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CajS) 'Iff
in Lumber
counts for much more than its
initial cost. That is proven by the
fact that when you buy lumber
here, you won't have to buy more
for a long time to come. Sound
and thoroughly seasoned as it is,
once it is put up it is there to stay
without the need of repair or re
T. R. REYNOLDS, Proprietor-..' Phone 285
STORE is headauarters for LIV-VER-
Paris Out-Classed.
In one of the fastest games of foot-
ha ever nlaved. the Training School
walked away with Grove's High School
last Saturday morning. It was certainly
unexpected by Paris and Union City
that the busky team be beaten by 5-"
to C. The game was interesting, al
though Taris did not have a chance.
I)v lurk thev managed to cross the goal
line one time, while the Training School
crossed eight times and Everett kicked
seven (straight goals, missing tueeigntn.
Tlie feature of the game was the fast
playing of tbe'wbole team, especially
Captain McConnell, who at no time
fallal to pain in anv way he tried.
Wright played a brilliant game at half.
For a trial Everett rilled bim uarmen s
plate as if be bad been regular man at
The Training School justly claims
one of the strongest and fastest teams
in the county. Easterwood is given up
to be one of the best guards anywhere.
He's a man and everybody knows it
and bis opponents have found it out
His man in this game weighed 202
against his 158 pounds; but Frank
couldn 't be moved. The average weight
of Paris was 155, Training School 149
Wells had bis first experience in a
real game 8aturday at right end. He
and Fowler each showed up well for a
half of the game. Rankin worked at
full back and Holloman and King at
tackle. Brevard bad a basket for his
passed balls, for they didn't get away.
The touchdowns were made by: Mc
Connell, 3; King, 1; Wright, 1; Bre
vard, 1; Rankin, 2; total, 8. Goals
kicked by Everett, 7. Time of quar
ters, 13 minutes.
The Training School meets Greenfield
Training School atlMartin to-day (Fri
day) for a game at 4 o'clock.
You will see a fast game if you go, as
both teams believe they will win. Spend
a dollar and go with the boys and help
Union City beat Greenfield. The train
leaves at 3:0G and returns at 8 o'clock.
Comer First and Washington Sts. UNION CITY.
Security I But" it Costs You Nothing Here.
J We offer our services to the people of
Union City and assure you will keep
Wfirth nothing' but fresh, pure patent drugs
If Up Hi properly and accurately compounded,
.. I and will charge no more than for the
uOillC" I ceaper km-
1 Secure the best results from your doc
fhinnf tors prescriptions by letting us com-
tlllllg) I pound them.
Our Fountain is replete with Seasonable Drinks
and a Sanitary Fountain, too.
We have come to live among this people and be one of
you' and hope to share your patronage.
Chas. M. Henderson.
I see him!
Now we can have sup
per. And
The meal is all ready.
How much that means to the wife meals right
on time. cooKea to per
fection the fire burned
just right every lid at a
working heat, ready to boil
or fry. Oven baking beau
tifully both top and oven
going at the same
Fire burning free
and steady.
, T- Hurra any iuci
Jh soft coal, hard coal or
These are just a few
of the "good things'
for you in a
Hot Blast
That make your housekeeping ey and cooking a pleasure.
j ? Mrs. uooqcook, un uie range you
have been wanting.
5 the nam 'CoV on each
. .. J' , Range. JVone genuine without it
Mrs. Berrybill, Editor.
Telephone 140. Kindly report as early as con
Mrs. A. J. Harpole, Hostess.
Mrs. A. J. Harpole was the hostess
Friday afternoon at a reception given in
honor of Mrs. Charles 51. Henderson,
who ba9 recently moved here from
Prairie, Miss. The hall,, library, par
lor and dining room were thrown to
gether and decorated with a profusion
of flowers and potted plants, while the
handsome chandeliers were shaded in
pink. Mrs. Wbitesell Harpole was the
attendant at the door of the entrance
hall, made a bower of greenery by the
artistic arrangementof palms and other
potted plants. The receiving line which
stood in the library was composed be
sides the hostess and honoree of Mrs.
F. L. Pittman and Mrs. Ned Joyner.
In this room the decorations were of
pink carnations and ferns. In the din
ing room where the guests were ushered
by Mrs. Joe Prieto and Miss Dora Brad
shaw and served by Mmes. 8. Arnold,
T. E. Massey and Ed Kirkland the taste
ful arrangement of the decorations was
especially marked, the centerpiece of
the table being a reflector on a square
of handsome Russian drawn work bear-
ine a huge cut glass tube of lone stem
med yellow chrysanthemums and vines.
About fifteen friends of the hostess were
so fortunate as to be numbered among
the guests of the afternoon.
Mrs. Adams, Honoree.
Mrs. W. W. Adams was the guesb of
honor at the meeting of the loung
Woman's Missionary Society last Wed
nesday afternoon. Miss Clara McCon
nell conducted the business part of the
meeting, which was held in the. Sunday
School room of the. Methodist Church,
and a social hour was afterwards spent
in a God speed party to Mrs. Adams,
who has been such a stimulus in the
work of the missionary societies here.
A lovely pair of gold bar pins was pre
sented to her by Mrs. Henry Hassler in
the name of the society. (
Mrs. Adams left Saturday for a visit
to the home of her father, the Rev.
Witt, of McKenzie, before moving to
her new home in Fulton.
Miss Mary Leiter Webster
to Be Hostess.
Miss Mary Leiter Webster will be the
hostess on the evening of the 25th of a
dinner given to the members of the
Meadow-Reynolds bridal party. ' ; '
: r.r
For Misa Cheatham. . . '
Mrs. J. Arnold will entertain with a
card party on ihe afternoon of the 21st
in honor of her visitor, Miss Cheatnam,
of Murphysboro, 111. ' !
Wednesday Afternoon Club.
Mrs. Charles Cobb was the hostess on
Wednesday afternoon, the 12th, of the
ladies' bridge club. Cards were played
at five tables, Mrs. Wallace Moore win
ning the high score prize for club mem
hera and Mrs. Lambert winning that for
visitors. Both were embroidered blouse
patterns. Refreshments of salad, sand
wiches and pudding were served.
Review Club. , '
Tim Review Club met with Mrs. Chas.
Cobb Tuesday afternoon. The lesson,
led by Mrs. J. C. McKee, was on tlie last
act of Julius Caesar and Othello.
Five Hundred Club.
Thn JiOO Club met with Miss Elaine
Mitchell Friday afternoon with five
tables. Decorations were in pink. Miss
Annie Laurie Griffin won the club prize,
a cut glass cologne bottle, Miss Mabel
Griflln the consolation, a 500 deck. Miss
Mvra Nash won the visitor a prize, a pair
of pink silk stockings.
J0 X "
Mrs. Hubbard.
. Mrs. W. M. Hubbard entertained the
Card Club Wednesday. , Mrs. Jberd
Dahnke won the first prize, an em
broidered towel. Mrs. Harris Parks cut
for the consolation, embroidered hand
kerchiefs. Refreshments.
Club Dance.
n vounc tODle enjoyed a club
dance at the Elks Home Wednesday
night. .
At thrfift o'clock Tuesday afternoon.
is ni thfi home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ballou,
near Hickman, Ky., W. Halliday Trice
spoke the words that united the lives of
Mack Forest White ana miss r,mma
Tw Tiallou. Mr. White is a substan
tial and influential man of affairs and
a gentleman of the highest type, while
Mrs. White is an excellent character
and was one of the most popular young
ladies in Fulton County. The happy
couple are at home to their friends on
r.rava Hiten-.l in Union Cilv. May tliwr
journey down the stream of time be
useful and happy; and wnen tne ena is
reached, may they pass tranquilly into
the ocean of boundless bliss.
A ticht feelins in the chest accom-
nnnied bv a short, drv cough, indicates
an inflamed condition in the lungs. To
relieve -it buv the dollar size BAL
l with each bottle a free HERRICK'S
for the chest. The syrup relaxes the
tightness and the plaster draws out the
inflammation. It is an ideal combi
nation for curing colds settled in the
lungs. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross Drug
rments ai
It has
ever been our policy to open each season with new merchandise.
In order to dispose of our unusually large
stock of suits, many being from back orders
and just received, we are making prices that
will be new records for value-giving in this
city. They are divided into four lots.
Lot No. 1 Suits formerly $15 to
$16.50, now --
Lot No. 2 Suits formerly $16.50 01 Q 7C
to $22.50, now -.v I wi I w
Lot No. 3 Suits formerly $22.50 0 1 C 7C
to $25.00. now vIOii 3
Lot No. 4 Suits formerly $27.50 0 0 0 7 C
to $37.50. now ...QZZiia
In addition to suits, we are offering a nice se
lection of silk and serge dresses at a
f li:t 11 M
Ladies Wear Exclusively.
Onn of the most touching scenes ever
witnessed in the Cumberland Presbyte
rian Church was. that on Sunday morn
ing, November 1G, at the Sunday School
hour. A goodly number were present,
the lesson had been recited, the Sunday
School reassembled. Miss inomas naa
favored us with a reading of real worth.
Mr. W. E. Hudg'ns, who has so ac
ceptably filled the Superintendent's
ni fnr two vears. srave an outline of
the day's lesson. He then announced
to the school that Mrs. M. n. awaras,
arhn for more than thirty years had
charge of the primary department, had
decided, on account oi tne innrmities
of Mr. Edwards, to give up her work.
He spoke feelingly of the great service
she had rendered her church, of her
faithfulness and her ability; that it was
his pleasure to present to Mrs. Edwards
a beautiful oak chair as a small token
of the great love and respect the Sun
day School felt for her as a whole.
Perhaps Mr. Hudgins never made a talk
that so nearly found an amen in every
heart as be did on this occasion, for all
over the building prayers were going up
that just enough clouds might come
into her life to temper the glare of the
sunlight and that her prayers and love
and thoughts might still be shared with
us; for the majority of those present
had at some time been members of her
Mrs. Edwards arose, her fine face
shining with a love that must be akin
to that of Him who is love. She
thanked Mr. Hudgins for the tribute he
paid her; she spoke of her love for
every one and the real sorrow her deci
sion had cost her. for she realized the
days would be long, but she also realized
her duty and that was her happiness.
At th rinse of the hour an old time
love feast was held around Mrs. Ed
wards, and there were several pairs of
red eyes in evidence.
To the writer Mrs. Edwards' absence
will be keenly felt, her smile of welcome
ami her farewell hand clast). but she is
right in her decision, as she most al
ways is. As the years shall follow one
another into the past and only memo
ries remain unchanged, my wish for
you, my friend, is that in the twilight
of vnur Iifr vou niav meet no shadows
and that happiness may walk ever by
your side. .A. l.. 1j.
Hopes Her Statement, Made
will Help Other Women.
Hines, Ala. "I must confess", sayi
Mrs. Eula Mae Reid, of this place, "that
Cardui, the woman's tonic, has done me
a great deal of good.
Before I commenced using Cardui. 1
would spit up everything 1 ate. I had a
tired, sleepy feeling all the time, and was
irregular. 1 could hardly drag around,
and would have severe headaches con
tinuously. Since taking Cardui, I have entirely
quit spitting up what 1 eat. Everything
seems to digest all right, and 1 have
gained 10 pounds ia weight."
If you are a victim of any of the numer
ous ills so common to your sex, it is
wrong to suffer.
For half a century, Cardui has been re
lieving just such ills, as is proven by the
thousands of letters, similar to the above,
which pour into our office, year by year.
Cardui Is successful because it is com
posed of ingredients which act specifically
on the womanly constitution, and helps
build the weakened organs back to health
and strength. ,
Cardui has helped others, and will help
you, too. Get a bottle today. You
won't regret it. Your druggist sells it
Write U ; Chsttnooe Meildn Co.. tdtei' Ad
visory Dept.. Chotunooe. Tenn., for Special In-
ftruriiont m your : nd b-vng book, "Horn
reatmeot for WoM,"ml In plaia wrapper. VCU)
Protect Your Baby
Keep out cold draughts save baby
many a cold and sickness. Get a No. 125
direct from the Standard Oil Company of Louis
iana. Price $2.15. F.O.B., Memphis, Nashville,
Chattanooga, Knoxville. Cash with order.
If youi dealer cannot supply you, we wilL
Write to-day.
of Louisiana
Golden1 Gale
Teas and Coffees
Chase & Sanborn's
Teas and Coffees
Meat, Flour, Sugar, Coffee
All handled in an up-to-date, sanitary manner.
No order too large. No order too small.
v, "E. P. :GR'IiSSOM :
Phones 204-230 Washington Ave.
Store. . aov

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