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Goldga Gate
Teas and Coffees
Chase & Sanborn's
Teas and Coffees
Meat, Flour, Sugar; Coffee -
All handled in an up-to-date, sanitary manner.
No order too large. No order too small.
'. E. P. GRLSSOM "
Phones 204-230 Washington Ave.
No. 125
,.. ..aarL 11 1
1- wiL
Warmth Without Smoke
or Dirt
Get a No, 125 Perfection for $2.15 and be com
fortable in the worst of weather. :
Direct from the Standard Oil Company of Louis
iana. F.O.B.; Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga,
Knoxville. Cash with order. V' ' ''.' '
If your dealer cannot supply jou,' write us.
of Louisiana
"J. , -
4. A,
Social and Personal
Mrs. Berryhill, Editor.
Telephone 10. Kindly report as ear! j as con
Birthday Party.
Little Eloise Fardue entertained a
number of ber friends last Friday at
her home on College street in celebra
tion of her fourth birthday. During
the hours from three to five o'clock the
home was a scene of merry-making in
the innocent amusements indulged in
by the little ones present. They were
in high glee over the peanut hunt, and
it was interesting to seo the- little tots
eagerly counting their peanuts to see
Who must receive the prize, a story
book, which fell to Willie rarner Cald
well,' The most enjoyable feature of
the afternoon was a balloon hunt and
tha air was. soon afloat with these pretty
toys,' -while the shouts of delight from
the tinders and the blowing of the whis
tles indicated the joy they found in the
frolic. In due time they were invited
into the dining room, where the deco
tationain pink made a picture of loveli
ness, and partook of the dainty Iced re
freshments in which also prevailed the
predominating color. The charming
little hostess received many nice pres
ents with wishes for happy returns of
the day.
Wednesday Club.
; Mrs. C. -H. Cobb entertained the
Wednesday Club this week. Mrs. Wal
lace Moore won the club prize and Mrs.
Ben Herring the consolation. Mrs.
Lambert won the visitor's prize. Em
broidered shirt waists were the prizes.
Refreshments in courses were very de
lightful. ' .. ""'
Mrs. Ben Bransford, Hostess.
Mrs. Ben Bransford pleasantly enter
tained the Young Woman's Missionary
Society Friday afternoon. Two contests
were enjoyed, one being questions con
cerning the ancestors of the contestants
arid 'the other being questions toi be
answered with proper names from the
bible."1 Miss Louise Dahnke was the
most successful in the first contest and
Mrs. Ilowell Bransford in the second.
Hot coffee raisin sandwiches and cheese
crackers', were served.1.
Mrs. Ligon Entertains. '
.Mrs, Chas. Ligon was-the cordial
hostess Tuesday afternoon of an enjoy
able rook party given to a limited jium
hpr nf her friends. Several Winds of
the popular game were played a four
card tables. Delightful reiresnmems
were served, the hostess being assisted
in receiving and serving by her daugh
ter, Mrs. Corker Jackson.
The ladies of the Leonidas Polk Chap
ter are duly grateful for the free scholar
ship given them in the Union City High
School by the Board of Education ' for
another year and take this means of
publicly thanking them for same.
Mrs. J. A. Coble,
Mrs. W. Z. Massengim.,
Mrs. W. H. SwiGGARf,
Are We Harking Back to Hoop
New York, Nov. 10. Mrs. Reginald
Vanderbilt recently, wore a costume of
amber figured crepe and chiffon with
the new double tunic topped by a hat of
black tulle in baret shape trimmed with
a bow of ' wide black moire ribbon
poised at the back, one end up the
other out and down in the mode that
has caught the fashionable fancy. On
the same occasion Miss Sands wore a
gown of Dolly Varden crepon com
bining pale blue,, mauve and bid rose.
Mrs. Gordon Douglas in a gown of black
faille had a tunic with' a deep saw-tooth
edge. Mrs. Wm. E. Carter's gown of
faded rose taffeta bad a similarly fin
ished tunic and one of the new Japanese
mal fitting collars that are the tip of the
mode just now. -
No one who aspires to fashion wears
a blouse that is cut high in the neck,
and the new Japanese collar, which is a
narrow turn over affair that circles the
neck in an open ugly way, is very much
used. The idea seems t5 be to leave the
throat perfectly free at the back and
sides as well as in front. You can in
troduce a wired upstanding ruffle if you
will to-'softeri the effect, or a Det gamp
if you must have a decided covering.
Only the outer coats and wraps make
any provision for throat protection.
Many of these have wide," short rolling
collars of fur that can be drawn close
about the throat at need, while many
smaller fur pieces are made up in cravat
We buv cattle, hogs and poultry.
Call us up or come to see us. We
buy all the time. ,
School and Farm.
Are you interested in the improve
ment of your school and farm? If you
are, meet with us.at your school build
ing at the following times and places to
discusS the benefits of co-operation be
tween the patrons anu teachers, Hie re
lation, of the school to the home and
farm and kindred topics. '
' Mr. J. C. McAmis, the Count; Agri
culturist, is making these visit with me
and is anxious to meet all farmers in
terested in the improvement of farm
crops and animals and permanent soil
fertility. He wishes to take up with
you at this time any local farm problem
and' help you in the solution of it. .
Come to your school one time and
help us to stimulate more interest in in
creased farm profits and improvement
of school and community life. . ..
Monday, Nov. 17, McAnna, 11a.m.;
Oak Ridge, 2 p.-m.; Clovcrdale, 7:30
ir ! ' s
Tuesday, Nov. is, zaon. y;ou a. hk;
Lake View,' 1:30 p. m.; Cunningham,
No. 83, 7:30 p. m. . ;
Wednesday, Nov. 19, Minnick,' 0:30
a. m.; Jackson Hill, 1:30 p. m.; Hom-
beak", 7:80 p. m. ;
Thursday, Nov. 20, Cobb s, 00 a.
m.; Cunningham, No. 29, 1:30 p. m.;
Mineral Springs, 7:30 p. m. -Yours
very tru1y
r &?
k Xvw-
.. ' I '
55'3 ' ; jji '
inmnafiv New York. Designers ; and
Makers of McCall Patterns. ,.
Scene in "The Vircinian" Which Will Appear at the Reynolds
Opera House Thursday Night, November 24. A
s Call us up to get the market on poul
try, eggs and live stock. , e will
trade with you. . ; - - -oct3-3m
W. G. Keysolds.
forms that are practical and pretty for
this purpose At C. C. Shayne & Co's.
I saw some charmirlg examples of these.
One in glossy Persian lamb had an up
standing collar of ermine, the ends of
both the lamb and ermine cravats fin
ished with a fringe of ermine tails. A
flat muff of the' lamb had bands of
ermine at either end. AH muffs are
large and flat in style though many of
them have the fur arranged in drapings,
while combinations not only of odd furs
but ' of fur with chiffon, velvet, and
plush, is a notable feature of this year s
styles. S
A novelty seen here was called a "one
arm wrap" of natural mole or of dyed
muskrat trimmed with 3kunk and fin
ished with largo tassels, this went over
brie shoulder and tauder the other arm,
crossing the chest frnd back and form
ing notwithstanding its freakish form,
a very novfcl and attractive protection,
adequate for any but tire most extreme
weather., when it- would, of course, Je
worri 6vsr a'CoaL. " .
( BEADS AS BEADS. ' ': , '
With the prevalence of beads in dress
trimmings has come a perfect rage for
bead necklaces. These in amber, j-ade
and other fashionable colors often lend
just the right note to set off a costume
and relieve the sombre black of the vel
vet bat, that is so generally worn this
winter. , '
The loop skirt looms largo cu t'.m
horizon now that the popular minaret
tunic with its stiffened edge, hoops its'
popular .way 011 a!) sorts of evening
frocks, but the better class of women use
not the circular outstanding hoop . seen
on the; stage, but a modified stiffening
of the hem that, is more graceful and
conservative..; Whether or not boop
ekirts are coming is a question that no
One can answer with certainty, though
apparently everyone is against it.
. Verona Clakke.--
Call 150 for coal of any kind. , '
Lunch Room
For Ladies and Gents
The only Real Lunch Room
in Town
Everything to Eat in Season.
Wholesale and Retail
Reelfoot Lake and
Mississippi River
Fish (St Game
Oysters in Season.
New location, East Main Street
- It is stated that the formnl negative
reply of Huerta to the demand of the
United States that lie eliminate himself
rroin the provisional presidency of Mex
ico will deny the right of the United
States to make 'the- demand, and deny
the legal right of Huerta to accede to it.
John Lind, now in Mexico City, is re
ported is being convinced that negotia
tions are about at an end.
c A shift in the line-up on the Cur
rency Bill, when Senators Reed and
O'Gorman rejoined the Democrats,
caused the Senate committee to vote to
reconsider the decision which cut down
from twelve to four thg number of re
gional banks in the proposed currency
system. '
In a quarrel over the possession of
his child, Miles Cribb, a farmer near
Rebecca, Ga., shot and killed his
mother-iu-law, fatally wounded his sister-in-law
and wounded his wife, froni
whom he was estranged.
At the trial of James Ryan, a clair
voyant, and C. P. Bertsche, charged
with swindling her, Mrs.. Hope McEl
downey, of West Salem, Wis., testified
she gave the clairvoyant $15,000 to fn
vest for her.
William F. McCombs, Chairman of
the Democratic National Committee,
married Miss Dorothy Williams, of
Washington, in London, England. He
will probably accept the Ambassador
ship to France. ' -
Much anxiety is being felt in Bos
ton over the Hamburg-American line
freighter, Aragonia, with a cargo woj-th
11,300,000 from the Far East which is
a week overdue. ' ! . . v
L. A. Reed, a farmer of Magoffin
County, Ky., from the ferry boat City
of Jeffersonville and was drowned in
the presence of a younger brother.
Dudley Field Malone, Third Assist
ant Secretary of State, has practically
been selected to succeed John Purroy
Mitchell as Collector of the Port of
New York.
i.i iii ii i '' " '
of any kind
We represent only the best
Fire, Life, Accident and
Tornado Insurance Companies.
We will appreciate '
your business.
White & Quinn
Real Estate and Insurance
T - ff
WANTED Two delivery boys. Ap
ply to Hardy & Glass. 33-tf
FOR SALE A second-hand sewing
machine. Call phone 232. 33-2t
Bon Air Coal, best and cheapest, at
Union City Ice & Coal Co. .
WANTED To exchange and pay the
difference, a good horse for a pair of
mules. 33-tf Lockkrt & Rogers.
FOR RENT A five-room cottage on
Washington avenue. For further in
formation call Miss E. F. Stitt, 93 or
231. v 31-tf
Calomel, calomel, you canuot stay,
for LIV-YER-LAX has shown us an
easier way. Ask OLIVER'S RED
We want a lot of geeso and will pay
7c a pound for full feathered aud tJc
for picked geeso for the next two weeks.
Phone 300 or 007.
7-tf DlElZEL Pkodite Co,
FOll SALE Choice Barred Rocks,
cockerels, $1.0Q each. Indian Runner
Ducks, $2.00 a trio. -
Herman Dietzel, Jk.
Phone 5J)8. . . 30-tf
sufferers find instant relief in
Sloan's Liniment. It pene
trates to the painful part
soothes and quiets the nerves.
No rubbing-merely lay It on.
Kills Pain
Tat Neuralsia
" I wonld not be without yonr I jnl-mrnt-rHl
praise it to all who goffer
wiUi nmimlKi nr rtif ninntum or pain of
anr kind."' H"J buhup. Una.
Pais AD Con
" I HfTd with quit aw-vere neu
rltrw bft"he trr t rr.orii:,i wlluuul
Bny relief. I ued your Uniment for
two or tliree nisrliU nd I hv-n't uf
fcrcd with rr.y hnui Biaes." "r-
Traatmento for ColJ and Croup
"My little (cirl, twelve yearn old,
cauglit a cold, and I rate her
three drops of Sloan 'a Liniment on mikm
on aoiinr to lied, and ahe got tip in the
niuriiinit with no mens of a cold. A I t
tle boy next door had croup and I gnve
the mrittwr tlx? I.irjinwnt." feheirave him
tlire drorm on eoin to bed. and he tft
op without theoroup in the moiumg."
ai'.nDW 50c.J n.et
Sioaa'a Book o Harsea ert fire
kinds of poultry. We buy 12 months
in the year. Call us over phone or
come to see us when in town.
oct3-3m ; W. G. Reynolds.
I am connected with Mr. Waller How
ell as local buyer. See nie before you
sell your corp. R. L. Lockkrt.
Telephone' 220, or 532 at night.
Real Estate Transfers.
N. G. Morris et al. to R. J. Alexan
der, lot in No. 16, f 1,005.
B. W. 'Tull to M. Tu.ll, 152 acres in
No, 3, $2,GG0.
J. E. Forester to J. S. Bean, 211 acres
in No. 4, $1,500. '
F. T. Carter and wife to T.'O. McKin
nie, lot in No. 4, fS50.
G. A. Howell and wife to R. J. Cana-
day, 140 acres in No. G, $10,500. , " .
M. V. Bruce to J. A. Bruce, 50 acres
in No. 8 $3000.
E. H. Marshall to T. L. Metcalfe, lot
in No. 13, $500.
Thos. O. Morris to Pillow Finch, 4
lots in No. 15, $450.
D. H. Muse to J. II. Muse, 53 acres
in No. 6, $700. -
C. A. James and wife to C. C. Mar
shall, 3441 acres in No.?5, $1,500.
J. J. Wade etal. to H. H. Wade, land
in No. G, $1,432.30.
C. C. Brown et al. to F. E. Walker,
land in No. 15, $10.
0. N. Lannom, trustee, to H. A. Mof
fett, 139 acres in No. 3, $2,520.
Rub a sore throat with BALLARD'S
SNOW LINIMENT. One or two appli
cations Mill cure it completely. Pric.
1 a e- 1 I 1
25c, 50c ana f l.uu per uottie. c-oia oy
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store. advt
Will cure your Rheumatism
Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps,
Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cut9 and
Burns, Old Sores, Stints of Insect3
Etc. Antiseptic Anodyne, used in
ternally and externally. Price 25c.
I will gucrentfr yott to atop that itcia in twe
No remfdy that I hal evr xold foe
Eczema, Psorlaali, and all other disease
of the akin baa Riven more thorousU.
satisfaction than th . - ,
D. D. D. Prescription for lazm
'1 aruarantee thi remedy.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Biore.

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