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Though Sick and Suffering; A
Last Found Help in Lydia
. Pinkham' Vegeta
ble Compound.
Richmond, Pa. " When I started
taking Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable
Compound I was in a
dreadfully rundown
state of health,
had internal trou
bles, and was so ex
tremely nervous and
prostrated that if I
had given In to my
feelings I would
have been in bed.
As it was I had
hardly strength at
times to be on. my
feet and what I did do was by a great
effort. I could not sleep at night and
cf course felt very bad in the morning.
and had a steady headache.
"After taking the second bottle I no
ticed that the headache was not so bad,
I rested better, and my nerves were
stronger. I continued its use until it
made a new woman of me, and now I
can hardly realize that I am able to do
so much as I do. Whenever I know any
woman in need of a good medicine I
highly praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound." Mrs. Frank
Clark, 3146 N. Tulip St, Richmond,Pa.
Women Hare Been Telling Women
for forty years how Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound has restored their
health when suffering with female ills.
This accounts for the enormous demand
for it from coast to coast. If you are
troubled with any ailment peculiar to
women why don't you try Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? It
will pay you to do so. Lydia E. Pink
bam Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
Real Estate Transfers.
C. II. Lee et al. to A. T. Dickey, 4
acres in No. 12, $75.
It. B. Gauntlett and C. 'H. Lee, 10
acres in No. 12, $10Q.
Mrs. Delia Burney to J. W. Burncy,
lot in No. 13, f300.
J. L, Bradshaw and wife to J. H.
King et a!., acre in No. 9, $800; 1
acre in No. 9, $600. ',
' J. C. Cochran et al. to Mrs. Tooka
Francis, 2 lota in No. 5, $100.
J. A. Coble et al. to Mrs. Tobka
Francis, lot in No. 5, $500.
J. 8. Bean to Tom Starnes, 31 acres
in No. 4, $2,500.
II. Forcum and wife et al. to Forcum-
James Cooporaeo & Lumber Co., 1000
acres in Nos. 14 and 15, $15,000.
Kenton Bank to First National Bank
of Kenton, lot in No. 8, $,125.
H. A. Wise to Mrs. Georgia A. Lati
mer, 10 acres in No. 4, $1,250.
II. Forcum and wife to Forcum-
James Cooperage Co., lots in No. 5,
C. A. James and wife to Forcum-
James Cooperage Co., lot in No. 15)
II. Forcum and C. A. James to For-cum-James
Cooperage Co., lots in No.
15, $15,048.73.
J. M. Tull to K. L. Cherry, 49 acres,
Mrs. Lou T. Smith et al. to C. B.
White, lot in No. 13, $2,000.
J. A. Howard and wife to W. A.
Jackson, 40 acres in No. 7, $3,G00.
Local and Personal
We Handle Lumber
of such a character that the user
always comes here when he needs
more. That is just what will hap
pen in your case. Once you use
our timbers, planking, shingles,
laths, etc., you will be so well satis
fied with them and pur methods
that when you want lumber again
you'll naturally come where you
were so well treated before.
Need any now
Dr. T. F. Thomson, Chiropractor,
No drues. No knife. Examinations at
office are free. Call for booklet explain
ing briefly the philosophy of the new sei
eDce. 408 S. Second street. Union City,
Miss Daisv Thomson, assistant. 35-tf
Say. Pa; ain't it most time for the
Podunk train to start?
B. J. Wade, of Bives, was a business
visitor in the city Saturday.
J. L. Bryan, of Number Ten, was a
business caller here Friday.
Miss Kate Stratford, of Dyersburg,
is visiting Mrs. Chas. Burchard.
Gen. W. H. Swiggart came up from
Jackson last week for a visit borne.
Home Furniture Co. handles good
linoleum. Phone 99.
Bead Dietzel Produce Co.'s advertise
ment in this issue.
Wallace Moffett is at homo from
Humboldt with relatives and friends.
C. T. Nail was up from Hickman Sat
urday visitinglhis family on Gibbs street.
Don't fail to see the Sea-Saw Chorus!
with the electrical display on thePodun
Mr. andMrs. John T. Walker are in
Centreville visiting relatives and friends
this week.
We put new tires on baby buggies,
Ligon Furniture Co.
If there's anything the matter with
your furniture phono 438 Chas. Ward
upholsterer. '
Miss Cecil Olive, of Number Seven,
is attending a house party with Miss
Caroline Malone at Dresden.
Meet the ladies of the First Christian
Church Aid Society on the Podunk
Limited next Tuesday night.
Misses Ruth Moore and Willette Baird
have returned from a week-end visit
with Miss Sara Malone in Dresden.
Rev. J. L. Hudgins, of Nashville, was
here this week and many of his old
friends welcomed him to his old home.
Gold fish, from 10 to 50 cents each
Union City Steam Laundry.
Fitcairn Colored Varnishes makes
your floor look like new. Home Furni
ture Co.
Peeler & Cobb bought through John
Walker & Co. last week the Mrs.
Sarah J. Thompson home on Vine
street. ,
T. C. Haley and R. E. Hamilton, two
well known citizens of Number Seven,
were in the city Monday and paid us a
friendly call.
Mr. Joe Latimer, superintendent for
the Wrought Iron Range Co., now lo
cated at Waukesha, Wis., was a visitor
here last Week.
union CITY
Coal and wood delivered promptly by
the Union City Ice & Coal Co.
Coming soon, two car loads furniture,
druggets and rugs. Ligon Furniture
W. G. Clagett, J. M. Forester. Claud
Andrews, Dr. F. M. McRee and John
Joyner are in Memphis this week at
tending the automobile show.
Misses Bessie and Dot Beck have re
turned from Greenwood, Miss., where
they have been spending a pleasant win
ter. While in Okolona several dances
were given in their honor.
,Mr. Arch Johnson, who has been con
nected with the Benton (III.) Standard
for some time, is now associated with
that paper as managing editor. The
friends here tender bim greetings.
On Mrs. R. E. Craig's return home
from a friendly visit she found several
of her friends and neighbors assembled
in her parlor who were surprised by a
supper given in honor of her birthday
All present declared her a delightful
hostess, although she was taken quite
Gold fish, from 10 to 50 cents each.
Union City Steam Laundry,
Call on the Home Furniture Co.,
phone 99, for your polish mops.
D. L. Sturgis, of Martin, was a visitor
in the city Monday. The young man
is a son of our former citizen, G. W.
Sturgis, one of the best men in the
county, whose home was near Troy.
The family is very pleasantly located at
Martin now, taking advantage of the
schools there.
W. D. Harrison, of the Harrison
Electric Co., went to Nashville last
week, accompanied by his physician,
Dr. Adkerson, for an operation for ap
pendicitis, and reports this week are
that he has been treated with the best
results and is recovering very satisfac
torily indeed.
A civil-service examination was held
at the Union City post office last Satur
day, conducted by H. O. Vincent, of
the Money Order and Registry Depart
ment, to fill the -positions of fourth
class postmasters. For the office at
Troy Messrs. Davy Crockett, J. C. Mo
Caw and E. A. McAdoo were examined.
The White Way Minstrels.
No doubt everyone has a pleasant re
membrance of the White Way Mins
trels last March, which was gotten up
and produced for the benefit of the
White Way. and up to this date there
is a balance due the contractor for the
installation of same, and the promot
ers of the show last year have agreed
to produce equally as good, if not not
a better, performance, guaranteed by
the pure fun laws to display plenty of
action, beautiful scenic effects, latest
music, songs and jokes, the date to be
about March 24.
Most of the singers and fun makers
of last year, ably assisted by a few new
additions, will make up a most com
plete local talent minstrel performance.
The advertising committee is making
up a novel newspaper called the "White
Way Booster," containing all the news,
and then some, and the chief editor is
arranging his business affairs so as to
enable him to make a thorough canvas
of the bang-outs, etc., and it is his in
tention to get a few columns under the
head of Long Shoots at the Local
Bunch," and he no doubt will investi
gate all love affairs, etc., and this re
porter is also a member of the Busi
ness Men's Club, the organization that
does things, and if you don't want him
to get you, just Bteer clear of him.
This issue of the most novel newspaper
ever published will make its appear
ance soon. Be sure that you get your
copy it's worth it.
Marriage Licenses.
M. B. Sherrill and Thelma Dodd.
Charley Nix and Dora Woods.
W. L. Phillips and Mary Graff. '
Jesse Johnson and Lee London.
J. T. Easly and Cora Stewart.
H. Adams Felker and Fay Snider.
Some Eats.
Now is the time to build your fence.
You want the thing that will last the longest and will give
you the best service. Steel posts have come to stay. They
. are the practical posts.
The American has stood the test. It is better galvanized
and has larger stays and running wires than any other wire
fence made.
" We are ready to fill your wants. Come to see us and
let us tell you more about Steel Posts and American Wire.
Neatness and cleanliness and cooking the
To be found at KIRKLAND'S are worthy
a test.
Courteous treatment, square deal the year
Comfort and elegance will also be found
Coffee, such coffee! Tis fit for a King,
Prices just right (we never sting). '
Meats cooked to any one's taste nothing
we lack,
Our policy is to make our customers come
come back.
To ladies we cater, and children as well.
For them we have lots of things to sell.
When hungry and wanting a genuine treat
Keep going until you find the electric
sign, EAT.
A. E. KIRKLAND, jProprietor
New Grocery Store.
W. E. Jackson, of this city, bought
at the sale of the Godwin Bros, effects
the other day, the cold storage plant,
scales, furniture, cash register, account
register, one of the best equipments in
the city for a grocery store, and has
rented the room lately occupied by the
Union City Piano Co., near the court
house, for a new grocery store, to be
opened as soon as the stock and fixtures
can be installed. Mr. Jackson was
formerly the Southside grocer and is
well known to the trade. He will keep
a modern store in every respect and so-
icits a share of the trade upon the ad
vantages and inducements he will De
able to offer.
Many cities have passed laws forbid
ding doing laundry work in the place
where one sleeps and eats. Above all
be sanitary. The Union City Steam
Laundy is the only sanitary laundry in
our city and the manager invites inspec
tion. 4Mt
Clinton Mayor Dies.
Paducah, Ky., Feb. 16. Ed Walker,
editor and owner of the Weekly Gazette
at Clinton, Ky., mayor of the town and
prominent in Democratic politics, in
Southwestern Kentucky, died suddenly
to-nieht from acute indigestion. He
was attending a meeting of the stew
ards of the Methodist Church when at
tacked, and died a few minutes after
reaching the office of Dr. J. M. Boeler.
Mr. Walker was about 60 years old and
one of the most capable editors in the
State. He was a prominent lodge mem
ber and a teacher of the young men's
class in the Methodist Sunday school.
He is survived by bis wife, three daugh
ters and one son. Will T.Walker, secre
tary of the State Board of Equalization,
who is in Frankfort, is a brother of the
deceased. '
When the bowels become irregular
you are uncomfortable, and the longer
this condition exists the worse you feel.
You can get rid of this misery quickly
by using HERBINE. -Take a dose on
going to bed and see bow fine you feel
next day. Price 50c. Sold by Oliver's
Red Cross Drug Store. advt
Naillixisf Eeiser
it j
ware Lompamy
Telephone 27
Mail Boxes.
I am informed that Mr. George
Dabnke is or has offered to furnish to
the city patrons of the post office mail
boxes free of charge, , but that there is
some fear that the boxes would not be
acceptable to the Post Office Depart
ment. These boxes were submitted to
me. and I can assure all who will use
them there is no objection whatever on
the part of the Departmpnt as to the use
of any proper receptacle for mail as it
saves time and trouble to the carrier,
and the postal authorities are glad to
havo you use these or any other box
agreeable to yourselves.
A. D. Keller, Postmaster.
Union City, Tenn., Feb. 16, 1914.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
Gus White Friday (to-day), 2:30 p. m.,
Feb 20.
Opening song Invocation.
Responsive reading The Crusado,
Psalm 146.
Business. '
Francis E. Willard, memorial con
ducted by Supt. of Red Letter Day, Mrs.
Gus White. - Quotation of and about
Francis E. Willard, followed by short
sketch of her life.
The Lord's Prayer.
Dismissal for social hour.
Free-will offering will be taken.
Rheumatic Complications Checked
and the "Human Sewers"
The Kidneys, Bowels and Skin are
the human sewers" which carry off
the impurities in the blood. When
these are clogged .Uric Acid sediment
odges in the muscles and joints and
Rheumatism follows. RHEUMA, the
great remedy for all forms of the ter
rible disease, checks the deposit of Uric
"I suffered from Rheumatism for six
years, inea aitierent aoctors, witn no
relief. I have taken three bottles of
RHEUMA and am entirely free from
the disease." P. W. Miller, Catawissa,
Pa. '
The Red Cross Drug 8tore will re
turn your money if it fails; 50 cents
a bottle. advt
Call 150 and get your coal and wood.
iiilflins Season
We have every sort of building and finishing lumber
you're apt to need, including
Doors and Windows, Shingles
A visit to our yards will be appreciated. Come and
inspect our stock for your own satisfaction.
C.T. IVEoss 8l Co.
Yards south of Presbyterian Church.
First Street, - UNION CITY, TENN.
Is not necessarily
the lowest in price
since the value is largely determined by the
quality you receive, and if it is
of all kinds. We guarantee our coal to be of the best
quality, and at the end of winter will prove the cheap
est, because it will go the farthest
Telephone No. 11.
T.R. REYNOLDS, Proprietor
Phone 285
Coal Coke Wood Call Tel. 150.
Union City Ice & Coal Co.

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