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Will You
ne to Get It ?
And it is a range that will cure .all your cooking troubles, that will do your
work as you want it done a Real "Favorite. ;
Mange r ree !
.r civ
tlfV' "T"" : HE(l,
;itlri.iiiir'f,ri.ii im .lri fckfri;. it ..-', '
pi pi
To Delinquents'
All property owners who have not
either settled in- full or paid the cash
pavpicjit-for -walks abutting their re
'?Vocuve propertie, M required by law,
should call at the Recorder's office and
make the settlement without delay.
This is not only important because
the city needs the funds to finance the
improvements, but because a failure to
make the partial payments as provided
by law matures the entire obligation
-. l 1 - .1 A
ana it win oe incumnem upon me cor
poration to collect the obligations.
Yours truly,
J. A. Cohie, Mayor. -
Community silver at Dietzel's.
Mrs. O. P. Bishop and little daughter
have returned from Greenfield.
Mrs. W. II. Wolf, aged 50 years, died
at her home iu -Fulton Wednesday.
Fresh oysters at Kirkianu s, su cents
a pint. Have your grocer call for them.
Mr. George Gibbs, Sr., has been suf
fering from an attack of indigestion.
Mrs. William Hughes, ol J-uItou, is
at the Union City Hospital for surgical
Don't fail to call at Mrs. Arnn's and
see the hew hats apd get the prices be
fore you buy.
Mrs. Maury Cozier, of Kenton, is at
the Union City Hospital for surgical
Judge Swiggart, who has been con
fined to his bed for the past week, is
If you want the very latest and best
in the range market, get a Cole's Hot
Blast Ranee.
Mrs. John A. Hughes, of Bethlehem
vicinity, is at the Union City Hospita.1
for surgical treatment,
v Mr. Clyde Johnson and Miss Bera
Long were married at the home of the
bride, near Dukedom, last Tuesday. ,
Mr. "Billie" Parker, Diettel's jew
eler, can repair it. Just try him.
E.' II. Marshall, of the Union City
Commercial, went to New York City
last" Week, wherr. he attended the world's
series of base ball games.
Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Nailling bavo re
turned from Chicago, Dr. Nailling hav
ing spent several weeks in the largest
surgical clinic in that city.
I have the largest and prettiest line
of fall miiiinery it has ever been my
pleasure to show. You are invited to
8ee it. Mrs. F. E. Aksx.
Mrs. Jeff Coruni was operated on at
at the Union City Hospital Wednesday
morning for appendicitis and is recover
ing nicely from the operation.
George Kinkle, one of the old Train
ing School boys and a great favorite
here, stopped over for a few days visit
with friends. He is en route from his
home in Memphis to Los. Angeles, where
he will enter business. , '
The latest styles and the prettiest
styles, in an endless variety, now on
display at Mrs. Arnn's.
The members of the W. C, T, U. re
quest the ministers of the different de
nominations that they have special
prayer at the Sunday morning service
for the passage of Governor Hooper's
law enforcement bills.
Mrs. Marshall Martin, Of Columbia,
Tenri., is the house guest of her sister,
Mrs. William Warterfield, in her pretty
country home, Wortham, north of
town. Mrs, Warterfield, who has been
ill with fever, is improving..
Have you seen the new fall hats at
Mrs. Arnn's? They are beauties, and
there is a largo force of salespeople who
will take pleasure in showing them to
Seid Waddell, Jr., is at present re
porting in Nashville on the Daily Ten
nesseau. His reports have until this
week been confined to special dope con
cerning the fair but on Monday he lined
up under the city editor and is now re
porting at that desk.
We want a lot of geese and will pay
7c a pound for full feathered and 6c
for picked geese for the next two weeks.
Phone S(H or 697. ' : ' . .
27-tf Diktzel Troditck Co. :
Miss . Winnie Davis Moore, Mrs.
Berryhtll, Clem Burdick, Miss Louise
White, Alice Nash, Koodle llawes
and Johnny Seamones composed two
automobile parties which went through
to Martin last Saturday to see the
Union City-Martin football game.
Whcii you tLitik jowelrv tLiiA D;l
xel's. "
An attendance campaign is being
waged by the First Christian Church,
There is hardly a member of the
church or Sunday School who has not
attended one of these meetings, which
are bting carried on to bring members
to more often and closer communion.
Call us up to get the market on poul
try, eggs and live stock. We will
trade with you. '
oetS-3ro W. G. Reynolds.
Favorites are built in a model stove plant by skilled workmen. They em
body more time and money-saving features than any other. They save their
own cost in fuel economy, cook ancTbake perfectly, and save one-quarter of the
time usually spent in the kitchen.
In your kitchen free. This gives
store. First
town. Your
do you get more tor your money but you are also given an opportunity to se
cure FREE a $40.00 Favorite Range that will make cooking easy.
Think it over. In the meantime,
how you can
kitchen without
lie QualMpine f Uiion City , .Ten
J. W. Burney was a business visitor
to Kenton Wednesday. He reports the
death of two of Number Eight's prom
inent citizens Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Henderson, mother of J. S. Hen
derson, died Tuesday night and early
Wednesday morning Mr. Carroll, an
aged citizen, passed away. He was the
father of Mrs. J. L. Fry, of this city.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any
caw of CKtarrh that cannot lie cured by Hull's
Cnterrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY t CO.. Toledo, O.
We. the underismed. have known F. J. Cheney
for the lt 15 years, nnd believe him perfectly
honorn'nie in nii business transactions and finan
cially able to carry out any obliitations made by
his firm. Waiuinu, Kinnan Si Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hall's Cat.-.rrh Cure is tukeu internally, acting;
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c
per bottle. Sold by all Drujfirists.
Take Hall's Family J'ills for constipation.
D. P. Caldwell left tor St. Louis
Tuesday night.. He went for the pur
pose of laying in book supplies for the
holiday season, but says be will extend
his stay in Missouri until Tennessee
geU her face washed by the means of
having some certain politicians now
holding forth in Nashville erased into
And Be Free From Her Troubles,
but Finds Better Way. .
Columbia. Tenn. "Man a time,'
says Mrs. Jessie Sharp, of this place.
"1 wished I would die and be relieved
of my (suffering, from womanly troubles.
I could not get up, without pulling at
something to help me, and stayed in bed
most of the time. 1 could not do my
The least amount of work tired me
out. My head would swim, and I would
tremble for an hour or more. Finally. I
look Cardui, .the woman's tonic, and I
am not bothered with pains any more,
and 1 don't have to go to bed. In fact,
i am sound and we'd cf all my troubles."
Cardui goes to all the weak spots and
helps to make them strong. It acts with
nature not against her. It is for the
tired, nervous, irritable women, who feel
as if everything were wrong, and need
something to quiet their nerves and
strengthen the worn-out system.
If you are a woman, suffering from any
of the numerous symptoms of womanly
trouble, take Cardui. It will help you.
At all druggists.
Writ! to: Chattarsoojt, Ktdidn Co.. Ls5
AdTisory Del.. Cnannnoogs.. Term., for .SmcimJ
y.rini on your esss nnd 64 pses book. 'Hcur
TrMimeiit tor Wotntc.'' ie pitio wrapper. liC 1&2
our prices, quality considered, are lower than
dollar goes farther ;here
seize this opportunity to
cost to you. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Fowell Burnett, who
have been living at Seymour, Texas, for
several years, have moved back to Union
City and will reside here in the future.
Mrs. Burnett is pleasantly remembered
here as Miss Nora Jackson, where she
has many friends who welcome them
back. ,
Bon Air Coal, best and cheapest, at
Union City Ice fc Coal Co.
' Fresh oysters at Kirklaud's, 30 cents
a pint. Have your grocer call lor tnem.
STORE is headquarters for LIV-VER-LAX.
The Young Ladies Missionary So
ciety of the Cumberland Church was
pleasantly entertained by the Misses
Littletou, of Main Street. ; The1 pretty
home was arranged with ' cut flowers
and other decorations for the affair,
which marked the fourth auniversary
of the society. A musical program
was given, some of those who con
tributed towards it being Misses Ora
Pace, Louise Adams and Marcella
Davidson and Sam Burns. Games and
contests were enjoyed, and a big frosted
cake bearing four candles and contain
ing a needle, a thimble and a wedding
ring, was sliced in turns by the young
ladies. It was not reported to whom
the three interesting and symbolic
articles fell., Refreshments of salad,
sandwiches and hot chocolate were
Stop doughing! you rack, the lungs
and worry' the body.' BALLARD'S
HOREHOUND SYRUP checks irrita
tion, heals the lungs and restores com
fortable breathing. Price 2.")c, 50c and
$1.00 per bottle. Sold by Oliver's Red
Cross Drug Store. advt
Coal and wood delivered promptly by
the Union City Ice fe Coal Co.
Calomel, calomel, you cannot stay,
for L1V-VER-LAX has showfl us an
easier way. Ask OLIVER'S RED
Fritzi Schcff Scheurer, the high kick
er this season and last with the Union
City Public School, playing half back,
helped sail Union City's score, np to 15
against Martin's 6 in the football game
at the latter town last Saturday and it
was all so dead easy that it made
Scheurer ill. He wa3 carried off the
gridiron in a Union City car, leaving
the impression behind that he had been
mortally wounded, but this was not
true. Fritzi was a!! right as he always
You can put this
you a double reason
than anywhere else.
call and see us, and let us explain fully
place a FAVORITE Range in your
Remember we guarantee everything we sell you '
And guarantee the price.
Sugar, granulated, per 100 lb $5.25
16 lbs. granulated Sugar for ...... . 1.00
8 lbs. granulated Sugar for 50c
16$ lb.. L. B. Sugar for.. 1.00
J. C Flour, per bbl ..........
Omega Flour, per bbl
Success Flour, per bbl. . . . ....
Sunshine Flour, per bbl
Helen of Troy Flour, per bbl ... .
J. C. Ffour. 24-lb sack 80c
Success Flour, 24-lb sack. 80c
Echo Flour. 24-lb sack 95c
Helen of Troy Flour, 24-lb sack 75c
Omega Flour, 24-lb sack. 95c
Leader Flour, 24-lb sack 75c
Self-Rising Flour, 24-lb tack 80c
3 cans best standard corn for 25c
3 cans best hominy for 25c
3 cans baked beans for 25c
1 3-lb can standard tomatoes for ...... 10c
2 cans of Robin corn for 25c
3 lbs. best rice fori 25c
Red Karo extra quality Syrup, 2 lb.
small size 15c, or 2 cans for. , 25c
5-lb size for 25c
10-Ib size for. 50c
Youri for business,
is. His beautiful kick in the first part
of the game that was a finale to one of
the prettiest and swiftest plays ever
made on local fields must have laid
some of the Martians low with lost
hope, though they played pluckily,
Scheurer was reported better by the at
tending physician. Other good playing
was by Zwiogle, Lancaster and in fact
the entire lineup.
We buy cattle, hogs and poultry.
Call us up or come to see us. We
buy all the time.
oct3-3m W. G. Ejeyvolds.
for trading at our
any other store in
Second, not only
J. C meal, one-half bu 60c
Troy meal, one-half bu 60c
New navy beans, per lb 7c
Pure apple vinegar, per gal 40c
Clairette soap, 6 bars for .... ...... . 25c
" " per box... $3.25
Big Deal soap, per box 2.25
6 bars Big Deal soap 25c
Chops, per sack. 1.95
Feed oats, per bu 60c
Troy bran, per sack ,50
Special prices made on 5 sacks at a time.
Just received a car of salt. Buy early and
save the advance.
Salt, per barrel. $1.65
Salt, per hundred pound sack 90
Salt, per 25-pound sack .25
Rock salt per pound ,. ... Ic
Box salt, 10c size , .... 3 for 25c
Florida yams, per peck $0.35
Irish potatoes, per peck 35 '
Cabbage, per pound ................ 4c
Red Globe onions, per pound 4c
New kraut, per pound 5c
We are headquarters for celery, grapes,
cranberries and all kinds of fruit,
Some fine country sorghum, per gal. ..60c
Gallon bucket ,60c
Our new sugar house molasses will arrive
about Oct. 15th.
WANTED A -youi.g or itiiJ'ite aged
man to soil Singer Hewing Machines
and to collect on accounts. Experience
not necessary. Apply to Singer Sewing
Machine Co., Union City, Tenn.J
We pay the highest market price for
poultry any day in the year. Save your
turkeys for us, we will buy them at
any time.
oct3-3m W. G. Reynolds.
We want a lot of geese and will pay
7ic a pound for full feathered and Clo
for picked geee for the next two weeks.
Phone 300 or 607.
27-tf Dietzel Peoduce Co. "3

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