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Mr. Boyce Howse spent a few days
last week with homefoiks.
I. J. Cook, of Troy, was a business
visitor in the city Tuesday.
Miss Mabel Griffin has returned from
a visit to friends in JacksoD.
Watches repaired Dietzel.
Mrs. Arno is leader in millinery.
Steel posts are going now. Nailling
Keiser Hardware Co.
Mayor T. B. Reynolds was a business
visitor io Nashville Monday.
Meeks Meadow, who has been ill for
several days, is reported better.
Mr. Hodges, of West Point, Miss.,
was a visitor in the city Sunday.
' Ever Ready fountain pens at Dietzel's.
- All kinds of rugs at Home Furniture
Co., phone 99.
See our new cabinet mantles, $15 and
up. Union City Lumber Co.
O. H. Clemmons,' of Rives, was a
business visitor in the city Monday.
Dr. I. N. Johnson, of Martin, was a
business visitor in the city Tuesday.
Mr. Henry Stratton, of Tullahoma,
lias bfn in the city. for a short visit.
Victor Records, the latest numbers,
at Home Furniture Co., phone 99.
Steel posts are the 'posts to buy.
Nailling-Keiscr Hardware Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Harris have re
turned from a short visit in St. Louis.
W, H. Francis, the Samburg mer
chant, was a business visitor in the city
Mr. and Mrs. Innis Dobbins and party,
of Fulton, were in the city Monday
shopping. '
All kinds of coal at Union City Icefc
Coal Co.
Steel posts are the cheapest post you
can buy. Nailhng-Keiser Hardware
Mrs. B. 0. Bondurant, of the vicioity
south of Fulton, was a visitor in the
city Monday.
Rev. W. W. Armstrong was a visitor
with bis daughter 'and baby in Green
field this week.
Mrs. H. C. Fbilpot, of Nashville, was
a visitor in the city this week with rela
tives and friends.
We can re-tire your gocart while you
wait Home Furniture Co. Phone 99.
Indian Runner duck eggs, 11 perdoz.
Ask ins & Direks Lumber Co. 51-tf
F. O. Watts, president of the Third
.National Bank, St. Louis, was a visitor
in the city this week at The Beeches
with Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Head, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Patrick, of Jack
son, were in the city this week visiting
the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Owen.
Mr. Patrick is chief train dispatcher at
Jackson. '
Shades all sizes and prices at Home
Furniture Co., phone 99.
We have on hand concrete blocks,
cement, rock and sand at all times.
Harris Concrete Co. Phones 587 and
Mrs. Lucy Walton and sister, Mrs.
Mattie Chenault, the latter from Galla
tin, Tenn., are this week visiting the
home of Mr. John Head, their brother,
at Polk.
Miss Estelle Woodtin has returned
from a visit to Sharon. While there
she was a guest at the home of Dr. and
Mrs. 0. K. Beard and Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Berry. -
Spalding's baseball goods at Caldwell's
Book Store at following prices: Kid
lined gloves from 50 cents to $3. League
bats, 50 cents up. Suits from 90 cents
to $5; shoes from $3 to 15 per pair.
Take HERBINE for indigestion. I
relieves the pain in a few minutes and
forces the fermented matter which causes
the misery into the bowels where it is
expelled. Price 50c. Sold by Oliver's
Rfld Cross Drus Store advt
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Forester and
family are lorated in Obion. These good
people were residents of Union City for
a number of years, and are very kindly
Mr. and Mrs. W. P.Cayce aretobave
the pleasure of a new home, now in the
coursa of construction. They are hav
ing their residence on Church street re
modeled extensively.
Use steel posts if you want the poet
that lasts. Nailling-Keiser Hardware
Victor Records, the latest numbers,
at Home Furniture Co., phone 99.
Mr. Sam B.Green, of Hornbeak, has
bought the J. W. McCorkle borne iu
Southside adjoining the fair grounds,
and the family will move to Union City
about the first of April. A very cordial
welcome will be extended.
Father Stork was a very delightful
visitor this week with Mr. and Mrs. C.
M. HendtTson in Union City, leaving a
handsome baby boy, their first born.
Mrs. W. H. Henderson, of Prairie,
Miss., is here visiting her little grand
son and his parents
Let us figure on your foundation
work, sidewalk and guttering and re
taining wall. Harris Concrete Co.
Phone 587.
Fresh rolls, coffee cakes, doughnuts,
Dolly Warren Neapolitan cake, tea
cakes and Dahnke's cream bread. Any
kind of pastry on short notice. Phone
109 and we will deliver it for you.
The Moose Lodge, one of the livest
fraternal organizations in Union City,
is making preparations to organize a
band of sixteen or more members, in
cluding some new and some of the sea
soned material. Union City has the
nucleus of a fu.e band, and it takes only
good management to make it a go. We
hope they will keep up this movement.
We have the "Dope" for old looking
furniture. Call Home. Furniture Co.,
phone 99.
Rev. and Mrs. 3. D. Tiamseyer, who
have been in Florida for two months
planting fruit trees and otherwise im
proving their property at tliat place,
returned to Union City this week and
left again yesterday for Fort Wayne,
Ind., to begin their work which carries
them through the West annually.
Mr. Walter Friel has leased of J. C.
Reynolds a new building to be erected
oo the old hotel lot to be used as a res
taurant and bakery, with Mr. Chas.
Kaiser, formerly of the Dahnke Cafe,
as baker. The new house will be mod
ern in many respects and a new business
enterprise for Union City.
The newest and most approved milli
nery styles can now be seen at Mrs.
Arno's, headquarters for millinery and
notions. s
Victor Victrola Talking Machines for
sale. Call Home Furniture Co., phone
99. - ,
W. E. Hudgins, who is coming to be
known far and wide as an attorney in
Uniou City, is having a handsome new
home built oo the site of the old resi
dence on Exchange street The old
house has been moved back and the
new one is being constructed of wood
frame and pressed brick veneer, with
hardwood trimming3, etc., in harmo
nious effects. Mr. and Mrs. Hudgins
will be in one of Union City's very
beautiful homes when completed.
The Loyal Order of Moose elected
officers for the incoming term Thursday
night as follows: Dictator, G. W. Phe
bus; Vice Dictator,, Dr. E. M. Long;
Prelate, J. W. Burney; Secretary and
Treasurer, Roy Coleman; Inside Guard,
Ira Whitley; Outside Guard, Elbert
McCullougb. This order has initiated
some forty new members in the last few
weeks and has now on the roll one hun
dred and twenty-five members. Their
castle hall has io it all the modern con
veniences and is furnished in the most
elegant style.
Miss Margaret Morton has been elect
ed to take the chair of typewriting and
Stenography in the commercial depart
ment in the city of Obion, Tenn., of
the Obion High School for the term
beginning next faH. She will be as
sistant to Trof. Mathis. the principal
of the school, who teaches bookkeep
ing. This will be the first year of the
commercial course, but it marks an ad
vance in the work for Obion. Miss Mor
ton has some years of very fine practi
cal experience in addition to her prep
aration for the work, and will be of val
uable service to the school.
rre are prepared to make you a nice
job in coucrete, no matter what it is.
Figure with us on your steps, you know
they last forever. Harris Concrete Co.
Phone 587.
Victor Victrola Talking Machines for
sale. Call Home Furniture Co., phone
99. '
Merited Promotion.
From a Washington despatch to the
Houston PoBt we learn Clarence Lan
drum, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Lan
drum, who left here about four years
ago as temporary clerk io Census offic6
at the National Capitol was on Tuesday
this week appointed Disbursing Officer
and Deputy United States Marshal for
the District of Columbia at the salary
of $1,800 a year. Clarence Btood the
Civil Service examination shortly after
going to Washington and has since
held several important positions in the
service.. His parents and friends of the
family here are justly proud of the
progress Clarence has- made. Round
Rock (Tex.) Leader.
There is one thing we're hero for to
make the kind of rolls, pies, cakes,
doughnuts and bread the people want.
We put the best materials and skill into
their production. Order as early as pos
sible. Phone 109, Dahnke's Cafe.
Use Dahnke-Walker Milling Co. Jer
sey Cream Flour, a bdme product and
Real Estate Transfers.
R. M. Whipple to B. D. Coolter, lot
in No. 13, $1,470.
R. D. Coleman et al. to Mrs. Eunie
M. Lannom, lot in No. IS, $714.15.
U. D. Hayes estate to B. D. Coulter,
lot in No. 13, $1,200.
M. W. Gardner and wife to Gertie I.
Morris, 23 acres in No. 16, $1,150.
M. A. Ashley to Will Rummage, lot
in No. 5, $135.
J. E. Finch, trustee, to W. L. Wil-
nngnam-ei ai., ivur acres iu v. ur .
M. E. Church, South, to W. E. Petty,
one acre in No. 5, $40.
W. N. Holt to Lawrence Taylor, 67
acres in No. 12, $1,000.
Joe E. Moss to R. J. Sanders, 15i
acres in No. 16, $450.
C. T. Mobs and O. Dircks to G. M.
Adams, lot io No. 13, $527.
Mary Jane Jackson to Geo. Dahnke
et al., 820 acres in No. 8, $3,200.
E. W. Stovall and wife to J. S. Alex
ander, 5 acres io No. 7, $300.
J. M. Buchanan and wife to J. M.
Mays, one-third acre in No. 6, $20.
8. P. Caldwell and wife et al. to G.
D. Thurman, land iu No. 14, $S00.
W. P. Simmons and wife to Pearl
Dortch, S3 acres in No. 7, $370.
B. F. Beckham to W. A. Beckham,
lot in No. 13, $1,075.
.Elizabeth Cheatham to Uriah Trumbo,
14 acres in No. 13, $3,400.
J. C. McClard et al. to J. G. Richard
son, 20 acres'in No. 1, $800.
WaKer Howell to J. B. Elam et al.,
exectrs., 140 acres iu No. 8, $9,600.
J. B. Elam et al., exoctrs., to W alter
Howell, 140 acres in No. 8, $9,600.
Geo. W. Stovall to Mrs. Mamie B.
rhebus, 135 acres in No. 7, $4,400.
Geo. W.' Stovall to Mrs. Alice Stovall
et al., 1151 acres in No. 7, $5,000.
W. P. Simmons and wife to Chas.
Simmons, 28 acres in No. 7, $600.
J. M. Davis to Sam II. Moore, 25
acres in No. 7, $540.
's CMlls
"Every Picture
Tells a Story"
Breed SI
Chilly, damp, changing weather is hard on the .
kidneys. Even more irritating are colds, grip,
pneumonia, tonsilitis, quinsy and other infections.
The kidneys get congested and inflamed, and this
causes backache and disordered kidney action.
Though serious in its latter stages, kidney disease
is not hard to conquer jf a good kidney remedy
is used when the first signs of kidney trouble are
noticed, : ; '. ,;.;:. : .-. ...
The best reef mmnded kidney remedy in the
world is Doan's Kidney Pills. You hear it
everywhere. Get a box.
g' is B
B&clis Are Aching
Backache is often the first sign of some form
of kidney disease that has been coming on for
months. Look for the other signs;- lame back,
sharp pains when stooping or lifting, dizzy spells,
nervousness or despondency, with irregular, pain
ful or distressing action of the kidneys; if these
signs exist, decide! that the kidneys need atten
tion, ere the trouble turns to gravel, dropsy or
Read this home testimony and then give
Doan's Kidney Pills a trial.
Cases Self-Told.
. ....
Florida Street.
Mrs. W. H. Corura, 316 Florida
street, Union City, says: "I bad
weak kindeys and the kidney secre
tions caused me a great deal of an
noyance. ; Backache also bothered
me. Doan's Kidney Pills gave me
relief from these troubles and I have
not had any cause for complaint
since." '
First Street.
G W. Hawkins, ex-deputy mar
shal, First and Palmer streets, Union
City, says: "I suffered from lame
and aching back and my kidneys
were weak. I took several remedies
but without much benefit until I
used Doan's Kidney Tills. They re
moved the aches and pains and toned
up my system. I cheerfully recom
mend this remedy to other kidney
sufferers, knowing that it can be re
lied upon to correct kidney trouble."
E. Exchange Street.
Mrs. H. T. Dunn, 417 E. Ex
change street, Union City, says: "I
often felt dizzy and nervous and my
back and head ached badly.,. In the
morning when I got up, I was all
tired out and I knew that my kindeys
Were out of order. The results of the
use of Doan's Kidney Pills were high
ly satisfactory. This remedy relieved
me almost at once and gradually the
trouble left until I was well. My ex
perience has been so satisfactory that
I recommend Doan's Kidney Pills to
anyone having trouble from disor
dered kidneys."
Union City.
T. L. Lancaster, deputy cir
cuit court clerk, Union City, says:
"When I used Doan's Kidney Pills
some time ago, they gave me relief
from kidney trouble and I publicly
recommend them. I feel justified
in confirming that statement."
S. Fifth Street.
Todd Street
Mrs. E. M, Duncan, Todd and N.
Home streets, says: "For years I
was bothered by pains in my kidneys
and bladder and I was elso annoyed
by the kidney secretions. My back
ached and I knew that I needed a
kidney medicine. When I heard
about Doan's Kidney Pills, I made
up my mind to give them a trial and
got a supply. They soon made me
well and since then I have told other
people of them."
J. M. Cole, 631 8. Fifth street,
says: My back was extremely lame
and often I had pains through my
kidneys. The kidney secretions
passed irregularly and looked un
natural. Hearing about Doan's Kid
ney Pills, I used them and in a short
time they brought me relief. I am
certainly in a position to say that
this remedy acts as represented.".
9S F"
Sold at all druggist and general stores, 50c a box, or mailed on receipt of price by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

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