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Warnings! Hints! Re
minders on a Burnir'i
Be Prepared for Winter
otop every oracle and Mole.
Get Your Winter Clothing A
Together and
Union City Ice & Goal Go
'. Telephone 150
Call Phone No. 16, 42 or 623
and get
The Pitzer Transfer Go,
to haul
anything you have to move.
Tbe Department of Justice has been
looking into tbe relations of the Penn
sylvania railroad and the Norfolk and
Western and has asked that the Fen ft.
aylvania dispose of the 153,082,900
worth of stock it owns in the N. & W.
Give Them Liv-Ver-Lax Instead of
Hickory Oil.
Spare the rod and put the child in
good physical condition. He or
will them perform the natural duties
in a natural way. Too many children
are given credit for laziness when their
parents should be blamed for inatten
tion to tbe child's physical condition.
Over eating or malarial conditions
-which induce laziness in the child can
he quickly overcome by eliminating
the poisons from the system from the
liver and the bowels.
Calomel used to be the only way.
Medical science has produced a better
a purely vegetable compound
that does better work than calomel
without any after effects or unpleasant
Sold under absolute guarantee of
money back by H. M. Oliver at 50c
and $1.00 a bottle.
For protection against imitations, each
fcottle bears the likeness of L.K.Grigsby.
Be sure you got the original. advt
The Law Has the Man. What of
His Family?
What becomes of the children of con
victs? Every day of the year some man
is sentenced to prison, leaving behind
htm boys or girls or both who are at
tbe mercy of the people of tbe com
munity for clothing and food, shelter
and education. The judge who pro-
neunces sentence on the erring father
and husband cannot concern himself
about the mother and children who are
thus left behind to shift for themselves.
Justice must grind out her grist, the
father must take his medicine for bis
sinful ways. It is the business and
common duty of the judge to see to it
that tbe offender is sent to prison for
the crime committed. It is, in fact, no
one's business in particular what be
comes of tbe wife and children of the
convict, what they do for a living while
the father is in jail. This condition of
affairs, so very common everywhere in
America, has puzzled the Christian peo
ple for a long time.
Hundreds of convicts with whom the
workers of the Samaritan Christian
Army have talked have begged them
to do something for their children, to
keep them if possible out of the sinful
ways of the street and city, to take
them away somewhere, that they might
be brought up among wholesome sur
roundings and a healthy environment, j
The outcome of the appeal has been
the establishment of homes for these
innocent victims of another's wrong
doing, and at tbe present time the
Samaritan Christian Army has twenty
one homes and schools for convict s
Tbe organization at tne present is
working along the line of having the
various States make some provision
whereby tbe wife and children of a con
vict will be taken care of. Tbe plan is
rapidly gaining ground and a growing
sentimert in favor of such legislation
is being felt over the country.
I Thousands Have Been Helped
By Common Sense
Women suffering from any form of
female ills are invited to communicate
promptly with the
woman's private
correspondence de
partment of the Ly
dia E.Pinkham Med
icine Co., Lynn,
Mass. Your letter
will be opened, read
and answered, by a
woman and held in
strict confidence. A woman can freely
talk of her private illness to a woman ;
thus has been established a confidential
correspondence which has extended over
many years and which has never been
broken. Never nave they published a
testimonial or used a letter without the
written consent of the writer.and never
has the Company allowed these confi
dential letters to get out of their pos
session, as the hundreds of thousands
of them in their files will attest.
Out of the vast volume of experience
which they have to draw from, it is more
than possible that they possess the very
knowledge needed in your case. Noth
ing is asked in return except your good
will, and their advice has helped thou
sands. Surely any woman, rich or poor,
should be glad to take advantage of this
generous offer of assistance. Address
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., (con
fidential) Lynn, Mass.
Every woman ought to have
Lydia E. Plakham's 80-page
Text Book. It Is not ft book for
general distribution, as it Is too
expensive. It is free and only
obtainable by mail. Write for
it today.
Social and personal
At Protemus.
Miss Nell Brown, of the Protemus vi-
friends was the time of the wedding, as
this was kept a profound secret by both
bride and groom.
Miss Isbell left home to spend tbe
night with her sister, Mrs. Harry Naylor,
where Dr. Park met her and they droe
to the residence of Rev. Burgess Cun
mngham and were married in a very
impressive manner.
Miss Isbell is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Isbell and is known and ad
mired by a large circle of friends for her
while Dr. Park, th
i i.. ....
cinitv. nntertained a laree number of ' 1
u j :.u - ... I son or Mr. ana Mrs. Mose rark, is one
night, Feb 27, 1914. Nell was sweet " v" 0 ",UBl uia UUI, UBU
and looked verv nrettv in . . ving reramuy grauuaieu in aen
with ninU snmriM. Th tal iarV from Vanderblilt University
and opened olhce here,
Their many friends extend heartiest
sixteen and looked very pretty in a
white voile with pink accessories. Tbe
party was carried out with the George
Washington idea.
Tbe dining room was decorated in
red, white and blue, and each guest re
ceived a small hatchet with these words On last Thursday evening Miss Vera
on it: "I cannot tell a lie." - Bramham was the hostess of a party
She received many useful and also given at her home on Court Square,
beautiful gifts. There was a jolly crowd Those who enjoyed her hospitality were
present and everyone voted Nell an ideal Misses Rebecca Reeves, Tbelma Dick-
hostess and wished her many more son, Claytie Andrews, OUie Mai Parks
birthdays and that she might always be Lonne Craig, Ruth Griffin, Louelle
as happy as she seemed then. At a late
hour delicious refreshments were served,
consisting of red jelatine, whipped cream
and cake. -
Surprise Wedding.
Cupid was very busy Thursday even'
ing, Feb. 'M, in uniting, tne lives ana
destines of Dr. Jake II. Park, of this
city, and Miss Cam Isbell, of Woodland
. .,
nuns ine oniy surprise 10 meir many
Marshall, Naidene Jordan, Theresa Tal
ley, Mary Howard Turner, Annette
Bratton, Willette Baird; Messrs. H. P.
Moss, Norman Stone, W. P. Rogers,
Jack Bratton, Christian Scheurer, Max
Harris, Meeks Meadows, Sherrell Kirk
man, Alelvin Watson, Kufus Caldwell
All present declared Miss Bramham a
delightful hostess.
J. C. Meal, i bushel .......
Troy Meal "
18 lb, beat granulated sugar,
100 lbs best granulated sugar
. 4.65
J.C Flour $6.10
Sunshine Flour. ... . 5.60
Helen of Troy Flour 5.60
J.C Flour... 80c
Sunshine Flour. .75c
Helen of Troy Flour 75c
3 can corn 25c
3 cam beat hominy .25c
3 cans pork and beans 25c
3 pounds rice 25c
All kinds of Toilet Soaps.
6 bars Clairette soap 25c
6 bars Balsam soap 25c
I case B. D. soap ............$2.20
' I case Clairette soap 3.20
All kinds of Feed Stuff Bran,
Oats, Timothy ank Clover Hay of
finest quality, and the prices are the
very lowest.
We give more for Country Pro
duce Butter, Eggs anl Chickens,
than any one. '
We thank you for your past trade and wilt appreciate your
business in the future.
, We guarantee everything we sell, and if anything don't
come up all right, call us and we will make it right
We get goods out on time always. Try us next month.
We will appreciate it very much indeed.
' x Yours to please,
Broke Record.
Mrs. Wilbanks, whose boarding house
is well known all over this part of tbe
State for the excellence of its table, fed
161 transient people last Monday at din
ner, breaking all records for one day
The record before that was 151. . Mrs.
Wilbanks has achieved a distinotion in
setting a fine table that is well deserved
and which has made her house one of
the best known an v where.
A Mother's Letter to Mothers.
Mrs. E. W. Cooper of Bloomfleld,
I N. J, says: "My child, seven years
old, had a bad cold and was weak
add quite run down in health. She
Lad been In this condition for about
six weeks when 1 began giving her
VlnoL . It was a wonderful help to tbe
child, breaking up her cold quickly
and building up her strength -beside.
I have also found Vlnol a most excel
lent tonic for keeping up the chil
dren's strength during a siege of
whooping cough."
Vlnol la a wonderful combination
of two world-famed tonics the medi
cinal body building elements of cod
liver oil and Iron for the blood, there
fore it la a perfectly safe medicine
for children, because It Is sot a
patent medicine, everything In It la
printed on every package, so mothers
may know what they are giving their
little ones.
Therefore we ask every mother of
a veak, sickly or ailing child In this
vicinity to try Vlnol on our guarantee.
P. S. Our Saxo Salve is truly won
derful for Eczema SVe, guarantee It.
Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store, Union
The time is not yet ripe for a change
in the policy toward Mexico, was tbe
unanimous decision of the President's
Cabinet. A demand that those respon
sible for the murder of Ciemente Vergara
at Nuevo Laredo be punished, was made
by Secretary Bryan upon Gen. Huerta
at Mexico City. The commission to
examine the body of William S. Benton,
executed by rebels, may leave for Chi
huahua. Ranger Capt. J. J. Sanders, in a re
port to Gov. Colquitt, said that Ciemente
Vergara, the American ranchman, was
shot while being transferred from Hidal
go, Mex., to the Federal headquarters
at Piedras Negras. Gov. Colquitt wired
Secretary Bryan for information regard
ing whom he should ask to surrender the
men who stole Vergara 's horses.
If Col. Goethals is willing the House
Appropriations Committee probably will
include in the Sundry Civil Bill a section
giving the United States Government a
monopoly on tbe canal business in the
Panama Canal Zone.
The fund derived from the sale of
souvenirs by women at the World's
Fair in Chicago in 1893, was definitely
located when Mrs. Potter Palmer stated
that it was in a safe deposit vault and
amounted to $67,750.
By a margin of one vote the Sen
ate defeated tbe Bankbead Maximum
Weight limit "rider" to the Post-office
Appropriation Bill, which friends of tbe
parcel post claim would have impaired
that system.
The South is growing more rapidly
than the country as a whole and offers
better opportunities than almost any
other section, said Chancellor Kirkland,
of Vanderbilt University, in Philadelphia.
Mrs. Sado McDaniels, Japanese wife
of an American physician living in tbe
Orient, who arrived in San Francisco
last week, has been ordered deported by
immigration authorities.
Former President Taft, in an address
before the National Geographic Society,
entered a warning against any step look
ing to intervention in Mexico.
Get watch prices from Dietzel.
Teachers' Association.
The annual meeting of tbe West Ten
nessee Teachers' Association to be held
at Memphis Thursday, Friday and Sat
urday, March 26, 27, 28, 1914.
Thursday, 8 p.m., at Vocational High
School. (Poplar avenue and Lauderdale
Our First Showing' in
in Blues, Tans, Wisteria Green and
TangoModels of the latest , creation.
Spring Cotton and Wash Fabrics
in great variety
Crepes in white and colors
Ratines in plain and fancy mixtures
Odd Lot of Suits fit iSKirts
at Prices to Close
Suits, $4.98 and $6.98
Skirts, $1.48, $1.98 and $2.48,
All Winter Merchandise
at Great Reductions
1. Address of Welcome N. M.
Williams, Supt. of Schools, Memphis,
2. President's Address and Response
E. L. Bynum, Supt. of Schools, Jack
8. Address Dr. P. V. N. Myers,
Emeritus Professor of History, Uni
versity of Cincinnati.
Friday, 11 a.m., at West Tennessee
State Normal School.
1. Address Hon. S. H. Thompson,
State Supt. Public Instruction.
Friday, 8 p.m., at Nineteenth Cen
turyClub. (174 N. Third street)
1. Address K. C. Davis, Professor
of Rural Education, Knapp School of
eabody College.
2. Reception to visiting members by
the teachers of Memphis and Shelby
Saturday, 9:80 a.m., at Central High
School. (Bellevue and Linden avenues.)
1. Topic: "Operation of the Com
pulsory School Law." In Town"
H. H. Ellis, Supt. of Schools, Hum
boldt. "In City" W. S. Jones, "Asst.
feupt. of Schools, Memphis. In
County" Syl Fisher, Supt. of Schools,
Weakley County. ;
2. Resolutions.
3. Election of Officers.
4. Adjournment.
Friday, 9:30 toll a. m., at West Ten
nessee Normal School:
1. Paper: Forming the Reading
Habit" Miss Cora Henry Ashe, Prin
cipal St. Paul School, Memphis.
Discussion W. E. Vaughn, Professor
of English, West Tennessee Normal
2. "Montessori Methods"-
a) "Educational Principles Involved"
F. M. Hedges. PrinciDal Gordon
School, Memphis.
(b) "Its Elements of Value for the
Average Teacher" Miss Mary E. Her
ron, West Tennessee Normal School.
Friday, 2 p. m., at West Tennessee
Normal School:
1. Paper: "Vitalization of Elemen
tary School Work" Miss Margie Stone,
Public Schools, Somerville.
Discussion Miss Marianna Marsh,
Supervisor Primary Work, Shelby
2. "The Teaching of English in In-
termediate Grades" Miss Lellie Fletch
er,, Public Schools, Jackson.
8. "Story Telling" Miss Mabel
Cooper, Principal Special School, Mem
phis. 4.. "Games and Plays" W. L.
Driver, Department of Athletics, Uni
versity of Mississippi.
Friday, 9:30 to 11 a. m., at West Ten
nessee Normal School: '
1. Topic: "The High School'.'
(a) "Its Necessity in a Scheme of
Universal, Education W. E. Mont
gomery, Principal Pinson School, Mad
ison County, '
(b) "Its Progress in West Tennessee,
with Suggestions as to How to Advance
It" B. 0. Duggan, Priucipall Hall-
Byers School, Covington.
2. "School Activities as an Educa
tional Factor in High 8chools" Albert
Williams, Principal High School, Ar
lington. Friday, 2 p. m., at West Tennessee
Normal School:
1. Co-operation Between School and
Home' Miss Sue Powers, Principal
High School, Whitehaven.
2. "Problems of Adolescence" A.
T. Barrett, Dean of Union University,
3. Topic; "Science in Tennessee
High Schools"
(a) "Why and What" W. M. Mc
Laurine, Principal Chester County High
School, Henderson. N
(b) Discussion Geo. W. Carroll, As
sistant Principal Central High School,
Memphis. ,
A. "Tnnin ITInV. S,.!,l" k ft
Nute, Superintendent of Schools, Union
Alarm clocks at Dietzel's,
It's the Qyeen of All Flours.
Si ftl niJ sMB"ni1swsi s IsMi fagi j' MnhMiism!
III . . . Ill
I make a specialty of Fancy Sliced, BrecVfast Bacon.
Have some mail order customers on this. It's
' "some" quality. Then serve
Lord Calvert Coffee
and see the old coffee critic smile.
. A Plain Place of Queen Quality.
S A y L
.White's Old Stand.

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