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1 K T -
J .1
Over White & Burchard's Drug
Store, Union City, Term.
Telephone .
Office 144-2. Residence 144-3
' TJnion City Commercial, established 1890 j
West Tennessee Courier, established 1897
Efc'1 iW C0PTriht 1909, bj C. E. Zimmerman C0.--N0. S6
j There is certainty to the return from money sown in
tKe bank. Nothing increases with such steady growth
iand as constant as dollars when deposited in a reliable
$y!nking institution.' In order to be sure what your har-
vest will be, you
Old National Bank
Union City,
Money Loaned at Lower Rates Than Ever
I am taking applications for loans on lands in Obion and Weakley
Counties, Tenn., and Fulton County, Ky., so that the cost and expense of same
Is LtjesS than has been possible heretofore at any time. I have arrange
mentli to make loans of more Than Two Thousand Dollars
cheaper and on better terms than 1 or anyone else has ever been able to make '
them in either of the counties above mentioned. The borrower has the privi
lege of paying All or Any Part of indebtedness after one year, interest
being stopped on payments made. Loans are, made 01 Ten Years
Time or for shorter periods, if desired.
... w. o. w.
The Rives Camp of W. O. W. will
unveil the monument of Sovereign W.
t B. Moss, deceased, at Fleasant Hill
Cemetery the second Sunday in
August, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
The public in general is invited.-
We extend a special invitation to all
Camps to meet with us and take part
in this unveiling.
A Respectfully,
R. L. Hari-er,
to op , Consul Commander,
with rilv
tobacco ov Card of Thanks,
some church
S. Howard, Hto express our sincere thanks
F. Howard, iy friends for their help and
FOR SAl'10wn 1,3 during the long i 1 1
VQn North Jath of our dear uncle, Mr.
"Terk Brown.
We express our hearty appreciation
Soldjby all Grocers.
3 ft i Kb
rliD VM
When you order flour don't simply say send me
a sack of flour say plainly, "SEND ME A SACK
OF LEONTE FLOUR." It's better, costs no more
and your empty sacks and barrel heads are the same
as money to you.
Distributors; Union City, Tenn.
Consolidated September 1,1897
Id have some money in the bank.
Vnion City, - Tenn.
for the beautiful flowers which was
brought to hi in. May God bless each
and every one is our prayer.
J. H. Haynie,
Daisy Haynie.
Most Pleasant.
Western Office of the
Tennessean and American.
Rexall Stores.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store,
Union City, Tenn.
I beg to say that I find in your toilet
article, "NICE," one of the most pleas
ant remedies for the purposes for which
it is used that it has been my good pleas
ure to secure.
I do not hesitate to recommend it to
anyone suffering from the annoyance
of excessive perspiration.
l ours very truly,
20-2t R. H. Davidson,
Traveling representative, Western Di
vision, Tennessean and American.
Save Your Leonfe Flour
Sacks and Barrel Heads.
When you have accumu
lated twenty-four LEON-
TE FLOUR sacks, or three
heads, telephone Cherry
Moss Grain Co. and they
will send you, absolutely
free, one 24-pound sack of
& . ,
Aeroplane Flights With Celebrated Aviator
Every Day of the Fair.
One of the latest' and best Aeroplanes, operated by a well
known Aviator, details of which will be given in full next
week, has been engaged for the fair, to make a series of fights
every day, beginning Wednesday, September 4, and continu
ing through the week until Saturday night.
Don't forget that our fair has the basis and ground work
of one of the best county fairs in existence, a large, attractive
and varied premium list, the best track and the best grounds,
and to this will be added a number of novel features, including
the extraordinary engagement cf one of America's leading
birdmen and the latest and best airship made, to be in Union
City for the entire fair. Come and see us, every bod)'. No
fair has guaranteed as much and none will attempt to pro
duce the values in premiums and attractions offered here.
Seven Interesting Events at Jack
son August 28.
The Auto Racing Co., with C. V.
Dunnivan as promoter, will put on a
street parade and racing Exhibition in
Jackson, August 28. Advance agents
were in the city yesterday conferring
with Secretary R. S. Fletcher of the
Merchants and Manufacturers' Associa
tion as to plans.
There will be a street parade on the
morning of the 2Sth, participated in by
local and the racing company's cars.
Joe Dawson, winner of the 500-mile
race in Indianapolis, Ind., will appear
in the parade.
At the fair grounds in the afternoon,
the auto races will be held. Mr. Daw
son will give an exhibition of five-mile
running and seven interesting features
will be seen, according to the plans
given out yesterday.
This will be the first time for the
Auto Company to put on an exhibition
in a city of less than 100,000 people.
They come to Jackson in an off date
and will go from this city to Nashville
as soon as the State Fair takes place.
C. V. Dunnivan, who is backing the
Auto Racing Co., is the youngest pro
moter in the country, according to a
statement given out yesterday by ad
vance agents.
The local Merchants and Manufac
turers' Association will co-operate with
the racing company to make the event
a success.
Further plans will be made in the
next few days. Jarkson Sun.
Forced To Move.
Entire $15,000 of Brandt Dry Goods
Company, consisting of high grade,
up-to-date clothing, shoe.", furnishing
goods, etc., for men, women, boys and
children, now in the hands of the Great
Salvage Company and must be sold out
within a few days. Never again will
you have the opportunity to fdress in
such rich raiment at such a ridiculous
low price. The Brandt Dry Goods
Company, located near the courthouse,
are forced to give up this store, and
this Great Salvage Sale has been ex
tended for a few days longer for the
benefit of the people of this vicinity.
Be sure you come while the stock is
complete to the Brandt Dry Goods
Company, near the courthouse, Union
City, Tenn.
The Great Salvage Company in
charge. ' -
Ask your grocer for DAH
W BAFPE1) BREAD. le wil, Juarge
you no more for it. .All therbdness
kept in all the dirt kept owkRIX
Tra ining School Alumni.
Mr. Harrison lias asked nic to act as
president during his absence, and I hope
that you will co-operate with nie in
making the annual banquet a great suc
cess. It is our plan this year to invite all of
the alumni from the beginning of the
school. One member of each class that
the program committee has been able
to locate will be asked to speak for his
class. Each alumnus will have the
privilege of bringing one friend who is
not an alumnus. The honorary alum
ni, husbands or wives of alumni, will
especially be welcomed. A special in
vitation will be sent to each alumnus
whose address is known.
The banquet will be given the evening
or September 6, at a place to be an
nounced at an early date. The price
per plate will be one dollar, and mem
bership dues fifty cents.
Let each and every member boost,
and we will have one of the happiest
reunions ever known in Union City.
Alumni of the nineties that read this
notice are urged to write the members
of their class, who hrve left Union City,
that we may have a great reunion.
Ira Parks.
Woman's Missionary Society.
The Woman's Missionary Society of
the Methodist Church, had its regular
meeting Monday, July 29.
Rev. George Evans, formerly pastor
of this church, but now of Festus, Mo.,
was present and gave a most interest
ing and instructive talk on his work
during the two years he was pastor of
Kingdom House, a mission church in
St. Louis.
At tne close 01 tne meeting r was
found that a pleasant surprise had been
planned for those present, when
through the kindness of Mrs. Rogers
and Mrs. Garner, ice lemonade and
wafers were served.
Ice Cream Supper.
The ladies of the Harris vicinity will
give an ice cream supper for the im
provement of the school building at
Harris, August 9.
"Music will be furnished and accom
modations to make the occasion pleas
ant to everybody.
The mercantile agencies report busi
ness conditions normal. For the week
ending July 25, there were 252 failures
in the United States, a decrease of
thirty-one as compared with last week.
Deering hay tools are doing good, reliable work, not
only for users in this country, but also in foreign countries.
They will do good work for you. Next time you are in
town, come in and let us show you the Deering line of hay
machines. We will be glad to explain how they will save
you time and labor.
The Deering line of hay tools consists of mowers,
sweep rakes, stackers and tedders. You will be interested
in the new improvements of these machines. Perhaps you
don't expect to buy, but as long as an investigation does
not place you under any obligation to buy, isn't it to your
advantage to come in and see us ? You can't help but get
some information which will be valuable to you. Come in
and get a catalogue anyhow.
R. F. Tisdale & Sons
Parasols Galore Transparent Hat
Brims and Edges.
On the Hudson, July 22. Nothing
prettier can be imagined than a lawn
fete on the Hudson, in the city limits
too, mind you, though it would have
been hard to convince an outsider
alighting from an airship, that the
wide lawns, great spreading trees, and
hundred-year-old mansion overlooking
several miles of river with its toweling
barrier of palisades, could be even near
the hot bustling metropolis, that has
engulfed this and many another quiet
rural neighborhood. A well known
charity for children benefited, and the
whole place had an air of old-fashioned,
home-like hospitality, that was a far
cry from the ordinary sale.
Tea was served and sold in jade col
ored Japanese china, and plate, cup
The above design is by The McCall
Company, New York, Designers and
Makers of McCall Patterns.
1 4733"
Over White & Burchard'i Druy
Store, Union City, Tenn.
Office 144-2; Reridence 144-3
VOL. 20, NO. 20
and saucer were included in the price.
All in the same ware, so that many
people purchased or left orders for
porch sets, and the Society's coffers
benefited accordingly.
It seemed as every one had donned
their prettiest frock for the occasion,,
and there were so many novel touches,
that describing them all would be an
endless task.
Transparent parasols of lace, net or
chiffon were just right, and transpa
rent hat brims of Ishirred materials, or
straw brims with the new skimpy frills
or flat hems of transparent net, were
seen on all sides.
A dress of lavender voile with satin of
a darker shade, in bands edging the
tunic and making the draped girdle,
that finished in a wide spreading fan at
the left side in front, where the skirt
parted over a lace petticoat, and the
ruflles of deep cream Venice lace,
which edged the wide lace collar tucked
into the belt fichu fashion. The hat of
lavender English straw, had string of
Bishop's purple velvet that tied at the
back and floated down below the waist,
was topped by deep green foliage and
yellow roses. The parasol was unlincd
Perhaps the most noticed get-up was
a tailor-made coat dress of white moire,
worn with a leghorn hat caught back
from the face with a panache of small
ostrich tips in black.
The rigs of black and white stripes
in voiles were endless, and each style
seemed more fetching than the last. '
All sorts of devices were used to change
the direction of the stripes, and a touch .
of vivid contrasting color in the trim
mings was the rule. The parasol, often
in pagoda shape, was either to match
this color, or in black or white, but
the color note was most effective.
Lucy Carter
Eterkai. Vigilance is the Price op
Luxuriant and Radiant Hair.
If dandruff germs are devouring the
nourishment that belongs to the hair, it
will soon begin to fall. Furthermore,
it will lose its life and lustre and become
dull, faded and even look slovenly.
If you have any signs of dandruff,
you ought to go right to your druggist
to-day and get a bottle of PARISIAN
SAGE. This delightful and refreshing
hair tonic is guaranteed by Oliver's Red
Cross Drug Store to kill dandruff germs,
clean the head -of filthy dandruff, stop
falling hair and itching scalp or money
back. And it does just what it is guar
anteed to do, and that's why its sales
are so enormous the country over.
PARISIAN SAGE is the favorite of
refined women. One bottle proves its -superiority.
Bon Air Coal, best aud cheapest, at
Union City Ice & Coal Co. N
1 i
i I
a . -V. " '
' Si
M 77

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