturers are making im
provements, and as fast as this takes
place Mr. Morris takes pains to secure
the advantages for the Gem. The result
is that he has one of the best motion
picture theatres in the country. The
Gem has mado a specialty of clean pro
ductions, and the house and its man
agement have been accorded much
credit for this. The policy has also
been very profitable as well as popular,
and therefore the splendid reputation of
the Gem Theatre. t j
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co,
when you want coal riht now.
Series of Meetings.
We are requested to announce that
Rev. W. S. Long will begin a series of
meetings at Old Fremont church, be
ginning the second Sunday in August
and continue ten days. Services at 10
and 3 o'clock wrh day. The puLc
cordially invited.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local application, u they cannot roich the
duwaaed portion of the nr. There ii only one
way to cure deafnc, and that i by conMilu
tional remedies. Ieafne i cawu-fl by an in
flamed condition of thf mncona lining of the
eufitpchian tube. When thi tube ia inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing,
and, when it ia entirely cloned, deafne ia the
reault, and utile the inftnmation can tie taken
out and this tube restored to it normal condition
the beurina will bs destroyed forever: nine caaes
out of ten this deafness i canoed by Cntarrh,
which ia nothing bnt an inflamed condiUou of
the mncnu surfates.
We will (rive One llnndred iJollars for any cae
Of DenfneM (cauwd by catarrh) that Cull not tie
cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars
free. V. 3. CHENEY St CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by dnirit, 7.V.
Take Hull's Family Pills for conatination.
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