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Over White t Burchard'a Drug
...... Store. Union Gty, Tenn. , ,
,,, Telephone
Office 144-2. Residence M4-3
Over White & Burchard's Drug
Store, Union City, Tenn.
Office 144-2; Residence 144-3
11 nc
Union City Commercial, established 1890 E.,.m., ,
West Tennessee Courier, established 1897 I Consolidated September 1, 197
VOL. 20, NO. 34
To Havel
Copyright 1909, by C. E. Zimmerman C0.--N0. 4
Of all the unhappy homes, not one in a hundred has a
bank account, and not one home in a hundred who has
a bank account is unhappy. It seems almost foolish to
put it off any longer, when it is such a simple, easy mat
ter to start a bank account;
Old National BarxR
lnlon City. Tennessee
eed Wheat
of all
Seed Rye
Timothy, Red Top,
Alfalfa, Clover and
All Kinds of Field
Seeds. . '. . . .
I Ask for our prices before selling your Grain
and Hay
Union City, Tenn.
Office and Hospital just south of Post Office, on First Street
Calls answered promptly, day or night
Office Phone 366. Residence Phone 556
Stockholders Meeting Monday and
Good Reports.
The stockholders of the West Ton
nessee Fair Association at Union City
met at the City Plall last Monday with
a majority of stock represented and
quite a liberal number of the stock
holders present. Secretary Woosley sub
mitted a report' of the finances, show
ing cash net earnings of 11 per cent
for the year. In addition to this the
report shows improvements valued at
1400, which would raise the earnings
altogether to 15 per cent.
The officers elected for the ensuing
year are as follows: The old officers
re-elected are W. C. Farris, president;
R. L. Andrews, S. R. Bratton, J. C.
Isbcll, vice presidents; J. W. Woosley,
secretary; H. Dietzel, treasurer; direc
tors, S. T. Wade, Rink Marshall, H.
Dietzel, W. E. Webster, B. J. Wade,
T. II. Reynolds, Geo. Dahnke, II. P.
Moss, J. P. Verhine, J. D. Killion, Ira
Shore. E. H. Marshall was added to
the directorate.
State-Supplied Life Insurance.
The State of Wisconsin has gone into
the life insurance business. In other
words, Wisconsin will insure the lives
of its normal, healthy citizens in much
the same way that the average life insur
ance company will assume such risks.
The clerks and treasurers in all coun
ties, cities and toWns, the State banks
and the factory inspectors are insurance
agents. This law makes it their duty
to receive applications and remit the
premium. But they get no extra sal
ary therefor. The State will write no
policy in excess of .fll.OOO, but it will
write policies for $500 and permit the
insured to pay yearly, semi-yearly,
quarterly or monthly. The policyhold
er may be his own collector if he so de
sires and the State will allow him 1 per
cent, for sending in his premium. The
State issues policies on the ordinary life
plan, the ten-year endowment plan and
endowment at the age of G5. It also
deals to some extent in "term" insur
ance and sells annuities by which a per
son can pay a certain amount at certain
periods before he reaches the age of 50
and then draw a yearly "old age pen
sion" after he passes 60.
Wisconsin is the first State in the I
Union to enter upon the life insurance
business and is doing so under the pro
visions of a law which was passed by
the Stato Legislature about a year ago.
The Wisconsin officials believe they have
devised a practical scheme which will
be of advantage.iu providing insurance
for those who need it most. That, in
fact, is the main object of the departure
since the State is not striving for any
spectacular accomplishments as is the
case with- many of the insurance com
panies. It will not be possible to buy
flyers" or to take out million-dollar
policies, for Wisconsin is not looking
for customers who engage in enterprises
of that kind. Courier-Journal.
That the. Turkish army has retreated
to the last line of fortications outside
Constantinople was granted in the first
official bulletin admitting defeat. The
Porte has applied to the Powers for
mediation with a view to cessation of
hostilities. Constantinople is in a panic
over reports from the battlefield. Crime
is rampant in the city and a general
massacre is feared.
Rudolph Spreckels, head of the Wil
son National Progressive Republican
League, issued an appeal to progres
sive Republicans throughout the United
States to vote" for Wilson for President,
urging the unfitness of Taft and the
alliances of Roosevelt with trusts.
Iri a circular to railroads and shippers
tli Interstate Commerce Commission
says the prevalent car shortage might
be relieved by the faster movement of
freight. trains and the speedier return of
Rutherford B. Cook, assistant secre
tary of the Chicago National League
baseball club, shot and killed one of two
men in an automobile who stopped him
and ordered him to throw up his hands.
Eighteen out of twenty-four members
of the Republican National Committee
have notified Chairman Hillcs that they
favor Gov. Hadley, of Missouri, for
Vice President.
A bronze tablet in memory of the
seven heroic musicians who went down
with the Titanic playing "Nearer, My
God, to Thee" was unveiled in New
International Gasoline Engine
We Give You More Horse
Power for the Dollar in the
than you can get in any other make.
They can't be excelled in workman
ship, material and economy in operat
ing. Complete pumping outfits on hand
at all times.
Bring your wagon any
a wagon load of' power,
them and guarantee them.
day and get
We install
Sold by
"Our Personal Guarantee
, to all SIdn Sufferers"
We have been In business in this town
for some time, and we are looking to
build up trade by always advising our
rmtrrtna riflrlit.
' So when we tell you that we have
found the eczema remedy and that we
stand back of it with the manufacturers
Iron clad guarantee, backed by ourselves
vou can depend upon it that we give our
advice not in order to sell a few bottles
of medicine to skin sufferers, but be
cause we know how it will help our
jjusiness If we help our patrons.
"We kee? in stock and sell, all the well
known tkin remedies. But we will say
this: If vou are suffering from any
kind of skin trouble, eczema, psoriasis,
rah r tetter, we want you to try a full
size bottle of D. I). TO. Prescription.
And, if it does not do the work, this
bottle will cost you nothing. Tou alone
to judge. " . .
Again and again we have seen how a
few drops of this simple wash applied
to the skin, takes away the itch, in
stantly. And the cures all seem to be
D. D. D. Prescription made by the
D. D. D. Laboratories of Chicago, is
composed of thymol, glycerine, oil of
wintergreen and other healing, soothing,
cooling ingredients. And if you are
Just crazy with itch, you will feel
soothed and -cooled, the itch absolutely
washed away the moment you applied
this D. D. D.
We have made fast friends of more
than one family by recommending this
remedy to a skin sufferer here and
there and we want you to try it now
on our positive no-pay guarantee.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store, Union City, Tenn.
Blown Seventy-Five Feet.
Columbia, Tenn., Nov. 1. William
Thomas, aged 30, who has for several
years operated the rock crusher and
quarry of W. P. Ridley, one mile from
Columbia, on the Mount; Pleasant Turn
pike, was killed Thursday afternoon
about 4:f0 o'clock by the explosion of
about a half box of dynamite. Thomas
went to the tool chest where the ex
plosives were kept -and it is supposed
that he dropped some tools on a cap,
exploding the whole box of explosives.
Both his legs, one arm and one hand
were completely blown away and have
not been found. His body was found
about seventy-five feet from where the
accident occurred blowti up against a
rock wall. His face was not disfigured
in any way. Thomas lived a few min
utes after the occurrence. His funeral
will take place this afternoon at the res
idence of his father on the Mount Pleas
ant Turnpike.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caused by an in
named condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness is
the result, and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, heariug will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case
of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure, Send for circulars
free. F. J. CHHSBY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by Dnurists; 75c,
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Call 150 for coal of any kind.
Revelation Through the Word.
The American Harvester Trust has
igunts in Europe and Asia teaching na
tives the use of American farm machin
ery uy use ot moving pictures. Utlier
large industrial institutions are also
making use of moving pictures to teach
foreign people about modern manufac
tures and to introduce them. It is a
quick and easy way to teach, and also
effective, for one can perceive through
the eyes without labored mental pro
cess, and one comprehends more by see
ing a thing than he does by hearing
about it.
Stand at a distance from a large as
sembly of devout worshippers, so far
that not even a word is heard. The
very acts of worship will have a mean
ing. The vast assembly kneeling in
prayer, the priest with his hands out
stretched and his face turned toward
heaven, alone bring a sense of rever
ence and holiness. It is like a moving
picture in which the acts themselves are
seen. Think likewise of the entire wor
ship of the Jews as set forth in the
Word. It was Divinely provided that
every act should be representative of
something holy, and therefore through
that worship something of holiness in
flowed. Though for the most part the i
ceremonies of that worship were brought
to an end by the Lord, nevertheless be
cause the worship was representative,
the historical in the Word that describe
it contain holiness from the Lord and
holiness inflows by means of the histori
cal. Take as a unit Israel's history as
the chosen people, freed -from Egypt,
led through the wilderness, and at last
established in the promised land with
plenty and peace. In their nidst was
the Ark of the Covenant, a ';hest con
taining the commandments. When they
journeyed, the Ark was taken up, and
Moses said, "Let thine enemies be scat
tered." And when it rested, he said,
"Return, O Lord, unto the many thou
sands of Israel." See this in its repre
sentative character and it will be like a
moving picture, revealing the laws of
salvation, the way to heaven, and the
attainment of etewial life. The com
mandments in the Ark protected from
defilement are the commands of the
Lord kept pure in the heart. Through
keeping them in spirit all enemies of
man's peace are scattered, and he is led
on in spiritual victories until. finally he
is established in spiritual peace and
See us at the Deering Building
Union City, Tenn.
Telephone M0.
.' 1' mil
Kindly report a
, Editor.
t ai ly ;is con-
I Battleship Sunk.
Athens, Greece, Nov. 1. The Turk
ish battleship Feth-I-Betlend was sunk
durirg last night in the Gulf of Saloniki
by ia Greek torpedo boat. The Greek
compander's daring enterprise was car
ried out under the guns of the Turkish
forts without being observed, and the
torpedo boat escaped unscathed.
-" Whitesell Harpole has been trying
forborne time to please you. Give him
.t - - n no -
I aumiice. iau vv.
Mr. Howard Moffett, of this city, and
Miss Virginia Eaton were united in
marriage at the home of the bride in
Louisville, Ky. , on the "1st ult.
The groom is a son of Mr. Henry
Moffett, this city, for a number of years.
successfully engaged as traveling sales-'
man, now connected with one of the
important wholesale houses in Chicago,
with Tennessee territory in his circuit.
He is one of the most popular brands
of Union City product, and it is accepted
on the highest faith that his bride is a
young woman of charming graces and
The Union City friends tender warm
est congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Mof
fett will be at home in Union City after
Nov. 13.
Adding to the list of interesting wed
dings was that of Miss Bessie Lucile
Cooper, one of Nashville's attractive
young girls, to Mr. Kenneth Shelby
Crittenden, which was celebrated in the
presence of a large number of friends
Wednesday night at 8 o'clock at the
Belmont Methodist Church, the cere
mony performed by Rev. C. Warterficld
and Rev. William Alexander. The
auditorium of the church contained a
wealth of evergreen plants. Jackson
vines, stationed at the altar were stands
of pink roses and chrysanthemums, and
preceding the program a musical pro
gram of many charming selections was
given by Mrs. Walton Lawrence, or
ganist; Mr. Casper Kuhn, violinist, and
Miss Bessie Ford, vocalist, who sang two
beautiful numbers. Composing the
bridal party were ushers, Messrs. Bob
Smith, Allen Clark, Emerson Lucas and
Robert Dodd, who led the bridal party;
the maid of honor, Miss Grace Cooper,
sister of the bride, w hose gown was of
pink charmeuse and she carried a bou
quet of pink roses. She entered im
mediately before the bride who came in
with her father, Mr. James Allen Cooper.
Miss Cooper, a beautiful petite blonde,
was charming in her lovely toilette of
white charmeuse, trimmed with rare
lace and studded with pearls. The veil of
illusion was fastened to the head dress
by sprays of orange blossoms, and the
bouquet of bride's roses and lilies of the
valley completed the costume. Mr.
Jim Hill was Mr. Crittenden's best man.
They joined the bride and her father at
the altar.
Following the ceremony was a re
ception at the home of the bride, the
guests including a number of friends
and relatives, and assisting Mrs. Cooper
in entertaining were Mrs. Battle Clark
and Mrs. W. F. Ford. Roses and
chrysanthemums appeared again in the
decorations of the home, combined with
house plants, and presiding over the
register was Miss Ruth Crutehlield. Mrs.
Cooper wore a handsome toilette of black
Mr. and Mrs. Crittenden left Wednes
day on an Eastern trip and. when they
will be with the bride's parents. For
traveling the bride wore a tailored suit
of blue with blue hat. A handsome
collection of presents was received.
Seen among them were many beautiful
pieces of silver, a tea service, a chest of
.silver and various other large pieces.
So many readers of this paper know
and appreciate the names of the brave
Confederates of this county, who played
such an important part in war days that
it is only right for this reporter to cor-
red two mistakes made in last week's
issue of this paper in reference to those
days and names.
In regard to the gun left to theLeon
idas Polk Chapter by Captain Hiram
Harris, of Mississippi, this was a clause
in the latter Confederate's will. Captain
Harris, who had been commissioned to
this county by Governor Harris, two
years after the war, to defend our peo
ple against two Berry outlaws, received
across of honor from the Leonidas Polk
Chapter, some time before his death,
for his services in the county. He was
loved and venerated by the people of
Obion County, and before his death,
his daughter's husband, Dr. Charles
Tisdale, was asked to send this gun,
captured from the desperado Berry him
self, to the chapter of the county.
The name of Maddox was used in the
report of the electing of officers at the
second meeting of the Southern His
torical Association at Mayor Coble's
home last week. The' name should
have been Matlock. Mr. Thillip Mat
lock, of Mason Hall, one of the best
known Confederates in the county, was
the association officer to whom reference
was made.
TONISHED. Booth's HYOMEI, the Soothing,
Healing, Germ Destroying Air
Gives Instant Relief.
If you already own a HYOMEI hard
rubber inhaler you can get a bottle of
HYOMEI for only 50c. The complete
outfit, which includes inhaler, is $ 1.00,
and is sold by Oliver's Red Cross Drug
Store od money back plan.
With every bottle of HYOMEI comes
a small booklet. This book tells how
easy and simple it is to kill Catarrh
germs and end Catarrh by just breath
ing into the lungs over the Catarrh in
fected membrane the powerful yet pleas
ant antiseptic air of Eucalyptus from
the inland forests of Australia This
book tells about" the HYOMEI vapor
treatment for stubborn Catarrh, I'nmp,
heavy Colds and Sore Throat, and her
interesting facts. ,

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