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We want to announce to ev
ery person within the reach of
our territory that we have offer
ed and will make good our prop
osition to meet the prices of any
mail-order house in the grocery
lines. We will duplicate any
price, freight added, that can
be had of Sear3 6t Roebuck or
Montgomery & Ward, or any
other mail-order house. Fur
ther than this, we challenge any
banker, school teacher, doctor,
lawyer or any other citizen that
we will either make good this
offer or forfeit the sum of $50
to any charitable institution in
Union City for every failure to
do so. We say emphatically
that we will duplicate the pri
ces of mail-order houses, freight
added, the customer being re
quired to produce the original
invmre and freight bill We
will say nothing of the cost of
money order, 8tamps or station
ery. If you don't believe it,
come any try us.
Business Men's Club.
The Business Men's Club met io reg
ular session last Tuesday night and the
regular annual election of officers was
held, as follows:
Geo. Dahnke, president; VV. G. Rey
nolds, vice president; F. E. Quinn, sec
retary and treasurer. Board of direct
ors: The president and secretary, J. P.
Verhine, W. G. Reynolds, H. M. Oliver,
J. 0. Burdick, E. II. Marshall. The
committees are made up with the chair
man of each taken from the board of
directors, as follows: Ways and means
W. G. Reynolds, II. B. Horner, J. A.
Coble, Sr. Factories J. C. Burdick,
II. A. Bock, Ben Bransford. Finance
II. M. Oliver, T, R. Meadow, Hunter
Elam. Advertising E. II. Marshall,
J. M. Brice, Buford Hurt. Merchants
J. P. Verhine, C. E. Keisor, A. J. Rai
noy. A change is to bo made in the by
laws to conform to these committees.
Next week a report of the banquet will
be given.
Will those who owe The Commercial
for subscription please let this remind
them to send or come and pay up or
notify us whether or not they want the
paper continued. Please attend to this
while you think of it.
Wanted a Ride.
There was a little hundi-back man
in town Saturday who wanted to go to
Treuten, but did not have the price t0
go on the train, so he went around
back of the dry-goods stores, where a
great many country people hitch their
horses, and took his choice. It hap
pened to be one that Miss Zana Rives
and her brother, Clifford, had driven in.
Miss Zana saw him driving down the
street, but thinking her brother bad
loaned it to him for a few minutes
thought no more about it until they got
ready to start home. Then the rig was
nowhere to be found.
They they got busy telephones were
in demand, and they found that he had
left town by the way of Jackson's
grocery on his way to Trenton. Mr.
Easterwood then took charge and
'phoned to Troy.Rives and Polk to be on
the look out for him. He arrived in
Troy ahead of time (considering the
bad roads) and offered his rig for sale.
It is needless to say "the marshal
took him up." The man's name is
Ward and his father Jives' down near
W. C T. U. Program.
Devotional exercises.
Responsive reading on Sunday School
Business session, in which letters from
members will be read on "The Best Way
to Check Lawlessness in the Town."
A paper by Mra. Annie Harris: Co
operation of Parents with the Sunday
Schools." ...
Discussions relative to the subject.
Dismissal with the Aaronic benedic
tion. Sunday Closing.
0. B. Blewer, of the Blewer Cafe, an
nounces that he will, beginning March
31, on and after that date, close his
place of business from 10 o'clock a. m,
to 12 o'clock m., in order to take ad
vantage of the opportunity of going to
church, and for the purpose also of
observing that part of the Sabbath in
which all are invited to church. Mr.
Blewer has decided to take this step af
ter mature thought, and the public will
no doubt indorse his action heartily.
Missionary Societies Consolidate.
The Foreign and Home Missionary
Societies met and consolidated Monday
afternoon at 8 p.m. at the M. E. Church.
Mrs. Adams was elected president of j
this benevolent society.
Beautiful and interesting talks upon
the uuity of the two bands were made.
A large collection was taken up; prayer
and song was enjoyed by the members.
The next meeting will be at the usual
time and place.
JPay Ydup Taxes!
The tax books of the corporation of Union
Gity will go into the hands of the officers
April .1, and all unpaid taxes at that time
will be subject to a penalty. City taxes must
be paid this month in order to avoid the pen
alty, and taxpayers are hereby notified that
no exceptions will be made to this rule. You
are therefore urged to come forward and pay
up and save expense and trouble.
This Mar. 15, 1912. 50-2t -
J. W. WOOSLEY, Tax Collector.
Months of
We are
Now com
pletely Ready in
All depart
ments of
The Big
Store with
The most
Line of
Shown in
This city.
1:' f U
i i I Jt'L til
n j ? mi
m;i: .y w rpHf
ft ' .IV: 'hi ; ft
. . ft . A . l 1
xj. ' : ' -.--- -v;.
, Time now for your winter suit to play billiards with the camphor balls.
Variety is the "pepper-and-salt" of dress. " ,
Whisk off the old and whisk on a spick-and-span "HIGH-ART" Suit.
It's a supple-shouldered, true-draping, figure-flexing, soft as a muffler, easy as an
old shoe. Tailored of pure wool fabrics that resist the strain and stretch of sit-down
and lounge-about.
"HIGH-ART Spring Suits have that , freedom from stiffness that ease and
grace and poise, which only the Commanders-in-Chief of Tailordom can parallel.
The Suit on the left is an English style and comes in soft shades of brown and
gray. .. . '
One on the right is also a smart English style. Comes in all the plain 'Colors
and monotones.
Prices, $15.00 and up.
Couldn't Walk !
"I used to be troubled with a weakness peculiar to
women," writes Mrs, Anna Jones, of Kenny, III. "For
nearly a year, I could not walk, without holding my sides.
I tried several different doctors, but I grew worse. Finally,
our druggist advised Cardui for my complaint I was so
thin, my weight was 115. Now, I weigh 163, and I am
never sick. I ride horseback as good as ever. I am ia
fine hoalth at 52 years."
1 .... .1 ,
Woman's ionic
fcuch letters, end mere are
arriving daily. Such earnest testimony from those who
have tried it, surely proves the great value of this vegeta
ble, tonic medicine, for women.
Cardui relieves women's sufferings, and builds weak
women up to health and strength. It you are a woman,
give it a trial. It should help yc, for it has helped a mil
lion others. It Is made from pu harmless, herb ingredi
ents, which act promptly and sureiy on the womanly organs.
It is & good tonic Try it! Your druggist sells it
U"X.V ti Ledltj' kMnort Dept. Ctuttanocea Madicks Co., Cbsttiaoom, TetuL,
tot SptciiU Ira trmtlont. Md M-pgt book, "Hoax Tretotnl tor Womtn." sent tree. J 58
Free Opening.,
O. B. Blewer announces a free opin
ing at the Blewer Cafe on Friday, April
19, at which time ice cream, fountain
driDks and cigars will be given away to
all who visit the cafe. Wing's celebrated
icecream, manufactured in Cairo, will
be served and everything advertised will
be absolutely free. Mr. Blewer will be in
personal charge of the cafe and will have
a corps of assistants who will be prepared
to serve everyone who comes to the open
ing. Remember you are invited, and
Mr. Blewer will be disappointed if you
don't come to this free opening.
Union City is now being infested
with a lot of housebreakers and bur
glars. ; Some few weeks ago the jewelry
stores of Bransford & Andrews and Diet
zel Bros, were broken into, and last
Monday night the grocery store of N.
A. Vaden was burglarized and the
Metcalfe Laundry entered. The person
or persons who entered the jewelry
stores shot a hole through Bransford &
Andrews' front door glass and through
Dietzel Bros.' front door.
The burglars this week entered the
grocery store from behind by cutting a
hole in the panel and reaching in and
removing the board which is used for a
bar. They got into the. safe and took a
lot of pennies, the only money left
there, and while at work were discover
ed by Mr. Hallum, who lodges next
door. They saw him peeping through
the window and fled from the back door
through which they entered. Io break
ing into the laundry evidently they
thought it another building. Nothing
was b6thered in that house. Union
City has had a good deal of this work
in times past, and a general outbreak
of this kind will find something doing.
1 iie w cm.
One of the most popular plays seen
in recent years is "The Wolf," and the
company presenting it here last Wednes
day night was indeed a good one, es
pecially the rendition of the parts of
Andrew McTavish and Jules Baubcin, by
Mr. Crockett and Mr. Reidy, reflective
ly. This was character work in all re
spects except that Mr. Keidy played the
lead. The dialect of the Scotchman and
the French Canadian were both very
fine indeed. It is not often Union City
playgoers get the benefit of artistic
handling of character parts. These are
neglected in the usual run Of rural per
formances. The character work forms
the background of most of the great
successes. In othor words it is the
company with an all-star cast that comes
into greatness in the big theatres. While
those who succeed in the character work
seldom ever reach the center of the stage,
they are stars nevertheless, and the stage
world knows them when they are for
gotten by the public. The reputation
of the recognized star often comes large
ly from the support behind. '
"The wolf" presented here pleased
quite a large audience.
It's too late to laugh at germs. That
day has gone by and there is no medium
more deadly than the common HOUSE
is wrapped in GERM-FROOF WRAP
PERS. "' . , .
i K
Goods arriving every day. Watch for
announcement in papers. Shoes and
clothing. Brandt Dry Goods Co. Near
Special Clubbing Offer
(By apecial arrangement we offer you
The Commercial
':' ' AND
The Nashville Banner
Both One Year for Only $3.75
To subecribera on rural route only.
This is an unusually liberal offer, and
you should take advantage of it with
out delay. The Commercial will give
you all the home and local news and
the Banuer will give you all the foreign
and general news.
This is the reading season, and every
body who wants to keep up with the
times must have reliable, high-class
newspapers. T. -
-I heard Gibba t sick in M,
"Yea he's got cirrhosis of the
er," said Jlks.
"Sorosts of the liver?" cried BUth
era. "Gee! Think of having a wom
an's club Internally." -- Harper's
For 1912
You can not keep posted on current po
litical events unless you read the
This Presidential Year
THE TARIFF will bo the issue and
and the battle will be a hard-fought one.
You can get the
Weekly Courier-Journal
The Commercial
Regular price of the Weekly Courier
Journal is $1.00 a year. We can also
make a Bpecial rate on Daily or Sun
day Courier-Journal in combination
with this paper.
To get advantage of this cut mte, ordert
must be tent us, not to Courier-Journal.
Pure Wholesome Delicious
Wrapped in Sanitary Vrappsr SelJ by All Grocers
Poena 109
it f Of f 4
j-- , .. 0'?.'"
On!rn Pali
iiiUii Uitjf
I Haw-;

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