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Over Vkite & Burchard's Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
O.Tice 144-2. Residence M4-3
Over Vvhlte & Burchar i' Dfiijr
Store. Union Ci!y, Te nn.
Telelphones -Office
1 44-2; Residence 144-3
Crtim, City Commercial. eta'H..he4 ir-0 j Ctmv..XHuA colember 1 iW
West Tennessee Courier, established Itfff i Conso.nU'.tea heputmoer l, l."
VOL. 20, NO. 11
if V
," - . T"t f'T YX t"T T " ": "s, T- -t "
U I nvn Yu r h A I
I! i si k. ' ? 1
1 H S,
J 11'
Altec. 'Mvo ,, ;-i
(u W. J
CoFt.hl iw. w c. V. Z'-nmtrntB Co-No.
Brightness comes from a feeling cf satisfaction of
stability and the knowledge that there is something to
fall back on. It is the establishment of a firm position
that makes us advance. ,
Old National BariR
Union City Tennessee
Money Loaned at Lower Rates. Than Ever
' . I am taking; applications for loans on lands in Obion and Weakley
Counties, Tenn., and Fulton County, Ky., so that the cost and expense of same
Is Less than has been possible heretofore at any time. 1 have arrange
ments to make loans of more Than Two Thousand Dollars
cheaper and on better terms than, 1 or anyone else has ever been able to make
them in either of the counties above mentioned. The borrower has the privi-.
lege of paying All or Any Part of indebtedness after one year, interest
bring stopped on payments made. Loans are made on Ten Years
Tim or for shorter periods, if desired. - "
Vnion City, ' - Tsnn.
Supreme Court at Jackson Senten
ces Alexanders to Hang.
The State Supreme Court sentenced
three men to be hanged in the third
week in July next and decided a num
ber of other criminal cases of lesser de
gree in the long list of opinions deliv
ered. Will Ed Alexander and Emmett Alex
ander, " uncle and nephew, who killed
Walter Simmons, at a picnic on Mud
Creek in Obion County on August C,
1910, will .die on the gallows at the
State penitentiary in Nashville on July
IS, unless Governor Hooper intervenes.
Associate Judge Crafton Green de
livered an exhaustive opinion affirming
the verdict of Criminal Court of Obion
County in this case. Justio Green's
opinion sustained the trial Judge in dis
regarding tha mitigating circumstances
clause of the jury's verdict.
The Alexanders were farmers and
they killed Simmons as the result o! a
drunken quarrel over a crap game at
the picnic on Mud Creek.
Will Ed is some forty-odd years of
age, a well-built man. He is married.
Emmett is the older man's nephew,
smaller of stature and unmarried. The
men received the verdict calmly in the
courtroom, but on the return to jail
Emmett almost suffered a collapse.
Both of the men had good reputations
until the time of the tragedy, but their
was a brutal one. They were tried
twice together with John R. Alexander,
father of Emmett, who was convicted
with them, but granted a new trial,
which is now pending. The first trial
resulted in a hung jury. The second
trial was in May, 1911, and when the
With the Kedpatli Chautauqua,
Union City, Tenn., June 19-25, 1912.
Shields, Green and Buchanan that Means
should pay the extreme penalty of the
law as prescribed by the lower court.
On a night in May of 1911, Means
went to the home of J. T. Workman,
and after calling him to the door, delib
erately shot him down. With the as
sistance of relatives and by ependingthe
days in tree tops, Means escaped from
the community, but was captured a few
months later, when he attempted to join
the United States army at Little Rock.
When brought back to Dresden for
trial, the young man confessed his
guilt and offered no reasonable explana
tion for his action. He said that ho re
Programme for Union City," June
19 to June 25.
Programs legin promptly: Boy
Scouts, 9 a. m.; morning lecture, 10:00;
afternoon music, 2:30; afternoon lec
ture, 3:00; night music, 7:30; night en
tertainment, 8:13. ,
Afternoon: Concert Ladies Spanish
Orchestra. Lecture "A Lesson to ihC
Nation," Judge A. Z, Blair.
Night: Concert- Lad iet Spanish
Orchestra. Character Studies John B.
Morniag: ; Boy Scouts. . Lecture
"The Hour of Poetry."
Afternoon: Concert Carroll Giee
Clab. Lecture "The Modern Mormon
Kingdom,. Sen. F. J. Cannon.
Night: Concert Carroll Glee -Club.
'lVykv ;
MorniKj: Bey ..Scout. Lecture
"The School of Tragedy.'"
Afternoon: Song Recital Artists
iVom--Bnm Grand Opera CompAny.
Lwt tire "The Man Against the Mass,"
' Frank IHxon.
Night: Grand Opera Lc-Brun Grand
Or-era Company..
A.TtRt.V..j.i ....
Mo-r'i-ne: B -v " Sl.-uU. Li.r.r,-
"The Great Discovery. ','
Afternoon: Concert The Musical
Favorites. ' Lecture "A Message from
Kansas," Gov. E.-W. Hoch
Night: Concert The Musical Favor
ites. Indian Lecture in costume
Tahan. "Things I Saw and Did as a
Afternoon: Concert--Bohumir Kyrl
and Band. Entertainer T. Walter
Wilson. , Vesper Service. '
Night: Concert Bobumir Kyrl and
Band. Entertainer T. Walter Wilson.
. MONDAY, ' ; C
Morning: Boy Scouts. Lecture
"The Art of Fishing. "
Afternoon: Concert Mendelssohns
Quartet. Lecture "Traitors to Jus
tice," Judge M. A. Kavanagh.
Night: Concert Mendelssohns Quar
tet. Magician Reno.
Morning: Boy Scouts. Lecture '
"Living Words." ;
Afternoon: Concert Anitas Ladies
Orchestra. Lecture Opie Read.
Concert Anitas Ladies
Entertainer E 1 1 s w o r t h
Uxios City Feople Havjb Absolute
Proof or Deeds at Home ,
It's not words but deeds that prove
Uije merit.
The deeds of Doan's Kidney Pills.
tTnion City kidney sufferers.
Have made their local reputation.
Proof lies in the testimony of Union
City people who have been cured to
stay cured.
J. M. Cole, 631 S. Fifth St., Union
City, Tenn., says: "It is a pleasure for
me to confirm all I said about Doan's
Kidney Pills when I publicly endorsed
them in 1107. My back was extremely
lame and often I bad pains through,
tny kiJucys. The kiJney secretions
passed irregularly and looked unnatural.
Hearing about Doan's Kidney Pills, I
used them and in a short time they
brought me entire relief. I am certain
ly in a position to ssy that tins remedy
acts as represented.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c
Fostcr-MUburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole affeuts for the United States. ...
Remeraler the name Dean's and
take uo other. ' j
sentence was nassetl Juuze Jones re-
viewed the case in substance as follows: umbered the event of the night vague.
There was a picnic one mile west of 'f and thought that he was drunk at the
t ,k r,u rio r,t A,.t torn " saiu mai ne arose irom nis
At 2 J 1 IJC? Ul) mC VIU V4tJ VA. , tssj AViw, I ,
an.1 sometime during the dav a laree bed at b'9 fatller'S home BeCuroJ a n
in the game was a young man named diatance anJ kilkd hinl
Walter Simmons. The Alexanders, thkeatesed woekman
John R., his son, Emmett,' and his j He gave no clear motive, and Justice
brother, Will Ed, were looking for a Neil stated that bone appeared clearly
friend named Staley. Staley was found from the record. Evidence was tntro-
playing the crap game with Simmons duced at the time showing that Means
and Simmons bad won $1,50 of Staley 's had threatened to kill Workman before
money. Staley made some remark to and that he had been placed under a
the effect that he did not want to leave J peace bond. His arrest at this time
the money, whereupon Simmons re- had preyed on the youth's mind, the
marked to the Alexanders, "What have Court stated, and that he was frequently
you big ,". got to do with found crying to himself or talking mo
it?" This led to a cross fire of wcrds, rosely of bis troubles. .
something being said between Will Ed Means called his victim from his bed
and Emmett about an automatic. Then twice. When first awakened from his
Simmons spoke about going after a slumbers. Workman arose from his bed
pfetol and left the game... He did not and opened the back door of his home.
go far, but mounted a borsa and rode I The night was dark and he could see no
back toward the grounds. T The Alex-1 one outside. After waiting a moment or
a i. ... v I i 1 11 . .
anuers naa stopped at a surrey on rue iwo ana caning out into trie nigiu sev-
grounds near by and, seeing Simmons eral times, without receiving an answer,
riding up, John R. went up to him and Workman returned to bis bed. He al-
took hold of the bridle reins. Simmons most dropped off to sleep again, when
wheeled bis horse and John R. fell. In he was aroused by call from outside his
the meantime Emmett approached and home, this time from the front, His
assaulted Simmons with a knife. Will wife pleaded with bin not to open the
Ed was close by and told Emmett to door this time, but Workman paid no
stab him bard. Emmett stabbed him heed. He arose, struck a light and went
again and Simmons fell to the ground. I to the door. A moment later he had
After the wounded man had fallen, thrown it open, and he was fired upon
Will Ed took hold of his head and from the darkness outsid-and fell back
churned tt against theground, claiming into the room dead.
that Simmons was stilling. John R. I la bis confession Stanley Means said
was still close by, and, whether or not that after shooting Workman he ran
he was guilty of conspiracy, it was not back home, slipped quietly to bed and
shown, but he took no active part in did not awake until nearly noon of the
the killing. After aimmons was killed j following day. He then went to his fa-
he told the crowd to stand back in order ther and brother and told 4hem that he
perhaps to protect his son, Emmett. I was in trouble, and with their assist-
Fnends of the wounded man came and ance, escaped from the community,
B;mmn. Tnfl r,n ih- i thou2b bloodhounds were placed on bis
was shown that witnesses saw no pistol traiI and followed him for several days.
on the body and none was seen uunng
Decring hay tools are doing good, reliable work, not
only for users in this country, but also in foreign countries.
They will do good work for you. Next time you are in
town, come in and let us show yon the Deering line of hay
machines. We will be glad to explain how they will save
ycu time and L&or.
The Deering line of hay tools consists of mowers,
sweep rakes, stackers and tedders. You will be interested
in the new improvements of these machines. Perhaps yon
don't expect to boy, but as long as an investigation does
not place yon under any obligation to buy, isn't it to your
advantage to come ia and see us? Yon can't help but get
some information which will be valuable to you. ' Come in
and get a catalogue anyhow.
R. F. Tisdale & Sons
I.62S: II
Mammoth Yellow Soja Oeans
era rprj
0 0.-.'s!ju i1
Ask for our prices before selling
your Grain and Hay
Cherry-iffi Grain Go.
the killing. Witnesses testified that he
had no pistol when he was killed.
Stanley Means, a youth of 0 years,
who killed J. T. Workman in Weakley
County last May, was the third man to
be sentenced to the gallows. By a ma
jority opinion the court sentenced Means
to be hanged on July 1.
Associate Justice M. M. Neil delivered
tb- ' pinion and pronounced the sen
tence, though dissenting from the opin
ion Of the majority of the court as to
the punishment. Justices Neil and Lans
den were of the opinion that the trial
judge should have bt-ld to the finding of,
the jury that there were mitigritipg cir-
cumsianevs to the crime and held that
the death sentence imposed oa the young
nian should be conii(ut(-l to life iinyris-j
omrsent. . -
However, it t.'is the piitid6wfirtici?s
Crows Hair et 65 Years of Age.
Dear Sirs: "I heard of PARISIAN
SAGE and as my head would itch a good
deal, I thought I would try it. I never
used any remedies before and was bald
on top of my bead.
I am using the third bottle and have
a lot of hair where I was bald.
I would like you to see the new hair
rrr i f i n a frrr mv - ft JliJrw
in my scalp quickly disappeared.' I am
65 years old and have been at the Bazaar
51 years. -.. . L
Win. A. Hopper, Auctioneer Hark
oess Bazaar, Ninth and Samson 'Sts.,
rhiia-iclphia, Pa.
. Large xttle of PARISIAN SAGE 50
cents. Guaranteed by Oliver's Red
Cross Drg Store for dandruff, falling
hair and scalp itch. Puts life and beauty
into faded liair and is a delightful hair
dres.Ting. . ,
With the ReJpatli Chautau'iia.
Union City, Tenn., June 19-2-, 1312.
Vt' t t'
L-iy cr r!r
w- .i. V,r
e UraruH r I i
t. You are wt-Ifr,fH.
n.U 'm IWw fl.-.,..1 I
ire, i. . r t:
r --.'t
i i
Mrs. J. H. Edrnonston.
Mrs. J. H. EdmoDstoo, Sr., died at
the residence of her son, Jesse E. Ed
rnonston, in San Marcos, Tex., May 22,
at the age of 75 years. She wag a native
of Tennessee, and bad her home in that
State. She, with her husband, bad ken
the guest of their son in San Marcos
since last fall. The interment took
place in the City Cemetery of that city
the following afternoon. She issurtived
by ber husband and six children as fol
lows: Jewe Edmonston, of Sao Marcos,
Mrs. M. R. Wetterau, NashtriHe, Tenn. :
Mrs. John Green, Hattiesburg, Miss.;
Mrs. Dr. J. D. Glover, Santa Anna,
Cal.; J., II. EdmorjKton, Jr.. Ken 11-
worth,Utah; D. B, Edmonston,' Wash
ington, D. C. San Antonio Tex.) Ex-
P'tss. .
U. C. T. S. Alumni.
n' .-;..!. . t o t. c .......
ate to join the Alumni An-wciation.
All who wish to do , must send their
lisnw and f.Wre.to Mis Cora Faimcr, , .
I'ni-'n City, Ttrn., at an early date, tn- -clositig
ff y cents, yearly d:.u pre
parations are being made for the fall
bancjufet, which ill be aunoMoeMl at
aa early date. Plates will bo oa 6alc at
some cenvenient place. I1.v..h Aluosnac
be allowed to invit tr.

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