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Over W!-.;e & BmWf Drug
Store, Union City, leoo,
C 144-2. Residence H44
. 1
DR. 0. ;. LONG
. DE15TIST -
Over T.'it.v & Burchafd's Dfvy
Store, Unk-n t Vy, Tens.
TeMf Kott
OSc 144-2; fWwdeiwe 14-4-3
t, ,C-tvv - " il cobu1MMI Member 1.19
... . ...j M yJ v .. .. i j, w -
'" . J I (,!,
t c ; i
'i . . ..
Brightness comes from a feeling of satisfaction of
stability and the knowledge that there is something to
fall back on. It is the establishment of a firm position '
that makes us advance.
.d national -sail
Union City, Tennis
Honey Lcanod at Lower Rates Thsn Ever
1 m taking applications 'for loan on land, in Obion and Weakfey
CountiL. Tenn.. and Fulton County Ky.. o that the eort and expend o
la I.e. than ha. been possible heretofore at any tune. 1 have ange
"nU to moke loan, of more Than. TWO Thou..nd "fk
Cheaper and on better term, than 1 or anyone el.e ha. ever tenable to make
them in either of the countie. above ment.oned. The borrower ha, the pnvt.
K Tof paying All or A,y Part of indebtednea. after one Tear .ntereat
Wing .topped on payment, made Loan, are made on Ten If ear
TiJ or for ahorter periods, if demred.
fTr- tt : tt yfjr A Hf If USf
,Vvlon City,
i n.
-S . ' ; - X .r X-l
VOL. 20, NO. 12
i . - i -, . ' - 1
- i -, y, .
Til ft ME. LE BUUN. wtso Is to appear at our Chautauqua n the
' 1 star of the Ie Brua Grand Opera company, has a repertory ol
I V fl fifty operaa and slcff la four different languages. She has ap
" peared at the Wagner festival performance at Worms as Elsa
la Lohengrin" and as Elizabeth In 'TanntmiMer' at Innsbruch. 8h
also appeared In Carlsruhe as Leonora la "11 TroTatore" and as Mar
onertte In "Fanat" at Nantes. France; also took part In a festival per
formance at Trieste. Mme. Le Brun studied under Julia Gararotti la
Milan at the age of eighteen, the alsw studied under t'go Angerl, bar
studies, therefore, being ail In the pure old Italian school. Ehe came to
America with the Royal Italian Opera company and played a asoa In
New York. Here Mr. Henry garage bei rd her and engaged far for a
three years' contract as prima donna of his then English Grand Opera
company, after which she returned to Europe. For the past three years
she baa had her own company, has tuade New York ber headquarters
and has played all the big cities of America.
Superintendent, J. F. CltaimWts.
Morning Hour Lecture, EdL W. Huelster.
Boy Scout Master, F. Ft Woodbury. -
1 t.
-",t ourSJUi KUYL and bu band wiil be no of tb lemlimf !iit!i-ai
; '.f fviittm-s of the frtbeoti.l!i Cbautauitia i-ror.-uu. Kryl. wrtl
;. h tg to thy Ixi Angles Times, Is beyond any question the greut--8r
st coruotfet la the world, end the Cincinnati Enquirer spwfc
-f tin n a jrreit conductor and the bend of a great band. . Be was
,-.rkSM os ft wu!,!or and us such hud achieved no little fame, when be
t-p,j down tha 'liisel and took up the cornet at the suggestion of no less
a "great P-erwnage titan the worM fantous John 1'bilip Sotisit. As
s,,l,.,,or or0 of hU frttuoua accot!pHfnent9 w the preserratlon of the
'vr4 of the on! nor of "Uen-flnr" In ruarbie. TWs was Kryl's last
plwVf aralpture. end m Ut. Since he began bis ereer as a nj'isiclan
U hi" Creeled W band in Dearly !l the targ cities of America. l.e
conies to the Cfc:tutaufijua direct fro. a tha Hiverrlew espngition, Cuimsu.-
Doy Scouts, HB. iviommz uwuic, , -.- -
Afternoon Ucture, 3 Night Music, 7:30. Night Entertainment, 8: 1 5
Afternoon: Concert. Ladies' Spanish Orchestra. r,..
Lecture, "A Lesson to the Nation" Judge A. Z. L!ar
Sight: Concert. Ladies' Spanish Orchestra.
Character Studies J- - o
Morning: tky Scouts. '
Lecture, "The Hoiir of Foetry."
Afternoon- Concert, Carroll Glee Club. ' . T
Aiternoon. JJcture .1The Modert) Mornion Kingdom "..Senator F. J. Cannon
Night: Concert! Carroll Glee Club.
Irish Dialect Headings ...J .Mary Agnes Doyle
Morning: Boy Scouts. ,
Lecture, ' The School of Tragedy." , ,
Afternoon: Song Recital, Artists from LeBrun Grand Opera mpany
Lecture, The Man Against the Mass" rrank Dixon
NigUt : Grand Opera, LeBrun Grand Opera Company.
Morning: Boy Scout. .
Lecture, . "The Great Discovery. "
Afternoon: font ett. The Musical Favorites.. rrv V V lloch
Lecture, A fesRae from Kansas" Gov. b. . Jlocn
Nht: (Intert! The Musical Favorites. :. .
Indian Lecture, "Things I Saw and Did us a S-avage- ,TaIian
K''' and Band- T, Walter Wi!o
its.' i r .
V. ur,i-r Scrvicf1. '
Nic1,t: Concert, B.-huniir Kyrl and Band.
L T. Walter Wilson
Oris Kead
if n '
- "W
,". v a s
Dceriag kay tools are doing good, reliable work, not
only for asers ia this country, but also ia foreign countries.
They will do good work for you. Next time you arc ta
town, come in and let us show you the Deering line of hay
machines. We will be glad to explain how they will save
yot time and labor.
Tfee Deering line cf hay tools consists of mowers,
8wp rakes, stackers and tedders. You will be interested
la the new improvements of these machines. Perhaps you
don't expect to buy, but as long as aa investigation docs
I cot place yoa'."ader my obligation to bay,' isn't it to your
advantage to come ia and see s? You can't help but get
some information which will be valuable to you. ? Come ia
and get a catalogue anyhow.
R. F. Tisdale & Sons
Mcrriini;: B'iy Scouts.
Ucture, "The Art of Fishing.
. .it. -if l..i .i,-, itinrlt.i
Afternoon; l univri, .Mfiniviwuini""'-" - - . . i 1
Lecture, "Traitors to Justice" huh M. A. kavanaghJ
Night: Concert, Mndel?soiuis yuartei.
Magician, Kno,
Morning: Boy Scout.
Lecture, Living Words.
Afternoon: Concert, Anitas Ladies Orchestra.
v; t- Coiic-rt, Anitas Ladies Orchestra. .
' FnerUus ""TJti::i - .EUswortn nammMJ
WIupwcoi will Peas
( 1 1
"animotii Ycllou Sojn Deans
11 t J
iJ EJ g. J L
t 3 1 I t )
Ask for our prices before selling
your Grain and Hay
..... KSJiij LwiiUUU UiLhfci oila ill
0,r?:-- -, ...,.,,,. ?'JJ
aiife -- " " "" in
0aiflaaagiwlsifflaBgtftJWllWtfafll . . -
11 1 '- i wi $7,;. y" "r11 ' M i iisnissiiia us" ii w i i i
c, -i - ' 's "
: f) r c "'
' ' ' ' '
J - y
ff-OK versatility tlca Maslcal Favorites, etiedule4 to anwar at twr
f Cantai-iua, have frf t-.iJ.iU. TLs i;utr;::.:crfx v:.k.i U. 7 kd
fire tha vaphone. three bmof, thrco n5Rd..tit(, sy!o.fci50,
violin, pinno'and cetlo. Mr. Arthur 1-ove. in tddition to bis
work es a musiciau, varies the rrfgraut with ixms end rendinsw, U
1 a writer, iet, cwnrH mer, N'loiit, reader and humorist, lie has bvrfca
referred to nj a "drsfji.fh.-d caterer uf hnphH'ic" end ng:hi as a
unriva!e.l flsvnner tf th'J l-lwen."

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