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in Lumber
counts for much more than its
initial cost That is proven by the
fact that when you buy lumber
here, you won't have to buy more
for a long time to come. Sound
and thoroughly seasoned as , it is,
once it is put up it is there to stay
without the need of repair or re
placement ,
T. R. REYNOLDS, Proorieior Phone 285
If you want the test and cheapest,
use Bon Air coal Union City Ice &
Coal C6mpany.
Attention, Confederate Veterans.
Warren McDonald Camp, U. C. V.,
No. 036, and Company E of First
Regiment Reserves, C. V., National
Guards Tennessee, will meet at their
Armory on the first day of October,
1913, at 7 a. ni. and will receive their
arms and then be moved to the park
and be ready to take the train for Nash
ville, Tenn., to attend the State Con
vention and Reunion of the Confederate
Veterans. Your transportation agent
and Quarter Master, Dr. F. M. McRee,
has made every arrangement for your
transportation and entertainment while
in Nashville. Our special car will be
on the track ready for us at 8 a. m. It
is thought best that the Veterans carry
one day's rations with them as we will
arrive at Nashville too late for dinner.
R. W. Powell, Adjt.
The manufacturers of Ross' "Dead
Quick" spray will mail free one four-
bladed pocket knife to any one furnish
ing the name of an insect that it will
not kill. It kills insects and their eggs
instantly. Kills mosquitoes too. Noth
ing like it. Sold in Union City by Oli
ver's Red Cross Drug Store. advt
v Real Estate For Sale.
A 9 ttUI"luiofcw-VJ
t, TJhnrt .T ftarnptt. I am now
offering for sale one double brick store
house on Washington avenue, aiao one
five-room cottage on Exchange street.
Easy teims.
See White fc Quinn or write V, u.
Barnett, Dermott, Ark. 26-tf
Ask your grocer for DAHNKE'S
WRAPPED BREAD. He will charge
you no more for it. All the goodness
kept inall the dirt kept out.
We are pleased to announce to our friends and the
public that we have secured the services of
(formerly with the Morgan-Verhine Co.)
who will be glad to meet his old friends.
We are now receiving our NEW FALL LINES,
which are up to date, and we are better prepared than
ever to serve our friends and the public who are par
ticular and exacting in their demands. v
We would be glad to have you call and examine
our stock.
Shoe Store
216 5. First Street UNION CITY, TENN.
9 .
alinko-WalEcer Milling Go. g
t ;
Ask us for prices when selling your grain.
County Roads.
To road commissioners, contractors,
magistrates and land owne -s.
The Supreme Court has decided that
the road law means exact' what it says
in every section; that being true, some
one had better get busy. Gwule the
roads 11 inches to the foot from ditch
to center of road, keep Hitches cleaned
out so as to properly ds aia the road,
and keep bridges repaired.
' Several contractors were indicted last
year and their cases were continued to
hear from the Supreme Court, and at
this term they all submitted and paid.
I have been going over the county and
find the bridges are in bad shape, the
ditches grown up in weeds, bridges un
derneath full of weeds, brush, etc.,
which prevents the flow of water and
washes away the bridges.
Below I give you what money is on
hand to finish your contracts'less the
commutation which may be paid by
the hands. None has been paid in as
yet and Commissioners ought to get
busy right now and collect and turn in
at once. Land owners if you clean out
fence corners don't throw in ditches on
road because that is obstructing the
public highway and subject to indict
ment. So let all track the law and not
be forced to the courts. '
District Amount
1 .....$1,385.12
,2.,...i 527.33
3.... 322.48
4.. '361.53
5 976.53
6 . 493.65
7 ' 732.37
8... 525.27
9 i 612.79 '
10 .. 113.56
11 . 350.91
12 508.73
J3 903.54
14 731.13
15.:.... .... .- 268.89
16 818.92
Total $9,682.77
'Geo. R. Kenney,
County Judgij.
o:o;o:o:a::a :o:o o::::::a::a::
Hookworm. !
A representative of the State Board
of Health is now making a survey of
Obion County to determine the amount
of hookworm infection in the county.
Some cases have been reported from
the county and no doubt there is a con
siderable infection in the county.
This work is being done by the State
Board of Health but is financed by Jno.
D. Rockefeller, so it will not cost the
people of the county one cent to have
the examination made, and later when
the dispensaries are established those
who have the infection can get treat
ment free of charge.
Every county in the State has hook
worm iufection. Some are more heav
ily infected than others. There has not
been enougn work done in Obion County
to determine how much infection is
here. You can assist a great deal in
finding out how much hookworm there
is in the county by having your chil
dren examined. There is more infec
tion in children than in grown people,
because children go barefoot, and this
is the way the worms are gotten. Any
thing that favors soil polution favors
the spread of the infection. The worms
live in the bowel and lay their eggs
there. These eggs never hatch in the
bowel but hatch in the soil. Then
when a barefoot boy or girl walks in the
dirt contaminated with young worms
these worms crawl through the skin,
get into the blood and circulate with the
blood to the lungs, then crawl through
the wall of the little air cell and get
into the air in the lungs, then they are
coughed up and swallowed.
The worms are about half an inch
long when grown. They suck blood
from the lining of the bowel and inject
a poison into the blood. This causes
paleness, loss of energy, stunts the
growth, retards the mental development
and makes the person more susceptible
to all other diseases.
- Very truly,
V. P. Robinson, M. D.,
Director in Charge.
Obion, Tonn., Sept. 9, 1913.
Farms for Sale. '
Two special farm bargains are offered
for sale. One 160 acres, one mile east
of Terrell. Lays level, two houses, two
barns, good Jarsd for $43 an acre. A
$2, 600 bargain.
Ono 236 acres," well improved, lays
level, three houses. As good a crop on
it as there is in West Tennessee. Price,
$44. Both must sell. Write U. O.
Parrish. R. F. D. 1W 1, Union City,
Tenn. . 26-2t.
. Estray Notice! '
Taken up and posted one niave mule,
three years old, 13 hands high, color
iron gray, nip out of left ear, white scar
on each shoulder. Posted by J. R.
Graham in District No. 14, one mile
south of Glass. .
25-3t Dorrei.i. Harris, Ranger.
R. P. P. No. 5, Union City, Tenn.
Telephone Union City Ice & Coal Co.
when you want coal right now. J
etely IRe
You are cordially invited to call and inspect our Fall
Showing of the most comprehensive and varied stock of
everything that is new and stylish that we have ever shown.
Attention is directed to our Ladies and Misses New
Fall Suits, Dresses and Coats. Distinctive models, suitable
for immediate and later wear, in Fancy Tailored Suits, made
of air the stylish materials, handsomely lined, smartly trim
med, and with gracefully draped skirts, including the peg
top, are here. The :, predominating fabrics are Bayadere
Ottoman, Eponge Matolasse, Bengaline and Diagonal
Cheviots. 1 .
' We are making special opening prices and are specializ
ing on Suits at $17.50, $22.00, $22.50 and $25.00.
Our Ladies Hats are the talk and admiration of all who
... . - . r
have seen them. Respectfully,
The Big .Store.
Received and Disbursed by the Trustee from September I, 1912, to
September I, 1913.,
Received from G. W. Worley, Trustee $ 3,876.60
Received from tax books, 1912 40,542.71
Received from officers and clerks ... 5,927.29
Total county funds received 1 $50,346.60
Warrants paid and cancelled. :..,.$42,599.72
Amount sold to State - 98.02
Double assessed , 66.90
Trustee's commission ... 765.82 43,530.52
Balance on hand . . $ 6,816.08
PReceived from Worley $ 6,905.03
Received from tax books, 1912. 02,308.:
Received from officers and clerks z,814.ol
Received from State , 11,466.88
Total school funds received
Apportioned to the districts. .
Sold to the State
Double assessed .
Delinquent polls
Trustee s commission
.......... .1. $83,554.64
,J 3,o0.00
salary.. 1,300.00
don.....-.: 1,554.52
Balance on band
Received from W6rley .
Received from tax books, 1912 .
Received from officers and clerks......:
....$ 9,037.71
....$ 515.69
.... 18,637.20
Total road funds .
Apportioned to the districts .
Sold to thrState -
Double assessed.. ..
Trustee's commission............... --- -
Balance ou hand. ...... .2. ...... ......
County funds on hand - .......
Road funds on hand unapportioned--.
School funds on hand unapportioned ..........
School funds due the districts-....;. ......
Road funds due the districts . .....
Total amount of funds on hand..
Balance Trustee's commission......-..' ...
1 57.43
40.73 -
..; .' 450.45 18,929.47
.--.....-$ ,496.22
.............I 6,816.08
... i. 1,534.68
$ 240.73
.. $00,400.23
. Total.
Cash in safe . -.
Bank certificates of deposit ...
Certified to by cashiers:.....!
, State stttlod with in full. -
Obion County. ) Personally appeared before me, George R. Ken-
-m m vs. - w rt ww i rr j
ney, Uounty Judge lor uoion uounty, lennesseo, j. n. oanuers, irusiee oi
Obion Cortntv. Tennessee, who makes oath in due form of law that the above
and foregoing financial statement is true and correct to the best of his knowl
edge, information and belief. ,
This September , 1913. , J. .11. Sanders, lrustee.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 20th day of September, 1913.
, Geo. R. Kesnky;'
,' ' County Judge for Obion County. Tennesscc.
$1.00 each.
-Whito Wyandottes, at
Walter R. Hkndrix.
ROOMERS Two upstairs rooms in
one of the most desirable sections of the
city. Call phone 163. 25-tf
WANTED To exchange a $65 elec
tric vacuum cleaner, good as new, for a
shot gun. See Thad Lee.
residence on Main street, modern con
veniences. Apply to
26-tf , B. F. Beckham.
FOR RENT Furnishod' rooms for
housekeeping or for young men. Ap
ply 423 East Church street or phone
542. 22 tf
WANTED A young or middle aged
man to sell Singer Sewing Machines
and to collect on accounts. Experience
not necessary. Apply to Singef Sewing
Machine Co., Union City, Tenn.
FOR RENT My home on Exchange
street, a seven-room cottage. Plenty of
fine fruit. Will rent with or without ad
joining lots for cultivation. Phone 278.
22-tf Mrs. S. T. Haydon.
FOR SALE The Trevathan home in
Union City; good 10-room house and
big lot; close in, corner Ury and High
streets. Will sell at a bargain.
22-tf Mrs. C. E. Trevathan,
Martin, Tenn., care Anderson Hotel.
Hopkins House, Memphis, Tenn.,
fronts Confederate Park, corner. Jeffert
son and Front streets. Coolest place in
hot weather in the city. Sleeping ac
commodations 2550 and 75 cents.
20-It Respectfully,
W. T. Donaldson.
67 Jefferson avenue. .
FOR SALE As I am leaving the
city, am offering for sale a general as
sortment of household goods, which
will be sold cheap to be gotten rid of
in a short time.
26-lt ' L. E. Haskiss,
404 N. Second St., Union City, Tenn.
STRAY MULE. Strayed from my
stable Aug. 7 a blue horse mule about
15 hands high, with crop off one of the
ears, and white place, on the back about
the size of a hand under the saddle.
Mule is about 15 years old. Any infor
mation concerning the whereabouts of
the mule will be paid for. Rural phone
Clayton No. 7, W. B. Coi.r,
23-4t Hickman, Ky., R.F.D. No. 2,
WANTED A housekeeper, woman
to live with us as one of the family, ono
who can cook well and milk. Will be
treated as ne of us and furnished with
good home and horse and buggy to
drive. If a girl we have a good school
and she may have the advantages of
same. Call or address '
26-lt A. Nichols.
R, F. D. No. 1. Eivcs, Tenn.

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