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Social and Personal
Mrs. Berrylull, Editor.
Telephone 140. Kindly report M early as cod
Mrs. D. N. Walker ave a charming
receptioa Friday afternoon from 2 till
5 o'clock in honor of her son's bride,
Mrs. Douglas Walker, nee Miss Neta
Elizabeth Barrow, of Maringouin, La.
The home was beautifully decorated
in cut flowers and potted plants., Mrs.
Ben Howard and Mrs. Dr. Carlton in
in becoming house toilettes presided at
the door.
A punch bowl at the further end of
the entrance hall was presided over by
Misses Mary Wallace Haydon and Ada
Moffett, the former in white chiffon
stamped with rose buds and the latter
wearing a pink and white laco frock.
After being served at the punch bowl
the many guests were ushered into the
reception room where the receiving line
of ladies stood. They were Mrs. D. N.
Walker, Mrs. Douglas Walker, the
latter looking charming in her bridal
gown of white charmeuse and lace,
Mrs. Hugh Harris, Mrs. Fulton How
ard, Mrs. Jno. T. Walker and Mrs.
Clarence Latimer, of Jackson.
TtcfrashmenU were served in the
dining room by waiters from Dahnke's
cafe, under the - direction of Mrs. Dr.
Blanton and Mrs. Herman Howard.
"Ready Money.
Do women love money more than
men do? That must ba the fact, as
hundreds of El Paso women say that
it is true.
The prize offered by the "Times" for
essays on the subject has attracted many
hundreds of answers, and the majority
were from ladies of this city. Twelve
box tickets to the EI Paso Theatre for
Sunday evening.where ''Ready Money,"
a most pleasing drama, will be present
ed. "Beady Money" is one of the most
popular plays and the tickets awarded
are very desirable.
That the average woman Iove3 money
more than the men do is the opinion of
Mrs. K. P. Bransford, of 1417 Montana
street, who voices her opinion in a most
able manner. Her essay of about 200
words declares that money is the princi
pal factor in the life of the average
woman.' Her essay was accepted by
the "Times" Contest Editor as the most
complete and to'her goes the first prize
of sis box seats to the El Taso Theatre
Sunday evening, where herself and party
will be guests of the "Times" and en
joy one or the best comedy dramas that
has ever been produced in this city.
Anna Leach, residing at 1215 Boule
vard, will receive second prize of 4 four
box seats. Miss Leach also thinks that
money is loved by the women more
than it is by men. Miss Leach has
written an excellent essay on the subject.
The third prize of two box seats was
awarded to Leon Frederick Strelitz, of
this city. Mr. Strelitz is employed at
the Popular Dry Goods Company and
meets hundreds of ladies daily. He
also agrees that wuuioa as a rule care
far more for money than men do.
El Paso (Tex.) Times. -
Death at Jordan. '
Hickman, Ky., Oct. 20. Mrs. Sarah
Jane Evans died at her home at Jordan,
several miles south of Hickman, after
a long illness, death resulting from in
firmities of old age. She was 71,years
old. She was the mother of 11 chil
dren, six of whom survive her, and a
large number of grandchildren. She
was one of tho best known and most
highly respected ladies of that vicinity.
Chase & Sanborn's
Teas and Coffees f
, Golden Gate
Teas and Coffees
Meat, Flour, Sugar, Coffee
All handled in an up-to-date, sanitary manner.
No order too large. No order too small.
Phones 204-230 Washington Ave.
is in the market
: for all . t
grown in this section at the highest
market price. :
Dealers in all Kind of Cotton Seed
Products, Meal, Hulls and CaHe.
F. 1."V P I X T M A N
General Manager
Chapter 651 louse Bill No. 92
(By Mr. McDade.)
A Rill to be entitled "An Act to amenc
the charter of Kives, Tenn., being
Chapter. 153 of the Acts of the uen
eral Assembly of the State of Ten
nessee for 1905, and entitled 'An Act
to incornorate the town of Rives and
define its rights and powers,' so as to
change the boundaries thereof; ana
so as to authorize the said town to
issue interest-bearing coupon bonds
up to an amount not exceeding $ 10,
000, and to provide for their pay-
Section 1. Be it exacted by the Gen
eral Assembly of the State of Tennes
see, That Chapter lo3 of the Acts of
1905. entitled as set forth in the cap
tion hereof, be, and it is, hereby so
amended as to strike out an or section
12 (twelve) of said Act and bo as to in
sert in lieu thereof the following:
"Sko. 12. Be it further enacted,
That the boundaries of the incorpora
tion of the town of Rives shall be as
follows: Beginning at the northeast cor
ner of the new concrete bridge oi tue
Illinois Central Railroad over Houser
Creek, running thence west to a point
in J. B. Caudle's held nortti oi ana on
a direct line with the hedge row that
runs north and south through the late
W. H. Caldwell's estate; thence south
with this line to the northeast corner of
T. P. Palmer's field: thence continuing
south across the tracks of the Illinois
Central Railroad to a point in a line
with the ditch on the north side of the
public road dividing the lands of W. L.
Clemmons and lands of Dr. E. H.
White from the town of Rives; thence
past ulnnir this ditch to the Mobile and
Ohio Railroad tracks and crossing said
tracks to the east margin of saia Mo
bile and Ohio Railroad right of way;
north with the east margin of
said railroad right of way to the north
west corner of W. L. Ulemmous neia,
thence east 400 feet with the north line
of said Clemmons' field; thence north
to Houser Creek ; thence in a nortneriy
direction with the meanderings of said
creek to the point of beginning."
Sec. 52. Be it further enacted, mat
tli a aairi town of Rives, in its corporate
capacity, be, and it is, hereby author
ized to issue, by and tnrougn its tsoara
of Mayor and Aldermen, interest-bearing
coupon bonds, up to and not exceed
ing ten thousand dollars, for the pur
pose hereinafter designated, which said
bonds shall be signed by the Mayor and
Recorder of said town, and its corpor
ate seal shall be affixed thereto; and the
coupons attached to said bonds shall be
signed by said Mayor and Recorder, or
their names may be lithographed theie
on; said bonds to be known and desig
nated as the "School Bonds of the Town
of Rives."
Sue. 3. Be it further enacted, That
said bonds shall be issued in denomina
tions of not less than $100 nor more
than $1,000, and shall run for a period
of not more than thirty years from the
date of issuance thereof, as the Board
of Mayor -and Aldermen may deter
mine; and said bondsshall bear a rate of
interest not to exceed six (6) per cent
per annum, payable at such periods as
the said Board may by ordinance de
termine, said interest to be' evidenced
by the coupons aforesaid attached to
said bonds. The said bonds and inter
est Shall be payable in lawful money of
the United States, the place of pay
ment to be designated by the Board of
Mayor and Aldermen. The said bonds
may be issued and sold by said Board
of Mayor and Aldermen of Rives at
such times and in such amounts as they
may determine by ordinance; provided,
however, that no such bonds shall be
sold for less than their par value, plus
the accrued interest thereon.
Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That
said bonds shall be issued and the pro
ceeds thereof used by the said Board of
Mayor and Aldermen of Rives for the
purpose exclusively of constructing,
building," furnishing, and equipping a
public school building in and for said
town of Rives.
Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That
the Mayor and Aldermen of Rives shall
each year levy a special tax on all taxa
Lle property of said town to provide a
sinking fund with which to pay and re
ill bonds at or before maturity
and to pay the interest thereon as it be
comes due and payable; provided, tnat
said special tax shall in no event exceed
fifty cents (50 cents) on each one hun
dred dollars of taxable property as evi
denced by the tax lists ot said town.
I tar shall be levied and
collected as other taxes of said town of
Rives are levied and collected; and the
said sinking fund shall be kept separate
and apart from the other general or
special funds of said town, and shall be
used, together with the interest thereon
nrrriiincr if loaned nut as hereinafter
provided, exclusively for the purpose of
paying, redeeming, and retiring saw
bonds and the interest thereon. The
said Board of Mayor and Aldermen
may from time to time invest any part
of said sinking fund as may be then
nppiimiiliited or of the general funds of
the town arising from taxation, as they
may deem expedient and wise, in the
said bonds at a price not to exceed the
par value thereof and the accrued inter
est, or they may loan the said sinking
fund at interest until the said Bonus
shall mature or become subject to re
demption; provided, however, that
whenever such bonds of the town are
purchased or invested in by the said
Rnnrrt nf Mavor and Aldermen, thev
shall cancel and retire the same in reg
ular or special session of the said iwara,
and such bonds so retired and canceled
shall not be reissued.
Sec. G. Be it further enacted, That
before any bonds shall be issued and
sold under the authority of this Act.
and as condition precedent thereto, the
Board of Mayor and Aldermen oi luves
shall first, tmsa an ordinance, specifying
thereiu the amount of bonds proposed
dLoi.l. hiilW, ami Mi llIlL
For v
LL that is most attractive
for the Winter outfitting of
women and girls. All the latest
creations at moderate prices.
Our Suit stock is now as
complete with garments as new
and snappy as at the opening
of the season.
' 1
These possess all the newness and style capable of being
put into high-grade garments.
A great variety of styles, colors and materials at
$12.50, $15.00, $17.50, $20.00, $25.00, $30.00
ft J .V
Ladies' Wear Exclusively
to be issued and directing an election
to be held by the qualified voters of said
town as to the issuance of said bonds.
The said election shall be held by the
Election Commissioners for Obion
County, in conformity with the laws of
the State of Tennessee governing regu
lar elections held in said town for mu
nicipal officers, and all persons qualified
to vote for Mayor and Aldermen of
Rives shall be entitled to vote in said
election. The ballots shall have printed
on them the words "For Bonds" and
the words "Against Bonds," and each
ballot cast in said election having a
cross mark (X) opposite the words "For
Bonds" shall be deemed to be a vote in
favor of the issuance of said bonds, and
each ballot cast in said election having a
cross mark opposite the words "Against
Bonds" shall he deemed to be a vote
against the issuance of said bonds. And
if a majority of the votes cast in said
election shall be in favor of the issu
ance of said bonds, the same shall be
issued, but not otherwise; provided,
however, that in case a majority of the
votes in any such election shall be
against the proposed bond issue, such
bond issue in the same or in a different
amount may be submitted to the voters
of said town by the said Board of Mayor
and .Aldermen in like manner, after
sixty days shall have elapsed from the
date of the said first election.
Sec. 7. Be it further enacted, That
the expenses of said elections shall be
paid by the Mayor and Aldermen of
Rives out of the general funds of the
city. -
Sec. S. Bo it further enacted, That
such parts of all laws as may be in con
flict with the provisions of this Act be,
and the same are, hereby repealed, and
that this Act take effect from and after
its passage, the public welfare requir
ing it.
Passed September 20, 1913.
W. M. Stanton, ,
Speaker of the House of Represent
c Newton H. White,
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved September 26, 1913.
Ben W. Hooi'KR,
kinds of poultry. We buy 12 months
in the year. Call us over phone or
come to see us when in town.
oct3-3m W. G. Reynolds.
Two cars Lehigh Cement.
One car Kosmos Portland Cement.
One car St. Louis Fire Brick.
One car Fresh Lime.
Also have complete stock of Crushed
Rock, Sand, Plaster, Fire Clay, Fire
Bricks, Etc.
Tho popular lectures which Edward
Amherst Ott Is giving on the Lyceum
platform are bearing fruit In the way
of advanced legislation for the better
ment of the American people. Ilia
lecture on "Sour Grapes," which treats
of marriage and. divorce, bos been,
given nearly 2,000 times. In one of
the states where it was given the leg
islator who introduced a reform mar
riage bill said he got bla inspiration to
do so ffom hearing Mr. Ott's lecture.
But, whether he delivers this lecture
or one of his other subjects, he is al
ways alike forceful, entertaining and
Inspiring. lie has appeared before
more than 3,000 audiences in America,
and more than 2,500 copies of hi
I '
We have the men competent to do any and
all kinds of Brick and Cement Work.
ansford"' & Sons
Phone 491
books have been sold. American au
diences can scarce get enough of thin
man and his purposeful oratory.
Every lecture should answer one of
the fundamental inquiries of the mind.
If a lecture is also humorous and high
ly entertaining, so much the better.
Although known as the purposefil
orator and author, Mr. Ott combine
much of humor and entertainment in
each of his lectures.
In 1910 Mr. Otto appeared at the orig
inal New York Chautauqua in two lec
tures. For two year Mr. Ott wa
prtMldent of the International Lyceum
Association, and he has done much for
the Lyceum and Chautauqua move
ment in general throughout the coun
try. . . y
Edward Amherst Ott will appear
at Reynolds Theatre in Union City
Monday night, Nov. 3, under the
auspices of the L e 6 n Idas Polk,
Chapter, U. D. C
A call for 150 brings ihe coal wag,W
Union City Ice & Coal Co.

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