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Givs Them Liv-Ver-Lx Isstead of
Hickory Oil.
Spare the rod and put the child io
good physical condition. He or' she
will them perform the natural duties
in a natural way. Too many children
are given credit for laziness wheu their
parents should be Manied for inatten
tion to the child's physical condition.
Over eating or malarial conditions
which induce laziness in the child can
be quickly overcome by eliminating
the poisons from the system from the
liver and the bowels.
Calomel used to be the only way
Medical science has produced a better
a purely vegetable compound
that does better work than calomel
without any after effects or unpleasant
Sold under absolute guarantee of
money back by H. M., Oliver at 50c
and $1.00 a bottle.
For protection against imitations, each
bottle bears the likeness of L.K.Grigsby.
Be sure you get the original. advt
Southern Field Fence at LEH
MAN'S and at money-saving prices
when you buy."
Insolvent Notice.
Having suggested the Insolvency of
the estate of H. A. Wise, deceased, to
the County Court of Obion County, Ten
nessee, all persons having claims against
aaid estate are hereby notified to tile the'
samo with the County Court Clerk of
Obion County, Tennessee, duly authen
ticated in a manner prescribed by law
on or before the first day of July, 1914,
or the same will be forevor barred both
in law and in equity;
. This March 11, 1U14. 50-4t
J. II. Wise, Administrator,
Non-Resident Notice.
Lillie Huffman vs. Willie Huffman.
In the Circuit Court of Obion County,
In this cause it appearing from the
bill, which is sworn to, that the de
fendant, Willie Huffman, is a non-resident
of the state of Tennessee, so that
the ordinary process of law cannot be
served upon him; it is therefore ordered
that the said Willie Huffman appear
before the Circuit Court, to be held on
the first Monday in May, 1914, at the
courthouse in Union City, Tenn., and
plead, answer or demur to a bill filed
against him for divorce or the same will
be taken for confessed and the cause
set for hearing ex-parte.
This March 4, 1914.
4fJ-4t H. M. GOLDEN, Clerk.
W. M. Miles, Sol, for Compl't. '
To Steve Murphy.
W. M. Miles vs. Steve Murphy.
In the Chancery Court at Union City.
It appearing from the bill of com
plaint in this cause, which is sworn to,
that the defendant Steve Murphy, is
justly iudebted to W. M. Miles, the
complainant, aud he is a non-resident
of Tennessee; and an attachment hav
iug been issued and levied on certain
property of the defendant, to-wit: the
interest of the defendant iu a pertain
bouse and lot in Union City, Tenn. It
is therefore ordered that publication be
made for four consecutive weeks in The
Commercial, a weekly newspaper pub
lished in Obion County, Tenn., requir
ing the said defendant to appear before
said Chancery Court on or before the
firBt Monday of April, next, that being
the first day of the regular April term
of said Court, and make defense to the
bill filed against him in this cause, oth
erwise said bill will be taken for con
fessed and the cause proceeded with ex
parte. This February 26, 1914.
48-4t Clerk and Master.
Pierce & Fry, Sols, for Compl't.
Death atJPolk
Mr. Ed Buchanan, aged 45 years,
died at home in Number Six, near Folk,
on the niglit of the 13tli inst., after a
short illness.
Mr, Buchanan leaves a wife and sev
oral children, and a brother, Mr. Mike
JBuchanan. He was a member of the
Methodist Church and a good and use
ful citizen, respected by his community
ior many noble parts.
The remains were interred at the
.lohn Brown graveyard, with services by
Hevs. Prfissly and Woods. The Masonic
rites -were administered.
ment from
j!orf!n nrranL
fiftv would fallr realize
--- - '
mpnt In Scott's Emulsion they would take It after every meal.
Scoffs Emulsion contains the
pure cod liver oil, so medically predigestea mat u dismount eucrKy,
rrmPr and strenrth all thru the body and simplifies the stomach's work.
j - -
To people in declining years we say with unmistakable earnestness
Scott's Emulsion will add years to your life and life to your yeat s.
Mrs. W. L. ClemmoDS visited rela
tives io and near Obion the first of the
Mayor McNeill returned Tuesday from
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Starnea visited
relatives in Obion Tuesday.
' Miss Euth Hughes, of Troy, wa a
recent guest of Mrs. Eobt. Shi pp.
Mrs. Chester Erwin, of Dyersburg,
was in town Tuesday, guest of Mrs.
Sneed Adkerson.
Miss Bess Harper, of Maple Slope,
was a week-end guest of Miss Eunice
Shore. ' '
B. J. Wade has set his fence in sev
eral feet, adjacent to road on bis farm
just south of town, making the road
about fifty feet wide. This should be
done on all roads, or have separate
roads for automobiles, motorcycles,
bicycles, and all other horse scaring
Saturday W.-V. Carter had the mis
fortune to get badly bruised up by the
running away of his horse twice after
leaving Union City. Mr. Carter met a
motorcycle near Mr. Ed Stone's, which
gave. the horse the fatal scare. The
buggy and harness are a wreck and the
horse received serious wounds by get
ting entangled in a barb wire fence.
The primary department of our graded
school, under the tutelage of Mrs. Les
lie Shore, now numbers sixty pupils.
Mr. and M,rs. R. L. Harper are at-
tendme Presbytery irriNewoem.
Rev. C. ii. l'aee, of Trimble, will till
his appointment here Sabbath.
Miss Sallie Reeves, of Obion, was a
week-end Buest of relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Fenn, of Number
Seven, and Mr. and Mrs. Thurman
Phebus, of Union City, were Sabbath
euesU of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Thorn.
Mrs. Will Starnes was in town Tues
day shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin McCaw, of Un
ion City, and Mr. and Mrs. Pybas Rog
ers, of near Troy, were Sabbath guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McCaw.
Mrs. Jerry Cloar, of Union City, is
with her sister, Mrs. Ed Lowe, who is
still critically ill.
Will Mr. So and So vote for a new
school building? Yes. Is Mr. This and
That for the school bond issue? Yes.
Are you for the greatest need of Rives
and vicinity, a commodious school
building? If we get our building Prof.
Mays says the fall term will open with
two hundred pupils, a gain of seventy
five. Is the effort worth while?
Miss Jennie Fox, of Obion, was a re
cent guest of Miss Ruth Moody.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cummings and
daughters, Misses Euline and Mary,
visited relatives in Union City Sunday.
Mrs. Sueed Adkerson was a guest of
Mrs. J. B. Adkerson Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Watts spent last
week in Murray City, the guests of Mrs.
Watts' mother.
Mrs. Mildred Killingsworth, of Wood
land Mills, spent the week-end with
Miss Willie Swink, ofYorkville, visit
ed her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Swink, Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. C. R. Wade returned Saturday
from the markets.
Miss Moselle Wade is spending the
week in Cairo, the guest of Mrs. J. A.
Mr. and Mrs. George Sinclair and
children', ofTexas, are the guests of Mrs.
C. A. Hudson on Quality Hill.
Little Miss Elizabeth Richardson, of
Woodland Mills, visited friends in Ken
ton last week.
Miss Ruby Watts has accepted a po
sition as clerk in the postoffice. She
assumed her duties Monday.
Mr. Casey Hollomon, who has been
very low with .pneumonia at bis home
west of town, we are glad to say, is im
proving. ;
W. A. Forester, of Union City, one of
Obion County's prosperous farmers and
real estate men, was a business visitor
in Kenton Saturday. f
Miss Dora Garrison returned last Fri
day from Union City, where she visited
several days.
Mr. Walker Kerr, of Woodland Mills,
visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
D. Kerr, Saturday and Sunday,
W. C. Moore, returned Sunday from
a trip through Arkansas, Missouri and
Kansas. .
Mr. and Mrs. Homer W. Scott and
daughter, Carrie V., visited near New
born this week.
Hon. J. L. Fry, of Union City, was a
business visitor in Kenton Tuesday.
'Miss Jessie Hurt, of Martin, visited
her uncle, A. L. Hurt, in East Kenton
this week.
Aged People
kM fjrret that Door teeth and
iinaromir miisi.ieaf.oa prevent euCkient no Uriah -
ordinary food and harden the
but If every msa or woman past
the bountiful, sustaining nounsn-
- ---- . -. ... . .
renowned body-building fats of
Mrs. Sallie Wright, of near Horn
beak, is with relatives and friends here.
Mrs. Bob Caruthers and Mrs. Sallie
Wright visited Mrs. Tennessee Hale in
the city Saturday last. .
Mr. W. 8. Long, of this place, visited
bis friend, Will Ellison, last Saturday.
He found Mr. Ellison canvalescing slow-
iy. 1
Miss Gladys Simmons, formerly of
Obion, but now of Union City, visited
her uncle, Mr, James Caruthers, and
family Sunday , last.
Mr. Willie Wright, of Dyersburg, vis
ited his mother Saturday and Sunday.
Those who heard Bro. Austin at Ex
change Street Church last Sunday were
pleased with the discourse.
Mrs. James Caruthers entertained the
following guests last Friday: Grandpa
and Grandma Stalcup and daughter,
Miss Haie, Mr. and Mrs. Doc Carter,
Mrs. Fannie Caruthers and daughter,
Miss Essie, Mrs. Lawson Caruthers and
Mrs. Sallie Wright, of Hornbeak. At
high noon a sumptuous dinner was
served. The pleasant afternoon was en
joyed in social conversation. Kobe en
joyed the day so much as Mrs. Stalcup,
who has been confined at home by a
broken limb.
Glad to report Aunt Amanda Harel
son convalescing rapidly.
Some people say they love the month
of March cold blustery March makes
them enjoy April more. We are prej
udiced against March. We heard a fel
low ask his bast girl if she didn't think
March the "blowingest" month of the
year. She asked him if he found his
hat. He said, "Yes, what are you look
ing for. Shesaid, Grammar leaves."
Miss Swiff, of Mason Hall, was the
week-end guest of Miss Annie Owens.
Mrs. Kee and Miss Eleanor Bryson,
of Union City, Sundayed with relatives
Mr. Chaucie Nail and sister, Daisie,
and Miss Lizzie Shote, of south Rives,
Sundayed with Misses Sadie and Kath
leen Bell.
Cane Creek school lias closed on ac
count of smallpox.
Messrs. Otho Fowlkes and Jewell
Jones, of McConnell, Sundayed with
the Misses Shipp.
Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Roper, of Union
City, visited relatives hero Sunday.
Mrs. Griff Hogan and children, of
Rives, spent Sunday with Mrs. Hogan 's
father. Mr. M. R. Cobb. All enjoyed
a good dinner, it being his 70th birthday-
. 1 ' .... .
Mr. and Mrs. Connie Dyer, of union
City, Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Alexander. l";
Mrs. Rush Brantley, of Mayfield, is
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Jim Alexander.
Messrs. Glover Ferrell and Clarence
Bufford, of Union City, made a social
call in our neighborhood Sunday.
Misses Eva and Iva Shipp were busi
ness visitors in Martin last week.
Miss Elsie Flowers, teacher in the
local school, is visiting' homefolks at
Wickliffe, Ky.
B. B. Milner, wife and daughters,
Misses Tommie and Emma, of near
Mason Hall, visited at the home of T.
J. Amis and family Saturday night and
Joe Thomas, of Kenton, visited in
Obion Sunday.
T. C. Wilson made a business trip to
Union City last week.
Dr. J. Frank McMichael, of Union
City, was here Thursday on business.
Misses Bennie Fox and Terra Wallace
were Sunday visitors in Rives.
A. B. Floyd spent a few days in Ken
ton this week the guest of his daughter,
Mrs. L. O. Kerr.
L. G. Moffat was a Sunday visitor In
Rives the guest of his mother, Mrs. T.
B. Moffat.
Jack Revel was a Sunday visitor in
Union City.
Willie Ledbetter and . Louis Chiles
were Sunday visitors in Union City.
Mrs. W. H. Kuykendall, of Horn
beak, is visiting in Fulton.
Mrs. .Will Morris and, Miss Mary
Atkins went to Union City the first of
the week.
Mrs. Tom Speight, of Dyersburg, was
the week-end guest of her father, M..D.
Misses Mabel" Steele and Maggie
Grisham spent a few days in Memphis
pleasantly with friondsl
Miss Lillie Moultrie visited relatives
in Fulton Sunday.
Mrs. C. A. James and daughter,
Grace, and LinnieNeely, went to Union
City Saturday.
Robert Donaldson, ' Lillian Burnley
and Bernice Fleming spent a few pleas
ant hours in Troy Sunday.
Tom Tankersley went to Martin Mon
day to see bis brother who is very ill.
Mrs. B. L. King, of Trenton, is visit
ing in the city..
C. T. Arnold, of Trenton, head of the
Trenton Land Co., was in Obion Sun
day, a visitor at the home of his sister,
Mrs. E. J. Green.
O. F. Adams and family are prepar
ing to move from Obion to M iddle Ten
nessee. It is understood young Ben
will go to California.
Death at Troy.
Miss Rebecca Bright, an aged lady,
died at Troy on the night of the 18th
inst., of hear failure. Miss Bright was
70 years of age, a native of Virginia.
S.C.B. Minorca Eggs for
Hatching, $1.00 Per 15
Also some nice Cockerels
for sale at $1.00 each.
Telephone or write
Union City, Tenn., R.F.D. 4.
Leave Union City.
No. 55 ..7.55 a.m. No. 8 3.15 p.o
No. 53..11.05 p.m.
No. 52 -.6.10 a.m. No. 4...12.50 p.m
, No. 54.7.52 fr.ro.
$6.00 a Year
2.00 a Year
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