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K 1
f ) I . F; -iJam went to Nashville Mon-
Achie Btid was a visitor in Dyers-
Lawn mowers, Lest made, at Nailling
Ktiser Hardware Co.
Mrs, B,.-n Bransford waa a yisitor in
Oli&n last week.
Mr Ike Kirby, of Troy, was a Mon
day visitor here.
Torch swings any price at Home Fur
J&iture Company.
CUas. H. Cobb was in Tiptonville the
.first of the week.
Y. I. Iiekard waa a business visitor
in Waverly last week.
fcee w. u. lieynolJs before you sell
;your wool.
Horace McMichael, of Jackson, vis
ited his parents Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Edwards are at
Lome from New Orleans. ,
repaired satisfactorily at
E. L. Gish has moved from Hortbeak
to the vicinity of Kenton.
Mrs. John Bransford and little daugh
ter went to Cairo Tuesday.
Mrs. Aran ' millinery style are al
ways the best as well as the latest.
Mrs, Lone McMichael spent septal
lays in Trenton this wuek. .
Mrs. Paul Ingram, of Troy, was a
Wisitor in the city Saturday.
You've tried the rest, now try the
best Jersey Cream Flour.
Mr. and Mra. V. H. Forester were in
Troy last week visiting friends.
CP. Wilson, of Troy, was a busi
ness visitor in the city Monday.
toark for imitators. r .:f
Dr. Glosson leaves this wees for a
The many friends of Mrs. Hunter
Griffin, of Natchez, Miss., will regret
that she has been seriously ill.
Mrs. Ferguson and daughter, Mrs
Era, of Obion, were Thursday guests of
Mrs. Ellis Jackson on Lilac street
Lawn mowers, best made, at Nailling
Keiser Hardware Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Millet and Mr
and Mrs. J. T. Stevens, of Hickman
were in Union City Sunday autoing.
Mr. John Walker, Jr., one of the
foremost young citizens and farmers of
the Seventh District, was a visitor here
Monday. ,
Porch swings' any price at Home Fur
niture Company. .
Hon. Piice A. Pierce left Tuesday for
Indianola, Miss., where be is looking
after some cases in the Criminal Court
at that place. , ,
' Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Teague, of Dyer,
were in the city and vicinity last week
visiting the home of Dr. and Mrs. T.
E. Marshall.
Screen Doors at WEH-
MAN'S at money saving prices.
J. C. Reynolds, who has been suffer
ing with a very acute attack of indiges
don, went to St. Louis last week to con
suit a specialist.
Mrs. Maud Williams, chief operator
at the office of the Cumberland Tele
phone Co., this city, is a visitor in
Memphis this week.
Pch furniture of all kinds at Home
Furmbue Company.
Mrs. Foest, connected with the Chris
tian and MNyonary Alliance work, was
here last wee visHinsr some of the.
members of the aapeV.
Misses RuthStrotW anS 6ue Joyner,
Messrs. Moore Joynvuj Clarence
Burdick motored over tomtman Sun
day to see the high water.
Refrigerators? Yes, tne uaoru
couple of days' visit in Nashville,
W. Al. Hubbard, of Fort Worth, Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co
... . i i i
-Jexas, was a visitor nore ian wees. . ... . meetin, of tmj
Get VOUf Lawn Swing at W. 0. W. Lodge Monday night, April
"WEHMAN'S riOW. . : 28, to transact some important business.
Every member urged to be present.
Mr. J. Frazier, of Black Run Ranch,
was in the city Saturday and says with
out more rain comes he will make good
as they are now plowing right along.
ERROR. Hefley does not want beef
cattle. He wants young steers and
The many friends of Mr. Andy Ander
Wilson, of Kenton, was a son over the county regret to learn of
m Gfficid
Tesfs show Br. Price's
Baking Powder to te most
efficient in strenglli, oi highest
parity and healihfulness
Ko Alum, No Phosphate oi Lime
Badly Hurt .
John W. Bransford was thrown out of
his buggy accidentally coming out of
Hickman last Saturday. The horse was
fnghteued at a. hog which ran sudJeuly
into the road, and, shying, creened the
buggy. Mr. Bransford was thrown out
and the back of his head struck some
thing hard. He was unconscious and
remained that way for several hours.
Some one passing found him and be was
taken to a bouse close by. The horse
did not run and there was no other
damage done. Mr. Bransford had his
wounds dressed and was up Sunday and
be is getting along all right, we are glad
to say.
Make your ice cream with a
reezer bought from w HU
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hassler are enter'
laining a baby girl in their home.
Bikwid Wrs. Lon Wright, of Rives,
were in the city Sunday as visitors.
Lawn mowers, best made, at Nailling-
JCoiser Hardware Co.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Nichols and chil
tlren were visitors in Troy this week.
Mrs. J. B
visitor and shopper in the city Monday.
Porch furniture of all kinds at Home
JFurniture Company.
Mva. Hugh McDonald, of the viqinity
I Kiv es, wits a visitor in the city Mon
Mrs. Bis well is the guest of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Hunt Roper, on South Ury
Have Dietzel furnish your school in
vitations, '
his recent illness. Mr. Anderson suf-
m . : .1 r. L-..,,.
lUreu a Very bciiuus abtuuih. ucnii
The friends of Dr. liar Glover and
wife sympathize with them in the mis
fortune to their little girl, who fell Fri
day and broke one of her limbs above
the knge.
Buy your screen doors at
WEHMAN'S. $1,00 and up.
Mrs. D. S. Brinkley and Mrs. F. A.
Brown went to Lexington Tuesday as
delegates from the Union City Baptist
Sunday school to attend a convention
Brandt Stock Moved.
The L. Brandt store, in the Nailling
ibuilding here on the west side of First
8Vet, which took advantage of the
B1Jrupt law a few months ago, and
openly again by the receiver, Mr, Goa
sett, has bee0 closed again, and the
stock mov to Dickson. There the
goods will be unfiled under the di
rection of L. JaEb Nashville, and sold
to satisfy the claims t. creditors.
Call Phone 99 for Vactiuleaner.
New Church Chapel.
Owing to a funeral Rev. L. G. Lan
denberger was again unable to fill his
appointment in this city last Sunday,
lie w ill couducl out vices and preach in
the New Church Chapel next Sunday,
April 27, and deliver the sermons pre
viously announced, viz: At 11 a. m.
"The supreme significance to mankind
of the Lord's resurrection" and at 3:30
p m. "Death the continuation of life in
the spiritual world and the experiences
there on the way to the heavenly home. "
House Burned.
Another small house "in the southern
part of town, owned by C. H. Cobb, was
burned last Monday. The property was
Real Estate Transfers,
H. J. Shores et al. to J. W. Scearce,
40i acres in No. 6, $2,323.
R, H. Bond and wife to W. S. Sorrell,
lot in No. 9, f 210.
V. S. Sorrell and wife to W. A. Car
ter, "lot in No. 9, iloO.
M. Bradshaw to W. P. Wolf, 60 acres
in No. 9, $242.23.
Nannie L. Graham to J. E. Byrd et
al., 9l acres in No. 14, $3,160.
W. H. Scates et al. to Wilmer B.
Scates, land in Nc. 13, $S00.
W, W, Bishop et al. to Nannie Gard
ner, lot in Nc, 13, $90.
The Ice Box you are looking
for is at WEHMAN'S and the
price is cheap.
Marriage Licenses.
J. D.. Finch and Mabel Jackson.
Ernest Choate and Emma Creed. t
John E. Brown and Ruby Swaner.
Perry Arthur Dodson and Nelle Marie
Church Notice-
Rev. J. M. Stafford will preach at the
Presbyterian Church, North First street,
next Sabbath, 27th inst. The Lord's
Supper will be celebrated at the morn
ing service. Public cordially invited.
!::;; to cesist
Methodist Church.
. The ladies of the Methodist Church
will give an entertainment, "The Old
Ship of Zion," in the Sunday school
room on the evening of May 8. This
play was given in Nashville a few weeks
ago and proved an interesting enter
tainment. There will be a small ad
mittance fee, which will go to the new
church fund.
Arrested and Fined.
Burt Thompson, a resident here in
the eastern part of the city, was arrested
and taken before Esq. W. C. Morris
Monday morning, who imposed a fine
of $25 on the defendant for abusing and
mistreating his wife. Thompson was
also placed under a $500 peace bond.
Call Thjy
ne 99 for Vacuum Cleaner.
Be a Charming Woman.
You never saw a beautiful woman who
didn't have beautiful hair. The charms
of a beautiful woman is in her hair
Many women do not realize the attrac
tions they possess because they do not
give proper attention to the hair.
The women of the "400" arq famed
for their beauty, not because their facial
features are superior to those of other
women, but because they know how to
keep young, by supplying vigor, lustre
and strength to the hair.
Up to a few years ago PARISIAN
Sage could hardly be obtained in Amer
ica. But now this delightful hair re
storer can be had in every town in
America. Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store
sells it in Union City for 50 cents a bot
tle and guarantees it to grow beautiful,
luxuriant hair; to stop falling hair, erad
icate dandruff. advt
Chronic Coughs and Colds.
Strong, vlgorouB men and women
liardly ever catch cold; it's only when,
the system is run down and vitality
low that colds and coughs get a foot
hold. Now Isn't It reasonable that tha
right way to cure a cough 13 to build
up jour etrengta again?
Mrs. Olivia Parham, of East Dur
ham. N. C, says: "I took Vlnol for a
chronic cough which had lasted two ,
years, and the cough not only disap
peared, but it built up my Btrengtb.
as well.'
The reason Vlnol is so efficacious la
such cases Is because It contains in a
delicious concentrated form all tha
medicinal curative elements of cod
liver oil, with tonic, blood-bui'-dlns
Iron added.
Chronic coughs and colds yield to.
Vlnol because It builds up the weak
ened, run-down system.
You can get your money back any
time If Vinol does not do all we say.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store, Union
City, Tenn. advt
Concrete Silos
Concrete Bridges
Concrete Paving
Harris &Hartman
Somerville, Tenru
First-clast work guaranteed. Prompt
service. Leather work a pecialty.
Box Couchei Made to Order.
Telephone .22.
- I
Geo. . W. Carter, of the
Store, was a visitor in Greenwood, Miss.
Jast week.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Tyler, of Hick- at that place.
jnan, were in tne city ounaay in tneir jirg g, q, Hunsacker, after a visit of
automobile. several davs in the citv at the home of
Coal and wood delivered promptly by Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Gardner, has re
turned to Helena, Ark., where the
family has recently located.
the Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Luke Russell, of Hathaway,
Tenn., is the guest of her parents on
Tierce street.
Mr. and Mrs. Will King, of Jackson,
were in the city this week visiting rela
tives and friends. '
The latest patterns and the neatest,
most attractive designs in millinery can
Le found at Mrs. Arnn's.
Miss Annie Phebus, of Maple Grove
. vicinity, is the guest of her sister, Mrs.
3ecce Alexander. .
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. McDade and Miss
Hattie Clark, of Troy, were in the city
Monday shopping.
Just received complete line of
refrigerators at wlhiviain o.
Mrs. W. J. Bryan and daughter, of
the vicinity of Clayton, were in the city
Monday shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Joyner were Sun
day guests of Mrs. W. E; Cartwright,
East Flower street.
Refrigerators and ice boxes at Nail
ling-Keiser Hardware Co.
See the big game with Huntingdon
JFridav at Training School Park. Game
called at 8:30 p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Robey, after a f 3W
davs in the country, returned to Mur-
freesboro last week
A bunch of new matting, just got
, here, at Home Furniture Co. Phone H9.
Mrs. Rtbt. Craig has been atClinton,
Ky., several days at the bedside of her
h sister, who is very sick. .'y
I Mr. and Mrs. Ben Beckham fcnd Mr.
i and Mrs. Wm. Beckham were in Obion
Saturday in their auto.
You can buy a good red cypress farm
gate, ready-made, for $3,00 at the Unr
ion City Lumber Co. .
Judge C. P. McKinney, Col. R. Z.
Taylor and Mr. Albert Biggs, Ripley,
Trenten and Memphis, respectively, were
in the city Monday going to Tiptonville
for a meeting of the Chancery Court.
Conductor Jones and family, of Troy,
were in the city Saturday. - One of Mr.
Jones' children sustained the injury of.
a burn last week. The child accidentally
stepped into a bed of hot ashes and
burned its foot very badly.
Mrs. Arnn's new spring millinery is
ai- l l : . .1. . '
one oi mo principal auraciiuua lur me
shoppers of Union City.
Mr. and Mrs. Gaither Jones have lo
cated atSamburg. Mr. Jones has opened
ed a general store at that place. He has
been engaged in business in Union City
for a number of years and the prospects
of success at Samburg are very favorable.
We wish him success.
Mr. J. Pate, an old and prosperous
farmer residing near Beech, had his fine
dog, "Tramp," taken from its kennel
Friday night and hung in front of his
houso. Mr. Pate cannot nnderstand
the meannig of it, as he says he has
not an enemy in the county that he
knows of. :
Characterize our authentic spring showing:
of the latest Paris models in Suits, Gowns,
Coats, Waists, and Skirts, decidedly novel
and as pleasing in
, Batiste
price as style. ... ..
New Silks, Pon g'es
Crepe Meteors,
Crepe de Chine
Messaline, Foulard
(Q. Tub Wash Silks
. 7
4 I
Before you sell your wool.
let me make you a price.
Concrete Block.
We buy wool Cherry-Moss Grain Co.
Our exhibition of MILLINERY you will find made up in
charming Fabrics and Combinations, artistic graces and
youthful shapeliness. You will find Miss Jennie Anglen
in charge of this Departments and always anxious to
please the patrons and visitors to our store. ... ...
American Beauty Corsets
Cadet Hose
Madame Grace Corsets
- . 11 ..II M H Vrt?" u H -
. ' " ill)

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