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uililing SG88Q'
We have every sort of building and finishing lumber
you're apt to need, including
Doors and Windows, Shingles
A visit to our yards will be appreciated. Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
O.TF. Moss Si. Co.
Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, - UNION CITY, TENN.
m i jv ts j j
Bad Spells
I suffered, during girlhood, from womanly weakness,"
writes Mrs, Mollie Navy, of Walnut, N. C "At last, I was
almost bed-ridden, and had to give up. We had three
doctors. All the time, I was getting worse. I had bad
spells, that lasted from 7 to 28 days. In one week, after I
gave Cardul a trial, I could eat, sleep, and joke, as well as
anybody. Ia 8 weeks, I was well. I had been an Invalid
for 5 weary years I Cardul relieved me, when everything
else failed." .
If you are weak and. ailing, think what it would mean,
to you, to recover as quickly as Mrs. Navy did. For more
than 50 years, this purely vegetable, tonic remedy, for women,
has been used by thousands of weak and ailing sufferers.
They found It of real value in relieving their aches and
pains. Why suffer longer? A remedy that has relieved
and helped so many, Is ready, at the nearest drug store, for
use, at once, by you. Try it, today.
Write ftv Ladle' Advisory Deit qiattanoogs iwwicme to., uiananoo. i cm. t
0f Special liutractioiu, and 64-page book. Home Treatment lor Women. entfre.57
Real Estate Transfers.
W. D.Slayden to S, J. Nabors.and
wife, lot in No. 1G, $800. ' '
William Forrester and wife to II. O.
Head, lot in No. 13, $100.
L. A. Elliott and wife toKobt. M tick
les, 10 acres in No. 16, $85.
W. J. Caldwell to Tink Tayne et al..
lot in Kives, $150.
Mrs. M. E. Craig to L. A. Roberts
and wifo, lot in No. C, $500.
J. E. Caldwell et al. to W. A. Carter,
land in No. J3, $900. ,
Jennie Lee Clark to W. S. Cleek, 81
acres in No. 12, $100.
II. B. Horner and wifo to A. J.
Stephens, two lots in Union City, $3,
450.' , '
Sallie Johnson to O. Spradlin, 30
acres iu No. 1, $7,700.
Pink Marshall and wife to Fred Tay
lor and wife, lot in Union City, $550.
Anna Moore et al. to Addie Sherrill
et al., interest in land in Nos. 4 and 6,
W. F. Oldham and wife to Dave
Wicker and wife, 40 acres in No. 12,
635. , -
L. S Parks et al. to J. L. Ash, lot in
No. 5.' $37.50.
J. II. Pillow ct al. to W. L. Jonakin,
S5 acres in No. 16, $500.
W. F. Roberts and wife to Davy
Crockett, land in No. 6, $1,400.
ri W Wor1iv and wife to J. W.
Wor'ey, lot in Union City, $3,125.
John A. Wright and wife to Mrs.
Addie Sherrill, interest in land m No
6. $400.
' W. L. Willinghara to T. R. Long,
207 acres in No. 9, $2,000.
Sue Williamson to Mary F. Ownby,
interest in land in No. 13, $200.
Henry Clark and wife to J. M, Finch,
interest in land in No. 9, $300.
C- HufMutter and wife to Florence
II. lluffstutter, interest in land in No.
9. $300.
H. T. Smith and wife to I. Z. Bur
nett, 103 acres in No. 16, $4,000.
.T. W. F!ks and -wife to W. R. John
son. 26 acres in No. 3, $425.55.
John McConnell to Henry Johnson,
interest in land in No. 6, $G0.
W. A. Lee and wifo to Lulu M. Lee,
14G acres in Nos. 5 and 12, $2,800.
F. J. Smith to Albert Young and
wifo. lot in No. 6, $100., -
' J. R. Gibson to W. II. Gibson, 46
acres in No. 4, $550.
C. II. Maloney to J. L. Eradshaw,
A. Wilson and wife to A. B. Caudle,
two lots in Obion, $500.
J. A. Cobb et al. to J. C. McCauley,
lot in Obion, $10.
'lessty of Them is Unios City and
Good Reason for It.
Wouldn't any woman be happy,
After years of backache suffering,
Days of misery, nights of unrest,
The distress of urinary troubles,
She finds relief and cure?
No reason why any Union City reader
Should suffer in the .face of evidence
like this:
Mrs. II. T. Dunn, 417 E. Exchange
St.. Union City, Tenn., says: I often
felt dizzy and nervous and my back and
head ached daily. In the morning
when I got up, I felt all tired out and 1
knew that my kidneys were out of order.
The results of the use of Doan's Kidney
Pills were highly satisfactory. This
remedy relieved me almost at once and
gradually my trouble disappeared until
I was entiroly well. My experience has
boon so satisfactory that I recommend
Doan's Kidney Pills to anyone having
trouble from weak and disordered kid
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States. "
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
TiiA wnv nnner bread wrapner is NOT
a fa TV it ia not a concession to the
whim of the housewife; it is not a
meaningless trade-catcher; it is A sajn-
Mr. Hoar.l Moffett was here last
week visiting home-folks and friends.
Mrs. Anna Ford Walden baa return
ed from a visit with relatives at Cairo.
Druggets, Eugs and Mattings at Home
Furiture Co.
Mr. Roscoe Kilchell, of Pleasant Hill,
was a business visitor in town Monday.
Mr. Orion Ilin&haw, of Kedron, was
a very" pleasant caller in the office Mon
mark for imitators.
Miss Mabel Bransford is improved af
ter several days'- serious illness tuts
Mrs. Phillips, of St. Louis, is a guest
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. V. L.
A rail for 150 brines the coal wagu
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Mrs. J. C. Burdick was very sick for
a few days this week, but is now much
Mrs. C. C. Taylor, of Jackson, was a
visitor this week in the home of her
father south of the city.
Pall 150 and tret vour-coal and wood.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, of Terrell,
who have been in the city several days,
returned home Monday.
Mr. Forter Harris, of the country
near Fulton, was a pleasant caller here
Monday while in the city.
Tfilerihone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Latimer, of Jack
son, were in the city last week attend
ing the funeral of Mrs. Veazey.
Mrs. Emma Ford Nolen, of Lewis-
town. Mont., is in the city visiting her
sister, Mrs. Anna Ford Walden.
The aim of the Home Furniture Co.
is always to please. :
A. W. Lancaster, an old-time friend
of the paper from Crystal, was here
Monday and paid his respects to tins oi-
fice. .
J. S. Roberts, of Moscow, one of the
successful business men of that vicinity,
was here last week looking after busi
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream i lour.
J. VI Shaoard.'an old-time friend of
the paper from the country south of
Hickman, was a business visitor in the
city Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Applegate, of
Jonesboro, Ark., were in the city last
week attending the funeral of Mr.
Applegate's mother. . .
A laree assortment of chairs just re
ceived at Home Furniture Co.
The Monette, Mo., Daily Star pays
'The Wolf" a very complimentary no-
i i
tice. The attraction was presemeu
there under the auspices of the Elks.
Mrs. Johnson, mother of Mr. Moss
Johnson, has been very ill at her home
Division street this week. Mrs.
Johnson has been suffering for a num
ber of weeks with la grippe. ;
See Sherman Sutherland's spring
tyles and woolens. . "j
Wholesale and Retail
Reelfoot Lake and
Mississippi Iliver
Fish Game
Ovsters in Season.
Same old stand, near the ice factory.
Architect and Builder
House Plans, Specification and
Estimates Scientifically Adjusted
Dr. J. F. Roper s now 'a new
office quarters in the Beck building
over Grissoru's grocery store, where he
will be pleased to attend to calls for
medical consultation and advice. Dr.
Roper has been located for some time
io the building over Niles' Drug Store
and there, in the quiet tenor of a strong
unruffled character, he be has built up
a growing practice. His new office
quarters are more accessible and better
located and more attractive and con
venient in every way. We extend con
gratulations to Dr. Roper.
Andrew Rhiel and Louise Rbiel, a
Missouri couple, were married in this
city on the morning of the 5th inst. by
Esq. S. M. Fields, of Hornbeak.
Bedroom suites at any price at Home
Furniture Co. riione 99.
New Home.
II. P. Taylor, the contractor, has
chaige of the contract for the remodel
ing and enlarging of the Shoffner home
on Main street recently bought by Dr.
Nailline. The home will be changed
and improved altogether and made one
one of the attractive places on Union
City's main residence thoroughfare.
New Office Department
E. P. Grissom, the well known and
reliable groceryman, has added a new
bookkeeping and cashier department in
his store on . First street. Grissom ia
8ynonomous for good meats and gro
ceries and he keeps one of the most at
tractive houses in the city. The new
office booth is quite an addition and ex
hibits the enterprise of an up-to-date
merchant. -
See the blues, grays, blue-grays and
browns at Sutherland 's.
- Marriage Licenses.
B- B. Maxwell and Lantie Turnage.
Oliver Carter and Delia Riley.
Harry Williams and Tennie Blank
inship. D. Tucker and Bertha Ferguson,
A. M. Albright and M. J. Bradshaw.
, Claude Thomas and Virgie Bond.
John Frank Lee and Zula Wright.
Andrew Rhiel and Louise Rhiel.
Elks' Officers.
The Elks Lodge, No. 679, this city,
elected officers for the ensuing year Mon
day night as follows: John Titts, Exalted
Ruler; L.. J. Cherry, Leading Knight;
F. L. Pittman, Loyal Knight; J. G.
Rogers, Lecturing Knight; U. A. Flow
ers, secretary; J. V. Verhine, treas
urer: C. P. Verhine, tyler; E. C. Ownby,
organist: C- W. Miles, Jr., trustee.
Geo. A. Gibbs, Jr., was elected as rep
resentative v to the Grand Lodge, with
W. M. Miles as alternate.
W. II. Wheeler, of the vicinity south
of Hickmanj was here Monday and a
friendly caller. Mr. Wheeler is one of
the foremost and best citizens and farm
ers in the country hereabouts.
Chief Tardue has four arrests to re
port thiswcek. One of these was for
the county and the prisoner was turned
over to Sheriff Easterwood for breaking
xt r. C.lnco.tt Co.'s store. Fines
in vv -i
collected for the city amounted to $15
tToo nalinkft-Wnlker Milline Co. Jer
sey Cream Flour, a home product and
A.N.Moore, this city, was very ill
lust Monday night, rallying Tuesday
morning with condition very much im
proved. Mr. Moore has not been strong
for some time since his late illness, and
the relapse , this week was very serious
for a short time.
Mr. Frank Wehman lias almost en
tirelv transformed tha old Haynes
Gregory Hardware store with new im-
nrovements. Ha has kept the carpen
t.prs and naiaters busy for several weeks,
und the developments in that splendid
business building include a new cashier
and bookkeeper's booth, interior deco
rations and greater than all a new show
window taking up a large portion of
the wall on the north side of the build
ins. The window connects with the
front of the house and adds to it much
larger, better quarters for the display of
roods. Mr. Wehman is enlarging the
stock of hardware, etc., throughout,
with all that is desirable in his line of
trade. He is adding the best known
brands and improvements all along the
line and expects to be right along the
advanced lines of business anu trade.
PTEAN bread. Then ask
for DAHNKE'S wrapped in GERM and
W, P. Skinner.
In a half page advertisement in the
Sunday Memphis Commercial-Appeal,
the Wm. R. Moore Dry Goods Com
pany, announced that Mr. W. P. Skin
ner, of this city, had been forwarded a
check for $50, fac-simile of which was
reproduced in the advertisement, as an
award to the first person suggesting the
name "Moore-Wear" for their nosicry
This is quite a substantial compli
ment to Mr. Skinner. Fulton Leader.
Leonidas Polk Chapter.
The Leonidas Polk Chapler.U. D. C,
will rfeet next Thursday afternoon,
March 14, at 2 o'clock at the home of
Mrs. J. A. Coble on College street.
The Library Committee will make a
report and every member of the Chap
ter Bhould try to be out.
A Committee to make arrangements
for the Easter market will be appoint
This will be the first meeting of thi
year, as the February meeting was call
ed off on account of the bad weather.
Improved Grocery Store.
Godwin Bros., since the advent of J.
R. Walker as a member of the firm,
have taken on some decided improve'
ments. The front windows show a dis
nlav in glass case9 of fresh meats, ta
ble goods and fruits of a very attractive
character. The choice cuts of meat are
displayed with celery and cranberries
and dressing, together with a few other
lines. The glass cases extend around
the front and side show windows and are
a very novel and unique addition. To this
the proprietors have added a line of
fresh vegetables shipped from the South
and will keep up with all the vegetable
and fruit markets, supplying their cus
tomers all the best that can be had
from any quarter of the country,
Godwin Bros, are keeping in touch
with the be.-t and command a good
Koihlns toiler for tha money Una THE CADET HOSE,
tart the-
ew Year
With Events
of Importance
We have marked down without regard
to former selling prices or the cost
of all winter merchandise. During
this Clearing Sale you can find odd
lots and ends in Dress Goods, cotton
and woolens, at One-Half Price.
Our Suit Department.
You will find that the regular prices have been
slashed ruthlessly and you can buy fine suits for
little money.
During the cold weather remember Curlin is
giving bargains in Blankets and Quilts.
White Goods.
Just received new Spring line of Wash goods,
in Percales, White Goods and Ginghams.
New mbroidery just in We have put on
sale 5000 yards, worth 12c, 15c and 20c yard. 1 Ap
Ymir 4irir rif widths at .'l . ' VV
O ii
Remember .THE AMERICAN BEAUTY CORSET for Fit and Comfort.
' : : : J
The Best Good
Lowest Prices
,; . "
All guaranteed. Phone us a trial order. We deliver.
No order too small. No order too large.
Death of Miss May B. Smith.
Miss May B. Smith, aged 16 years
and 2 months, died at her home near
Star of Bethlehem on the night of Feb.
She was born in Lincoln County,
Tenn., but her parents moved here
when ehe was but ten months of age.
Sho was in school under Mr. Chambers
Bt Ownnn at th tim of her death. Al
though she was sick only a week she
was missed very much by her 'school
mates. She was loved by all who knew
her. Sua was a very (studious girl at
school and never gave the teacher any
trouble, and always led her classes.
Her favorite studies were history and
There is her place at the table, at
home, and her desk at school that will
never be filled. Oh, how sad it was
when her dear parent realized that the
death angtl came like a thief in the
still of the night and claimed for its
victim May B., the one whom we priz
ed abovo all and bore her away on its
snowy wings to that Heavenly home.
Cheer up, bereaved ones our loss is
Heaven's gain. While we here on
earth are weeping, she with angels in
Heaven is rejoicing, and the echo
seems to sound: Cheer up, mamma,
papa; you can be with me ere long!
Leaves have their time to fall; (low
ers have their time to fade; but never
again will May B. havo to di. She is
not dead, but sleeptth.
She has gained that life . everlasting
which God has prepared for them that
love him.
She leaves a father and mother, ono
brother and two sisters and a host of
friends and tchoolmatcs to mourn her
Her beloved remains were interred at
the Star of Bethlrhem cemetery Mar, 1.
A large crowd followed her to her last
resting place. A Schoolmate.
Office: Room 15, Nailling Building
land in No. 9, $5.

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