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' ''' a'i iVtj
a U ' t il i U S. i
The Medicine That
.ii'Si I i. W. , '.--i Si. i tJ
Mitms, Tsxs,, irarcfi, EMC.
Tut Jasi S!t.D. Co., Parla, Tuna.
Otii lTntn : I write to Ut yoa,
fctvw nat yoor wonderful me4iciiia
lia dr ne fr ma. I u a B"-at
ffrT from rhHmiKt.iain wlien I bogan
tekm KC-MA-wt, and I Jwvunt
mu."Ttl Willi it mnf-e, so I think I urn
m.iut-4 well of tiiac. drwi'Uul di
Ku. I rtfcnnmnit fcT-MA-H)
to my frn-u.li.. K. 11. LOV&AU.
You'd better "Join the happy
band." Just costn you 60c, t.
'i - Cross Drug Store.
Local and Personal
Jlr. Milburn, of Mill street, is having
his home remodeled.
Call 1.50 for coal of any kind. '
Mrv and Mrs. Joe Isbell, of Salem,
were in the city Monday.
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co. have thoa
Perfection Oil Cook Stoves.
Miss Effie Caruthen Mt TWy tr
visit friends in Fort Worth, Tex.
Sallow complexion is due to a torpid
liver. IIEEBINE purifies and strength
ens tho liver and bowels and restores
the rosy bloom of health to the cheek.
Price 50c. Sold by Oliver's Ked Cross
Drug Store.
Mrs. Killough and daughter are at
home from a visit with Mrs. Scott Wiley.
"GERMOL" aids nature to digest
builds up the system, and restores lost
appetite. For sale at Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store.
Ellis Jackson, having purchased the
Baker propertis having it remodeled.
Bedding plants, well rooted, 50 cents
a dozen. Metcalfe, Florist.
Sir. and Mrs. J. L.. Glover have an-
- nounced the arrival of & handsome baby
Mr. Gabe Long, of Memphis, is visit
ing his mother and father for a few
Five dollars lor a lawn swing. Nail-
ling-Keiser Hardware Co.
Mr. Ownby, of Nashville, was the
Monday guest of his aunt, Mrs. Crad-
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now.
Mr. and Mrs. Oakley, of Faris, are
Occupying the Bruer cottage oif Like
It's too fate to laugh at germs." That
day has gone by and there is no medium
more deadly than the common HOUSE
is wrapped in GERMjPROOF WRAP-
Mesr s, Edward Parks and John Cobb
have returned .rom school at Spring
rom scnooi ai Dining
"elegraph lines Vnd the
i . -i A . :
Hill, Term,
The Union To
way a servant keeps a secret ' are just
alike. You find out why at the opera
house Friday night, May ol, lUl-
Mr. Tom Ledford and party of friends
mortored over from Hickman in a new
car Sunday.
xmm siGK
Want OtherWomen to Know
How She Was Finally
Restored to Health.
Louisiana, Mo.: "I think a woman
naturally dislikes to make her troubles
known to the public,
but complete restor
ation tohealth means
bo much to me that
I cannot keep from
telling mine for the
Bake of other suffer
ing women.
"I had been sick
about twelve years,
and had eleven doc
tors. I had drag
ping down pains,
pains at monthly periods bilious spells,
end was getting worse all the time. I
would hardly get over one spell when I
would be sick again. No tongue can tell
what I suffered from cramps, and at
timea I could hardly walk. The doctors
said I might die at one of those times,
but I took Lydia E. Finkham'a Vegeta
ble Compound and got better right away.
Your valuable modicine ia worth mora
than mountfvina of gold to suffering wo
men." Mrs. BnmiA Muff, 603 N. 4th
uw. r "tr-;-r, Hz. ... -
I.y!i'. V.. Finkham's Vegetable Com
p iv.ii-l, r, from rmtiveroots and herbs,
contains no narcotic or harmful drugs,
:. 1 to-d,.y lioldd the record of .being; the
most successful remedy for female ills we
know f, and thousands of Yohtntary
t -.or.: -.'. on f,!e in tha Finkham
! dtury at Lynn, Mass., 'seem tof-rcv
; .a t'j. t.' - - ,..... , ..
Jf j'a v.u.t special atlvieo write in
il : ' V. Mnkhnm Jleuichie C. (coiiJJ
:,a l.yiin, Mass. Yoor letter will
mil, ItaU BU4 BI!Mi!'"l UJ ft j
a uji4 toll la strict ivniiteuce, J
m , 1...
! , i.. ;
Mr. Ar.hur Hamilton .su-r-pt-d on a
large nail yesterday and his foot was
I iinfuL'y injured.
Call 150 anJ get your coal and wood.
Unin City Ice k Coal Co. .
The Home Furniture Company build
ing is decorated in a bright new coat of
nicely shaded colors.
Lawn Swings, $5. XailSing-Keise
Hardware Co. .
Miss Virginia Davis, of Hickman, i
in the city visiting at tho home of her
uncle, D. A. Luten.
Five dollars for a lawn swing. Nail
ling-Keiser Hardware Co.
J. W. Robinson, a good citizen of the
vicinity west of Rives, was a pleasant
caller here this week.
Buggies, the best line I ever saw, at
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.
Mr. Willie Wright and Miss Sudie
Caruthers visited relatives at Hornbeak
Saturday and Sunday.
Coal and wood delivered promptly by
the Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Miss May Roberts, of Rives, one of
the musical graduates, was the guest of
Mrs. Craddock this week.
Cn,, t Ccke Weed Call Tel. 1 50.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Roberts, East
Harrison street, announce the arrival of
a new daughter in their home.
Sav! What about a buggy? Go to
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.
Miss Pauline Jackson has returned
from Centralia, Okla., where she has
been engaged in millinery work.
. Bon Air Coal, best and cheapest, at
Union City Ice & Coal Co.-
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Forrester, of Troy,
were in tho city this week visiting the
home of Mr. Walter Forrester. '
Lawn Mowers, yea. Nailling-Keiser
Hardware Co.
Mrs. A. S. Johnlon and daughter,
Miss Lera, of Henderson, Tenn., spent
the day here Wednesday shopping.
Five dollars for a lawn swing. Nail
ling-Keiser Hardware Co,
Miss Nell Nichols and Mrs. A. E
Nichols, of Troy, were in the city Wed
nesday shopping and visiting friends.
Headquarters for the most popular
styles and shades in ladies' hats will be
found at Mrs. Arnn's.
John W. Bransford, representing the
Union City Lumber Co., was a business
visitor in Mississippi last week buying
lumber. 3 - -
Perfection Oil Cook Stoves at Nailling-
Keiser Hardware Co. a.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sherrill, of
Paducah, were in tho city this week at
tending the funeral and burial of T. J
Shoffuer. -
. Ico boxes and refrigerators at Nailling-
Keiser Hardware Co.
Mr. Walter Green, of the Dyersburg
Herald, was a visitor in the city this
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Ogles.
Say! What about a buggy? Go to
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.
News comes from Nashville that E.
N. Church is very sick at tho home of
Mrs. Tearson. Mr. Church is suffering
with dysentery. '
Mastic Mixed paint has stood the test.
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.
The Commercial wants a few more
ads for the fair catalog to finish. Come
at once and bring your copy. The book
will bo closed in a few days.
Use Jersey Cream Flour. None better.
Miss Myrtle Louise Waters, who has
been teaching in public schools at Paris,
Tenn., is now at home with her parents,
Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Waters, on Col
lege street.
Lawn Mowers. ' Nailling-Keiser Hard-
ware Co.
Mrs. Fattie Slaughter and grand
daughter, Mary Griffin yantzler,- ac
companied by Miss Birdie Waddell, re
turned to their homo in Moss loint,
... . . ,. . , !
Miss., last saturuay.
All kinds of coal at Union City Ice &
Coal Co.
Regular services at the C. P. Church
next Sunday. Special musical program
for all services, both preaching and
Sunday school. All united and will
receive a hearty welcome.
To learn how vour family secrets are
kept, you should go to the opera house
Friday night.
Miss Mildred Waters, who has U'v.n
attending the Memphis Conference Fe
male Institute at Jackson, Tenn., re
turned home last week to spend the
vacation with her parent.
Have you tried "GERMOL" for 'in
digestion? " For sale : at ' Oliver's Red
Cros Drug Store.
MrVNody Kciioy and bride, of Cayce,
Ky., afitMit a Few days the first of the
week with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cloves.
47 J ........... ... .... v ..j - -
home on Cheatham street after Jund f.
. !t,.i' tv.ii lii.-nft i if ,'itv firiti up nr.
Henry Sirunious, of Na diviUe, is
the city visiting relatives.
. . . .
Mr. lit God n in lias returned from
a visit with Nashville friends.
Mr, Owens, proprietor of Owens store,
in Number Ten, near Judge Caldwell's,
is very sick.
Trudie Pardue offers to the custom
none but the highest type of trimming
and the most popular millinery mode
and materials at Dietzcl s Jewelry Store
Mrs. R. E. Green and little daughter
are at home from a visit to Mrs. Tanner
at Dyersburg.
You want to see those Lawn Mowers at
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.'s.
Mr. Glass, of this city, and brother,
of Newbern, will leave for Denver, Colo.,
in a few days.
Why let your stock suffer with flies
and gnats. San ifect kills them and does
not injure your stock. ' Money back if
it fails. B. H. Whitley sells it. 10-4t
Mr. Owens, of Harris, and Miss Hal
lie Mai Akin and Mr. Jas. Wise, of
Pleasant Hill, were the Sunday guests
of Miss Ethel Russell on Tierce street.
Everyone who can't keep a secret,
had better come to the opera house Fri
day night.
Lillle Mlas Margaret Ilassier fell from
a porch swing Wednesday and was pain
fully hurt. She was unconscious for
several hours, but was much better and
up again yesterday.
You will not be satisfied until you
3ee Mrs. Arnn's emporium of millin
ery, the most attractive in all respects
to be found. . .
J. M. Alexander, of the vicinity of
Mount Zion, was a very pleasant caller
here yesterday. Mr. Alexander is one
of Mount Zion's best citizens and a
friend of this paper.
You want CLEAN bread. Then ask
for DAHNKE'S wrapped in GERM and
By mistake Lea and ; sister, Norris
Friel, little Miss Wilbanks and Margaret
Curlin's names were omitted in last
week's paper, each one doing their part
beautifully. These are pupils of Mr.
Ownby's music class.
New York Life Insurance Co., largest
in the world. Norbon Bourne and Chas.
Dietzel agents, Union City, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Woosley have re
turned from Hot Springs, Ark. Mr.
Woosley took advantage of the baths
for his rheumatism, and we are glad to
say that hd is almost recovered, and
high in his opinion of the curative
agencies of Hot Springs.
Striking fancies, stylish shapes, beau
tiful trimmings and drapery and the
best trimming talent at Mrs. Arnn's
millinery store. ,
We have a very interesting letter from
the Jackson people relative to the union
Sunday school picnic which will appear
in the pacer. Great preparations are
being made for the event and & is to be
hoped that Union City will turn out
with a large crowd on this occasion.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer.
Bey Cream Flour, a home product and
guaranteed. -
"When a Servant Knows a Secret"
is to be given at the opera house Friday
night by local talent in connection with
moving pictures. Those taking part,
are: Misses niammio isecK, uenecca
Reeves and Brownie Dixon; Messrs. D.
A. George and Clarence Hunter. These
boys and girls are working for the
prizes offered by the Leonidas Polk
Chapter for the best amateur theatricals.
rices 5 and 10 cents.: .
Mr. and Mrs. Blessing, Vaudeville, at the
Try it iced, Almost as cheep as iced
water and more IieaUhful
I. j
if, ,
V -I
Phone 109
You Only Feel Old k
Digestive organs are weakdon't
assimilate food as they used to.
x Other organs act more slowly and
less effectually.
Blood ia thin and sluggish.
Renewal of strength does not equal
the wear and tear of your system.
That's what makes you feel old.
Nothing- in the world will tone up
and invigorate those weak, back-slld-Ing
organs, make rich blood and cre
ate strength so quickly as? VinoL
Vlnol i3 not a secret nostrum, sim
ply the medicinal elements of the
cods' livers, with the useless nauseat
ing oil eliminated, and tonic Iron add
ed. Try a bottle of Vinol with the
understanding that your money will
be returned if It does not make you
stronger, feel younger and give you
an added Interest in life.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store.
All the popular modes in ladies' mil
linery, the latest spring styles, trim
mings and accessories at Mrs. Arnn's
Millinery Store.
Lawn Swings, $5. Nailling-Keiser
Hardware Co.
Whe the baby takes too much food
the stomach turns; the result is indiges
tion, -sourness and vomiting. Frequent
ly the, bowels are involved and there is
colic pains and diarrhoea. McGEE'S
BABY ELIXIR is a grand corrective
remedy for the stomach and bowel dis
orders of babies. It is pure, wholesome
and pleasant to take. Price 25c and 50c
per bottle. Sold by Oliver s Red Cross
Drug Store.
While in the city this week, Mr. Clar
ence Sherrill, of Paducah, was a caller
in this' office, and we learn from him
that the report sent from Paducah to
the Commercial Appeal connecting htm
with trouble arising from some "trivial
matter was altogether erroneous. Mr.
Sherrill was at his lumber establish
ment when two men came to make an
attack on his yard manacrer, Mr. King,
and, seeking to protect Mr. King, was
slightly wounded in the hand as a result
The trouble was not of his making at
all, and we are glad to make the cor
Reynolds all next week. 10c. 15c.
i u
: P
I -t
' v
t I-
Have You Stomach Trouble ?
auto's urooiii o
Easily digested.
None better or
" 1 i I
..Warm: : tm
ia made easy for the housewife when she uses a "Quick
Meal" Gasolene Range or Oil Stove. They are the best ever
put on the market, and if you have never used one you can't
realize what a pleasure cooking in the hot summer months
may be made. Give us an opportunity of demonstrating the
"Quick Meal," as well as showing you many other labor-saving
devices for the kitchen.
W. L. Jonakin
U. S. Th
jonatiin s ' Thacller Bros.
General Merchandise
The New Store at Jordan. Ky. is selling
16 lbs. Sugar for $1.00
Also the Best Groceries and Hardware at
All new goods. Get our
Ml U:
th !.r I?..(?Tv.ft! rtimifailfllia
T i
'T" 1 '
Properly baked
more healthful.
Union Oil,
; : 1 1 . 1 i
D. C. Thacker
prices before you buy.
Aic;. ) h ( '
Jujh; l'J --2.", I' M-.
fit 1-..
a .
2'.. ... s

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