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When you buy your rubber gcodU you will be cure to get those with the
proper ELASTICITY when you get them from u. Our drug store U the
RUBBER GOODS store, because we sell lots of them and keep fresh goods
coming in often.
Have you got a good hot water bag in the house) You need one.
GHAS. 11 HENDERSON, The flew Drug Store
Union City, Tenn. ., Phone 79
White &, Quinn
Real Estate and Insurance
We have moved our office to the building formerly
occupied by the Fair Furniture Co., now White's, and
will welcomh our friends to our new quarters.
We represent the best Fire, Life, Accident J 'and Torna
do Insurance Companies, both City and Country.
We represent the Continental Farm Department
none better.
If in the market to buy or sell city property, call on us.
White & Quirm
Real Estate and Insurance
Edison Talking Pictures.
At the Reynolds Opera House this
afternoon and tonight (Friday, Feb.
20), Thomas A. Edison will offer to
tbe people of Union City his latest gift
to the world, the marvelous Kineto
phone, or perfected talking pictures.
The 'Southern touring road company
consists of four experts from Edison's
workshops and offices in Orange, N. J.,
and a full equipment of machines to
give a complete presentation.
This is absolutely the highest "class
touring attraction in the country, it be
ing possible to play the largest and
smallest playhouses everywhere, and to
give the same wonderful results in each.
Naturally under the conditions, each of
Mr. Edison's companies companies is a
"Number One Show," something im
possible heretofore in theatricals.
The program is very high class and
diversified, consisting of comedy, drama,
vaudeville, minstrel, grand and light
opera, and specialties not of the usual
motion picture type, but all made by
big artists not heretofore seen in pic
Edison has not invented 'talking pic
tures," but in the Kinetophona has a
device which simultaneously records tbe
perfect picture and every spoken or sung
word and every sound or musical note
in connection therewith, and this device
projects in absolute harmony or Syn
chronism tbe picture and all sound in
an amazing strength and accuracy. Tbe
effect has been described as almost un
canny in its realism, the auditor for
getting that he is merely witnessing a
mechanical device, for the vocal effects
are absolutely perfect. The Edison
Talking Pictures have scored a won
derful and popular success everywhere
that this touring company of experts
has offered them in the first-class the
There will be a change of program
to-night. Matinee this afternoon will
start at 2:30.
Get watch prices from Dietzcl.
Union City.
Phone 8.
Phone 58.
List Your Farm with Us To-Day
We Will Make a Quick Sale f orou.
We have several of Obion County's
best Farms listed with us now.
For all particulars and terms,
write or phone.
Nailling Builcfing, Telephone 261
"Fun on the Podunk Limited at
Reynolds Theatre Feb. 24.
The participants in the home talent
play, "Fun on the Podunk Limited,"
given for the benefit of the Ladies' Aid
Society of the Christian Church, are
busy as bees preparing their parts for
next Tuesday night, Feb. 24.
All the parts are progressing beyond
the fondest hopes of those having it in
charge, and there can be doubt of the
"Podunk Limited" being a rousing suc
cess. All tbe dialogues are of the most
humorous nature. Among the leading
characters there will be a Farmer Boggs
family, who travel all the way from
Union City to Podunk; Grandpa and
Grandma Wiggins, who have not been
on the keers for nine years; Miss Stut
terly, the stuttering woman; Miss Prim,
the o!d maid; Tee-he girl, fat man,
Irish woman, woman with baby, bride
and groom, who enter the Podunk mid
a rice shower and a tin pan serenade,
strolling musicians, and many others
too numerous to mention.
But after all no amateur performance
can be quite a success without pretty,
catchy musical numbers, and we will
have it on the Podunk Limited. There
will be two numbers by tbe small chil
dren, one a Gingaloo Chorus of about
75 little girls, followed by a Boogie
Chorus of about the same number of
little boys. These will be tbe cutest
ever. Then there will be a Western
Chorus of girls in Western costumes
that will have a Wild West snap and
spirit that will please any audience
The choruses by the High School girls
and boys will be more artistic, namely
The Wand Chorus, Little Miss Up-to-Date
Chorus, where the girls are in
evening dresses, immense paper muffs
and bonnets, the boys in white flannel
trousers and blue serge coats, and as a
closing number a Sea-Saw Chorus, with
three sea-saw boards decorated in im
mense paper roses and electric lights
All these songs are be catchiest song
productions and will be presented in a
beautiful, artistic manner.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer.
sey Cream Flour, a home product and
Alarm clocks at Dietzel's.
Sunday School Vork.
A Sunday School Week, for the bene
fit of such workers all over the country,
is to be held at The Moody Bible Insti
tuteof Chicago, June 15-21, preceding
the Triennial International Sunday
School Convention. Its object is to
broaden the vision and refresh the spir
itual life of Sunday school workers.
Speakers of the great convention will be
beard during the week, and experts of
Sunday school development aud teacher
training will conduct classes, give lec
tures and answer questions. Mr. Chas.
G. Trumbull, editor of the Sunday
School Times, will have a devotional
hour daily. Dr. II. 11. Hamiir. Supt.
of Training Work, M. E. Church, 8outb,
will give sketches of old-time Sunday
school heroes like Bishop Vincent. B.
F. Jacobs, Wm. R. Reynolds and D. L.
Moody. "Teacher Training," "The
Teen Age," Sunday School Evangel
ism," Missions," Administration,
and related themes, will be handled by
Dr. Edgar Blake, Secretary of tbe
Board of Sunday Schools, M. E. Church;
Dr. John T. Faris, editor of the Presby
terian Board of Publication ; Dr. B. W.
Spilman, of the Sunday School Board,
Southern Baptist Convention; Dr. Rob
ert Gammon, of tbe Congregational Sun
day School and Publication Society;
Prof. A. M. Locker and Hugh Cork,
Secretaries of the Minnesota and Illinois
State Sunday School Association,
large gathering is being planned for.
Who Are "Just Ready to Drop."
When you are "just ready to drop,"
when you feel bo weak that you can
hardly drag yourself about and be
cause you hare not slept well, you
get up as tired-out next morning aa
when you went to bed, you need help.
Miss Lea Dumas writes from Ma
lone, N. Y., saying: "I was In a bad
ly run-down condition for several
weeks but two bottles of Vlnol put
me on my feet again, and made me
strong and well Vlnol has done me
more good than all the other medi
cines I erer took."
If the careworn, run-down women,
the pale, sickly children and feeble
old folks around here would follow
Miss Dumas' example, they, too, would
soon be able to say that Vlnol, our
delicious cod liver and Iron remedy,
had built them up and made them
strong. -
It is a wonderful, Btrength creator
and body-builder, and we Bell It un
der a guarantee of satisfaction. Too
get your money hack If Vinol does
not help you.
P. S. For any fekln trouble try our
Baxo Salve. We guarantee it
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store, Union
State Veterinarian Gives Some In
The disastrous effect of the recent
outbreak of leuco encephallitis (forage
poison) in Maury County calls for a
word or two of explanation and cau
tion. More than twenty horses and
mules died of tbe poison on one farm
in that county. Forage poison, accord
ing to Dr. Geo. R. White, State Veter
inarion, is a disease called by the in
gestion of mouldy or decomposed feed,
which affects the brain substance in
such a manner as to actually cause de
generation of the cells of the brain. It
has been especially prevalent in Ten
nessee during last fall and this winter.
Speaking of the disease Dr. White said
"Its origin or cause has in most in
stances been traced to bad corn and
bad. Several farmers have lost as many
as four, six and eight head of horses
and mules this season from feeding un
sound or damaged corn. Ensilage is
an exceedingly unsafe feed simply on
accoupt of its tendency to mould, de
compose and sour, in which condition
it readily causes 'blind staggers.' I re
call one instance a few years ago where
a farmer in Middle Tennessee was pre
paring twenty-four mules for' market:
Ignorant of the danger of feeding ensi
lage to horses and mules, or unthought-
edly be gave them a bushel basket half
full as a supper ration. When the owner
went to the barn the next morning he
found eight of these mules already dead
and tbe remainder fatally sick from
'forage poison.' Another extensive out
break of 'blind staggers' which came
under tbe writer's notice was readily
traced bach to the inferior grade of clover
hay which was. being fed to them. In
Nashville no longer than last week, a
man in very modest financial circum
stances had the misfortune to lose three
horses and one mule from 'blind stag
gers,' caused by feeding decomposed
hay which had been 'ricked' in the
field for two years.
" 'Blind staggers' is the one disease
which is easier to prevent than it is to
cure, hence stock men should take notice
from other losers and carefully inspect
tho ration allowed. If found faulty,
by all means reject it. However, I have
no hesitancy in saying that nine-tenth
of tbe cases which have come under my
observation were caused by feeding in
ferior corn. I have found the average
livestock owner slow to believe that the
feed is tbe real, in fact only, cause of
deaths from this character of disease
They oftentimes refuse to believe it
even when told by a qualified veteri
nary surgeon. Leuco encephallitis is one
of tbe most fatal of all animal diseases
It is even more fatal than that much
dreaded disease tetanus (lock jaw).
The most frequent symptoms ob
served is inability to swallow, although
mouth contains food; staggering gait,
impaired vision resulting in many in
stances in total blindness; twitching and
contraction of the voluntary muscles
Temperature usually normal or sub
normal. Later the animals may be
come restless, delirious, paralyzed and
unable to stand quietly, resulting in
unconsciousness, coma ana aeatn, usu
ally from exhaustion. Death in most
instances takes place within thirty-six
hours after the onset of the first symp
toms. Whenever one horse in a stable
develops 'blind staggers' all the other
animals should be removed or the stable
thoroughly cleaned by removing every
vestige of grain and forage. A com
plete change of diet is absolutely neces
sary, as it is impossible to definitely do
termine what particular part of the feed
is responsible for the disease. Where
the disease has developed in horses and
mules I have always found it safe to
feed tbe rejected bay, corn or ensilage
to cattle."
The twelfth Bryan peace treaty, that
between the United States and Cost
Rica, has been signed.
Misses Sallie Gray and Pauline Keene
spent Thursday night at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. William Verhine.
Misses Eunice Owsby and Mosette
Box were the week-end guests of Miss
Sallie Gray.
Messrs. Bynum Woodfin and Coye
Whitley were the Sunday guests of Mr.
Jack Keene.
Misses Rush Woodfin, Jodie Powers
and Myrtle Potts were the guests of
Mins Pauline Keene this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Yates are still on
the sick list.
Two Light Headed Giels.
Chas. Williams
Frank V. Adams
Agents Casino, Lyndon and Charm
' Canned Goods
Heekin's Coffees, Teas and Spices
Williams O. Adams
"We Deliver the Goods"
Telephone 421
306 East Main Street
A scald, burn or severe cut heals
slowly if neglected. Tbe family that
keeps a bottle or BALLAKIJ-S SLNUW
LINIMENT on hand in always prepared
for such accidents. Price 3c, 50c and
tl.00 per bottle. Sold by Oliver's Red
Cross Drug Store. advt
Office Phone 77
Night Phones
W. L White 83
a B. White 224
Furniture and Undertakers.
Shades, Mattings, Rugs and Druggets
We have one price for all. Our goods are maed in
plain figures. We have a rest room for Ladles and
will be glad to have them call and make use of same.
G.B.White. W.L White.
Opposition developed in the Senate
to the passage of the Lea resolution to
appoint a special committee of five
Senators to co-operate with the Inter
state Commerce Commission in its in
vestigation of the affairs of the Louis
ville & Nashville Railroad and its allied
lines, and the resolution failed to come
to a vote.
Secretary of State Bryan delivered a
message from President Wilson to the
Authors' League of America at its first
annual banquet in New York.
An alleged attempt to dispose of 200,-
000 acres of land in the Colorado Indian
reservation has been called to the atten
tion of the Indian Commissioner.
Atlanta's claims to a regional bank
were heard, among others, in that city,
by tbe full Organization Committee,
and it developed that the reserve dis
trict outlined by Atlanta's spokesmen
would not be self-sustaining, which,
Secretary McAdoo stated, would defeat
the purpose of the Currency Law.
United States 8enator Gore introduced
testimony at Oklahoma City to support
his contention that the damage suit of
Mrs. Minnie E. Bond is the result of a
Lieutenant Governor Ellis i, in the
Virginia Senate, broke a tie on the bill
allowing 18,104 voters to petition for
an election on State-wide prohibition by
voting "yes."
The taking of the United States cen
sus every five years instead of every de
cade, as at present, is advocated by
former Director 13. N. D. North.
King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, the
Queen and Princess of Eudoxia will
visit the United States at an early date
if affairs of state permit.
Old jewelry repaired at Dietzel's.
relieves rheumatism quickly. It stimulates the circulation in
stantly relieves stiffness and soreness of muscles and joints.
Don't rub it penetrates.
Rheumatism Nevtr Returned
"I am a travelling man and about one year ago I wm laid np with rheomatlum and
could not walk. A friend recommended Sloan' Liniment and ttie morning after I
used it my knee waa all O.K. and it ha never bothered me tin re. I alway keep
your Liniment in the bou and carry it wito ma on the road.""''. Thoma i. Honor,
Wot thiiaatlpkia. Pa.
Rheumatism Neuralgia
Stiff nee. Vanlahad
"1 suffered with an awrul atlffne In
my leg. That night I gava my leg a good
rubbing with Sloan 'a Liniment and believe
me, next morning I could jump oat of bed.
I have been aupplied with a bottle ever
oiDce.' A, Moon t.f Hand lor. N. U.
Sprained Anlcla Relieved
"I wa ill for a long time with a severely
Drained ankle. I got a bottle of Sloan
Liniment and now I am able to be about
and can walk a great deal. I writ thi
because) I think yon deserve a lot of cred
it for putting uch a fine Liniment on the
market and I aliitil eiway tK time to
recommend Dr. Sloan' Liniment"".
Chariot Koum of BuUunorm, HiL
Sloan's Liniment gives a grateful
sensation of comfort. Good for
sprains, neuralgia, tore throat and
toothache. Use it now.
At all Deal era. 25c., SOe. and $1.00
Send for Sloan' free book on hone.
v-v If

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