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Commencement Exercises Opening
May 10. 1914.
The following program will be ob
served: Sunday, May 103:30 p. m.: Com
mencement sermon by Rev. W. W.
Armstrong, college auditorium.
Monday, May 11 8 p. m.: Debate,
"Resolved, Tbat there Should be Estab
lished an International Court, Having
Permanent Jurisdiction Over all Na
tional Disputes." Affirmative by the
Athenian Society; speakers, Fred Hai
ley, Kobert Morris, Negative by the
Calliopeao Society; speakers, Ben Mor
ris, Ogilvie Jemigan. ,
Tuesday, May 12 8 p. m.: Decla
mation contest; speakers, Robt. ;Fhe
bus, Fred Hailey, Chalmers Cason, Ben
Morris, Omer Nichols, Robt, Davidson.
Wednesday, May 13-8 p. m.: Ora
torical contest; speakers, Harry Jack
son, Grady Shires, Doderidge Nichols,
Ovid Johnson.
Thursday, May 148 p. rn.: Essays
by young ladies as follows: Misses Iesta
Pierce, Leila Hogan, Lillian Burnley,
Tressa Dean, Grace James, Tera W3
lacc, Gladys Maloney, Dennie Parks.
Friday, May 15 8 p. m. : Class ad
dress, "Power of Thought," by Eev. J.
J. CastleLerry, of Mayfield. Presenta
tion of medals and certificates.
Pretty lace collars at Mrs. Aran's.,
Death of Chas. Parham.
Chas. H. Parham, of Hickman, died
in St. Louis on the 5th inst., and the
remains were shipped liome for burial.
Mr. Parham was a brother of Mrs. Her
man Scates, this city, and leaves a son.
Mr. Parham had gone to St. Louis for
medical treatment.
Mrs. Nancy Gray.
Mrs. Nancy Gray, wife of Uncle Lee
Gray, died at ber home in Number
Three last Monday morning, May 4,
1914, at C:30 o'clock, after an illness
from paralysis, from which she had
suffered for three years or more.
Mrs. Gray was 87 years 2 months and
25 days of age, mother, grandmother, a
sainted woman of years full of good
deeds, loving kindness, and exalted
Mrs. Gray was the mother of ten chil
dren, seven of whom survive. She has
been a member of Reelfoot Church for
CO years, and the remains of the good
woman were interred at Antioch, with
services conducted by Revs. Mayo and
The surviving children are: Mrs.
Henrietta Glover, Puxico, Mo.; D. A.
Gray, Crystal; Mrs. Frances Williams,
Hickman; Mrs. Demeris Johnson, Crys
tal; Mrs. M. F.Gray, Martin; Mrs. De
tnetra Norrid, Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Mrs.
Maggie Wheeler, Crystal.
The aged couple settled in Obion
County before the war and represent
the best blood and character of this
part of the State.
Deceased is survived by her aged com
panion, Uncle Lee Gray, who is now
confined to bis bed with the infirmitives
of years.
Beautiful hat with parasol to match
at Mrs. Arnn's. . '
Qyarterly Conference.
The third Quarterly Conference for
the Martin circuit will be held Satur
day, May 16, at Obion Chapel. Preach
ing at 11 a. m. Saturday and Sunday by
the Presiding Elder, Eev. W. C. Waters.
Preaching at Stanley's Chapel on third
Sunday at 4 p. in. by Rev. H. B. Terry.
In another column will be found a
program of the twenty-third meeting of
the West Tennesse Medical and Surgical
Association to be held at Union City,
Tenn., on Thursday and Friday, May
14 and 15. 1914. Among the visiting
physicians will be the president of the
American Medical Association, Dr. J.
A. Witherspoon, and Dr. Olin West,
secretary of the State Medical Associa
tion; Wm. Litterer. State Bacteriologist
and Frofessor of Bacteriology in the
Medical Department of Vanderbilt Uni
versity. There will be upwards of one
hundred visiting physicians, and prob
ably one hundred and fifty from the first
to the last of the meeting. On Thurs
day afternoon an auto ride will be con
ducted, giving the visitors a view of the
richest part of. Obion. County and the
famous Hauser Valley. At 6:30 a ban
quet will be tendered. Our distinguished
fellow-citizen, Dr. C. W. Miles, will
make the welcome address of the meet
ing, with a welcome on behalf of the
city by Mayor T. R. Reynolds. Dr. M.
A. Blanton is chairman of committee on
arrangements, assisted by the Obion
County Medical Society. The people of
Union City, always generous in their
hospitality, will no doubt give the phy
sicians a most cordial reception. It will
be a red letter day with us. The speak
era will be heard at Reynolds Opera
House during the meeting with arrange
ments for seating large crowds.
ThG Survival of the Fit.....
It is one thing to
have a boys suit
or overcoat fit and
look good when
you buy it and an
other thing to have
it fit' and look well
by and by, when
the wear really be
gins to tell.
Xtragood suits
and overcoats are
sold with an iron
clad guarantee to
fit perfectly and
wear satisfactorily.
If they do not, your
money back with
out a question.
Special values in
all the spring pat
terns: $5.00 $6.00 $7.00
$8.00 and $10.00
No w is the Best Time
for Concrete Worli.
Before-doing your spring clean
ing, have your mantelsand grates
renewed, so one cleaning will do
all. - .. '.
Ve have a fresh car of Lime for Whitewashing
Chicken Ssid, 10c per bushel
We are making concrete blocks
every day. Can make any size
you want.
I Hal
.Phone-- -491
d -.Cons
T. .F. Moore, editor of the Baptist
Flag, Fulton, Ky., was in Obion a few
hours May 2.
T. T. Pascball, of Fulton, spent Sun
day with G. B. Baird and wife.
Rev. T. F. Moore, editor of the Bap
tist Flag, preached at Fairview church
Sunday to a large audience.
Mrs. David A. Craig, of Covington,
was here from Saturday until Monday
to be present at the marriage of ber sis
ter, Miss Ella Rhea Forister, Saturday.
I. N. Harmon returned Saturday
from a visit to relatives at Henry, Tenn.
Edwin Goulder, of Gibbs, spent Sun
day with relatives in the city.
Ed Butler and wife visited relatives at
Newbern Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. J. B. Meadows, of Humboldt,
is the guest of her parents, O. M. Allen
and wife.
W. R. Vancleave and wife spent Sunf
day with relatives in Hornbeak.
Miss Elizabeth Stan field visited friends
in Newbern Sunday.
Misses Lulee Jones and Elsie Flowers
were week-end guests of friends at Dy
ersburg. The Woodmen of the World unveil
ing at Simpson's graveyard, three miles
southwest of Obion, Sunday, was well
managed and about four hundred people
were present. Troy, Trimble and CIo
verdale assisted in the Uniform Rank
drill, uuder command of Captain Clutch,
of Cloverdale. Elder C. C. Brown ad
dressed the body in behalf of Wood
craft. A number of people from Obion
attended. -
Burglary at Hornbeak.
Thos. Reed,' now languishing in jail
here, broke into S. T. Denton's store at
Hornbeak last Monday night and cap
tured booty consisting of a watch valued
at f 10, a suit of clothes valued at $10, a
pair of five-dollar shoes, a five-dollar
ring, a razor and other articles. He was
caught by Officer Griffith Tuesday on
Squire Bluer's place and delivered here
to Sheriff Finch. The goods were found
on his person. He was indicted for
housebreaking, larceny and carrying a
pistol. V ,
Union City Teachers Wanted.
Two of the best teachers in the City
Public Schools, or any other school, for
that matter, have been elected to teach
in other towns. Miss Cora Wingo has
been notified of ber election by the city
school board of Little Rock, Ark., and
Miss Minnie Voorheis has a similar let
ter, from the board at Oran, Mo. The
salaries offered are much better than
we pay and these excellent ladies and
teachers will not apply for re-election
Mr. John Hudson, of Martin, visited
friends and relatives here this week.
Mr. H. T. Haynes is vising his son,
Mr. AuJirw Hay ues, a( Flatwoods,
Mrs. C. A. Murcherson and children,
of Hickman, visited Mrs. Ed Reese this
Miss Christine Hubbs visited Union
City friends this week.
Miss Prather Hamilton visited her
sister, Mrs. Davie, at Dyer last week.
School closed Friday with a g-jod
years work, and our teacher, Mips Pearl
Miiam, and sister left for Jacksonville,
Fla. v' Black Eyes.
V '
fl - II II II A
.(rosier Lera oaESer
with Bean Attachment.
Also Extra Bean Attachment that can be put on '
any Hoosier Planter
Disc Harrows, Disc and Hoe Cultivators
Vulcan Plows, Gasoline Engines
Well Piping and Well Pumps
Galvanized Roofing
Mastic Mixed Paints, Varnishes and
Paint Brushes
Many Uniox City People Havb Donb
so. '"
When the kidneys are weak they give
unmistakable warnings that should not
be ignored. By examining the urine
and treating the kidneys upon the first
sign of disorder, many days of suffer
ing may be saved. Weak kidneys usual
ly expel a dark, ill-smelling urine, full
of brickdust" sediment and painful
in passage. Sluggish kidneys often cause
a dull pain in the small of the back,
headache, dizzy spells, tired, languid
feelings and frequent rheumatic twinges.
Doan's Kidney Pills are for the kid
neys only; they help weak kidneys to
rid the blood of uric poison. There is
no better recommended remedy.
Read the statement that follows:
Mrs. Emma Fonville, 118 Oxford
street, i Martin, Tenn., jUys: "I can
recommend Dnan's KidneyPills highly.
I used them for kidney weakness and
they benefited me."
The above is not an isolated case.
Mrs. Fonville is only one of many in
this vicinity who have gratefully en
dorsed Doan's. If your back aches
if your kidneys bother you, don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy ask dis
tinctly for Doas's KidneyTills, the
same that Mrs. Fonville had. Fifty
cents at all stores. Foster-Milburn Co.",
Props., Buffalo, N. Y. advt
Soda Fountain Business Change.
My lease having expired on the Red
Cross Fountain, I have decided to give
mv entire attention to the manufacture
of ice cream for the wholesale and retail
trade. The Red Cross Drug Store will
liav-p the management of the fountain
department again, and I will operate n
modem equipped ice cream factory in
the rear of tue drug store anu can dc
reached over the drug store phone, 100.
PIiich vour icecream orders in the same
manner as in the past, and I will give
them prompt attention. The line that
I have to offer you is as follows;
Ice cream and sherbet my own
make, none better. Silver Slice Cake.
Ask your neighbors about them. Punch,
any kind (bowl, ladle and glasses fur
Different specialties will be offered
thrmiffh the season, and I ask you to
figure with me when in the. market
for refreshments for any occasion.
Thank ine vou for vour past ratron-
aco. which I assure vou was highly ap
preciated, and soliciting your future de
mands, I am, Respectfully,
H. M. UkGrvi-i exufii).
, Amusements.
The Earl Hawk Big Stock Co. opens
a week's engagement in Union City un
der their mammoth tent theatre on
Ligori lot, Main and Division streets,
commencing Monday, May 11, present
ing a repertoire of the highest class
comedies an dramas. An entirely new
departure in th line of tent shows, be
ing the first attraction to play this city
that is presenting the very latest and
up to-date plays.
The company is composed of a care
fully selected and competent cast and
what may prove of an exceptional in
terest to the residents of Union City is
that Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hamilton, resi
dents of this city, are newly acquired
members; this being their first oppor
tunity of playing their home city, and
their former neighbors will no doubt be
delighted at the opportunity of seeing
them in action.
Vaudeville and up-to-date specialties
are offered between acts, making per
formarfces continuous, with no waits or
after-shows, making i,t a big double
offering for the small price of 10 and
20 cents.
Ladies will be admitted free Monday
night when accompanied by anyone
holding a puid 20c ticket.
Read announcement on another page
Card of Thanks.
We take this method of thanking our
friends and neighbors for the many acts
of kindness shown us during the illness
and death of our wife and mother, Mrs.
Lee Gray. May God bless and comfort
each of you. Tiik Family.
Death Near Rives.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
S. E. Agnew tender them the kindest
sympathy in the death of their daugh
ter, Sara, which took place this week.
The Herrick is the refrigerator
with the dry air circulating system,
absolutely sanitary, and you will
find it only at WEHMAN'S.
WALK-OVER" The Shoe for You.
vSlioe Styles
for Spring
jL hXll
1 1 TY TY
In practically every city and town the world over, WALK
OVER windows are being studied by people who insist ton
knowing what is authoritative before they buy shoes. s
We have in our windows all the latest WALK-OVER
mqdels. They are right in every particular. Made from fine
leather, over correct lasts, skilfully finished, always attractive
And you will get just as much satisfaction in their good serv
ice as from their handsome appearance.
Come in and see the new shapes. We'll fit you perfectly.
$3.50 to $5.00
rg'aii-VerMEe O
Union City, Tennessee

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