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Obioti County (Quarterly Court con
vened in regular quarterly session last
Monday, Judge Kenney presiding.
Clerk Talley and officer Finch were in
their places.
A. K. Wells instructed to have neces
sary work on road near Moriah Church
in No. 14, also buy land for road.
License to peddle granted K. J. Long.
El wood Harm allowed $60 per year,
RTolk, trustee: v
W. II. Pyles and Ross Brown, county
farm commissioners, made their report
Report shows seven inmates, the small
est number for some years. There were
two deaths during the year. W. T. IIol
loman has been employed as superin
tendent for next year.
Court ordered D. J. Howard be paid
the sum of $1,409.85, amount due as
Tax Assessor, State and county tax for
J. A. Howard, W. L. Bryan and J
F. Holloway appointed to have steel
bridge repaired on lower Rives levee, 95
feet long, at least possible cost.
E. N. Moore appointed to have steel
bridge in No. 14 refloored.
r J. F. Dawson resigned as Constable in
No. 2. Accepted and Charlie Harris
elected to fill vacancy.
Court increased janitor s salary to
$24, instead of $20.
Court ordered a new record typewriter
bought for the Register's office.
Deer Creek bridge ordered built on
Harris and Union City road. J. T. Ow
ens and J. A. Fowikes named as com
missioners. Ike Martis released from poll tax and
public road duty.
J. F. Kersey and J. C. Isbell appoint
ed to buy repairs for iron bridge in No. 3
S. T. Dinton allowed $3.00 to repair
bridge in No. 12, near Walter Hutch
inson's farm.
The bridge on Tierce levee ordered
repaired, W. T. Hill, commissioner.
Seventy-five dollars was allowed for
repairs or to, build new bridge 36 feet
long near Spout Spring, J. D. McBride
to have charge of work.
Bridge near Goodman farm in No. 10
ordered repaired.
J. B. Short, N." L. Williams and S.
M. Fields appointed to have bridge built
near Ouelph, not to exceed $325.
L. K. Barnes released from paying
poll tax and road duty. -
J. B. Hastings was released from pay
ing poll tax and road service.
S. F.IIoIloway and Mike Bucking
ham to have bridge built over David
son Creek, at folk.
I1. II. Carroll appointed to have bridge
repaired, near J. F. Hallnian's farm,
jgot to exct'ed $50.00.
Conrt allowed $40.00 paid to John and
Ada Dyer, as heretofore.
T. D. Corum, $3.00; J. T. Owens,
$3.00; W. Hi Sanders, $4.40; J. C. Is
bell, $4.00; A. E. Caldwell, $5.40; J.
F. Kersey, $5.00; J. F. Holloway,
$4.20; T. F. Palmer, $4.20; W. E.
Shropshire, $4.20; N. L. Williams,
$7.50; S. M. Fields, $7.50; G. R. Mc
Dade, $5.40; J. M. Moores, $7.40; J.
T. Lasley, $5.40; W. H. Pyle, $5.40;
II. II. Hunt, $4.60; J. A. Howard,
$5.00; W. A. Midyett, $6.80; C. M.
Montgomery, $6.G0; W. H. Cutler,
$10.60; H. B. Flemming, $7.60; J. P.
Cloar, $4.00; A. B, London, $4.00;
T. P. Finch, $4.00; H. E. Williams,
$6.20; W. J. Hopper, $7.40; J. D. Mc
Bride, $7.00; S. R. Bratton, $3.00; W.
W. Mays, $3.00; R. Polk, $3.00; W.
C. Morris, $3.00; E. N. Moore, $7.40;
A K Wells, $7.20; A. Wilson,. $6.60;
H . C. Corley, $6.60; J. W. Buchanan,
$rt.60; II. N. Sellars, $6.00; R. T. Mil
ne r, $6.00; J. S. Crockett, $6.00.
Revenue Commissioner Moffett filed
his report, showing total funds in Trus
teed possession as follows:
County revenue.. .-..$ 6,003.45
Roadrevenue 496.22
Road revenue due districts.. 8,939.84
School revenue due districts. 27,997.06
School revenue unapportiond 9., 481. 21
Total revenue .$52,897.78
Warrant account outstanding
and unpaid........ $334.41
Board prisoners. August $134.80
Board prisoners, September ...
Board prisoners, July......
Conveying prisoner, Kentucky.
Conveying prisoner, Kentucky.
II. iL rcsicrgraa. $ 22.50
Hall Bros., bridge.. 27.50
A. O. Osborne, bridge - 48.00
C. W. Byrne, levee repairs .... 14.80
R. M. Powell, land 5.00
C. W. Byrn, lumber..-. 200.00
Ben Barrett, filling holes...... 75.00
A. IX Loudon, bridge work.... 17.90
J. L. Holt, repairs 1.00
A, P. McKinney, bridge ...... 43.50
A. B. London, material . 44.75
S. F. Rogers, moving fence.... 2.60
I. W. Jernigan, land 25.00
V. Klutts, work on lake bridge. 36.95
ii' (. Long, bridge 40.00
W. H. Pyle. bridge contract... 2.00
A. J. Burton, lumber, bridge.. 161.34
Jack Long, land 40.00
T. P. Finch, bridge work 28.50
D. L. Garrison, bridge work 31.00
Jack Long, bridge 40.00
W. II . Pyle, letting contract... 2.00
C. W. Byrn, lumber... 60.16
H. II. Hunt, paid on bridge... 104.S0
J. E. Bell, land.... 12.50
H. A. Tune, repairs - 20.00
T. L. Finch, repairing levee 389.50
McAdec-Wisterman Co., curb
ing and walks 983.07
Floy Carter, moving fence 3.20
R. C. Moss, land 16.00
D. L. Garrison, painting bridge. 9.00
J. M. Sinkle, repairs 8.50
J. A. Howard, ditching... 200.00
W. E. Shropshire, levee work.. 75.00
V. M. Walden, levee 75.00
H. M. Pendergrass. drift. 35.00
Elbert Tilghman, repairs 32.00
H. A. Tune, repairs on levee 42.50
H. T. Smith, work ou creek... 21.45
J. L. Holt, repairs, bridge . - 1.00
W. J. Hopper, bridge 20.00
N. D. Logan, repairs, bridge 2.50
H. C. Wright, repairs, bridge.. 15.00
O. II. Clemmons, work on creek 42.00
Poor House Commissioners
maintenance for past quarter. $275. 00
Warrell Mfg. Co., mdse. for jail 66.50
W. H. Pyle, Commissioner on
work 2.00
Home Furniture Co., mdse. for
jail ; 11.25
G. W. Donnell, hauling 39.92
J. H. Callis, tax refund 2.00
A. J. Rainey, mdse. for jail.... 8.20
Fair Furniture Co., pauper cof
fin 4.00
J. M. McKinnon, tax refund 34.10
John W. Bennett, mdse for
county 13.10
Ralph Quinn, holding registra
tion J 9.00
J. C. Potter, holding registra
tion ....... .....
Corum & Jackson, mdse .
W. E. Scates, holding registra
tion . . .
Red Cross Drug Store, mdse.
D. P. Caldwell, mdse-.-
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co.,
mdse. 62.10
Union City lj & Coal Co.,
mdse 11.20
Fair Furniture Co., pauper cof
fin 6.00
F. C. Wehman, mdse 45.00
Dr. J. B. Bond, County Health
Officer 48.00
H. Moffett, Revenue Commis
sioner . 25.00
A. A. Rawdon, conveying pris
oner 22.77
C. H. Roach, tax refund 2.00
G. W. Leathers, conveying pris
oner 10.00
Western Hospital for the Insane 448111
C. S. Talley, Clerk, making tax
books and accounts for the
quarter 8S4.80
Union City Ice & Coal Co., coal 18.35
L. Hughes, guarding prison
ers at Troy 15.00
J. J. Johnson, isame..-- 3.50
Semones & Son, auto hire for
officers 6.00
Expenses Circuit Court, Sep
tember term 674.81
Juvenile Court cost ...... 5.40
J. F. Holloway, inquest ....$5.00
T. P. Callicott, inquest 5.00
J. L. Crockett, inquest . 5.00
Dr. N. G. Morris, inquest....... 5.00
8. R. Bratton, inquest..... 5.00
Dr. F. W. Watson, inquest 5.00
Dr. J. F. Darnall, inquest ...... 5.00
E. N. Moore, inquest 5.00
Dr. J. L. Wright, inquest ....... 5.00
W. H. Cutler, inquest 5.00
J. L. Crockett, inquest 5.00
Dr. R. N. Whitehead, inquest 5.00
News-Banner, paper, Register $ 4.25
Marshall & Bruce Co 2.67
Marshall & Bruce Co.. 37.69
News-Banner, stationery ..; 4.00
News-Banner, stationery . 8.60
Brandon Printing Co... . 55.50
Brandon Printing Co.. 8.26
Foster & Parks Co.... 2.33
The Commercial 1.50
The Commercial . 2.75
The Commercial 1.00
The Commercial 5.00
The Commercial ... ....- 2.40
The Commercial .......... 7.50
The Commercial .... ..... 1.50
The Commercial .... .... 16.00
The Commercial . 1.75
1. H. P. Allen, Walter McClanahan.
2. Henry Corum, L. T. Holliday.
3. C. H. Bruer, Thedrm Wheeler.
4. Elit Jones, J. F. Holloway.
5. H. T. Short, A. W. Reod.
6. Milen Curry, M. O. Garrison.
7 Walter Alexander, Myatt Stovall.
8 C. D. Barnes, A. D. Midyett.
9 W. M. Freed, J IL Cravens.
10. L. Maupin, Luke Latimer.
11a P. A. Williams, J, C. Thompson.
12. J. C. Rea, Charlie Summers.
13. Ed McAIister, R. P. Wlutesell.
14 Ti A, Smith, A. J. Craven.
15 G. O." Watson, Walter Barnes.
16, W. J. Lowe, S. V. Holman.
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Old School Deeds.
To the Commercial: I have been re
quested to look up the present status
of the ownership of the Union City pub
lie school lot, once owned by me and
given to the people for school purposes
You will please publish the copies of
deeds in the Register's cilice of Obion
County. First deed of conveyance by
me to parties named to lot No. 4, C. N
Gibbs' addition to Union City. These
parties were, prior to such deed of gift
regularly chartered by the State under
its laws and registered both in Union
City and Nashville. This deed empow
ered the trustees named with free own
ership of the lot. Being fully empow
ered to make a deed to others for the
purposes set forth in said charter, to
build and conduct school house and
school or to sell the property to others
in the same line conducting, owning
and running a school these trustees
by board action, sold and conveyd by
the second deed herein set forth the
property to the county school directors
of the 59th school district, embracing
Union City. No other action has ever
been had in this matter or shown in the
public records. If no such action is to
be fouud (and I can find none) the
county has the legal title to the lot,
and unless she has by legal steps di
vested herself of the power of control,
only the county can exercise any own
ership over the property. So then, to
say nothing of the ethical question in
volved in the way Mr. Carnegie's money
was secured to build a library, the school
lot is not the property of Union City to
give away even if school property could
be diverted to such use. As to what
ought to be done about it I offer no
opinion. -An intelligent, conscientious
public ought to formulate its own ac
tion. C. N. Gibbs,
C. N. Gibbs to T. J. cedwards et als.,
Trustees. Filed Aug. 17, 1 o'clock.
Recorded Aug. 18, 1878.
"Know all men by these presents
That I. Charles N. Gibbs, of Obion
County, Tennessee, do hereby give,
grant and convey to T. J. Edwards, J.
E. Beck, Henry Moffatt, D. P. Shoff
ner, Wm.-H. Swiggart, S. T. Evans
and R. B. Hughes, Trustees of the Un
ion City Male and Female Academy
and their successors in office, the fol
lowing described lot in C. N. Gibbs' ad
dition to Union City, in Obiori County,
Tennessee, bounded as follows: Be
ginning at a stake, the intersection of
Bell and Ury streets; thence east with
Bell 313 and 2-10 feet to Monroe street;
thence north,264 feet to Palmer Street;
thence west 313 and 3-10 feet to Ury
street; thence north 364 feet to the be
ginning, known on the plan as lot No.
11, to have and to hold to the said trus
tees and their successors in office for
the use of said academy in fee simple
and forever, subject only to the follow
ing conditions, to-wit: that the sum of
five thousand dollars shall be bona fide
expended in erecting a house thereon
for school purposes.
"In witness whereof, I have hereto
set my hand and seal this 12th day of
August, 1878, "C.N. Gibbs."
The above, properly certified, may
be found on pages 334 and 335 of Book
B, No. 2, in the Register's office of
Obion County.
The following deed is to be found in
Book F, No. 2, page 362 and following
page, to-wit:
Trustees Union City College. Filed
June 5, 10 o'clock a. m. Recorded
June 7, 1881.
"Whereas, The Trustees of the Union
City Male and Female College, a cor
poration regularly chartered by the laws
of Tennessee, is indebted to D. P. Shoff
ner, Beck & Bransford, H. Dietzel, W;
Hi Swiggart, W. G.-Moss, T. J. Ed
wards and Wm. Hamilton, and perhaps
small sum to other persons, all of
which is set out in full in a deed of
trust heretofore made to G. W. Layne,
trustee, etc., to secure said debts and
to which reference is hereby made; and
"Whereas, The said Edwards and the
said Swiggart have released their said
debts and the other parties have agreed
to release twenty-five per cent of their
said debts and receive seventy-five per
cent thereof in full satisfaction of the
same, the whole amount of said debt
after deducting such releases being
$3,326.57 (thirty-three hundred and
twenty-six and 57-100 dollars); and
Whereas, The trustees aforesaid
have by rwlotwn d'jiy, passed, at a
cgular meeting of its board, entered
into an agreement with G. W. Layne,
S. W. Godwin and W. R. Neblett, as
the school directors of the 59th school
istrict of Obion County, embracing
the town of Union City, to sell and con
vey the college buildings and grounds
as hereinafter described to said school
irectors and their successors in oflice
in trust for the use and benefit of the
hite people of said district for public
schools upon the condition that the said
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school directors should pay off and
satisfy said debts, which they have
agreed to do. -
'Now, therefore, in pursuance of said
resolution and agreement, the said trus
tees of Union City Male and Female
College doth bargain, sell, transfer and
convey unto G. W. Layne, S. W. God
win and W. R. Neblett, as directors of
public schools for said district No. 59
of said county, in trust and to their
successors in office for the purposes,
uses and trusts aforesaid the following
parcel of ground and buildings, to-wit:
the college lot and buildings in Union
City, Obion County, Tennessee, the lot
being the same heretofore sold by C. N.
Gibbs to T. J. Edwards and others, the
trustees of the conveyor herein, by deed
dated the 12th day of August, 1878,
and being a part of said Gibbs addi
tion to Union city and known as lot
No. 11 and containing the said college
buildings with all of its improvements
belonging thereto.
'This conveyance is in consideration
of the payment of said debts by said
directors and a lien is hereby expressly
retained on all said property to secure
the payment of said debt.
"In witness whereof, signed by
"T. J. Edwards, Pres.
"S. T. Evans, Sec."
The above document is to be found
on pages 362 and 303 Book F, No. 2.
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