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Your bntia generates mind-energy. This mind energy flows from your brain
sa currents out through the nerves to all the various organs and parts of the
i.:i!y, giving to each and li their power of function. Perfect currents to all
part mean perfect health. Imperfect current to any part means imperfect
fa I b, weakness, disease to that part.
In order that these currents may be perfect, .normal io volume, the nerves
and ierve centers must be free from the slightest pressure.
To avoid pressure on these highly sensitive centers the joints of the spine
m i t be kept fully open, the spinal bones must be kept their normal distance
jvi srt and true to each other laterally. These are principles embraced in the
Nt w Science of curing and preventing disease.
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Chiropractic (pronounced KI-RO-rRAK-TIK) was discovered near the close
of the nineteenth century by Dr. I). D. Palmer and later developed by his son,
Dr. B. J. Palmer, D. C, Ph. C, into a science, the latter now head bf the larg
est Chiropractic school in the world, and known world wide as the Palmer School
of Chiropractic "Chiropractic Fountainhead," Davenport, Iowa, of which
school the writer and compiler is a graduate.
The object of this little book or folder is to explain the principles upon which
is based the philosophy of Chiropractic as the writer knows it.
Read carefully, consider and think well, free yourself from bias if you can;
then if suffering from any physical disorder or ailment come and investigate or
talk with those who have been convinced of its correctness and virtue by demon
stration and trial.
All enginessteam, electric or gasoline travel with velocity; the more
powerful or larger the engine the greater the velocity; the smaller, the lesser the
velocity. So great is this thing velocity that even after the steam or power gen
erator is shut off the engine will still move forward; but, after, a time, it will
-come to a standstill. In like manner the force of gravitation grows according
to precipitance and distance. For example, start an object, say a wagon wheel,
at the top of a hill the longer the grade the greater the speed; therefore, it
would be easier to stop the wheel a few feet from the top of the hill than half
way down, or at, or near, the foot of the hill. ,
What is true of the power of gravitation is also true of the progress of dis
ease; the longer it progresses the greater hold it gains on the system and the
greater it affects it, and the harder to remove. How shall we prevent this? Just
as we stop the engine or the force of gravitation put on the brakes and reverse
the force and turn back. . ; - .
With the engine this is easy, but w ith disease it takes time to stop its down
ward course. Progress may soeoi slow, even at a standstill, but even this is
gain, for it is giving nature time to rebuild the broken down tissues. But be
cause you are not going up hill (recovering) fast you grow discouraged and blame
the Chiropractor. You forget that it may have taken months or even years to
get to your present diseased condition and think you should get better in a few
days; some do, owing to condition, but yours might be different. Could the
engine go back up hill without the engineer? No, and so with you you must
rely on the engineer (Chiropractor); he understands.
Here w present the reader with a Cuiropractiq barometer, one of which every
person carries in his back. It is the switch-board by which the Chiropractor
sends the vital force to the different parts of the human body.
, In a word, here is the ALL-IN-ALL of the Chiropractic Science. At the top
you see within its bony cave the brain, the fountainhead; beneath you have the
spinal column built of twenty-four (24) bones and terminating in two more, the
Sacrum and Coccyx joined in one Y-shaped piece; through the spinal columns
runs an oval canal through which passes the spinal cord.
On each side, where the bones of the spinal column rest, you see a small,
round opening; through these openings come what are called the spinal nerves,
one on each side, or thirty-one (31) pairs in all. These running to every organ
aud part of the body carry the vital or nerve force that gives life to these organs
or parts. . - . - .; .
Near the lower end of this barometer you see a highly magnified definition
of the theory of Chiropractic. '
From between the two upper bones you see the round cord-like, healthy nerve
protruding; from between the lower two you see the impinged, diseased nerve.
Noto the difference in appearance -the upper being large, round and healthy,
carries the full amount of nerve force, bringing health; the lower thread-like,
shrunken and diseased; therefore the organs and parts it supplies do not receive
their full amount of nerve force and are diseased; This is a disease producing
or impinged nerve, caused by a displacement of the two lower bones, called a
Subluxation (slight displacement). ' .
Chiropractic removes the impingement by adjusting this subluxation (dis
placement), permitting the return of the full quota of nerve force and restoring
ttmtt ami strength. This is done by a quick thrust, recoil move
with the naked hands, and this is why it is called Chiropractic hand done
from the two Greek words, "Chier," the hand, and "Praxis," doing.
From the foregoing you can readily see what an important part the spine
and its nerves play in life and in fact; it is the ground work upon which the
whole body is first constructed and it is the key-stone that caust remain with us
tbroughout.life; otherwise we would soon decay and die; therefore, to have per
fect health and strength, we must have a healthy braio, healthy spinal column
and cord and healthy nerves to carry the life-giving, sustaining nerve-force.
A sound mind and a sound body cannot exist unless the creation and pro
duction and transmission of vital energy is perfect and free from obstruction ; as
the engine depends upon water, coal and fire for its velocity, so the human body
is dependent upon the production and transmission to every part the full amount
of vital energy, and interference with or deficiency in this is Disease.
: 7 ; " ... :.Y . ciuropractic,o ;., -AVt J f...?.r,
" First It is a safe, sound science which, like every new discovery, has had to
show its worth, and for this reason it has bad to fight its way step by step before
it was fully accepted by the enlightened publij. -
Second Chiropractic recognizes health as the Dormal and harmonious ex
pression by the body and its organs of nerve impulse created in the brain and
through the spinal cord transferred by the nerves to the remotest parts of the
body; it holds that disease is the result of any interference of the free flow of
nerve impulse. Its practitioner locates the interference and removes it (the cause
of disease) without the aid of poisonous drugs, either internally or externally
administered. Thus health is quickly restored with little loss of time and at
little outlay, comparatively, in money, and no risk of injury incurred.
A well trained Chiropractor, knowing the human body and its functions as
well as an engineer knows bis engine, can adjust as easily and as quicklv locate
tLs 6uu!uA.i.eJ veileorae, trace the spinal nerve to the organ diseased and by ad
justing the subluxated vertebrae free the nerve, restoring the organ to health.
This cut we present here will give the reader a fair idea of the intricate nerv
ous system, showing the nerves coming out through the spinal openings and
their course to the different organs and parts supplied, and you readily see how
it is when you consider, in our daily avocation, the danger we momentarily en
counter of injuring the spinal column, causing impingement of the nerves com
ing from it, and therefore bringing on disease by interfering with their functions.
If our body is diseased and its functions not working right, the cause of this
is some impinged nerve or nerves, that should be freed. Chiropractic is the sci
ence that knows bow to find these nerves and how to free them from impinge
ment. This will relieve the sufferer by removing the cause of disease.
The Chiropractor has demonstrated by deep research, earnest study and care
ful investigation that mind covers matter, aDd for the same reason the mind con
trols every function of the different organs in our body, the brain and nerves
create within its cells the energy, and the spinal cord is the canal that carries it
to the nerves and they distribute it throughout the body even to the remotest
parts, thus supplying to the organs and tissues the nerve energy which enables
them to perform harmoniously their many functions. , ,
A constant supply of nerve energy equally and correctly distributed to each
part or organ sufficient to keep it healthy so as to perform its functions fully, is
necessary to a healthy condition. For this to be the brain must create and the
spinal cord deliver it to the nerves, leaving the nerves perfectly free from im
pingement, so as to deliver it. There are thirty-one (31) pairs of nerves send
ing off branches over the entire system. .
As an example of how adjusting a subluxation works, take the following:
Suppose you take the lawn hose and connect it to the water faucet in the yard,
turn on the water; now the water is running fine, everything in good order, hose
in good condition, nozzle wide open, good, strong, steady flow of water. Then
suppose a boy came along and put both feet on the hose; flow stops, only a drib
ble at the nozzle! Now what would you do? Drop pills down the nozzle? Put
a poultice on it? Or would you operate on the nozzle? Why not apply the same
idea to your body, GET OFF THE HOSE, the water wants to run; get rid of the
obstruction which is stopping the flow of life-giving mental force from your
brain to the various parts of your body. You'd quickly kick if Johnnie planted
both feet on your hose and stopped the flow, and you'd waste no time poulticing
the nozzle either. Off the hose with Johnnie! .
When the bones in your spine get out ol line they pinch the nerves which
lead from the brain to the various parts of the body; then the nerves go out of
business, or partially so at least. Of course the parts then lead to suffering!
Wouldn't your lawn burn up in the "red-hot" summer if Johnnie camped on
the hose? Same principle exactly, for the nerves carry the life-force from the
csr. :?
- mm) '
In Chiropractic we look for the Cause the ache, pain, swelling, fever, with
ing up these are the effects. Why apply drugs to effects? You didn't with the
hose. Isn't it common sense to find the cause of that effect and then adjust it?
Some say a vertebrae can't move. Here we offer, free, to show 'em; we will
convince the skeptic n two minutes. How can we move from side to side; how
does the acrobat perform all kinds of evolutions; do we walk with a stiff back
as if we had a rod of iron in it? Nol the grace, ease and beauty of human
movement disproves this absurd cLu. If your mind is still ia the opinion we
"can't move 'em," come to our office and we will show you very quickly.
A Chiropractic adjustment requires very little physical exertion and takes but
a moment and this permits the care of an almost unlimited number of patients,
so to speak, the "operation" is so quickly over.
What is a subluxation? Any organ, muscle or tissue having its life cut off
shows it in many forms, vii: Disease. The cause of this cutting off is a straineJ
er abnormal position f the bone, and this is a subluxation (displacement).
Subluxation is the fundamental fact which is the basic principle of Chwo
practric. It is the physical representative of cause of disease. Chiropractic
produces the removing force. , , , ,
If an impingement should cause pressure on the nerves leading to the lung,
head, stomach, or in fact any organ or any part of the body, then we will have
a diseased condition of this particular part, and as soon as we adjust the sublux
ation, which is causing the impingement, a normal flow of current is restoreJ
and the disease can no longer exist. If every organ is receiving a normal amount
of current fronTthe brain there can be no disease.
We have an exact and scientific method bf determining the vertebrae re
sponsible for pressure on nerves. Our manner of correcting this abnormal con
dition is unique and original in every respect, and has no limilarity to any other
method. '
No matter what your disease is called, its cause lies in your spine, and we,
as Chiropractors, find and adjust that cause. In other words, we can help you,
no matter what your disease is.
Questions that you are likely to ask annwprpd briefly.
1. Do you use drugs or the knife?
We do not practice medicine, surgery nor osteopathy in any phase. We use
the chiropractic method only. No drugs, knife, massaging, rubbing, electricity,
CA.Uv : ' '
nor. mental treatment; we use no appliances; we simply adjust the displaced
vertebrae, which is done almost instantaneously and without inconvenienco to
the patient. .
2. How long will it take me to get well?--
Acute cases usually a few adjustments; chronic vary in each individual.
Just how fast your internal energy will repair the abnormal condition no one
can tell. A little carelessness, a fall or slip may give you a set-back and undo
much of the good work. --8.
How often do you give adjustments?
Usually once a day except Sundays. Some anxious patients think two ad
justments a day is better than one but experience has proven that the best results
are obtained by one each day.
4. Can I take medicine while taking adjustments? (
We advise every patient to cease taking medicine in any form. Refusal to.
comply means dismissal when discovered. Drugs aim to stimulate or inhibit the
normal functions. Adjustments restore function. One seems to deaden, the
other ia that of restoration. Thus it would seem that the continued use of drugs
counteracts the good that the adjustments would accomplish.
These claims, when heardfor the first time, may seen) so absolutely extrav
agant as to be unworthy of serious consideration, but really, they are no more
than so many others which, in recent years, have been advanced and verified by
discoverers and workers in other departments of human thought and endeavor.
But the more attentively the cause of disease is studied from this viewpoint, the
more reasonable, logical and correct it appears, and its result is sufficient to
provo it.'. , .
DIET. ' '' ' ' ;
Some ask us about diet. We answer: It is best to follow one's own inclina
tion in the matter of eating, so long as your appetite is normal. Eat what you
like and as much as you like and stop when you have eaten enough. Innate,
nature, if mental and physical conditions are normal, knows better than educat
ed, so to speak, and we have no way of even guessing what is best for the genu
ine good and maintainance of the body. All we cart say is, if not abnormal,
let innate nature dictate when a question of what we must.eat arises. Person
ally, if we crave a certain something, we get it and eat it, as much as wo want
and as long as it looks good and tastes good. But moderation of course in all
things, more especially in eating and drinking. Discretion is more requisite,
perhaps, in the selecting and procuring of pure, wholesome food and water than ,
the matter of the quantity we take into our stomachs.
You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to know about Chiro
practic. To-day, to-morrow, any time, there may be an ache, a pain, a swell
ing some form of bodily trouble which cries out for relief which you want
quickly removed. Look to Chiropractic, the Chiropractor, as the man who can
and will find the cause of that trouble surely and quickly; and who, finding th
cause of your complaint, adjusts it, and thus the ill effects vanish.
Our door pr wm ioz yczr .izxcz'di, Our henrts are mcrcd ftod'our
minds and hands ready to help you. In Chiropractic you have an opportunity
which no other method affords. It is unquestionably the greatest dicovery of
the age. Use it.
Investigation costs nothing and means your health and happiness. Calls
answered day or night. Examinations at oflice are free.
Yours for health, long life and happiness, happiness here and hereafter,
H. FRA. THOMSON, O. ; C, 'PfiCU 2ity? " T&nn

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